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130.01.2023Burning Back Fist1.0Ironic she starts off some of her promos "At only the age of 23 ive already done" yeah and just a year later at only the age of 24 would she throw her entire career away due to her awful views and beliefs. But hey, as someone else stated. This is a cautionary tale of before you put the rocket strap on make sure they arent scum human beings. Too good to treat everyone equally just like she was too good to show up to her job after they gave her the world title. Oh yeah and wasnt she supposed to be the face of an all womens promotion after she "changed" ? whatever happened to that? Oh yeah, the common denominator in all problems she is involved in is HER. WOW dodged a bullet. A disgrace to the business and a much better place without her as she tries to slime her way back in and im sure she will. As of 2022 she wrestled six non televised or broadcasted matches and won 4 of them. One of these matches were even for a championship. All I can say is if youre a decent person with morals I would not support the bigoted Blachards.
308.01.2023Nerfair12.0She has a rough carreer, she, s talented for sure, but she's actively sabotaging her own carreer at every turn by being an awfull and bigoted person, what a shame
801.09.2022Lukasny7.0Eine sehr gute Workerin, die aber als Mensch wohl kaum zu ertragen ist. War eine große Nummer bei IMPACT und hätte sicherlich auch zur WWE gehen können. Mittlerweile muss ich sie aber nicht mehr sehen.
1105.06.2022CognacConversation Tessa Blanchard is a cautionary tale. All the talent and star quality in the world with potential to headline major companies, but a toxic reputation means you find yourself locked out of much of the industry. I remember being in awe of the quality of her work between 2017 and 2019 against a range of opponents across different promotions. At the time, she was under 25 and was literally carrying matches! Impact gave her the moon and stars, and she picked up a major win at All In which served as the unofficial pilot to AEW. I expected there to be a bidding war for her by 2020 between WWE and AEW. Had it all gone to plan I think Tessa could've either main evented a WM, or been elevated to become the face of AEW's women's division rather than mediocre Britt Baker. Then the major problems set in and after Impact let her go she's only wrestled one match (back in September 2020). More recently, the planned relaunch of Women of Wrestling heavily promoted her as its main star but reports have once again alluded to her bad attitude and alleged bullying so it appears she may not be part of that project. With so many burnt bridges, her only chance of getting booked is in Mexico. Heartbreaking that someone who's not even 30 squandered what could've been a stellar wrestling career.
1608.10.2021Legend0039.0Abgesehen von ihrer Persönlichkeit und alles was außerhalb des Ring gesehen ist, muss man anerkennen, dass Tessa einer der besten Inring-Workerin ist. Sie workt unglaublich sauber und solide, hat ein interessante Moveset und kann sowohl Face als auch Heel super rüberbringen.
1725.09.2021No One9.0 
2117.05.2021plaguespreader8.0Outside the ring aside, I really feel that Tessa Blanchard's "Wonder Woman" aura had huge upside. Truly an intense individual and was hugely believable with a good mix of aggressive striking and cocky power moves. I can only hope she turns a new leaf and works on herself.
2217.05.2021ProWrestlingGuy3168.0Leider scheint sie eine sehr schwierige Persönlichkeit zu sein, seit nunmehr einem Jahr weiß niemand, wie es mit ihr weitergeht. An sich eigentlich ziemlich schade, denn sie ist wirklich sehr talentiert und bringt im Grunde alles mit, um ein großer Star zu sein.
2313.05.2021El Vaquero O Reilly10.0Third generation Wrestler, daughter of Tully Blanchard, skilled and imposing in the ring. Tessa is one of my favorite wrestlers in the United States and even if she has her attitude problems that doesn't take away the credit for being a great wrestler I totally love her
2510.03.2021KyleEnjoysWrestling9.0Very unfortunate that her apparent personality has caused her issues. She is fantastic in the ring & a feud with Charlotte would be so natural if it could come together. She's on a hiatus currently. I can only hope she gets her matters in order sometime soon & makes a real run in one of the top two organizations.
3205.10.2020ElPolloLoco5.0If she could just become easier to work with she could become really big: as a complete package she's much better than Toni Storm, who's about her age and was simialrly well traveled before joining the WWE. But there's a reason even with AEW and WWE locked in war for talent, with Japanese promotions starved for foreign talent and Mexican companies really in need of fresh female talent (and Tessa is a major talent, trust me on this) nobody wants to hire her and Impact released at first occasion. In short she's a gigantic liability to have around, especially in an age when even heels (and Tessa is superb natural heel) have to watch what they say even when in character and when larger promotions are less likely than ever to put up with questionable backstage behavior. I really like her and would love her to become a huge act, but until she becomes more responsible she'll keep bouncing around the indies aimlessly.
