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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 6.63
Thenextoneup2009 wrote on 03.07.2024:
[5.0] "Now on the mic this woman had it all character charisma could win a promo battle no one was touching her! She had everything you couldve wanted she was over could have decent matches & had a distinct look. Even as an in ring competitor she wasnt that bad for most of her career as even when it felt sloppy or repetitive her matches typically were entertaining. Well that was until about 2022 or so. Everything that made her enjoyable was gone her character work was dull & boring as she stated she wasnt even playing a character her mic skills were good but no real material or shit to talk about her matches felt boring stale & she often felt like the least important point. But the place that seals the deal of her not getting a higher rating is the Bianca feud. That feud had potential with Alexa flipping between Her Goddess & dark characters. It just wasnt hitting in the end the matches were dull bad & really forgettable except for one spot in their first match where they took a scene outta scary movie for a sequence. Alexa truly felt basic at the end of her last run in the ring & in her character as she didnt get a chance to join the story officially due to several factors. I do hope to see her in Wyatt 6 tho shed be entertaining for the group."
MingROHGuy wrote on 16.06.2024:
[7.0] "Ist gut am Mikrofon - ist auch als Wrestlerin nicht ganz so schlecht. Doch seit Jahren wird sie, auch wenn es private Gründe gibt, nur sehr sporadisch genutzt und steckte schon seit längerem in keinen Storylines mehr."
Rassle Fan wrote on 14.05.2024:
[5.0] "How to explain the rating...Alexa Bliss is the total embodiment of the WWE style of training. From in ring work to promos to nicknames, it's all there. Is it bad? Not really. I prefer a different type of wrestler, male or female. Everything about her character was manufactured in room of people comprised of former wrestlers and people who were never fans and just need employment."
JDilly28 wrote on 05.05.2024:
[9.0] "One of the better women on wwe's roster when it comes to selling with her facial expressions. Her face offense is very fun and creative, love watching her use to twisted bliss and the apron senton she does. One of the more underrated and solid workers in the women's division, you can slot her in any role and she will succeed and make the match interesting it can be as a face, a heel, tag team. or singles."
jcheng777 wrote on 25.04.2024:
[8.0] "Excellent mic worker and a tremendous heel. Definitely a standout of the 2016-19 brand split era. Much prefer the conniving bully gimmick to the supernatural fiendess/lily doll gimmick."
bigredtalk89 wrote on 23.04.2024:
[9.0] "Underrated in the Triple H era IMO. She was one of the best heels at one point, and really carried the women's divisions from an entertainment perspective for years. She was never Charlotte in the ring, but can have great matches with the right opponents, her weird stuff post Bray set her back a bit, but her promo skills are second to none and I hope to see her come back reinvigorated"
PIOERX2 wrote on 15.04.2024:
[10.0] "I love her with all my heart, she is my favorite competitor in the entire WWE and in its history she is good on the microphone, she is pleasant to watch, sometimes the fights are so-so, but she has great potential, I hope she will come back soon because I miss her already"
sleepinggiant wrote on 05.04.2024:
[7.0] "One of the top Female Workers ever in my opinion, she has the look, the In ring ability and the charisma!"
ultravioletshiroi wrote on 17.03.2024:
[8.0] "Alexa Bliss is a great talent, very athletic and good in the ring and just full of charisma. I may be one of the few people who liked both her supernatural gimmick along with all her other gimmicks including her goddess gimmick and fairy gimmick. I especially like her as a heel as she's very good at utilizing heel tactics to make her matches entertaining."
evanjean13 wrote on 06.03.2024:
[10.0] "Have always been a huge fan of hers. Probably my favorite female wrestler in terms of character work and promo ability, which is my favorite part of wrestling. I understand that she's never been the absolute best in the ring but I'd rather have that than somebody who's great in the ring with no personality. Miss her and hopefully she'll be back soon!"
Enchantium wrote on 22.02.2024:
[6.0] "Alexa Bliss was great, and I was a fan of her heel phase in 2017. Through the years, I have slowly drifted away, and especially in recent times, her wrestling style has completely changed, and it comes across as less flashy than it used to be. Her supernatural gimmick alongside Bray Wyatt was never a good choice, as it just seemed way too forceful and unnatural for her. She will remain a good mouthpiece on the microphone, though."
JediSaiyanMaster1203 wrote on 27.11.2023:
[4.0] "I'm honestly surprised by her high rating, I would have assumed people wouldn't like her on here. Anyways, Alexa Bliss is the epitome of the word "mid" in my eyes. Whether it's promos, in ring ability, charisma, character work, as a babyface or heel, even in looks, nothing about her is special to me."
theeternalsovereign wrote on 25.10.2023:
[8.0] "Alexa Bliss has been able to outperform the majority of the female division in everything from character work to in ring prowess to promo work and she is half the size. One of the smallest female competitors on the roster and she can make almost any fight seem balanced. A reason she doesnt rank higher is from what I have seen she really does her best work in the high card and needs to be there consistantly to do well. Her mid and low card runs were fairly forgettable."
Akatsuki wrote on 12.10.2023:
[4.0] "Decent on the mic & beautiful, but I could never really invest and take seriously in someone who is extremely smaller compared to the rest of the competition to the point where it isn't believable in what she does in her matches. She gets an another deduction in points because of her dumb gimmick she had with the Fiend (RIP Bray Wyatt) which is totally unnecessary."
queendivasxox wrote on 26.07.2023:
[6.0] "While she is one of the most popular female superstars of the last decade, and can be a great promo, Alexa Bliss has always been overrated in the ring, and as the talent level in WWE's women's division increased, Bliss couldn't quite keep up with the championship-level female talent in WWE and used over the top characters over the years to stay entertaining. She still accomplished a great deal, but is simply not on the physical level of many of her peers."
Khalid Ace wrote on 15.07.2023:
[3.0] "Alexa Bliss is literally one of the worst professional wrestlers we've ever seen in the ring and the only thing preventing me from giving her a 0 is the fact she can handle herself fairly very well on the microphone."
danzitorock wrote on 20.06.2023:
[5.0] "I think Alexa is pretty average, she sells a lot of merchandise and has some charisma, besides being above average in promos, but in the ring she's nothing special and generally has little to offer."
Giantfan1980 wrote on 31.05.2023:
[5.0] "I agree with others that she is perfectly average and acceptable. Way better than some of the dregs they carted out there in the last 20 years."
tmxicon wrote on 28.05.2023:
[5.0] ""Perfectly average" is the phrase that immediately comes to mind with Alexa Bliss. The career trajectory is weird; somehow, it is difficult to say whether she has overachieved or if she's actually capable of more. There is probably not going to be a clear answer to that unless she ever strikes out on her own."
Dancer wrote on 25.05.2023:
[5.0] "Had a simple, effective character at the beginning of her main roster run but that's about it. At least to me, I don't find her believable in the ring. I don't want to knock her for her height, but its hard to wrestle like the Miz and be 5'1". Come to think about it, she's basically the female version of the Miz. She has got charisma but is constantly put in bad stories. When she is put in positions to succeed, she does fine, her stuff with Wyatt sucked. To me, she works a lot better when she acts like a high school bully rather than a ten year old girl."
fgpfriends wrote on 30.04.2023:
[10.0] "I am sorry for Alexa because before, she was such an amazing star back then in middle 2010 until late 2010, but then, she got worse but is it her fault, i don't know, I know she never was a really outstanding in ring, but she was alright, she could deliver in matches, but oh man, her storylines, her promos, her charisma, she has that champion vibe, but uh... 2020 started, pandemic, and everything got only worse, Alexa stopped delivering because of Bray Wyatt storyline, they just screwed her career these years, and I feel honestly story, she was a big deal, superstar, now she's barely on TV doing nothing much and the worst part is, there is no sight that it will change in near future, Alexa Bliss will probably never gonna be even close to her prime years, and I feel sad because she is one of my favorite womans in the roster, she's got screwed and will probably never come back sadly, but I will still give her a 10, because I know she can deliver if she has a chance to show it."
kewf1988 wrote on 11.04.2023:
[6.0] "Alexa Bliss is very charismatic and great on the mic, as well as having a good look, but her in-ring skills are lacking and have gotten worse over the years and her career has taken a free fall after getting involved with Bray Wyatt."
alemolina wrote on 09.04.2023:
[2.0] "She has never been a disaster or the worst superstar, but The Fiend storyline ruined her career and she hasn't been able to come back in a proper way. Nevertheless, they insisted in making her a part of the shitty Uncle Howdy storyline with Bray Wyatt again! Aside from this, her in ring work also has been far surpassed by other women in the roster: Becky, Charlotte, Bailey, Rhea, etc."
natepw wrote on 17.03.2023:
[5.0] "Average at best wrestler who is simultaneously over hated and over praised. I've personally struggled to care about anything she's been involved in."
Oswuold wrote on 16.02.2023:
[8.0] "After her glorious pasta Wiatt's story could:elevate It on another level 2)take the end of his Golden time. I Hope for the First. ****"
teryszimo wrote on 09.02.2023:
[2.0] "She was never the best wrestler, but her last two matches were awful and she didn't improve a bit. I don't know why she's still in the roster, except to sell merchandise. That says much about the WWE."
JSouthard2005 wrote on 31.01.2023:
[4.0] "A great promo, but not much else in my eyes. Shes regressed since the pandemic and working with Bray. Her match quality varies but is better when with an experienced wrestler like Lynch, Banks or Flair."
blissfulmist wrote on 25.01.2023:
[10.0] "One of my favourite wrestlers, she has the talent, the charisma, and the look! I love the current gimmick they are doing with her ass a mix between her 2 most different evil gimmicks, the Goddess and the Fiendess is a great mix!"
Enriquepollazzo wrote on 23.01.2023:
[5.0] "Untalented. Has been in wrestling forever and her every instinct and habit out there is bad. She is just the epitome of boring. I loved her early for the wrong reasons and now see her as a bad actor reading bad scripts constantly being pushed and doing bray monologues which are awful."
GulakBusick wrote on 18.01.2023:
[5.0] "Great character. Probably the first genuine female star outside of the four horsewomen in WWE. Unfortunately her ring work has always left a lot to be desired. She's just not that interesting. Reminds me of the Miz in that sense."
Grissom wrote on 10.01.2023:
[3.0] "Bei Alexa scheiden sich sicherlich die Geister. Die einen feiern sie, die anderen können nur bedingt wenig mit ihr anfangen. Ich gehöre zu den zweiteren. Find ihre Arbeit im Ring sehr überschaubar und sie tut oder kann nur das Nötigste. Ihr Schauspiel schwankt von schlecht, cringe bis hin zum overacting. Ich werde auch nach all den Jahren mir ihr nicht warm."
DammitChrist wrote on 03.01.2023:
[6.0] "I originally had Alexa Bliss at a 7 not too long ago because she can be excellent on the mic at her best (although she's been going through the motions with her promo work over the last few years), is pretty darn charismatic, and CAN BE good enough in the ring when she really tries to wrestle. She's overhyped as a female talent, but she definitely has her place in the women's division depending on her persona. HOWEVER, Alexa Bliss is dropping down to a 6 now since she's unfortunately going to reunite with Bray Wyatt, and continue their awful supernatural character work + segments together; which will inevitably lead to bad TV. If Alexa EVER goes back to being the Goddess or just being normal again (with no silly doll in sight), I'll definitely give her a higher rating again."
Etai wrote on 07.12.2022:
[5.0] "As a heel very good on the mic but one of the worst in the fed when she is face. In the ring she isent bad but she isnt god either. She strikes me as one of those wrestlers that can do one gimik real well but not much else. Also very overpushed. Still tho far from the worst thing ever, if she had another run as the fodess i might have to bump this one up 1"
nWo-Joshi-Guy wrote on 07.12.2022:
[7.0] "In between a 7 and 8 for me; but I think 7 is fairer based on her in-ring ability. I am a fan of some of her looks and character work but she was completely directionless under Vince for well over a year! Much better finisher than 95% of the women in WWE but the rest of her move-set is pretty limited."
