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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 3.67
D-Bry wrote on 28.09.2021:
[0.0] "2021 Edit: A literal circus gymnast, the embodiment of why I don't particularly like wrestling filled with spotfests, while somewhat entertaining can get tiresome really fast, not the ideal year for him, even before his "successful" 24/7 title run."
MusSan wrote on 24.09.2021:
[5.0] "Als Begleiter von Carmella und später von Nia Jax und Shayna Baszler war er sehr fehl am Platzt und richtig nervig. Als Titelanwärter der 24/7 Championship hat man endlich eine passende Rolle für ihn gefunden. In diesem Berreich weiß er durchaus zu überzeugen. Solange er der 24/7 Championship hinterherjagen und dabei seine coolen Moves zeigen darf, kann er meinet wegen öfter zu sehen sein."
BK7Neunzig wrote on 02.08.2021:
[2.0] "Trat bisher als nervtötender Turner in Erscheinung, der in einer Wrestlingshow irgendwie fehl am Platz zu sein scheint. Bis auf Flickflacks und sonstige Turneinlagen gab es im Ring noch nicht wirklich etwas zu sehen. Seine Rolle als Manager gefällt mir überhaupt nicht. Finde nicht, dass man ihn braucht. Irgendwie weiß ich auch nicht, was da noch groß kommen soll, um seine Gesamtwahrnehmung zu verbessern."
viperxtj61x wrote on 29.07.2021:
[0.0] "Not in anyway a wrestler, and honestly I feel bad for him as all he's been relegated to was being some punching bag for the women. Honestly I'm sure he'd be great if they let him have a wrestling match"
brickhitterSam wrote on 06.07.2021:
[1.0] "Probably would be better if you put him on NXT or 205 for a year or two, but we completely skip that and have him featured prominently on RAW. He? s annoying, and not a good wrestler. All the storylines he? s been involved in have been stupid, but I guess that? s not really his fault."
BlueVinsmoke2323 wrote on 02.06.2021:
[1.0] "He? s simply not a wrestler, he doesn? t know any of the basics and his character is bad. He was already bad with Carmella and when they put him with Nia he became even worse. The only reason I? m giving him 1 not 0, is because he can do some acrobatic stuff but it? s not wrestling when it? s just it."
HC7 wrote on 01.06.2021:
[0.0] "Who? This guy isn't a wrestler, barely a manager but yet, continues to be on WWE nearly every week on every show. This man feels like Vince walked outside of the performance center blindfolded and picked the first person he saw after taking off the blindfold. Why should I care about this guy on TV when he brings ABSOLUTELY nothing. The only thing positive about this guy is he has some charisma and can do some acrobatics. His "matches" are 99% acrobatics (not spot wrestler/high flyer acrobatics either) and 1% actual fighting."
The A-Lister wrote on 08.05.2021:
[5.0] "He's average. Can do some moonsaults and athletic shit, but he isn't really anything special. I don't like him."
texasyosh wrote on 06.04.2021:
[6.0] "Reginald is a pretty talented guy in the ring, however his role as a sommelier, and now managing Nia Jax/Shayna Bayzler has gotten really tiring. I think his involvement in the Sasha/Bianca feud really pissed off a lot of people, including me."
jlt wrote on 20.03.2021:
[10.0] "The best in the world! He needs to become a single star and be pushed to the moon and win every title in the company. Reginald can sell out arenas with his mic and ring skills."
TheLegitBoss wrote on 06.03.2021:
[8.0] "This guy is really talented. He has been given a complicated role and he manages to do a very good job, despite his lack of experience in the business. His character is badly written actually, but Reginald himself is really fun to watch. He was good in his role as Carmella's manager and seems to have a lot of ability in the ring, he's very agile. He did something symbolic with his intergender match with Sasha on top of that. So cool to see that kind of new talent shine every week in SmackDown's stacked roster."
LucaGG18 wrote on 19.02.2021:
[6.0] "We discovered this man with the return of Carmella, he plays the role of a refined sommelier (who speaks French, what's more! ). And I seriously wonder if he's a developing wrestler, or if he's just an agile guy they hired like that."
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