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315.06.2020Khalid Ace7.0He might be a good wrestler but he is a bit overrated. No charisma & personality. He is that kind of a wrestler that you watch him because you're watching the show that's it.
931.12.2018CashGrab10.0An Amazing Technical Wrestler, "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams is one of Evolves best, with amazing matches in his repertoire, and Amazing Ring skills, surely the indy wrestler to watch out for.
1107.08.2018ferrante2075.0Solid from a technical point. His strikes look good, he's smooth, he can grapple well etc. This guy is dry as sand and has never given me a reason to care. They purposely keep the mic away from this dude. There are plenty of very good bell to bell guys, so why bother with one that's a charisma black-hole.
1323.03.2018Malay Boy9.0
1422.02.2018KamiyaKojima6.0Bisher sehr solide am Mic und sehr solide im Ring. Aber auch noch nicht mehr. Hab einige Matches von ihm z. B. bei Evolve gesehen, welche alle sehr solide waren. So solide, dass immer wenn ich ihn auf einer Card lese mir denke, ja das Match kann ich skippen. Ich hoffe er macht mal mehr aus seinem Potenzial.
1616.10.2017pitbullfan200910.0At first I was confused why this guy was maineventing Evolve a lot, but lately his matches have been on fire (pardon the pun). New favorite wrestler.
1708.10.2017isalrightnow5.0This guy, I don't know about him. He says he is hot sauce but I am not sure what that entails. He appears to be a competent pro wrestler, with no resemblance to hot sauce in form nor spirit. I thus cannot give a ringing endorsement here.
1803.10.2017DemonIngobernable7.0Tracy is a decent wrestler, but he is far from the top. Looking at his ratings I think he is a little bit overrated. I think he's an average wrestler, with a good in-ring level but with a lack of charisma. I'm sorry, but I'm not excited to listen his name announced in a show. I wouldn't buy a ticket only for him.
1904.09.2017HUNTERBC8810.0Tracy Williams is very good in the ring. I also gave him a 10 because I just wanted to see how much his rating went up.
2826.12.2016Crippler Crossface9.0
3223.07.2016Vern LaVey10.0He's always been good, but in the past few years he's went from being very green to being one of the hottest in-ring talents in the world.
3409.05.2016Mizzle Assault Ant10.0Incredibly gifted mat worker, "Hot Sauce" seems poised to break out in a big way in the very near future. He has really impressed a lot in EVOLVE and his stock is only rising. One of the more exciting guys to get his star rising in recent memory. Can't wait to see what else this guy is able to pull out in the future.
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