3428.08.2020Wrestling Forever 8.0Jo, Ricochets Verlobte oder Freundin wie auch immer sie hat mit ihm einen Sohn ist schon ganz gut im Ring. Ist auch noch sehr jung und Wrestlerin der Dritten Generation. Finde das sie noch mehr Erfahrung in den Indies sammeln sollte und nicht jetzt zu WWE kommen sollen. Die Try-Outs soll sie als Erfahrung sehen. Edit 03. 05. 2018 Von 7 auf 8 Punkte rauf große Verbesserung dazu auch immer mehr Intergender Matches gegen Männer und sie wurde auch sehr stiff. Edit 16. 05. 2019 Bleibe bei 8 Punkte mit Ricochet ist sie seit langer Zeit nicht mehr zusammen. Inzwischen ist Sie mit Daga in einer Beziehung. Edit: 28. 08. 2020 Daga ist inzwischen Tesse Ehemann und Tully Schwiegersohn. Er und Tessa haben in Mexico geheiratet.
3525.08.2020Ringside4only12bucks10.0What are we talking about here when giving the rating? A rating in comparison to other wrestlers OR in regards to wrestling as a whole? With Tessa, it doesn't matter either way, because she's so good and believable in what she does, really the epitome of not just what one should do to be regarded as one of the best, but what NEEDS to do. And in comparison to who's out there at that level right now, there aren't that many that are. She's a tremendous worker that will make a subpar performer look that much better. She makes strikes that aren't reminiscent of what one would normally expect from a female wrestler. And I'm using the term WRESTLER, not "performer" because that would be an insult in all honesty. For the people that actually know wrestling will not only knkw exactly what I mean, but they're not going to get upset with me mentioning gender as well. She hits like one of the guy's, and for this profession, that's not a detrimental thing to say. Again, people that know good wrestling already know this. You want a match that pulls you in and wince when you see those shots making good contact, and she's just on am entirely different level altogether. Hopefully she'll get all the non-wrestling BS stuff in order and put behind her and just keep going forward. And that's all I'm going to say about it, because that's all that needs to be said. What she does IN the ring is what's important, and that's what she wants the focus to be on, and that's fine by me, as we're discussing WRESTLING. She's the real deal. Period.
3703.08.2020Yumichi955.0Rien d exceptionnel malheureusement on verra par la suite je l espere elle s ameliorera. Wwe surement ?
4324.03.2020EdwardsAJX10.0Love or hate Tessa, nobody can't deny that she is one of the best wrestlers in the world right now. Tessa Blanchard is an amazing talent.
4417.03.2020Crippler Crossface9.0 
4510.03.2020Danil Czar8.0 
4715.01.2020LivMorgan2024.0She's a very good wrestler and she can have amazing matches and go in the ring pretty also making history in a major company by capturing the world championship which I never thought would be possible but despite her athleticism it seems like she's a very shitty person and also racist which take away all her credits because she just stepped on everyone's head to be at the top and that makes her accomplishments very vague and invalid making her an undeserving person to all the glory she got.
6104.09.2019Resident10.0The best female wrestler in the world right now. I will put Kelly Klein, Toni Storm, Becky Lynch, and Io or Kairi (who are amazing in-ring) after her. Tessa is the total package. Looks, mic skills, in-ring skills, great character. Always puts on a great match no matter who she is facing. Despite not being Knockouts champion, I'd say she is not only the top female in Impact, but the top female wrestler outside of WWE. She has really come into her own since being in the Mae Young Classic. With a lot of talent having left Impact wrestling, she is the #1 reason for me to continue watching Impact right now.
6211.08.2019TylerWhite9.0Tessa ist so ziemlich die beste Wrestlerin der Welt aktuell, mindestens in der Top5 und vermutlich die beste Amerikanerin und das mit gerade einmal 24 Jahren. Selten habe ich eine Wrestlerin gesehen, die so viel Ausstrahlung hat. Natürlich ist sie besser als Heel und hat natürliches Heel Charisma wie kein zweiter, doch die ist einfach so badass, dass sie auch super als Face funktioniert. Bei Impact ist sie natürlich absolut perfekt aufgehoben und kann sich komplett entfalten. Seit jeher war Impact die Promotion für Innovation im Women's Wrestling und auch heute ist das noch so und sie sind da noch weit weit vor WWE und NXT. Dort konnte Tessa nicht nur einen starken Titelrun haben mit dem wohl stärksten Herausfordererfeld auf der Welt, wo auch alle mal eine gute Chance bekommen, sondern sie kann nun sogar wirklich auf Augenhöhe mit den Männern stehen und gegen diese kämpfen, ohne dabei aber die WOmen's DIvision zu delegitimieren. So perfekt habe ich das Booking einer Frau noch nie gesehen und zurecht ist sie aktuell der wohl größte Star bei Impact und das zurecht. Auch im Ring ist sie natürlich genial und hatte schon so viele hervorragende Matches, ja kann sogar noch 2019 aus Gail Kim eines der besten Matches ihrer Karriere herausziehen und mit einem solchen harten Worker wie Callihan mitgehen und ein geniales Match zeigen. Aktuell die hotteste Wrestlerin der Welt und die Zukunft des Frauenwrestlings, sie hat noch eine noch viel größere Karriere vor sich.
