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412.10.2019CashGrab8.0Honestly, he was pretty good at the time, sure he didn't have any flashy gimmicks, but I am a sucker for badass Kickers and this guy has awesome kicks, he doesn't have any memorable matches, but I do find myself amazed by how enjoyable they are.
713.05.2018jcb92.0Jerry Flynn kicked guys. He kicked guys a lot. Some of his kicks were kind of cool. So less so. And then after he kicked them, he kicked them some more. Kicking is about all he did or could do. It got old fast.
1120.09.2016Crude4Life10.010 points for Lightning Foot Jerry Flynn. Highly under rated talent, one of the most technically gifted athletes of his generation. I used to pop when he would flick sweat off his forehead as he hee-hawed at the crowd. He helped make Goldberg the star he became. I wish Jerry got more of a chance to do some more character driven stuff. I think it could have worked with what they were doing with him 1999.
1210.04.2016Crippler Crossface3.0
1330.09.2015WrestleArts4.0Fand ihn garnicht so schlecht, war damals einer meiner Fave-Undercarder in der WCW. Er war zwar kein Wrestling-Gott, seine Kicks, Armbars und Chokes sahen jedoch definitiv besser aus als Punks oder Joes, es harperte bei Flynn jedoch am Charisma.
1430.05.2015DanTalksRasslin3.0"Lightning Foot" had an OK skill set to be a lower-card heel, his martial arts skills making him seem legit enough for other people to look good by beating him. Never really had the personality or flash to really rise up the card. Most notable for receiving a minor push when WCW introduced its Hardcore Title and the "Block" matches.
1529.07.2014Ayatollah2.0Ein ebenbürdiger Gegner für Rick Fuller, aber ich denke Flynn hätte verloren. Flynn durfte ja auch 30000mal Goldberg besiegen. Oder halt das war andersrum
1612.02.2014gaxal06.0He had a very good move set and was pretty good with his kicks, it's a shame he was only good at being the heel jobber. If he'd had been a better face, WCW would have probably done more with him.
1727.11.2013ADouble3.0Always came off to me as a WCW version of Steve Blackman, except much less cool and never involved in anything entertaining.
1823.07.2013Boris The Menace3.0
1930.09.2009Babus1.0Vom Namen trennt ihn von Jerry Lynn nur ein Buchstabe, wrestlerisch liegen zwischen ihnen Welten.
2126.08.2008GeneralUwe3.0Hatte nur eine wenige ansehliche Matches. Ansonsten absolut charismafrei.
2214.04.2008LexLuger4ever2.0Leider in jeder sportlichen Hinsicht eine totale Gurke.
2312.04.2008The Sick Lebowski5.0
2423.03.2008The Instant Classic0.0
2703.10.2007Jicks6.0Uncharismatisch, unförmig (man beachte den viel zu kleinen Kopf! ), aber mit einem coolen Wrestlingstil und durchaus ein paar guten Momenten.
2818.07.2007Blade Bourdeaux2.0
3024.06.2007Hypocrisy2.0Der Kerl war so was von charismafrei, dass er eigentlich ein guter Wrestler hätte sein müssen, um im Geschäft zu bleiben. Aber das war auch nicht so seine Stärke.
3124.06.2007Dr Cool6.0
3324.06.2007The Mountie2.0
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