MainEventMaster wrote on 29.11.2022:
[6.0] "Has a great look and a great promo, but is ultimately disappointing when she gets into the ring. She should have been one of the biggest stars in the company, but ultimately is not good in-ring."
eltetechori wrote on 12.11.2022:
[8.0] "Alexa is special, she has curious and entertaining stories in WWE that have marked a before and after, but now her gimmick must go another way and hopefully it will be soon. In the ring she's not bad either, she doesn't stand out so much but she's pretty good."
li0nsault wrote on 07.11.2022:
[7.0] "Alexa is a tough one to rate... Her mic skills made her a star, but I feel she never put enough effort to improve in the ring. I mean, she was on the right track during her very first run in NXT as a babyface, but I think she got too carried away with the fact that "heels are not supposed to look good" (although there are many heels that are great in the ring too). What I mean to say is that she definitely can wrestle way better than she does, but she feels she doesn't need to, or the writers don't want her to. Or maybe the doctors don't want her to, we all know she's injury prone. I'm writing this after her Crown Jewel 2022 match, and she pleasantly surprised me. That was a good performance, and I hope she continues like that."
jonsnoe wrote on 01.11.2022:
[6.0] "Alexa Bliss makes my heart warm and happy when I saw her on TV, that is for her look and beauty because her matches are pretty boring and skippable for me."
LT wrote on 12.10.2022:
[8.0] "Ich mag Alexa sehr gerne. Sie ist im Ring zwar nicht mehr als solide, aber betreibt tolles character work und kann nahezu alle Rollen glaubhaft rüberbringen. Am Mikrofon sehr stark und wohl auch eine der beliebtesten Wrestlerinnen der WWE. Passt sehr gut zur Company, ich hoffe sie bleibt WWE noch lange erhalten."
BayleyRules2022 wrote on 05.10.2022:
"An easy 10. She's massively overhated. Sure she's not a Joshi but people overrate workrate over character work. When you combine her ring work with her exemplary promo game, it's an easy 10, if not, you're fooling yourself."
Nightbrinker wrote on 04.10.2022:
[7.0] "Great success story and great symbol of progress. Very good talker and more than decent acting skills, pretty entertaining and fun to watch. Ring skills are average at best and has not really improved on this field. Would be perfect was she a full time manager/valet. Current face shtick is not really working though, would be more suited to come back as a new kind of heel, especially after her great performance at elimination chambers. Good performer even though this run feels like her swan song..."
AlDente01 wrote on 28.09.2022:
[8.0] "Symbol of progress that can be made in wrestling. From being a "star" in NXT to being a serious and successful wrestler in the main roster. Alexa is my favorite wrestler in the WWE Women's Division and I think she has everything she needs to be successful - talent, charisma, versatility, she works well in any role. She had a problem with injuries but I'm glad it's all right now. I am waiting for her heel turn and another reign with the championship."
TobiGeldner81 wrote on 19.09.2022:
[9.0] "Alexa ist eine gute Wrestlerin mit tollen mic Fähigkeiten und sie weiss sich zu präsentieren. In Ring ist sie solide und hat tolle Ausstrahlung. Ihre Gimmicks hat sie gut gespielt und durch ihre Jahrelange erfahrung jemand der sich mit WWE indentifiziert."
Wrestlingfan wrote on 01.09.2022:
[5.0] "Fantastic on the mic and just that. In the ring she is bad. The goddess character was good but her current character is really bad. She is one of the most over pushed women in WWE."
Beneyriey wrote on 23.08.2022:
[4.0] "I don't get Alexa Bliss. She was good before bad creative got to her. She's still carrying that daft doll around with her; it's difficult to take her seriously."
hoangminecraft6969 wrote on 22.07.2022:
[9.0] "A bit weak in terms of ring skills but excellent as a character. WWE really needs more people like her."
PhenomenalGun wrote on 25.06.2022:
[5.0] "Bliss is kinda meh to me. On one hand, she's athletics and has the look that suits her gimmick, as well as a decent amount of charisma, but she's sort of one dimensional when it comes to most aspects about her. She was interesting for a while when she debuted on the main roster but her supernatural gimmick with the Fiend was a flop, and not because of bad booking, but because it was cringy. I don't see her as a complete package as a wrestler, she has some bits and pieces here and there that shine but no cohesion."
bigblue wrote on 13.05.2022:
[7.0] "Not the best wrestler out there, but absolutely love her gimmicks. Just a shame Bray isn't about anymore, loved them working together! Complimented each other so well!"
WrestlingFan892 wrote on 13.05.2022:
[8.0] "Alexa Bliss is currently underrated, I have always liked her character and I have always seen her well in the ring. She has the look and the face that fits perfectly with her goddess character, she has also been able to fit the dark character with Bray, and after Bray left, they kept the character for a while until her return as Goddess recently, with a mixed character. I don't give her a 10 because I think there are better wrestlers than her in the women's division, but certainly one of the best."
texasyosh wrote on 10.05.2022:
[5.0] "I feel everyone talks about how underrated Alexa is while her career has been rather unremarkable. The Fiend gimmick was incredibly bad, though the dolls sold like hot cakes apparently. I think she's a pretty dependable heel promo and twisted bliss is a good finish, but that's it."
LilKazu69 wrote on 10.05.2022:
[5.0] "She is incredibly beautiful, great with the mic, and knows some gymnastic moves; that's it. She ain't no wrestler, just an entertainer."
LoloFares wrote on 09.04.2022:
[2.0] "It's simply any non four-horsewomen female WWE wrestler that has nothing but a good look with zero in-ring work or even a special gimmick, especially the ridiculous last-year gimmick that has been one of the biggest reasons why recent WWE shows have been mostly skippable"
Minorsmile09 wrote on 29.01.2022:
[2.0] "Alexa Bliss is legitimately a detriment to WWE's women's division at this point. For the last two years, she's given everyone she's feuded with an air of stench and dragged them down as far as inhumanly possible. She's not even that memorable in the ring, honestly. I've seen her in some decent to good matches, but not in a LONG time. She's good on the mic but that's about it."
HopelessHelena wrote on 07.01.2022:
[7.0] "Great promo ability and character work, weaker on the wrestling side, hasn't really had many memorable matches but her ease on the mic and in backstage segments elevates most of her feuds. Not too thrilled about her recent female "Fiend" gimmick but she always gives it her all even with crappy material."
LivingLegend wrote on 19.10.2021:
[8.0] "Bliss is one of the best talkers male or female in WWE right now. Her delivery sounds real, and her voice has a presence. She works as a babyface, but excels more as a heel. She also has a great look that, despite being a blonde, makes her stand out. As an actual wrestler, she isn't fantastic, but she can more than hold her own, even against lesser workers like Mandy Rose. The main thing about her work in the ring that grabs my attention is her selling. She doesn't bump like crazy or anything, but she sells the pain as looking REAL. Her facials make her look like she is legitimately in pain, and it adds to her matches. She isn't a workrate legend or anything, but she is perfectly capable of having good matches."
SrHunter wrote on 09.10.2021:
[5.0] "Her Mic work is of the best ever of the girls, she really is good, but as years passed she didn't improved pretty much nothing in her ring work, average at best."
KENTAfan wrote on 29.09.2021:
[4.0] "I really don't understand her rating, Alexa is such a subpar performer. Her in ring work and character work are passable, but nothing she has ever done has been exceptional, I mean she hasn't had a single match that ended up being more than just "pretty good". Honestly I think she was at her best back in 2017 as a top heel, but for the past few years she hasn't really done anything meaningful at all, and her current crazy lady gimmick has ended up being more comical than captivating. She's not bad, but she's really not that good either."
MusSan wrote on 25.09.2021:
[10.0] "Ich finde sie immer noch klasse. meine Meinung zu ihr hat sich überhaupt nicht geändert Aber ihr derzeitiges Gimmick geht überhaupt gar nicht. Anfangs fande ich es zwar okay, aber mitlerweile ist es aber schrecklich."
UNO wrote on 12.09.2021:
[10.0] "The best and most significant figure in the women's division. The best on the mic and the best in character development."
rodrigueseve wrote on 13.08.2021:
[8.0] "Alexa Bliss was always one of my NXT favorites and one I always saw a lot of potential in, so when I saw her completely flourish in the WWE main roster I was happy, but not particularly surprised. One of the best talkers in this generation, she can put any feud over (unless she's given complete terrible material, like what she's currently doing and that feud with Bayley). In the ring she also always looks good and has a pretty interesting moveset. She looks, talks and moves like a star. I think an 8 is fair."
WhatTheHeckles wrote on 11.08.2021:
[9.0] "Even if I'm not as big on her Fiend character, I will give Alexa props for being a pretty good wrestler and a fantastic heel. She plays her part to perfection and has progressed wonderfully since her debut, being by far one of the best heels on the roster for years now."
zags7000 wrote on 19.06.2021:
[7.0] "She's great on the mic and great in her character work. I'm not the biggest fan of the female fiend gimmick but she has her moments. She seems to give everything she has into her characters and there is something to be said for that. However, she's lacking in the ring. An average match is a success for her and some of her moves are kind of cringy. Someone her size going for a chokeslam set up or whatever it is like she's Kane, always looks funny. Especially since she will be the smaller opponent most of the time."
Rodycaz II wrote on 18.05.2021:
[9.0] "One of the most versatile gimmick-driven female performers in WWE history. Best promo in the women's division as well. Not amazing in the ring, but honestly, she doesn't need to be."
Ryanmichael25 wrote on 11.05.2021:
[10.0] "Alexa Bliss is a fantastic actor. The female fiend gimmick is extremely hard to pull off but she plays it brilliantly. She? s A fantastic talent. I love the magic. Yeah it? s wacky, but it? s fun & unique and interesting. It stands out. Alexa Bliss was also awesome before the fiend stuff. Great promo."
ReggieWrestling wrote on 09.05.2021:
[10.0] "Outside of this awful Fiend gimmick which while you can see she acts well in, the character is constantly in goofy situations and currently has no direction, both are faults of WWE's correctly criticised creative. Fantastic talker and actor and when she's in there with the right people, you can actually get a **** match out of her i. e. Asuka, Charlotte, Kabuki Warriors and mostly multiperson matches. I think she gets an unfair amount of stick regarding her size when she does work on her body well, her height is uncontrollable and many, many greats in women's wrestling are of shorter statures, however, that is mostly from Japan i. e. Riho, Kairi Hojo, Mayumi Ozaki, Plum Mariko (RIP) etc. I think she's best as a heel because she does employ better promos however as a face, such as with Nikki Cross, she has better matches and Nikki & Bliss cover one another's weaknesses and work very well together."
The A-Lister wrote on 08.05.2021:
[3.0] "Overrated as hell. Good on mic but one of the worst wrestlers in WWE. Not that she can't wrestle, she just doesn't look convincing at all. She's knocking out women and pinned Nia Jax with a glorified splash? Give me a break! Also her new character is cringeworthy."
Dragon Fighter wrote on 22.03.2021:
[4.0] "Okay, I realized that I was too harsh in the first review 3 years ago. Now it is time to rewrite. My thought has changed a lot especially since she took the Sister Abigail role. Her character work overall was really interesting. And this will very divisive. Someone will like and someone don't. My view on her now is generally positive. But given her mega push in the past and her awful in-ring performance, I can't give her more than 4."