6611.07.2019igorbonardi9810.0Tessa is the best female pro wrestler on the planet right now. She is the future of this sports and she is only 23 years old !
6909.07.2019Klabauter7.0Tessa Blanchard wird gerade in den Wrestling Olymp gehypt von einige, davon ist sie in meinen Augen weit entfernt. Sie ist sicherlich fernab davon eine schlechte Wrestlerin zu sein, allerdings auch fernab davon eine sehr gute Wrestlerin zu sein. Sie profitiert in meinen Augen (vergleichbar mit Charlotte bei WWE) davon, dass sich ihre Company (Impact Wrestling) voll und ganz dem Ziel verschrieben hat, sie zum nächsten Star der Liga zu machen. Oder kurz: Sie ist eine solide bis gute Wrestlerin die als Top-Star präsentiert wird. 7 Punkte!
7303.07.2019jaycess5110.0Tessa is an undeniable talent and a star in this business for decades to come. She may end up being the single greatest female wrestler ever by the time everything is said and done.
7613.06.2019Carrot Junkie9.0 
7710.05.2019Fab969.0She is AWESOME. Next level woman, good both on the mic and in ring, knows how to create hype. And she is a fantastic HEEL, but it doesn't surprise me at all since she's Tully Blanchard's daughter. I'd pay gold to see a Blanchard vs Flair match.
8005.03.2019WackyStang7.0Very Good in ring, not much on the mic though. Although she does put on great matches, her charisma is a bit lacking.
8112.02.2019Cibs7.0I like Tessa, she's pretty solid in the ring for her age. She has natural talent and generally offers something different, but her lack of experience is still evident in several aspects. Definitely someone to follow very closely in the coming years.
8215.01.2019Kas9.0Quickly becoming one of the best female wrestlers in the world, with boatloads of charisma and really great ring work.
8409.01.2019RatingsMachine5.0Tessa Blanchard is a solid worker, but solid is about it. She'll probably be a lot better in a few years, but she isn't there yet. Her rating isn't helped by the fact that she has a track record of bad behaviour.
8624.12.2018jchiofal10.0Tessa Blanchard might be the best women's wrestler in the US today in almost every way possible. First off, her wrestling is cersatile. She has technique, and power, but she can also pull off lucha maneuvers. Her footwork in the ring is precise, and everything she does has the polish of a vertan's experience. She's also a heel that doesn't need to cheat to win. She is completely legit, looks the part, and wrestles the part. She embodies the IT factor, and is among the best today
9004.10.2018Mahanx8.0Tessa Tessa Tessa , i like this girl. She moving forward every time i see her , i like her heel role. She is young and have a big future.
9413.08.2018bdj19774.0I'd give her a higher rating, maybe even a six or a seven, if it weren't for the fact that she is known to be a prima donna of the highest order, despite not having accomplished much at this point in her career. Many promotions (notably WWE, despite her lineage) and fellow wrestlers no longer want anything to do with her. She has the talent and skill-set to succeed to some extent, but unless she has an attitude change, I hope she never does... because if she tastes money, fame and success with her current, egomaniacal ways, Tessa will make Melina and Sunny look like an angels! As they say in sports, she is a locker room cancer, dragging any team she is on down!
9601.05.2018Noldor66610.0Tessa ist aktuell eine meiner Lieblingswrestlerinnen. Man merkt ihr zwar hier und da noch etwas die Unerfahrenheit an und auch workt sie noch nicht immer ganz sauber. Aber man merkt ihr in jedem Match an, wie sehr sie für das Wrestling-Business lebt und sie gibt in jedem Match alles! Sie hat jetzt schon ein recht großes und innovatives Moveset und sellt auch sehr gut. Charisma ist auch jede Menge vorhanden. Früher oder später werden wir Tessa ganz sicher fest bei NXT/WWE sehen, denn ihr gehört definitiv die Zukunft im Frauen-Wrestling! Für mich gehört sie jetzt schon zu den besten, daher 10 Punkte! "Tessa B Ain't Nothing To Fuck With"
9822.04.2018Malay Boy10.0Tessa is improving a lot. This woman is totally one of the best woman wrestler in the indie wrestling right now. (She is my second favorite after Toni Storm). She present her appearance like a superstar and she is very entertaining in the ring. She also standout in the inter gender match. I can see she succeed Candice throne as the best female inter gender wrestler.
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