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Steve Corino

Also known as King Corino, Steve Christy, Monster C, Mr. Wrestling 3, KATAKARI MAX, Lightning Kid, Lightning Kid II, Tom Cosati, Weiss

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529.11.2022DankDragon10.0Steve Corino was an immensely talented technical wrestler and had an amazing in-ring charisma. The way he carried himself everywhere, he would claim to be no-nonsense and claimed that he was nothing but old school, however when he got in the ring he got his classic heel work in betraying his saying by using weapons, fancy moves, and illegal attacks. For such a simple concept, it was brilliant. Reading on Wikipedia its insane how many titles he's won and even though I have no doubt one or two or fifteen are fake, I have no doubt in my mind that Corino could win them. Immensely underrated, glorious In victory, hilarious in defeat, and one of the greatest wrestlers of the last 2 decades, Corino is one of the greatest in ring performers of all time and i? m glad he? s sharing his wisdom for the next generation.
1822.05.2021mjs22129.0Steve Corino is a performer that I never got to watch enough of as a kid and I am upset at myself that this was the case. I've been watching his matches more in recent years and he was a great worker. One of the best heels from ECW and a good gimmick, known as the King of Old School. I particularly respect his matches against Tajiri and Jerry Lynn, which were both violent and dramatic to watch. He was also known for being a heavy bleeder and was very Ric Flair-esque whenever he was busted open. Aside from RVD and Raven, Steve Corino is my favorite wrestler from the original ECW. Very under appreciated and a solid wrestler.
2203.02.2021HighFlyDeathcore10.0I believe that Steve Corino, in his whole career, has been underrated. I loved his character and matches in ECW. His run in ROH was good too. his feud with the at the time Kevin Steen is one of my favourite indie feuds. I loved the matches they had. He said what he wanted as a heel, which sometimes led to controversial moments. His theme was great too. I'm glad he won as much as he did
2416.12.2020Strong Zero Machine7.0 
2612.10.2020SkylerLovefist8.0The King of Old School! Versatile as all hell, got his start as a comedy wrestler in ECW, evolved over the next few years, became a mainstay in ROH and MLW, became a mainstay in Japan, went back to ROH in the early 10s and is now a producer in WWE. It's kind of a shame he never found fame with one of the bigger companies, but still. Was a hell of a good performer when he was active and was good in every role he undertook.
3229.03.2020steviecw10.0I love and appreciate Steve Corino so much. The former ECW and NWA World Champion had some immortal moments in the near mainstream and found ways to say successful and relevant in Ring of Honor, Japan, Puerto Rico, Europe and North American indies. Though he was never able to cement himself in places in like TNA and the WWE, he became a true journeyman champion for key promotions like MLW, WWC, AIW, 1PW, UXW, several NWA territories and he gave his absolute all to two runs with the controversially revived AWA World Championship. Corino was a tremendous worker and promo, who remained relevant and bookable despite having to develop a safer style and a declining physique. Cagematch doesn't even do justice to amount of gold he won in his career, he was wildly prolific and decorated outside of the big companies (following the closure of WCW and ECW). He's an ideal choice to work for WWE and NXT in his current position, I'm glad he's getting this reward and job security after decades of service to the industry.
3521.11.2019Donnie9.0If ever there was a man wrestling in the wrong era its Steve Corino. He's tailor made for the 80's as a territory's top heel who spends years and years on top, until the day comes to pass the torch. Sadly, we only got him on top in that sense for 3 years in ECW/ROH/MLW/ZERO-ONE, but at least we got it. The King of Old School is forever.
3620.07.2019Fountain of Misinformation6.0Sehr sympathischer Typ aber in meinen Augen nur ein mittelmäßiger Wrestler, der vielleicht den großen Spotlight nie bekommen hat, wobei für mich jedoch auch fraglich ist, ob er in der heutigen Zeit mit seinem Stil beim Publikum angekommen wäre.
3704.06.2019JEK 19919.0One of the best non-WWE wrestlers. He did job in WWF in his early days but were got full time work from them. Great in in his early years with ECW and later ROH. Gifted individual in the ring. You love him or hate him he is a great talker on the mic.
3806.11.2018RatingsMachine7.0Steve Corino was a solid worker and a great talker. As a commentator, Corino can be very good when he stops trying to get himself over and tries to get the match over.
4315.10.2017Chett Chetterfield8.0 
4706.04.2017Blood Pump7.0Of the names left off of the great Rise + Fall of ECW Documentary Corino was the most noticeable for me. Granted he more or less made his name in ROH and wasn't exactly a respected Heavyweight Champion in ECW but I'd attribute that to the tired booking of a dying company as far as that's concerned. Its kind of ironic in a way that one of the best talkers and most charismatic guys in ECW is largely ignored as far as the companies legacy is concerned, especially considering the work he did with the company in 2000. He was likely one of the bigger draws in ECW.
6014.12.2015smark calaway8.0 
6126.09.2015SJ55223.0This rating is strictly for him as a commentator. In his first commentary role with ROH, the guy was totally insufferable. In his second stint he had chilled a bit and his shtick was okay for a while but repeats the same jokes over and over with no signs of any new material of note. He manages to stain the ROH product really badly, tbh.
6312.08.2015the greyspace10.0 
6530.07.2015Iam betterthan10.0 
6915.02.2015Neil Zest7.0 
7124.01.2015Wrestling Forever 9.0Absoluter Allrounder, klasse Wrestler egal ob Face oder Heel er überzeugt in seinen Rollen. Mit S. C. U. M. wollte er ROH zerstören was ihm nicht gelang auch als Kommentator sehr gut . Das Corino nicht bei der WWF war ist falsch wenn man bei seinen Matches auf Liga geht ist da auch World Wrestling Entertainment dabei er hatte da Dark Matches und Matches bei WWF Shotgun Saturday Night.