JWrestlingT wrote on 04.03.2021:
[10.0] "10/10...... I prefer her Heel Goddess gimmick over her current gimmick but she is great. She is great on the mic especially as a heel and is not as bad in the ring as some of yall claim. Also she is super good looking and has a huge fan base which matters in a business setting. She has held her own against Sasha , Charlotte , Asuka and Bayley. If you give her anything less than a 6 then you have no idea about Pro Wrestling. Anything she has been given she has made the most out off. Also people that claim she has not helped anyone is just plain lying because they do not like her. Naomi was most over during her feud with Bliss in 2017. She even got Nia Jax cheered in 2018 which is almost impossible. In 2019 Nikki Cross was in catering eating sandwiches until Bliss and her became a team. 10/10 Look 10/10 Mic 10/10 character 7/10 in ring Very popular"
StrongStyle2020 wrote on 01.02.2021:
[0.0] "Awful. Nothing believable about her character, and very poor in ring skills. Would deserve a higher dating as a Harley Quinn Disney knock-off, but as a wrestler? God awful. She has no charisma, her fanbase is based on her looks, in which case, someone sign Emily Ratajkowski and immediately put her in the Hall of Fame."
redcloud wrote on 27.01.2021:
[2.0] "She's had such a bizarre career. Really became an instant star when getting called up to Smackdown and quickly eclipsed Becky Lynch (wild to think about in retrospect). Never was good in the ring but she was comfortable on the mic which is a blessing in WWE but can be a curse for the audience, because the promos they gave her were awful. Where she is now is insane though. The Fiend stuff is the absolute worse. Seriously, what a weird career."
Brett1980 wrote on 26.01.2021:
[4.0] "I have never rated her. She doesn't look right in the ring and she never gets any better. She makes me feel like I'm missing something because I don't understand why people think shes amazing."
Samir wrote on 09.01.2021:
[6.0] "Bliss is average in ring performer but very good on mic. But I didn't liked her previous character. I thought she was female version of The Miz but she is killing it in her new character."
Wrestling Forever wrote on 31.12.2020:
[7.0] "Hat sich sehr weiterentwickelt und ist inzwischen richtig gut dazu ist sie in einer Beziehung mit Murphy. Ihr Harley Quinn Gimmick passt auch gut zu ihr. Bei NXT als dieses Cheerleader Gimmick kam sie bei mir gar nicht an auch wenn sie es früher machte. Gebe hier gute 7 Punkte für ihr Gimmick. Edit 31. 12. 2020 Weiterentwicklung auch nun als Partnerin von The Fiend. Angeblich wurde sie nun wegen ihrer kommenden Hochzeit rausgeschrieben. Mit Murphy ist sie schon lange nicht mehr zusammen."
Makoto92 wrote on 22.12.2020:
[10.0] "I think, Alexa is incredible performer. She has everything to get worldwide success: appearance, acting, ring work, crowd control, etc. During her career she played many characters and all these characters were played on a top level. Plus her marvelous ring work is explained by the fact that she can make any opponent more legitimate than she really is. I think, it's very important, especially in WWE."
JustAWrestlingFan wrote on 26.11.2020:
[9.0] "Imo Alexa is one of the greatest females of this current generation. She is an amazing heel and is also a decent face when she needs to be. Been a fan since NXT so i am happy to see how far she has gotten."
jchiofal wrote on 22.11.2020:
[9.0] "One of my biggest issues with pro wrestling fans today is the work-rate fanbase. The group that hate wrestlers who don't wrestle 4-5 star matches, and ignore great characters, and charisma (which pro wrestling would be nothing without). Alexa Bliss is a solid wrestler, with strong matches regularly. She's not a "5-star instant classic wrestler", but her character work and promos do more than make up for it. She's in her own league compared to most wrestlers today in terms of character work. From her "pixie" character, to the heel wrestler that is more bark than bite, to her pairing with Nikki Cross and becoming a likable face. Now, she is working with Bray Wyatt and has been absolutely KILLING IT with promos, and character work"
Legend003 wrote on 06.10.2020:
[7.0] "Im Ring ist sie jetzt nicht die 5-Sterne Granate, jedoch hat sie unglaubliche Promo Fähigkeiten + schauspielerisches Talent. Ihr Heel-Work war zu ihrer Zeit einfach DIE Bereicherung in der Womens Division. Hoffe man macht wieder mehr aus ihr."
killowenskill wrote on 23.09.2020:
[10.0] "I adore Alexa Bliss primarily because she represents the bright side of this business, which you can and should strive for. She does not wish harm to anyone, she doesn't express dissatisfaction with barbaric methods, she does not expose her possible strained relations with some colleagues in the ring - Alexa just does her job and always maintains professionalism. It sometimes seems strange to me why here, and in other places, many people are guided by irrelevant theses, accusing it of various weaknesses that are either rather far-fetched, or that don't exist at all. For example, its susceptibility to injury. Obviously, the cause of her injuries is the carelessness of Ronda Rousey, who repeatedly caused discomfort with her actions that led to something like this. Yes, Alexa is a small and possibly fragile girl, but this only means that you need to work with her more carefully, and not that she has no place in this industry at all. Wrestling is a white sheet - take and draw, everyone develops themselves in this place as they see fit, and Bliss, in my opinion, succeeded in this most of all. Yes, she had some monotonous stories that even I didn't like, but she always tried different approaches to find one that she was comfortable working with personally and that the audience would like. She doesn't stand still and really plows even when she has every right to go on vacation and wait for recovery. What did Bliss do when Rousey nearly killed her again? She tried her hand at hosting her show, she hosted WrestleMania, she helped develop side storylines, and in doing so took Nikki Cross under her wing, doing everything to help her not get lost and drown in the swamp. Right now, she is involved in an extraordinary storyline with Fiend and is squeezing all the juice out of herself in order to make it interesting and attract the audience to the screen. I don't watch WWE, I've only seen one match of my favorite wrestler - Daniel Bryan - since WrestleMania, but this is the only storyline I follow, because I see how much love they approach it. And Alexa's contribution to this case is at least as much as Wyatt's. As for Bliss's work in the ring, I think she is terribly underrated. Her match against Asuka, for example, was very compact and correct in terms of construction. She's a very smart performer, and when I suddenly found out that she liked The Great Kabuki as a child, I wasn't surprised at all. She would fit perfectly into the world of Japanese wrestling, but so far she is doing well here, which makes me very happy. All those who compare Bliss to models from the 00s should try to observe her work without initial prejudice."
SSEighty7 wrote on 16.09.2020:
[4.0] "I have no idea why Alexa has such high ratings on here, unless most of these are based strictly on promos, and even those are over stated. He has charisma and is a good talker, but when it comes down to it, you have to actually get in the ring, and she is a disaster in the ring. Nothing she does looks like it hurts, and she has routinely injured and concussed herself simply by breathing. She gets walked through her matches like a toddler just learning how to use their limbs, and that is embarrassing considering she? s had more developmental time than some women yet they? ve gotten better than her much faster. She? s gotten loads of screen time and titles despite not actually being able to perform. Her appeal is almost exclusively due to looks and talking ability, but even her talking comes off as just ripping off 2004 heel Trish. Also, whether heel or face, she cuts the same ? mean girl? style promos, there? s no change at all. Lastly, she? s so bad in the ring that Nikki across had to work 85% of the match just to keep Alexa from injuring herself. A 4. 0 is fitting. She? s a good distinctive talker and barely passable in the ring, even when carried."
AsukaStan6969 wrote on 06.09.2020:
[8.0] "Is Alexa the best wrestler in the ring? No. Is she the worst? Far from it. Her moveset (at least as a heel) is pretty impressive. And since she's been turned into a face and paired with Cross, you can see that she's still changing it up and trying out new things. She was on par with Charlotte with always winning through ALL of 2017 until Mania 34 and she's still working to be better in the ring. I love that. Most people hate on her for how she was booked in 2017 but that was Vince, not her. And it wasn't completely uncalled for. Out of all of the women on RAW at the time, she was easily the best character and was the only one that hadn't gotten stale and repetitive. She is fully compelling every single time she has a mic in her hand and her character work as a heel is arguably the best WWE has seen in a while. She's more than earned her spot as a top star for WWE."
thericcy wrote on 10.08.2020:
[8.0] "I think Alexa Bliss is a great worker. She is very good on the mic, even though being a heel fits her much better than a face. But, she's still doing a good job at it. Her in-ring skills have really gotten better, she has a couple of cool moves and fun stuff she can do due to her gymnastics background, like "Twisted Bliss" or "Insult to Injury". She also proved to be a great champion, either during her singles run (as the lazy and rude champion who cheats to win her matches) or tag run with Nikki Cross (as the odd duo, who still works really well together, despite their different personalities). I give her an 8, because her mic work and charisma make up the little lack of in-ring skills she has. She's only 29, and I hope she'll continue to improve in the ring and stun with her great promos."
Suzukigun wrote on 21.07.2020:
[7.0] "She is very charismatic and very good on the mic, and decent in the ring. She got vastly overpushed from late 2016 through most of 2017, but has settled in nicely since returning from injury. Now that she isn't overpushed, it's much easier to grade her properly."
Talkaboutitlets wrote on 14.07.2020:
[7.0] "I like her better as a heel, at least then she had personality. I can? t wait for her to ditch Nikki C and go back to her roots. This face run is atrocious. The fact that she showed us clips of her training and doing explosive, flashy moves but little to nothing has changed from her heel moveset. Maybe it? s due to booking but I feel like she has so much more to offer than what we? re seeing."
tmdba37 wrote on 21.06.2020:
[8.0] "For a smaller competitor, she really packs a punch. Has been able to crossover from being a weird manager hybrid to a great heel and is in a great mismatch team with Nikki Cross."
Causeahazard wrote on 21.04.2020:
[5.0] "Quite good promo and looks which is what WWE looks for and is obviously why she has been pushed so heavily, clearly too much as is reflected by her match quality, not terrible but not the least bit exciting to watch one of her matches"
JennyTG wrote on 15.04.2020:
[9.0] "Ja keine objektive Bewertung (da wären es wohl ein paar Punkte weniger) aber rein Subjektiv ist sie diejenige die mich bei den Damen in der WWE am besten unterhält. So wohl als Single wie jetzt im Team... Ich würde Ihr wünschen noch den nXt Titel zu holen (gerne von Mrs Flair) um Ihre Sammlung zu vervollständigen. Im Ring gibt es sicherlich einige Stärkere, aber am Mic ist sie grandios wenn sie mal darf. und als Gesamtpaket kommen dann für mich 9 Punkte raus"
excubitor wrote on 23.03.2020:
[10.0] "0 oder 1-Bewertungen zu verteilen hat eher mit Haß, als mit Sachlichkeit zu tun. Alexa besitzt sehr gute Mikrofonfähigkeiten und sie spielte die Fersenrolle sehr gut. Nun, als gegenwärtiges Gesicht konnte sie sich noch nicht beweisen und mit dem Mikrofon glänzen. Sie ist auch eine gute Wrestlerin, was sie auch immer wieder zeigt. Sie sieht toll aus und hat ein unglaubliches Charisma."
AAA3000 wrote on 07.03.2020:
[10.0] "Sie hat all das Zeug was sie braucht. Fast auf dem Level von Asuka, aber 10 Jahre jünger. Abseits des Rings gute Performance."
JEK 1991 wrote on 09.02.2020:
[9.0] "She is great! For a petite woman she is excellent in the ring. Always exciting to watch. Does a lot of flips and moonsaults."
DougF00 wrote on 16.01.2020:
[10.0] "Did this dude below really say she can't cut a promo to save her life? Maybe don't make it so obvious you are troll rating. So here's a rating to balance that out."
