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Hiromichi Fuyuki


Also known as Kodo Fuyuki, Samson Fuyuki, Ricky Fuyuki, Masamichi Fuyuki, Mr. Helo

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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 7.2
Nxcwill wrote on 08.01.2021:
[9.0] "Fuyuki is one of the most underrated workers of all time. He was the worse half of Footloose in All Japan. His work rate was always high but he was so sloppy compared to most AJPW workers. Later on in FMW he was working with some of the worst workers in Japan at the time (Kubota, Gannosuke, etc. ) So why do I rate him highly? Well, in WAR, his work was truly awesome. He was good in singles and in tags with Jado and Gedo. His charisma is quite easily relatable to foreign audiences. I loved his vocal presence and fighting spirit. Fuyuki is pretty much the best of lariat style heavyweight puroresu after Tenryu and Tsuruta."
RatingsMachine wrote on 18.11.2018:
[4.0] "Hiromichi Fuyuki was a decent worker but nothing special. And his booking of FMW took the company right into the toilet."
Mudam wrote on 20.08.2013:
[8.0] "Always liked Kodo Fuyuki's work, i mostly got to see his FMW work but did see a little of his WAR work. May he rest in peace."
MaikBaader wrote on 09.08.2011:
[8.0] "Ich werde Fuyuki nie vergessen. Absolut guter Jr. Heavyweight und im Team mit Kawada wirklich gut. Seine Heavyweightjahre waren auch gut. Sicher nicht so wie früher, aber trotz einer Wampe immernoch konditionell gut drauf. Ruhe in Frieden."
ISAG wrote on 16.07.2010:
[7.0] "War in der FMW der absolute Champion. Konnte in anderen Ligen aber nicht überzeugen bzw sich durchsetzen."
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