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Bully Ray


Also known as Buh Buh Ray Dudley, Bubba, Bubba Ray Dudley, BRD, Brother Ray, Bubba Ray, Mongo, Mongo Vyle, Terminator

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621.06.2020Khalid Ace6.0
1226.11.2019JEK 19916.0I think 6 is a fair rating for Bubba. I find he is better as a tag team specialist than a singles competitor. My opinion. He was used a lot in tag teams matches. he has the big and every but his singles are just ordinary nothing different or exciting. In ECW and WWE he excited fans with D-Von and the tables. he got hardcore in him. His best peak was when he was TNA Heavyweight champion and the leader of Aces and Eights. I guess its promoters fault for giving him a push.
1417.11.2019Liam Willows7.0
2126.07.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling7.0Hard for me to write nice things about this guy because he seems like such an ass in real life. But putting that aside, his contributions to the business can't be ignored. The Dudleys were fun for the majority of their run, although they did get stale when they started relying too much on the table. Bully proved he had more than just being a tag guy when he got the Bully character over. Listening to his podcasts now, it's clear that he has a sound understanding of the business.
2325.03.2019King of Strong Style7.0
2929.09.2018zephyr7.0Mediocre worker but nobody can deny that he consistently managed to get over. Can cut some world class promos sometimes.
3027.09.2018Oliver95x7.0Der bessere der beiden Dudleys. Er konnte auch in Singles Matches überzeugen und hat Charisma. Als Tag Team aber doch klar besser.
3204.09.2018pappahouse7.0Bubba Ray der stotternde Dudley! Das Gimmick war schon etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig. Hat legendäre Matches geführt und auch einige echt krasse Moves drauf gehabt. Allerdings ist er ein klassischer Tag-Wrester und hat kein Potenzial für einen Singles-Wrestler.
3330.08.2018Ecstasy ov Dusk7.0
4521.10.2017jcb99.0Bully Ray wasn't the greatest in-ring worker of all time, but he was good enough in the ring. He's also one of the greatest talkers ever, and one of the best heels ever. He's also something of a rarity in the business in a couple of ways – first, he's the rare wrestler who made the transition as a successful singles star after spending many years as a tag team wrestler, and second, he's a guy who was hugely successful in three different national companies – in his case, ECW, WWF/E, and TNA.
4718.06.2017Micha17048.0In ECW/WWE/TNA schon immer grandios als Team 3D/Dudley Boys mit D-Von. Ich persönlich dachte desshalb auch das er nicht viel mehr kann als das Tag Team Wrestling! ABER wie der Kerl sich in TNA entwickelt hat ist der Wahnsinn! Als Bully Ray hat er gezeigt das er Tonnenweise Charisma hat und Super im Ring ist!
4829.05.2017El Burrito7.0
4906.04.2017jtsilver1017.0As a singles competitor Bubba fared a lot better than D-Von. After during the initial Brand Split of 2002 Bubba was more over as a singles star than D-Von, however in TNA his Bully Ray character was the thing he really needed to prove himself as more than a tag team legend. Bully Ray v. Austin Aries is one of my favorite matches from TNA. He really stepped up his mic work and was in the best shape of his career. What drags down his rating as a singles star was some of the terrible storylines with Brooke Hogan and Aces & Eights, but there's always going to be some downsides. Too bad he couldn't bring the singles heel run to the latest WWE run.
5006.04.2017Blood Pump6.0While I would call Shane and Raven better heels within ECW, Bubba Ray along with D-Von were the masters of getting people to hate them. Bubba in general should get some credits for the set of nuts the man had for some of the crap he did to the crowd back in the day. He was a good worker, not great in the realm of singles work but he was a good heel. Had charisma (a LOT of it actually) and got over wherever he went. He almost successfully split into singles success but couldn't quite break that glass ceiling (Chipped it a bit), but really he didn't need to. As a tag team the Dudley Boyz are a 9/10 and stand as one of the best teams of all time. As a singles guy hes pretty impressive but it might've been too little too late.
5218.02.2017Argylex9.0I always though that he was underrated as a singles wrestler, and his work as Bully Ray proved me right. Of course he cannot have technical masterpieces, but he does his work extremely well. Also, extremely over with the fans both as a face and a heel. Check out his heel promos, they definitely are "how to get heat 101".