Iceq wrote on 09.10.2019:
[5.0] "Naja auch Bliss gefällt mir nicht so sehr wie manch anderer. Sie ist zwar eine solide Promo nur finde ich sie wrestlerisch echt nicht besonders. Sie hat sich zwar alles verdient was sie erreicht hat, trotzdem kann ich ihr wenig abgewinnen."
TheV2 wrote on 27.09.2019:
[7.0] "When the women's revolution began in the main shows and it turned into a gimmick on RAW, Alexa Bliss started to rise up with amazing character work and decent in-ring skills, which many people may have forgotten. Her success is supported by the WWE. A feud against Bliss gained a lot of relevance for many women, so much relevance that people forget how irrelevant they've been before. Clueless long-term booking turned her into a very basic heel in the last two years. Her recent face run gives her some freshness and it finally hinders the feuds with prejudiced faces against her. A big minus is the knockout punch finisher, which hopefully won't be seen in future. She's not on the level of Charlotte and Asuka in the ring, neither is the rest of the division. And for some "mysterious" reasons wrestlers known for a successful NXT and/or indies time don't get blamed by some fans, if the booking is horrible. But it's not like some fans are too biased, right?"
zephyr wrote on 24.09.2019:
[6.0] "Adequate in the ring with great promos and a great look that can work as face or heel, though her promos obviously work better when you're meant to hate her."
Coop DEtat wrote on 10.09.2019:
[9.0] "The only reason that I do not give her a 10 is because her in ring skills are very average. I will give her in ring work some credit as she never really botches or puts her opponents well being in danger. Outside of that, she's amazing. She has amazing wit on the mic and oozes charisma. Although I think she does okay as a face, she's the ultimate female heel."
rhyno1989 wrote on 30.08.2019:
[9.0] "Very good on the mic, one of the best female promos of her generation, has improved in the ring, is somewhere between ok and solid. She has loads of charisma and her character work has always been quite good."
TheSebastian wrote on 26.08.2019:
[4.0] "Bekommt quasi durchgehend relevante Spots in den Shows, wenn nicht gerade im Titlepicture mit ihrer Talkshow. Gerechtfertigt hat sie dieses Spotlight im Ring bisher sehr sehr selten. Am Mic ist sie stark, schauspielerisches Talent in jedem Fall. Aber In-Ring ist das wirklich nicht viel. Wird dennoch sicher aufgrund ihres Looks weiter eine prominente Rolle in den Shows haben."
KING wrote on 06.08.2019:
[5.0] "Not really easy to rate her, she's got great looks and mic skills, just like WWE wants, but I have yet to see a more than decent match from her and in general her work is really sloppy and boring, and it's not because she's a heel or because she's only booked to do that to receive heat, this stuff doesn't exist anymore, nowadays people are allowed to go but Bliss just can't, so while I understand why WWE pushes her so much, the rating can't be very high as her in ring work is really lacking and far from being what the so called women's revolution needs."
KyleEnjoysWrestling wrote on 26.07.2019:
[7.0] "I like Alexa, I really do, but I feel like they're dropping the ball with her. And the ball dropping going on is not entirely on WWE, Bliss shares some of the blame. Her matches seemed to be improving for a time, but now it seems her skills are reverting back in time. There seems to be a lot of questions regarding her health right now & if that is indeed the case, then make her a manager. Buddy Murphy is just waiting to come in & seeing that he lacks some mic skills & charisma, Bliss would do wonders by introducing him and managing him."
NEVERoverweightChampion wrote on 12.07.2019:
[3.0] "I'll be nice and say that she's fine on the mic (still had a lot of awful promos), but you can't deny that she absolutely sucks in the ring. She improved a little the last time I saw her but she still is someone who struggles to take a correct bump; with all the opportunity she had, all her accomplishments, despite being probably the most consistently pushed woman on the roster (besides Charlotte) she never had one (just ONE) memorable match and most importantly she makes her opponents look like shit because she very often have 90% of the offence (despite being a small woman without any legit background or some sort of credibility) and her selling is inexistent. Her and the awful WWE booking make a deathly combination for any of her opponents. Not once one of her opponents came out of a match looking good. Even someone as experienced as Asuka couldn't carry her. I don't understand how she can have such a good rating. Her look I guess ?"
Kingtaeyeon wrote on 15.06.2019:
[8.0] "Excellent heel work and shes got the look of a great womans wrestler. In ring work is a lil eh sometimes but other than that shes great on the mic and good overall"
Himbo wrote on 05.05.2019:
[4.0] "Very meh in ring skills as far as working as a heel goes. Limited moveset, but great on the mic. She does enough to get by but has never had a great match. My real problem with her is her non existent selling. She's very hesitant to take bumps and likely won't take any at this years MITB same as last years one."
TheFrenchDisaster wrote on 01.05.2019:
[5.0] "Bliss is horrible on a ring, no memorable match, but she has very great mic-skills. Not main-event material though."
Shoot Headbutt Lover wrote on 24.04.2019:
[0.0] "She's an okay promo, but my God as a wrestler she sucks, just barely doing the basics seems hard for her to do, and I can't remember a single match she was in that I thought "Wow that match was amazing! ". The only thing she's got going are her double jointed arms and that's it, she can't work at all."
ZestyZuluWarrior wrote on 31.03.2019:
[7.0] "Alexa is often overlooked due to the fact that she is overpushed and while I agree with that I don't think it should negate the fact that she is actually a solid wrestler. Not GREAT but far from bad. She is pretty good on the mic as well and is really athletic. She can play heel or face (heel is her strong suit) well."
TwistedBliss wrote on 14.03.2019:
[10.0] "Mein Name deutet an, dass ich ein absoluter Fan von Little Miss Bliss bin! Ihr derzeitiger Charakter ist einfach Wahnsinn. Ich liebe ihre Promos und im Ring finde ich sie mittlerweile echt beachtlich für ihre Größe. Es bleibt abzuwarten was die WWE mit Ihr vor hat aber ich hoffe sie jetzt wieder öfter im Ring zusehen."
ghostly ash wrote on 15.01.2019:
[10.0] "Simply the greatest woman in WWE today. While she might be out and injured right now, my opinion of her hasn't changed. Her mic skills are unparalleled to me and even though she's not the best in the ring, I still think she's pretty great."
TheManiac wrote on 03.01.2019:
[7.0] "Wenn es nach Aussehen gehen würde, würde Alexa Bliss von mir eine glatte 10 kriegen, aber es zählen ja auch noch andere Dinge. Alexa hat sich seit ihrem Debüt bei NXT extrem gemacht und ist nicht ohne Grund eine der Säulen der Womens Division bei WWE. Am Mic ist sie super, sie hat Charisma und ihre Mimik teilweise rundet alles ab. Im Ring ist sie auch nicht schlecht, aber dort gibt es auch noch ein paar die deutlich besser sind, aber für ihre Größe ist sie eine der ganz großen."
EnesTR32 wrote on 22.12.2018:
[5.0] "Pluses (+) -She beautiful -Amazing Mic Power! -She Cute Cons (-) -Bad Ring Skill -She stinker -She Egoist 5 point"
TylerWhite wrote on 20.12.2018:
[7.0] "Ich hab das Gefühl Alexa Bliss wird mittlerweile etwas unterbewertet. Sicherlich ist sie im Ring keine Charlotte oder Kairi Sane, aber sie ist absolut solide und hat sich vor allem enorm entwickelt. Vor allem am Mic ist sie natürlich auch unglaublich stark und es gibt nur wenige Wrestlerinnen, die dort noch besser sind als sie und auch ihr Gimmick kann sie gut verkörpern, selbst als Face am Anfang ihrer Karriere fand ich sie grundsolide. Was mich einfach enorm gestört hat war, dass sie den Money in the Bank Koffer nur gewonnen hat um dann für Rousey zu jobben und das, nachdem man sie mehrere Jahre lang aufgebaut hat und ihr wahnsinnig viele Titel gegeben hat, wovon ich nicht einmal ein großer Fan war, da ich diesen Push eher für andere Wrestlerinnen gewollt hätte. Aber dennoch lässt man jemanden, den man zwei Jahre lang aufbaut und der sogar over war nicht so jobben. Und die größten Heuchler sind sowieso die, die nun sagen sie hätte den Push ja sowieso nicht verdient gehabt. Hundert mal mehr hätte sie ihn verdient gehabt als Ronda Rousey, denn sie ist auch deutlich besser und auch im Ring. Ich hoffe man baut sie nun wieder langsam auf und dieses mal wirklich langsam, damit sie nicht komplett in der Versenkung verschwindet, denn sie hat durchaus potential, das hat man definitiv gesehen."
AriesMark wrote on 14.12.2018:
[6.0] "A competent, albeit mediocre wrestler. Her promos and her look are great, but her in-ring is just kind of meh to me. Second only to Nia Jax as the most overrated female worker on the roster, the only thing that she has over Nia is that she isn't unsafe in the ring."
Steamboat2511 wrote on 07.12.2018:
[6.0] "Alexa Bliss steht zwischen den Dingen. Weder ist sie, trotz der Optik, eine Vertreterin der Pin-Up-Diva um 2010, denn dafür ist sie zu gut. Noch gehört sie zu den wirklich großen Könnerinnen, die im Zuge der Revolution nach oben gekommen sind. Im Ring ist sie durchaus fähig mitzugehen, grade gegen bessere Gegnerinnen. Dennoch erreicht sie zu oft ihre Limits und ist teilweise sehr unsauber. Charisma ist hingegen wirklich vorhanden und die arrogante Heel steht ihr ziemlich gut. Dem kann sie auch am Mic sehr überzeugend Ausdruck verleihen. Im Vergleich zu ihren heutigen WWE-Kolleginnen, ist das Gesamtpaket ungefähr 6 Punkte wert."
The Stott One wrote on 30.11.2018:
[7.0] "Alexa Bliss is difficult for me to rate. Not just because she's attractive, but I really like the wrestling persona that she's crafted and she has good mic skills for someone so new to the business. That said, her wrestling needs some polish. Not the atrocity some of my fellow raters are accusing her of, but definitely not on par with her contemporaries. She's a more believable champion than half the women of the pre-revolution era. I think with a bit more development, she can be a contender in the division if not on par with an Asuka, Flair, or Lynch."
RatingsMachine wrote on 16.11.2018:
[3.0] "Alexa looks good in skimpy outfits but looking good in skimpy outfits doesn't make you a good wrestler, and Alexa is not a good wrestler. She's barely even a passable one at times, with her work sometimes being laughable bad."
BirthofGirth27 wrote on 05.11.2018:
[3.0] "Being pretty does not make you a good professional wrestler. Yes, she's unbelievably attractive, but her wrestling is some of the sloppiest and least believable in mainstream professional wrestling. Unfortunately, wrestling fans are often 20 something males (like myself) that can't see past her looks. Even her promos which she is presumably rated higher for are weak in my opinion. The fact that she has so many championships to her name has diluted the accomplishments of women with talent who have come before her and some of her contemporaries (Flair, Banks, Lynch)"
TheRatemaker wrote on 24.10.2018:
[4.0] "Can't put a good match but don't do bad match too. Cool promo, she knows her character well. Nothing special and for sure not the wrestler who should be one of the top of the women's division."
rawsmackdownnxt45 wrote on 28.09.2018:
[8.0] "Wenn man sich Alexa Bliss´ Können im Ring anschaut, muss man klar sagen, dass sehr viele Damen im aktuellen Women´s Roster deutlich besser sind als sie. Mit einer guten Gegnerin wie zuletzt Ronda Rousey oder auch Sasha Banks letztes Jahr gelingt auch das ein oder andere gute Match mit Beteiligung von Bliss, doch trotzdem ist hier noch Verbesserungsbedarf gegeben. In Sachen Micskills ist sie meiner Meinung nach eine der besten der WWE aktuell. Sie scheint der geborene Heel zu sein und kann diese Rolle auch mit Mikro in der Hand absolut glaubwürdig rüberbringen. Es mag zwar einige Promos von Alexa geben, die inhaltlich nicht überzeugen, doch das ist ja nicht wirklich ihre Schuld. Die Art und Weise des Vortragens aber ist ihre Schuld, und die ist beinahe immer herausragend gut. Charisma und Ausstrahlung ist gegeben und auch bei den Fans kommt sie gut an. Sie ist over und jetzt schon 5 facher Womens Champion und das in jungen Jahren. Wenn sie einige Schwächen noch ausbügelt, dann kann sie durchaus die nächste Trish Stratus werden. Insgesamt entscheide ich mich für 8 Punkte. Mehr werden es wenn sie im Ring mehr überzeugen kann."
