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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 6.20
respect-wres wrote on 31.01.2023:
[8.0] "I had given Briggs an 8 in 2019. He was fun on the indie scene, he had a good look with the beard and the long hair and he was also having fun matches. Now in wwe he has gained weight, has weird short spiked hair, cut the beard and has been portrayed as a jobber essentially. Keeping the 8, but I hope that he gets released and goes to aew, where he will probably be used differently. 2023 Edit 8 again"
Dy1789 wrote on 14.01.2023:
[7.0] "Not a fan of Briggs and Jensen as a team, but Briggs is good. He is big and agile. He is a natural talker. I feel like the gimmick would be better with him as a solo act."
DammitChrist wrote on 28.09.2022:
[5.0] "Huh, I'm actually surprised that nobody has given this guy a 5 yet. Anyway, Josh Briggs is a big guy who's unremarkable in the ring. At best, he's just decent. You'll never see him deliver a banger in singles matches. However, Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen are better off as a tag team since the whole is easily greater than the sum of their single parts. I'd give both men a 6 as a duo since I've seen them compete in multiple good tag team matches."
Lukasny wrote on 10.08.2022:
[7.0] "Irgendwie hat der was. Der bringt einiges mit. Gutes Powerhouse und im Team mit Jensen bisher sehr organisch."
JonahBlack wrote on 20.12.2021:
[6.0] "Definitely the better of the duo, but fairly underwhelming. I think he has some potential, but I'm afraid Jensen will hold him back"
WackyStang wrote on 16.08.2021:
[0.0] "Another bland and boring Evolve guy just like Austin Theory, He's big but he's not intimidating and he doesn't have ANY charisma, he's awful on the mic. So if you're bad at talking and can't get any enthusiasm out of me from your workrate then you're just a poor wrestler."
Acetylsalicilique wrote on 20.05.2020:
[7.0] "Really good big guy who is certainly gonna be a major player in years to come. His performances are not always on point, and he has the occasional lackluster match, but he looks great and can bring it."
JEK 1991 wrote on 21.11.2019:
[6.0] "He is good but still young. Saw him two times and was an okay fighter. He plays the heel very well. Popular in the New England region. He has had exposure in Ontario and Quebec. Hopefully more exposure in other places. He has had matches with Rob Van Dam and Nick Gage. At 6"8 he can work but his moves are decent."
Kevin41182 wrote on 16.03.2019:
[8.0] "Briggs has the size, the look, and the ability. He is an overall stud. He's almost a sure thing for becoming a big star on the indys and one day in the WWE."
Malay Boy wrote on 18.02.2019:
[8.0] "Josh Briggs is a good upcoming wrestler that work very hard in independent scene. He has favorable size that can bring resilient when he wrestle. He is quite agile and good powerhouse. Josh have a multiple good match in Evolve and Beyond especially when he wreslte with big guy. He has potential to become the next superstar and I hope he can develop more to reach his true potential."
Wrestling Forever wrote on 16.02.2018:
"Interessanter Big Man. Groß und beweglich. Wieder mal noch etwas zu wenig gesehen um ihn eine Bewertung zugeben aber ich bin da bei ihm schon im guten 7 Punkte Bereich. Sobald ich mehr von ihm gesehen haben kommt eine Bewertung. Erstmal nur ein Kommentar zu Josh Briggs."
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