6231.10.2016Vacant 216.0
6915.08.2016Newsted Head7.0
7009.08.2016Sonny Black8.0
7126.07.2016JokeyZockey7.0Der bessere der Dudley Boys, in allen Belangen. Spiegelt sich allein darin wieder, wie gut und erfolgreich sein Solo-Run als Bully Ray bei TNA war. Nach seinem Comeback zur WWE aber leider mit D-Von zusammen ziemlich in der Versenkung verschwunden.
7622.06.2016AMHTP6.0One of the most decorated tag-team wrestlers of all time, Bubba Ray has also proven he has what it takes to pull off an excellent singles run. As Bully Ray, he put in the best work of his career -- something which shocked me as a fan of his tag-team matches. He's the farthest thing in the world from a technician, and I don't give him much credit for his actual wrestling abilities. But he's living proof that sometimes a gimmick and good promo skills are all you need -- as long as you're willing to put some bodies through tables. Even with very little training, Bubba carved out a large place for himself in wrestling history, and he deserves many props for that.
8007.06.2016Wrestling Forever 9.0Bei ihm ist es so wie bei D-Von ein damals kleiner Wrestling Fan der besonders Tag Team Wrestling schaute, der Live im Madison Square Garden beim Match von Jimmy Snuka vs Don Muraco in der erste Reihe und bei WM III als Zuschauer dabei war und zu seinem Onkel sagte das will ich auch machen. Dann später hat sich der gute Mark durch verschiedene Ligen in die WWE hocharbeite. Bei TNA war er ganz besonders stark, er nahm sehr viel Gewicht ab, an Muskelmasse zu und überzeugte in seiner Heel Rolle. In der ECW und bei WWF/WWE war er nur im Tag Team stark. Bubba ist auch ein richtig guter Trainer und eine Wrestling Legende.
8122.05.2016The Intellectual Savior7.0Bubba Ray ist der bessere der beiden Dudleys und kann sowohl im großartigen Tag Team mit Devon, als auch als Singles Wrestler (wie bspw. in TNA) überzeugen. Er ist dazu ein großartiger Heel. Im Ring okay (5/10), am Mic gut (8/10), Ausstrahlung sehr solide (7/10), charismatisch ist er vor allem durch seinen Trashtalk auch (7, 5/10). Insgesamt sind das 6, 88 von 10 Punkten für Bubba Ray - sehr solide.
8210.05.2016Y2J3168.0Mochte Bubba schon immer. Hat sich ganz schön gemacht vom wirklich übergwichtigen Fettsack bei ECW. Dann bei WWF und auch bei TNA. Bei TNA dann zum Main Eventer geworden, und wie ich finde zurrecht. Finde es toll das er zusammen mit D-Von jetzt wieder zusammen bei WWE ist. Würde mir trotzdem mal einen Singles Run in der Upper-Card wünschen oder im Main Event. Das Zeug dazu hat er.
8715.04.2016NastyYaffa6.0Bubba is pretty awesome. I never really found him interesting until he became Bully Ray, and oh man, that run was so awesome. Had some great matches vs. Austin Aries & AJ Styles, his promo work was on point, and he totally understood the character, too.
8910.04.2016TylerWhite8.0Genialer Wrestler, der vorallem mit D-Von extrem unterhaltsam ist und auch geile Matches abgeliefert hat. Auch als Singles Wrestler bei TNA war er ziemlich unterhaltsam und auch seit seiner WWE Return ist er find ich ziemlich underrated. Einer der weingen Tag Team Wrestler, der auch alleine ziemlich stark ist.
9008.04.2016Moose Nugget9.0I never though much about Bubba Ray until his run in TNA as Bully Ray. I thought he did a great job and certainly deserved The World Heavyweight Championship. It's too bad everyone discovered what he could do when at the age he was at.
9320.03.2016Scum N Villainy6.0
9627.02.2016Longa-467.0Bubba Ray ist für mich klar der bessere der Dudley Boyz. War früher schon immer gut, aber seine Zeit bei TNA war sensationell. Als Bully Ray in TNA als Heel sehr gut und er hat sich klar verbessert in TNA. In WWE zurzeit in Ordnung, wobei die Dudleys zurzeit echt im nirgendwo zufinden sind. Hoffe dass der Heel Turn sich jetzt Positiv auswirkt und dass vielleicht Bubba Ray als Singles Wrestler starten kann das wäre klasse!
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