Sebastian V wrote on 19.09.2018:
[7.0] "Alexa Bliss ist in Sachen Character-und Micwork die beste Frau in der WWE. Sie ist ein Stück weit der weibliche MIz. Was das Charisma angeht, verdient sie in meinen Augen 9 Punkte. Sie ist mit Miz zusammen der beste Heel in der WWE derzeit. Kaum jemand ist so hassenswert wie sie. Sie schafft es spielend, Leute gegen sich aufzubringen und brilliert als selbstverliebte Goddess. Als Face war sie zwar auch nicht schlecht aber da fehlte ihr ein bisschen die letzte Verbindung zu den Fans. Am Mic ebenfalls 9 Punkte. Da finde ich sie sogar noch ein bisschen besser als Becky. In dem Bereich überzeugt sie vor Allem dadurch, wie schnell sie die Emotionen wechseln kann und dabei trotzdem immer authentisch bleibt. Im Ring würde ich ihr 6 Punkte geben. In dem Bereich ist sie klar hinter Charlotte, Becky, Sasha, Bayley oder Asuka zurück. Sie liefert nie Hammermatches ab aber auch nie schlechte sondern beständig zwischen in Ordnung und solide bis gut. Sie hat nicht das spektakulärste Moveset und ist in dem Bereich eingeschränkt, hat aber gutes Selling und gute Psychologie. Ein paar Botches sind auch immer mal wieder drin aber auch nicht übermäßig. Insgesamt 8 Punkte für Alexa. Edit 19. 9. 2018: Ich würde in Allem einen Punkt runter gehen und damit auch gesamt einen Punkt runter. Am Mic ist sie immer noch gut und die Ausstrahlung ist auch immer noch gut aber teilweise nutzt es sich ein bisschen ab ( zum Beispiel die Bait and Switch Promos). Im Ring muss man auch sagen, das ein besseres Match schon länger her ist und das Ganze eher stagniert. Immer noch eine anständige Gesamtperformerin aber nicht auf einem Level mit Sasha und Bayley, denen ich 8 Punkte gegeben habe."
TheBrainlessRobot wrote on 03.09.2018:
"Only good thing is here promo skills. She is easily the worst womens wrestler on the roster along with Nia Jax. She has no place being champion more times than Ember Moon. Her matches are horrible unless she is being carried."
Cal Vam wrote on 21.08.2018:
[7.0] "Not a wrestler people would love to watch in the ring, but a natural sports entertainer. A great actor, great with a mic, a lot of charisma."
Joy Black wrote on 17.07.2018:
[5.0] "She has a great personality and is good with the mic, but her ring ability is middle-poor: she makes the same boring matches against every wrestler (even against the best of the roster, like Asuka and Sasha). Futhermore, they over-push her worse than Roman Reigns"
Fblaggyx wrote on 08.07.2018:
[10.0] "She is one of the most talented women wrestler. Since her debut on Smackdown I knew that she will go far in the buisness and she did and still geting better and better."
smy em wrote on 28.06.2018:
[4.0] "Slightly above-average talker for the women's division. Abysmally poor in-ring - doesn't bump, has weak offence and a near complete lack of pacing, psychology or structure to matches."
Icenberg wrote on 20.05.2018:
[3.0] "Overrated AF. She apparently only knows two moves, a top-rope cartwheel and a DDT, and spends the whole rest of the match thrashing about and doing nothing in particular. Somehow, she has already been given FOUR title reigns in spite of this, one in which she went longer without defending her title than even Brock Lesnar. People are blinded by her appearance, and won't admit she is actually a well below average wrestler, and a slightly above average talker."
pazampogna wrote on 08.05.2018:
[8.0] "I will always have a fondness for Lexi as I meet her at i believe only her second NXT houseshow (she was only ring announcing) and she was as sweet as could be and always went out of her way to speak to me right up until her final NXT show. People need to remember she and Carmella were afterthoughts in NXT behind the main 4, who were thrown on tv due to the brand split and she made it work! Her heel turn was the best thing that ever happened to her. Yes, she is easily the best on the mic of the current roster and she does earily remind me of heel Trish. Is she the best wrestler, no, but like Trish in her beginning days, she was given the mic and the title and she has made the most of it. Her true test will be if she ever gets turned babyface can she still hold people's attention."
Viper99 wrote on 30.04.2018:
[8.0] "Unglaublich wie sehr sich Alexa verbessert hat! Anfangs wurde sie bei ihrem Call-Up belächelt. Man dachte sie sei einfach noch nicht so weit, aber sie belehrte uns eines besseren. Richtig gute Promos, schönes Crowdwork, Charisma und durchaus solides In Ring Work. Sie ist Technisch nicht so gut wie die anderen Top Frauen der Promotion, aber sie wrestlet sehr smart was perfekt zum Charakter passt und ihre einzige Schwäche versteckt."
JeanaKym wrote on 27.04.2018:
[2.0] "Just terrible beyond mic skills and facial expressions. Constantly botching, Missing obvious bumps, timing is off. Just ugh. I hope she becomes a manager soon. Normally I would give a higher rating but after seeing Naomi getting so hate on this site(Who is far more superior than her in the ring), I just can't. Lots of racism on this site I see."
jamzell00 wrote on 25.04.2018:
[5.0] "Her character and mic skills are the best out of all the women but after that it gets baddddd. Her in ring skills are about as below average as you can get. She still has time to improve but everything with her away from a mic is just meh. My big issue with her is her bumping. Anytime she goes to take a bump it looks like she's scared to get hurt. Best one she's ever taken was with Ember Moon and even that was average. Her offence on top is trash, selling is weak and she just isn't good at a lot of the things folks look for in a wrestler in the glorious year 2018. I feel a lot of the nxt girls are better than her even with their characters not being as complete as her."
Mikawo91 wrote on 05.04.2018:
[6.0] "Ich glaubte immer kleiner als Rey Mysterio geht nicht ( wenn man Hornswoggle und El Torito ausnimmt ) und dann kam Alexa Bliss, der blonde Kampfzwerg. Bei Ihr kann man gute Vergleiche zu Rey Mysterio ziehen, er wusste auch immer seine geringe Körpergröße gegenüber seinen Gegnern einzusetzen. Das gleiche trifft auch auf Alexa zu. Die zwei Meter Riesen in der WWE müssen wohl Ihren Blick kontinuierlich nach unten richten, um sie nicht zu übersehen. An sich ist Alexa eine gute Wrestlerin aber stellenweise merkt man es denn anderen Damen an, das sie ihre Moves und Finishers manchmal gar nicht richtig ansetzen können, gerade weil sie so klein ist. Selbst bei einer einfachen Clothesline müssen ihre Gegner teilweise in die Knie gehen um nicht über ihren Kopf hinweg ins leere zu schlagen. Ich für meinen Teil weiß mit Alexa nicht wirklich was anzufangen. Wirklich Populär ist sie bei mir nicht aber richtig Unbeliebt ist sie bei mir auch nicht, eher irgendwo zwischen drin. Daher gebe Ich Alexa Bliss 6 Punkte."
Oliver95x wrote on 23.03.2018:
[8.0] "Sie ist talentiert. Sie muss sicher noch an sich arbeiten, jedoch ist sie auf einen sehr guten weg und ich bin gespannt was wir in Zukunft noch von ihr sehen können. Sie hat auf jeden Fall Ausstrahlung."
LivMorgan202 wrote on 04.03.2018:
[7.0] "She clearly have to work on her ring skills because sometimes is kind of boring and repetitive but at least she compensate on the mic, that she's the one of the best in all roster in that point and it help sell her character a lot in the mic."
Klabauter wrote on 10.02.2018:
[5.0] "Breakout Star 2016! Hat am meisten vom Rostersplit profitiert und ist mittlerweile im Main Event angekommen, nachdem ihr selbiges bei NXT immer wieder verwehrt blieb. Auch herausheben sollte man, dass sie ein WWE Eigengewächs ist. WWE kann's also auch selbst und hält sich nicht nur durch "Leerkaufen der Indys", wie immer wieder behauptet wird über Wasser. Aber zurück zu Alexa. Sie sieht einfach toll aus, ist athletisch und kann sich auch verkaufen. // Update 12. 11. 2017: Langweilt mittlerweile nur noch. Am Mikrofon weiterhin gut, im Ring aber nur mehr mittelmäßig. Der schwache DDT-Finisher tut dann sein übrigens. Ich korrigiere meine Wertung von 9 auf 7. // Update 10. 02. 2018: Ring mittelmäßig und am Mikrofon mittlerweile auch weit entfernt von einstigen Glanzleistungen. 5 Punkte."
st1299 wrote on 01.02.2018:
[10.0] "She seems to be getting a lot of criticism at the moment and it's really not warranted. Best talker in the woman's division and no doubt she can work."
CHN325 wrote on 01.02.2018:
[7.0] "Needs to work on her in ring skills, but she is one of the best female competitors of currently and maybe of all time when it comes to mic skills."
TheLoudMouth wrote on 18.01.2018:
[8.0] "Am Mic eine der besten Damen, die in Stamford aktuell unter Vertrag stehen. Dazu verbessert sie sich auch im Ring kontinuierlich, weswegen ich ihr auf Dauer zweifellos eine erfolgreiche Zukunft zutrauen würde."
Kaderus wrote on 14.01.2018:
[10.0] "Alexa Bliss gefällt mir immer mehr! Bei ihr passt alles ganz gut zusammen, das Gimmick dieser respektlosen Diva, ihr Aussehen und ihre in-ring skills werden auch immer besser . Für mich die Zukunft."
E1Brown2 wrote on 02.01.2018:
[9.0] "Made really good improvements in a short amount of time. Alexa is a great heel & knows how to gain heat. She is average in ring, but has the look to carry the division & the mic work. Very talented individual."
JokeyZockey wrote on 10.12.2017:
[5.0] "Eine der overratedsten Personen der jüngeren Wrestling-Geschichte, egal ob männlich oder weiblich! Im Ring zwar keine komplette Katastrophe, aber trotzdem hemmungslos unbeholfen, sie zeigt kaum Bumps in ihren Matches und hat somit so gut wie kein Selling, und auch ihre Offense ist einfach ''billig'', was vor allem an ihrer geringen Größe liegt. Ich meine, ganz ehrlich: Wer kauft bitte einer 1, 50-Meter-Frau ab, dass sie jemanden mit einem Schlag ausknocken kann? Und auch ihr ''normaler'' Finisher mit dem DDT hat so gut wie keine Glaubwürdigkeit. Am Mic hat sie auf jeden Fall ihre Stärken, aber: In nahezu jeder Fehde, die sie bisher hatte, hat sie durch ihre Talking-Segmente ihre Gegnerin so krass schwach und dumm darstehen lassen, was einfach mal keinem hilft, auch ihr selber nicht. Gut, dafür kann sie selber natürlich nichts, sie schreibt die Promos ja nicht, aber trotzdem ist es einfach bescheuert. Und vor allem ist ihre Fan-Base im Internet einfach nur schlimm: Ich möchte gar nicht wissen, wie viele männliche ''Fans'' von ihr nur mit ihren ... ähem, ''besten Stücken'' denken, wenn sie sie bewerten etc. , womit jedoch genau der eigentliche Sinn des Frauen-Wrestlings vernichtet wird: Frauen müssen wrestlen können, Aussehen ist vollkommen nebensächlich. Ich hoffe wirklich, dass wir in recht naher Zukunft mit Asuka endlich wieder eine Championesse kriegen, die es auch verdient hat, als solche bezeichnet zu werden."