7212.12.2014Crippler Crossface9.0 
7503.12.2013daniel cassidy9.0 
7620.07.2013Boris The Menace6.0 
7724.06.2013TAWPTierJustin10.0Unfortunately I wasn't able to see any of Steve Corino's work in ECW when I was little or his past stuff in ROH before I started watching it in 2011, but I could not have started watching him at a better time cause now I'm able to say that this guy can make any layer to his character work to perfection! When he was a good guy in ROH doing his rehab storyline, he was excellent at that, but he's WAY WAY WAY better as a bad guy! As a heel, he can get under your skin so much not only because he can be annoying, but so much to the point where there is no filter in what he says and anything he says can be extremely controversial at times and he doesn't care who he says extreme things to either which I think is hilarious most of the time! In my opinion, to most of the heels of today, no disrespect to them but Steve Corino is a modern day heel character's dream and that really says a lot!
7812.06.2013Gruszbaer9.0Der King of Old-School ist für mich bis heute immer noch einer der besten Wrestler unserer Zeit! Er war nie der große Techniker oder High-Flyer o. ä. , aber konnte etwas was viele Wrestler(vorallem heute) nicht mehr können... eine Geschichte im Ring erzählen! Egal ob Heel oder Face, Corino schafft es immer die Fans mitzureisen, egal um ihn zu bejubeln oder ihn auszubuhen & seinen Gegner anzufeuern. Seine Matches schau ich mir meist zuerst an oder als, meinen persönl. Main-Event, letztes an! Qualitativ hat er in den letzten Jahren zwar im Ring abgenommen, was aber seine Leistung nicht schmälert. Kenne leider nur vereinzelte Matches aus seiner ECW-Zeit, von daher kann ich das nicht bewerten.
8118.03.2013HHH Pedigree9.0 
8218.03.2013That 70s Bloke10.0 
8318.03.2013Leone10.0Steve Corino is a great wrestler and storyteller who very enjoyable on the mic, particularly as a heel. Despite his "anti-hardcore wrestling" gimmick in ECW, he was 1 of the best sellers of hardcore wrestling, as he would have bled like Ric Flair in a good grudge match. As the years went by, he evolved as a performer. Sure, he piled on the pounds, but his wrestling improved. He became a great technician, and he's 1 of few North American wrestlers who effectively combined American wrestling with Japanese Strong Style. Outside of several dark and squash matches, He didn't sign with the WWE, and it doesn't matter at all. In the end, they are missing out on a great talent.
8530.06.2011Fall Out Boy6.0 
8613.06.2011jjchiofalo10.0Corino is one of the ebst wrestlers in the world today. His offense is hard hitting, and age has definitely been well for this veteran. He has learned every trick of the trade and is amazing.
8724.05.2011OdisVanNeuss8.0Ecw-Orignal aber fast schon wichtiger ein Independend-Mogul. LEICHT überschätzt aber dennoch sehr gut am Micro und im Ring. Hätte in der GSW mehr Fans ziehen MÜSSEN. Für mich denoch der Mitwichtigste GSW-Champions
8808.04.2011The Franchise Player8.0Der Mann ist einfach eine Ikone seit so vielen Jahren. Respekt für all seine Leistungen, sein Charisma und alles, dennoch ist er im doch etwas zu überschätzt.
8917.02.2011Rated R Champ8.0Corino hat es über die Jahre geschafft sich sowohl in den USA, Japan wie auch Europa einen Namen zu machen. Das ist schon beeindruckend, zumal Corino zwar in allen Belangen gut ist, ihm irgend ein herausragendes Merkmal aber fehlt. Er ist aber dennoch ein schönes Beispiel wie man (als Amerikaner) durchaus Legendenstatus genießen kann ohne je bei der WWE gewesen zu sein.
9017.02.2011Matt4Wrestling10.0Und mal wieder einer der nie bei der WWE war und trotzdem eine Karriere aufgebaut hat, die ihres gleichen sucht! Es ist für mich erstaunlich, was er im Herbst seiner Karriere noch so alles hinbekommt, auch wenn minimal schmälert, dass er eigentlich vor fast 4 Jahren eigentlich seine Karriere beendet hat. Ansonsten Top!
9225.01.2011Johnny-Tenner8.0Charisma Bombe, Ausstrahlung hat er auch und auch im Ring kann er überzeugen aber auch nur wenn er gerade dazu lust hat.
9330.12.2010The Rated R Superstar EDGE8.0 
9609.11.2010Excellence of Execution8.0Kein herausragender aber ein durch und durch solider Wrestler mit guten Mic Skills, dem man einfach anmerkt, dass er seinen Job liebt. Und das schlägt sich auch meist vorteilhaft auf sein Schaffen nieder. Großartig an der Seite von Kevin Steen in der Fehde gegen El Generico.
9826.07.2010Damon Striker7.0Habe ihn zu seinen Glanzzeiten leider nicht erlebt aber was er bei RoH an der Seite von Steen abliefert reicht aus um zu erahnen, dass er mal ein Großer war! Vor allem am Mikro sehr stark und auch im Ring immer noch mehr als befriedigend!
9921.05.2010Thomas Carlson6.0Glasklar ein guter Wrestler. Ja im Alter lässt alles ein wenig nach aber trotzdem immer noch gut genug. In einer anderen Zeit wäre er sicher zum großen Superstar geworden mit seinem Stil. Was die Note nach unten treibt ist sein Stil sagen wir mal hinter den Kulissen. Eine Menge No Shows und Promoter die ihm die Titel nachwerfen. Das trübt doch das gute Gesamtbild. So komme ich von einem gut auf ein nur noch befriedigend.
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