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Magnitude Kishiwada


Also known as MA-G-MA, Big Boss MA-G-MA, Monster Zeta Mandora, Kaiju Zeta Mandora, Kaiju Zagaraus, Toryu, Turbo Muscle, Toyonari Fujita, Wolf

31.03.2019 - 01.05.2019OPW Tag Team Champion (3x) (with Takashi Yoshida)31 daysMatches
02.10.2016 - 02.04.2016WDW Champion-183 daysMatches
21.10.2012 - 17.11.2012Open The Triangle Gate Champion (5x) (with Gamma and HUB as Team Veteran Returns)27 daysMatches
01.05.2011 - 25.12.2011Dove Pro Tag Team Champion (with Diablo)238 daysMatches
02.05.2009 - 20.09.2009DEP Tag Team Champion (with Tadanobu Fujisawa)141 daysMatches
28.09.2008 - 15.02.2009Open The Triangle Gate Champion (4x) (with Don Fujii and Masaaki Mochizuki)140 daysMatches
22.07.2007 - 09.09.2007Open The Triangle Gate Champion (3x) (with Masato Yoshino and Naruki Doi as Muscle Outlawz)49 daysMatches
09.04.2007 - 15.04.2007Open The Triangle Gate Champion (2x) (with Gamma and Naruki Doi as Muscle Outlawz)6 daysMatches
12.07.2005 - 27.05.2006Open The Triangle Gate Champion (with CIMA and Masato Yoshino as Blood Generation)319 daysMatches
04.11.2005 - 24.02.2006Open The Dream Gate Champion112 daysMatches
02.10.2004 - 13.02.2005OPW Champion (as Big Boss MA-G-MA)134 daysMatches
03.01.2002 - 25.08.2002OPW Tag Team Champion (2x) (as Big Boss MA-G-MA; with Daio QUALLT)234 daysMatches
24.08.2001 - 24.11.2001OPW Tag Team Champion (as Monster Zeta Mandora; with Takehiro Murahama)92 daysMatches
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