Vancouver Victinis wrote on 20.11.2017:
[4.0] "Alexa Bliss is a halfway Decent wrestler that her opponents can wrestle circles around. However she can draw heel heat and that she is improving, those are the only real positive things about her as of this rating."
The Big Blue Machine wrote on 16.10.2017:
[4.0] "One of the worst wrestler I've seen lately. Alexa is clumsy and botches a lot, and despite being capable of getting some heel heat, she can't actually do a lot more than insulting the audience to get some of it. Her in ring work is terrible, but despite this, she's champion while better wrestler are kept behind, doing basically nothing. I think she gets this push only because of her appearence."
MaskedGaijin wrote on 24.08.2017:
[8.0] "Als arroganter Heel einfach top. Im Ring sicher noch mit Luft nach oben. Hat sicher aber doch schon gebessert."
nachodvt wrote on 23.08.2017:
[5.0] "She has good mic skills, but her in ring work is bad. Not awful, just bad. There are more talented women than her."
Jashib2501 wrote on 21.08.2017:
[8.0] "Aktuell ist Alexa Bliss für mich die beste Woman im Hauptkader. Vor allem ihre Mimik und Gestik sowie die Mic Skills sind überragend. Einzig und alleine ihre Fähigkeiten im Ring reichen noch nicht für eine 10er Bewertung. Mit richtigen Gegnern wie Sasha Banks oder Becky Lynch ist aber ein sehr ansehnliches Match möglich aber sie hat hier definiv noch Luft nach oben. Deswegen bin ich sehr gespannt, was "the Goddes of WWE" noch so alles in der Zukunft erwartet."
gigifer wrote on 20.08.2017:
[4.0] "As people said she has charisma and nice mic skills, but in the ring she is pathetic. Look at her first match at NXT she was green but she tried to do a great new stuff wich no one women have never done before and now she makes only a weak DDT. For her size she have to be a quick and fast but she doesn't. She pulls whole women's division back to "diva" times."
Penta Strong Zero M wrote on 17.08.2017:
[5.0] "She has charisma, she has great mic skill , but in ring she is not at the level for now. For me she must use is physical to be more faster and train to aerial move. She has talent for sure, but too green."
xoslaw wrote on 11.08.2017:
[10.0] "Alexa Bliss spielt ihre Rolle als "mean girl" ausgezeichnet: mimik/gestik sowie mic skills gut. Moveset ausbaufähig, aber das kommt mit der Zeit. Sie ist zwar keine Sasha Banks oder Charlotte, aber sie auf dem besten Weg sich einen eigenen Namen für sich zu machen."
aguilarje411 wrote on 20.07.2017:
[5.0] "Alexa has a good character/ great character work and bar none the best talker in the women's division entirely in WWE with Charlotte coming in second. This is why I became invested in her and a fan to begin with. She's fantastic at it and clearly it's her strength. However, that's not going to make her in ring work any better. She's had a couple good matches with Bayely and a good match with Sasha Banks and personally I thought her work against Naomi pre and post Mania was also good. However, it so clear she has a ton of work to do. I commend her for improving a ton, but she's still not at the level she needs to be at considering how hard of a push she has gotten and is getting. With so many incredible women's wrestlers, some who even rival that of the men's work, she can't be just fair enough or passable in the ring. It is WRESTLING after all that's the core of the business. Her matched with Mickie James and Becky Lynch have left a sour taste in my mouth and General sloppiness still evident in her work is why she can only get a 5 from me. She's not had a truly great match despite some high profile opportunities. I don't expect her to be a horsewoman in wrestling quality. She can supplement some of that with character. But there's only so much you can supplement and she's needs to improve."
Rjdshawn wrote on 14.07.2017:
[7.0] "The absolute best on the mic in the women's division. Leagues above the next best, which is probably Sasha. She is also really coming into her own as a wrestler. I think she has the potential to become the next Trish Stratus, or perhaps even better."
Titansrevenger wrote on 13.07.2017:
[5.0] "I really like Alexa and think that her ring work has improved immensely. That being said she has not really had any big wins or won any championships. Her main claim to fame has been as a valet. I also think that's where her bread and butter is as a manager/valet. She is a good wrestlers but she is also.... what 5'4? I think her rating thus far is very premature."
Betaxomega wrote on 11.07.2017:
[3.0] "The only thing I find salvageable is her promowork and even there she is predictable and tries to get the crowd to cheer 'what'. Pathetic in the ring, has not taken a single bump even when occasion calls for it. Throwback to the divas era of wrestling."
marexcel wrote on 26.06.2017:
[8.0] "Ihre Beförderung hat mich überrascht, war sie doch bei NXT zu häufig Beiwerk für Blake & Murphy und zu selten anerkannte In-Ring-Performerin. Als sie bei NXT auf dem Weg nach oben war, ging es schon zu SmackDown und dort nun fast direkt zum Gewinn des Woman's Title. Ihr #1 Contendership war für mich die nächste Überraschung, aber die SD-Division ist ja dünn genug, damit jemand wie Bliss den Durchmarsch schaffen kann. Sie hält überzeugende, brauchbare Promos und hatte gerade mit Becky zuletzt eine ordentliche Chemie. Mit ihren 25 ist sie Anfang ihrer WWE-Karriere, dort aber nun wirklich angekommen. Ihr SD-Run war gut und half der Division zu Relevanz. Bei RAW entfaltet sie aber nun ihr komplettes Potential. Am Mic wird sie immer überzeugender und überstrahlt da leicht die gesamte Damen-Divison vom roten Roster. Ihr Gimmick der "Goddess of WWE" kann sie mit guten Promos Nachdruck verleiehn, nur ihre In-Ring-Performance hat noch Luft nach oben. Dennoch ist hier eine Aufwertung fällt - sie macht es schlichtweg gut zur Zeit."
MFR55 wrote on 23.06.2017:
[10.0] "Alexa is one of the best female public speakers the company has ever had, she has an incredible look and coming from a athletism background an exciting moveset, all the right tool 2 succed as one of the biggest stars the company has ever had in the womans division"
Jack Slater wrote on 06.06.2017:
[3.0] "Riesengroßes "meh" Warum wird die so gehyped? Weil sie einen gut proportionierten Po hat? Reicht das denn? Am Mikro ist sie in Ordnung, im Ring ist sie auch ok. Aber halt auch nur Ok. Ich weiß nicht wirklich was ihr Gimmick sein soll, mit Ausnahme dass sie irgendwie Bitchy is. Generic Diva Heel mehr nicht. Finde sie persönlich irgendwie nur anstrengend durchzustehen und das nicht weil sie so ein guter Heel ist, sondern weil es einfach so verdammt langweilig ist Ihr zuzusehen.. Im besten Fall ausreichend (-). PSUnd was ihr so hochgelobtes Äußeres angeht... Hab ich was an den Augen oder fällt sonst echt Niemandem das Butterface auf?"
NikoWrestling7 wrote on 05.06.2017:
[2.0] "Easily the most overrated wrestler in the world right now... She's being pushed harder than Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair... only differences is those two can actually wrestle... little miss shit is over with the horny teenagers... This woman single handedly brought back the Divas Division... She has wrestled Mickie James, Becky Lynch, Asuka, Bayley and Sasha Banks.. and still there's not even one good match... Just think about it!"
TheOneWhoKnocks wrote on 14.05.2017:
[5.0] "While Alexa is indeed one of the top 3 heels in WWE and clearly the best mic worker of all the women, I'm altering my rating to a generous 5/10 until she improves in the ring. Why? Because with all the talent in the current women's division, you should be able to back it up in the ring if you want the ridiculous megapush Alexa has had in the last 5 months. There's certainly no way I can consciously still rate her as a 6 after her abysmal bout with Mickie James (of all people! ) on the most recent Raw."
marianito10 wrote on 13.05.2017:
[10.0] "Very good in the mic and charismatic, her in-ring skills are pretty fine too. She earned all she's getting right now."
WrestlingNerd wrote on 03.05.2017:
[9.0] "Noch so jung, deswegen noch viel Zeit um sich weiterzuentwickeln. Sie hat eindeutig das Zeug dazu, eine ganz große in der Diven Szene zu werden. Nun als Zicke noch etwas besser, als zuvor als kleine glitzer Fee. Gefällt mir einfach, spielt ihre Rolle super und hat zudem viel im Ring drauf. Vorallem der Finisher gefällt mir. Aber auch ansonsten ziemlich sauber im Ring. Edit: 03. 05. 2017 ich bin weiterhin absolut begeistert von Alexa Bliss. Seit einem Jahr im Main Kader und sie hat sich absolut weiter entwickelt. Am Mic sicherlich eine wenn nicht die beste Diva, ihre Mimik ein traum uns im Ring hat sie sich auch verbessert. Alles richtig gemacht, little miss bliss."
test85 wrote on 03.05.2017:
[7.0] "Von der Ausstrahlung her finde ich sie klasse und sie gefällt mir ganz gut. Am Mic ist auch gut und die Heel Rolle passt ihr ganz gut. Als Face kann ich sie ir momentan gar nicht vorstellen. Höchstens gegen so "Monster" wie Jax und Kong z. B.. Im Ring kann sie sich aber noch verbessern. Sie ist noch ziemlich jung und hat sicher noch einige Jahre vor sich."
Magnus334 wrote on 29.04.2017:
[7.0] "Alexa Bliss could retire tomorrow and go down as a top 5 best WWE females on the mic, no question. Nobody who watches her will ever question that she is very good on the mic, but what about her actual wrestling? I'm fortunate enough to say I've seen every televised match Alexa has had since her NXT days to now and I've seen her progress over the years at a quick rate. Would I say she a good wrestler? That's a hard question because I've seen flashes of greatness in her, but she's not consistent. I'd say she's adequate for her skill level and years wrestling and she can be carried depending on who she's in there with. Due to her being a manager for most of her NXT career she didn't really mix it up with too many women. Alexa's matches with Becky on Smackdown were decent, but I will say, I'm intrigued to see her face Bayley or Sasha and see what they can get out of Bliss. Alexa is still young and like we saw with her idol Trish Stratus, Alexa Bliss will only get better with time."
awsmpwnie wrote on 24.04.2017:
[8.0] "Am Anfang konnte ich nichts mit ihr anfangen, aber mittlerweile finde ich sie super. Sie ist äußerst unterhaltsam als Heel und glaubwürdig. Im Ring ist sie ganz gut, hat aber noch Luft nach oben. Sie ist einfach ein stimmiges Gesamtpaket. Bin gespannt wie es bei RAW mit ihr weitergeht."
Jamie The Rock wrote on 13.04.2017:
[9.0] "Bliss hat sich innerhalb weniger Monate zu einer Gallionsfigur der Womens-Revolution entwickelt. IN-Ring ist sie sehr talentiert und auf dem Weg, eine der besten ihrer Ära zu werden. Mic-Skills sind hervorragend, wo sie für mich die nicht so starken Mic-Workerinnen, wie Bayley, voll und ganz kompensiert. Dazu ist sie als Heel unheimlich überzeugend und charismatisch dazu. WWE kann sich glücklich schätzen Alexa zu haben, da sie ihr gutes Aussehen, mit welchem sie auch gut zur Zeit der Divas reingepasst hätte, mit In-Ring Skills auf hohem Niveau paart und für mich aktuell meine Lieblingswomenswrestlerin neben Emma ist"
marek219 wrote on 13.04.2017:
[10.0] "One of the best women on main roster right now! I love her character, but please do not turn her face!"
SMKVB wrote on 12.04.2017:
[1.0] "I'm laughing at the comments here saying she's a great wrestler. She has good character work, but people seem to wildly overhype her because of some weird Harley Quinn fetish or something. She's litterally the only woman on Raw that has never had a 3 star match; or to but it a different way, both Dana Brooke and Nia Jax have had better matches than Alexa Bliss. This would be fine and dandy a couple years ago before the Raw women were putting out matches from the main event spot that popped big numbers both for TV ratings and star ratings. Honestly she'd have a hard time competing for the NXT title let alone the main roster titles."
mdbnase wrote on 18.03.2017:
[9.0] "Technisch auf dem besten Weg großartig zu werden und weil manches noch ein bisschen 'einstudiert' wirkt erstmal nur ein Punkt weniger. Trotz ihrer geringen Körpergröße ernst zu nehmen. Am Mikro großartig und als Heel einfach überzeugend. Ich seh sie immer wieder gerne. Hat mit mit Becky Lynch tolle Matches abgeliefert. Bleibt abzuwarten, da sie ja noch recht jung ist, ob sie auch weniger talentierte Wrestlerinnen zu solchen Matches ziehen kann- Für rmich z. Zt aber eine der Top-Athletinnen im Business. Außerdem privat eine äußerst sympathische Frau."
KASH wrote on 02.03.2017:
[8.0] "Alexa passt perfekt in das aktuelle WWE Produkt. Bis zum Championshipsieg war sie mir gänzlich unbekannt. Sie brilliert am Mic und ihre Auftritte bei Talking Smack bringen immer einen Mehrwert für das Produkt. In der aktuellen Phase der Division und ihrer Karierre passt der Titel ideal, da sie daran wächst und sie von allen Damen bei Smackdown am besten sprechen kann. Sie braucht den Titel und der Titel braucht sie. Im Ring verbessert sie sich auch stetig und profitiert klar von ihren starken Konkurrentinnen. Insgesamt eine sehr würdige Trägerin des Titels und aufgrund ihrer schnellen Lernfähigkeit und Athletik mit viel Potenzial nach oben..."
Pelliparius wrote on 06.02.2017:
[8.0] "Alexa ist für ihre grade mal 25 Jahre extrem weit im Vergleich zu anderen. Sie hat einen extrem gut definierten Körper und eine gute Körperbeherrschung. Außerdem hat sie mit ihrem Heel-Turn ein Gimmick bekommen, das man ihr wirklich abnimmt und das nicht gespielt oder aufgesetzt rüberkommt. Allein diese "Heul doch"-Geste mit den Fäusten unter den Augen hat Wiedererkennungswert. Sie beeinflusst das Publikum und reagiert auf deren Stimmung, was sie Becky Lynch beispielsweise deutlich voraus hat. In einigen Punkten ist ihr Move-Set vllt noch ein wenig ausbaufähig, aber man darf auch nicht vergessen, dass die Gute grade mal 155 cm groß ist. Bei dieser Körpergröße mit den teilweise 15 cm größeren Damen mitzuhalten will schon was heißen. Ich denke, dass wir von ihr noch einiges erwarten dürfen, wenn sie erstmal noch mehr In-Ring-Erfahrung gesammelt hat."
WorldWarIII wrote on 29.01.2017:
[7.0] "Mir geht das bei WWE aktuell einfach etwas zu schnell. Speziell bei den Diven werden mir die Titel zu großzügig verteilt. Alexa Bliss ist hierfür das perfekte Beispiel. Sie hat Talent, sie ist am Mic gar nicht schlecht. Aber sie ist aus meiner Sicht (noch) kein Championship-Material. Eine Becky Lynch ist ihr aus meiner Sicht noch deutlich voraus. Ich hätte sie gerne erstmal in der ein oder anderen Fehde ohne Titelbeteiligung gesehen. WWE verpasst es Stars langsam und nachhaltig groß zu machen. Aus diesem Grund muss man dann bei Großveranstaltungen im Main Event auch immer wieder auf Legenden wie Goldberg, Sting, Undertaker usw. zurückgreifen. In der Divas Division wie auch bei den männlichen Kollegen. Alexa Bliss ist hier für mich ein Paradebeispiel."
styles82 wrote on 08.01.2017:
[8.0] "Ich finde sie sehr gut und traue ihr noch eine Menge zu. Ich denke das es richtig ist sie zum Champ zu machen da das die Fehde mit Becky Lynch auf eine anderes Level bringt. Ich finde sie im Ring ganz gut aber vor allem ihr Gimmick und ihre Austrahlung sind sehr stark."
Hypocrisy wrote on 07.01.2017:
[7.0] "Alexa Bliss war ja schon zu NXT-Zeiten als Begleiterin von Blake und Murphy eine Nummer größer als die von ihr betreuten Schützlinge. Der Aufstieg ins Main Roster kam für mich dann überraschend; jedoch hat sie sich ganz gut bei Smackdown Live eingelebt. Natürlich war Smackdown Live auch die bessere Wahl, da der Raw-Kader derzeit qualitativ doch deutlich besser besetzt ist. Bei Smackdown Live kann sie sich deutlich besser entwickeln und diese Zeit braucht sie auch noch. Bin gespannt auf ihre weitere Entwicklung!"
rjsbx11 wrote on 06.01.2017:
[6.0] "In such a short time, Alexa Bliss has made a name for herself on the main roster. She's still got a bit to go to really match the in-ring efforts of Becky and Natalya but her character work is already on an elite level. Her facial expressions, heel performances and her vastly improving stick work is quickly making her a commodity for the SD Live division. Initially, her small stature and inexperience didn't bode well when she was drafted, but she's rised as the main hell in the SD division and has gotten a good title reign despite some shoddy matches with Lynch. In 2016, Bliss broke out, and 2017 we might see an evolution of the rapidly improving Bliss."
molemaster43 wrote on 05.01.2017:
[6.0] "While her mic and heel work is certainly good, her in-ring work hasn't left much of an impact on me, as she has yet to be apart of any memorable matches."
Interceptor wrote on 26.12.2016:
[8.0] "Endlich mal wieder eine Dame im Geschäft, nach meiner Fasson! Stimmiges Gesamtpaket auf dem Weg nach oben. Wrestlerisch, Micwork und optisch für mich ein Grund, immer wieder einzuschalten. 8 Punkte. Mal schauen, wie es weitergeht!"
Blissed Off wrote on 21.12.2016:
[9.0] "I really like Bliss, I wish I payed more attention to her in NXT but she's great right now. I hope she never loses the Harley Quinn look, it fits her perfectly. She's great in the ring and is one of the more convincing actors on the roster for women."
John Brando wrote on 05.12.2016:
[8.0] "Alexa Bliss hat mich überzeugt bisher. Sie ist eine der stärksten Heel-Personen, die WWE derzeit anzubieten hat. Ihr Heelwork ist großartig, im Ring ist sie sehr ordentlich, steigert sich aber auch da. Ihre Ausstrahlung bzw. das Charisma stimmt ebenfalls für ihr Alter. Sie ist meine persönliche Lieblingswrestlerin aktuell in der WWE. Ich vergebe erstmal "nur" 8 Punkte, da sie ja noch jung ist und sich noch weiterentwickeln kann. Randnotiz: Auch wenn sie jetzt überraschenderweise Championesse geworden ist, finde ich es noch ein wenig verfrüht."
SirTiger wrote on 28.11.2016:
[9.0] "Klein aber richtig fein. Wegen ihrer Jugend noch sehr viel Potenzial nach oben und sicherlich in 1-2 Jahren eine Championess. Als Heel wohl das beste neben Charlotte , allein wegen der Körpersprache und Gesichtsmimik. Im Ring 8/10, Mic 10/10 Char. 10/10"
Movado wrote on 10.11.2016:
[7.0] "Auch bei ihr ist es eigentlich noch viel zu früh um sie zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt richtig zu bewerten. aber das hohe Rating hier zeigt das die Kleine etwas hat was zum Beispiel einigen anderen "WWE-Standart"-Blondinen fehlte bzw. immer noch fehlt. Sie hat ne Tonne Charisma in sich. Und damit meine ich nicht das Muskel-Charisma welches die Österreicher sonst fälschlicherweise als Ausstrahlung verstehen. Ich meine Wirklich die Art wie sie vor der Kamera rüberkommt. Wenn man also rein nach ihrer Ausstrahlung geht ist sie schon ein echtes Pfund. Das dabei natürlich auch die durchaus vorhandenen weiblichen Reize bei den männlichen Usern hereinspielen, geschenkt! Aber fehlt noch einiges an In Ring Skills um hier von einer wirklich objektiven Benotung zu sprechen. Anyway, hoffen wir mal das Beste. // Update 10. 11. 2016: Ich sehe sie mittlerweile direkt hinter den 4 Horse Women. Im Ring ist sie zwar noch nicht ganz an denen dran, aber ihre Gestik und Mimik ist den Vieren sogar teilweise überlegen. Dazu kommt das sie im Stande ist auch andere Wrestlerinnen zu ziehen (Ein Fan-Video von WM Axxess zeigt was sie aus Mandy Rose herausgeholt hat). Der beste Beweis das man im PC aus Models echte In Ring Performer machen kann."
PistolPeteMatty wrote on 04.11.2016:
[8.0] "For someone only a few years into her wrestling career, Alexa Bliss is insanely good. She's a fantastic talker, smooth in the ring, a good seller, and her facial expressions are some of the best around. She's a future womens wrestling legend in the making."
JordanACE wrote on 29.10.2016:
[8.0] "One of my favorite female wrestlers at the moment. No woman can touch her on the mic at the moment, not Sasha and not Paige. She is simply the best woman in wrestling today!"
TheChinThatGotTheWin wrote on 19.10.2016:
[8.0] "She has improved in the ring and now she's good, not great, but pretty good. But her mic skills are really what gives her the edge and what makes her so great. she has found herself in this current role and now she's one of the better women on the roster."
jtsilver101 wrote on 13.10.2016:
[7.0] "At this point in her WWE career, Alexa Bliss is still a little iffy in the ring sometimes, however she does have some of the better mic skills than other women on the roster. Switching from the bubbly cheerleader to the evil almost comic book esq persona was a wise move, and still she reminds me of Trish Stratus in a way. She's good now, but in a few more years I think she will be leading the women's division with much more polished in ring skills"
shosa94 wrote on 12.10.2016:
[8.0] "Alexa Bliss is poised to make herself the perfect foil to Becky Lynch. Her ring work is just shy of Four Horsewomen level, but she's far better on promos than any of them, so it about balances out. One of the 7 best women in WWE, which actually is the place to go for great women's wrestling, if nothing else."
PrincessTeemo wrote on 10.10.2016:
[3.0] "Kein Charisma, total unauthentisch. Spielt die arrogante Diva so schlecht wie in einer schlechten deutschen Soap sowie z. B Berlin Tag & Nacht. Im Ring noch okay, aber das kann nicht die Difizite verbergen. Will eigentlich immer nur wegschalten."
RWEBMGWWE wrote on 08.10.2016:
[7.0] "Die gute Alexa Bliss ist jetzt seit kurzem im Main Roster und ich verfolge sie auch erst ab dem Main Roster. Dort hat sie bisher nur gutes gezeigt. Sie ist aber jetzt auch nicht perfekt, daher keine 10 von mir. Die 7 rechtfertige ich damit, dass sie zwar sehr gut ist, aber sie auch noch sehr viel Potential nach oben hat. Das Match gegen Backy Lynch morgen Nacht wird auch wahrscheinlich ein sehr gutes"
Marco2911 wrote on 17.09.2016:
[9.0] "Alexa Bliss ist als Heel einfach nur perfekt eingesetzt und im Ring kann Sie auch noch etwas. Sie hat definitiv das Zeug dazu das Gesicht der WWE Womens Division zu werden."
The Chosen One wrote on 02.09.2016:
[8.0] "Alexa Bliss is no doubt my favorite current woman on the Raw and Smackdown roster. I dont care that she is pretty small because she can play her character really well and is good on the mic. She is still very young and can improve but I dont think she is that bad in the ring. Her "Sparkle Splash" finisher looks cool and is also original unlike Sasha's crossface and Charlotte's spear."
Skyjacker wrote on 15.08.2016:
[7.0] "Alexa is really good at the little things in wrestling, in the ring she's good not great but she's young she'll get there. There is a lot of potential with her."
Chicaa1992 wrote on 31.07.2016:
[7.0] "Ich finde sie für den Anfang recht überzeugend. Liefert wirklich gutes Matches ab und ist eine überzeugende Heel"
AssaultDriver720 wrote on 22.06.2016:
[10.0] "Alexa Bliss has the ability to be one of the best female High Flyers currently going in Pro-Wrestling."
NastyYaffa wrote on 19.06.2016:
[5.0] "Alexa definitely isn't as good as The Four Horsewomen in the ring, but I think she knows how to make her character work. Once she becomes something in the ring, she might very well become someone to remember in the women's division."
mdkarl wrote on 28.05.2016:
"only 5 foot 1... will have a hard time convincing anyone she can hold the championship... but kind of a second coming of aj lee. its all about personality and stunning good looks. im not saying alexis is not a competent wrestler. she executes her offense well. she sells adequetly. but womens wrestling doesnt draw an audience based on 5 star matches. to be a draw as a womans wrestler you need personality and connection to the crowd. i see alexa poised to be one of the 5 biggest female stars in north america over the next 5 years"
JuliTheCage87 wrote on 25.04.2016:
[2.0] "Macht sich gut bei NXT. Hat innovative Moves für eine Dame und zeigt Fortschritte. Potenzial ist durchaus erkennbar, sie sieht wahnsinnig gut aus, stellt sich geschickt im Ring an - ich bin gespannt auf mehr. UPDATE: Jou, ich stimme meinen Vorrednern zu. Ich mag sie, aber da bspw. Sasha, Becky und Charlotte noch viel zu niedrige Wertungen haben, ist ihre Bewertung überhaupt nicht verhältnismäßig. Sie hat zwar Fortschritte gezeigt, aber stagniert mittlerweile und wirkt doch noch sehr grün. Honorieren muss man jedoch die Umsetzung ihrer neuen Rolle als Heel-Valet, das macht sie echt gut. UPDATE: Leute, Alexa Bliss sieht vllt besser aus, aber sie ist um Welten schlechter als Charlotte im Ring und auch als Heel. Scheint auch Rückschritte zu machen."
DanTalksRasslin wrote on 25.04.2016:
[7.0] "As someone who came to WWE's development system with no prior wrestling experience, Alexa Bliss has done a fantastic job so far in her young career, improving by leaps and bounds in all aspects of her game. She's become a very solid in-ring performer, drawing on her gymnastics background for a very athletic style featuring a great amount of agility and flexibility. She's also proven to be a versatile performer in terms of character work, having successfully portrayed both a kid-friendly babyface and a bitchy heel (personally, I preferred her "blue fairy" character, but can't deny that her work alongside Blake & Murphy has also been very good). Being very attractice certainly doesn't hurt matters. While Alexa hasn't quite caught up to the likes of Bayley, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks - all of whom came to WWE with prior experience - she's well on her way."
Wrestlingfan96 wrote on 16.04.2016:
[8.0] "Ich hatte sie einmal mit neun Punkten bewertet, bin aber auf 8 runter, denn ich finde, sie hat sich minimal verschlechtert. Dennoch ist sie klasse. Spielt die Rolle als Zicke sehr gut, fast so gut wie Sasha. Für mich ist sie das (hoffentlich frühere) Bild von Vince: Eine hübsche Diva. Der Unterschied: Sie hats verdammt drauf."
Awesome1 wrote on 02.04.2016:
[7.0] "with only 2 years of wrestling experience its hard to see it really, with Alexa using a variety of Athletic moves. Her mic skills are very good to a point where see can successfully play both Heels and Babyfaces. Alexa has a lot of work but for now she is living up to the potential the 24 year old has been put in front of her"
KC Tabuu wrote on 27.01.2016:
[8.0] "She has a LOT of potential. Turning heel was the best thing that has happened to her. She EASILY made Blake and Murphy all about her, and when they break up, no one is going to remember Blake and Murphy, they'll remember Alexa Bliss. She is also the hottest chick in wrestling which really helps her out a lot. She knows how to talk and has an unbelievable heel attitude. I love the Sparkle Splash and the Glitz Flip, very athletic moves; all she needs is a bit more work in the technical department and some more signature moves and she can be at the level of the Four Horsewomen."
La Trina wrote on 10.11.2015:
[6.0] "Alexa is still a diamond in the rough. Her promo work is already much better than a most of her peers, but her ring work still leaves a bit to be desired. She will only get better with time."
gerybundy68 wrote on 08.11.2015:
[10.0] "Das Mädel kommt einfach extrem gut rüber im Ring. Für die kurze Zeit, die sie bei NXT dabei ist, hat Alexa Bliss schon enorme Fortschritte gemacht, und scheint so etwas wie ein echtes Naturtalent zu sein. Technisch hat sie auf jeden Fall schon gezeigt, dass sie sehr gut ausgebildet wird, und sie scheint auch den nötigen Ehrgeiz zu haben, um es weit zu bringen. Natürlich fehlt es ihr noch an Ringerfahrung, auch beim Mic-Work muss sie noch einiges zulegen, aber ich freue mich immer sie zu sehen. Es ist schon klar, dass die Diven im Schnitt wohl eher besser bewertet werden, besonders wenn sie auch noch hübsch sind, aber genau das ist doch auch ein Grund warum man die Shows verfolgt."
PWC wrote on 01.11.2015:
[6.0] "Opinions change and over time, I'm in approval over Alexa's newly much needed heel turn. The question is if Alexa and (more or less creative) can take it a step further."
HighlightHEEL wrote on 01.10.2015:
[6.0] "Mein erster Eindruck von Alexa Bliss war, dass sie für jemanden mit so wenig Erfahrung im Ring gar nicht mal so schlecht wirkte. Eine rasante Entwicklung hat sie seitdem nicht hingelegt, aber sie agiert ja derzeit auch eher als eine Kombination aus Wresterin und Managerin, wobei sie als Heel-Valet von Blake und Murphy das wohl interessanteste Element am ganzen Act war und ist. Hat noch eine Menge Zeit, sich im Ring weiter zu verbessern, die kleine B***h spielt sie aber schon jetzt ganz hervorragend. Sollte man auf jeden Fall im Auge behalten."
FateBreaker46 wrote on 16.06.2015:
[7.0] "This young lady maybe the diamond that the WWE was looking for. Great look, fantastic in the ring despite her inexperienced and good mic skills. I would go as far as to say that she is better than most main roster divas, especially as far as being the total package is concerned."
GlitterPrincess wrote on 31.05.2015:
[10.0] "Sie hat schon bewiesen, was sie im Ring drauf hat. Bis jetzt hat sie mich komplett überzeugt und ich bin mir sicher das sie es noch weit bringen wird in der WWE."
1goldcoin wrote on 13.03.2015:
[6.0] "Yes, Bliss did beat a former diva's champ and more "experienced" wrestler (Alicia Fox) in her on TV debut in the first round of the NXT title tournament. But what diva that has been around any length of time in WWE since 2009 has not beaten Fox multiple times? However, this is suppose to be about Alexa and not take pot shots at Alicia Fox so.... Still, Bliss is pretty good in the ring for a rookie and seems to be developing pretty well. She should get better with time but giving her a '6' for now."
TylerMayer wrote on 14.01.2015:
[5.0] "I'm not a fan of Alexa Bliss. Her whole thing is being some high flying diva. That's great, and she does pull off some cool moves, but to get to those moves, the match is almost like someone just learning to dance. She goes through every motion so slowly, and so precise, fearing she will get it wrong, that it ruins her matches. She is just an NXT diva, and has time to develop. But for now, she's very average and green. Also, her gimmick as a fairy is kind of stupid."
ShawnDraven wrote on 25.12.2014:
[6.0] "Still relatively new, but it looks like she has more charisma than most of the Divas do. Her in-ring is nothing special at the moment."
Arrow-Squad wrote on 03.11.2014:
[4.0] "Was man bisher im Ring gesehen hat war ok. Sie hat ein paar nette Moves drauf und ich hoffe auf eine gute Weiterentwicklung. Die allgemeine Wertung hier ist natürlich etwas zu hoch aber eventuell ist sie in ein paar Jahren diese 7 Punkte wert."
JamieRollins wrote on 04.10.2014:
[7.0] "Only seen Alexa a few times on NXT but defo will be in the full roster sooner rather than later as she has a good personality in and out of the ring."
indyfan wrote on 30.09.2014:
[4.0] "Jetzt wird hier wieder nach Aussehen bewertet... Es fehlt im Rnig gehörig an Übersicht bei ihr. Sie arbeitet noch unsauber und agiert auch nur wenig mit dem Publikum im Match. Die Ringpsychologie beherrscht sie auch noch nicht so wie es sein sollte. Hier 10 oder 9 Punkte zu geben ist ein bisschen übertrieben. Deshalb faiere 4 Punkte, denn ihr Können ist ausreichend. Der Rest kommt mit der Zeit."
bryan316 wrote on 26.09.2014:
[6.0] "Alexa is not a great woman wrestler. She's not bad and at least she tries. She does some great moves and she can have some decent matches. She's only been wrestling for about a year so she can improve her in ring ability."
sabertoothtigerz wrote on 17.08.2014:
[8.0] "after seeing some of the stuff she can do in the ring at nxt i can honestly say i am vastly impressed by her atheleticism. another short girl who can defenetly shake up the wwe diva's division, i cant wait to see where the direction of her character will go to. as far as her gimmick goes, the glitter is perfectly fine for me i just feel that wwe might've copied her gimmick's idea from nxt to introduce it to stardust but either way i'm fine with it 8/10 very impressive her matches."
ChaosOfTheRainmaker wrote on 06.08.2014:
[4.0] "why she has a high rating like 8 54? she don't have that capacity, damn people The first thing I want to be done, is to get that piece of crap out of my ring. Don't just get him out of the ring, get him out of the WWF! Because I've proven, son, without a shadow of a doub"
zackwoowoowooryder wrote on 02.08.2014:
[10.0] "Das was ich von ihr gesehen habe hat mich absolut überzeugt. Zudem finde ich sie auch noch sehr sympatisch, hoffe einfach nur man lässt sie nicht irgendwann fallen, wie man es z. B. mit Emma gemacht hat. Am Mic kann man sie noch nicht bewerten, da hat man wenig bis gar nichts von ihr gehört."
wwetnafangirl wrote on 03.06.2014:
[10.0] "Zuerst dachte ich, dass sie nur eine Diva ist die nix drauf hat, da sie noch nicht lange das Wrestling betreib, hatte ich nicht viel von ihr erwartet. Sie hat mich aber vom kompletten Gegenteil überzeugt. Ihre Moves sind jetzt schon der Hammer und da wird noch sehr viel hinzu kommen. Meine neue absolute lieblings Diva von NXT!"