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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 8.84
MasteroftheMatchGuide99 wrote on 30.05.2024:
[10.0] "Swerve saved his career by breaking away from Hit Row and plying his trade in AEW. In no time at all, he defeated big names and made a beeline straight for the top guy in Samoa Joe and then won the World Title, and just recently proved that he's the true owner of the House against Killswitch on Dynamite. Now, he's the biggest star on the roster and fans want to see him more and more. In Hit Row, he was the background hype man, but in AEW, he's the main attraction. I can't wait to see how much better he gets."
ultravioletshiroi wrote on 09.05.2024:
[10.0] "Swerve is a very athletic and highly skilled wrestler. He is very exciting to watch and can make brutal spots look effortless. I wouldn't fault him for how he's being booked in AEW because it's not his fault, but he delivers in the ring. On top of that, he can actually shoot a promo."
danzitorock wrote on 02.05.2024:
[8.0] "Swerve is the real deal, the guy is amazing, he can work as a face and as a heel, is very good on the microphone and at building storylines, and it's very versatile too when it comes to the squared circle, he's a guy with hardcore roots, but could easily fit into the television model. Swerve was the only thing good about Hit Row, after he left the stable collapsed and became one of the worst things ever, and now he's a deserving main eventer in AEW, their first black world champion, with all the merits."
soba wrote on 30.04.2024:
[9.0] "I remember him signing and being revealed on the main show of Revolution of 2022. I had heard of Hit Row getting released, but I wasn't following the product to closely other than AEW. I remember thinking this may be a bit much, but boy was I wrong. He's made himself a star especially during the Hangman feud."
arisenby wrote on 25.04.2024:
[9.0] "[9.0] It takes a very special kind of man to kayfabe break into a face's house, cut a promo over that face's newborn, and still be far and away the most over person in the company. Swerve is him, from being a mainstay of the west coast indies and Lucha Underground to one of the MVPs of late black-and-gold NXT, and now to one of the most organically over faces in wrestling with AEW. Very good jack of all trades."
HBKisGod wrote on 25.04.2024:
[9.0] "Incredibly proud of him. He was a standout in the final days of HHH's NXT and then dumped off the wayside by Vince with (S)hit Row. In AEW, he's hit a new echelon and may be the first guy to ever break into a babyface's house, terrorize said babyface's baby and be cheered! It's his time and when the time comes for either the Ospreay or MJF feud, lock in. A low-to-mid 9, but he has earned everything's he's gotten these past few months."
Brask84 wrote on 13.04.2024:
"Einer meiner Favoriten aus den letzten Jahren. Ich fande Strickland früher schon super und als Killshot bei LU überragend. Seine WWE Zeit war etwas holprig, wobei er gg Ende wirklich sich und auch seinen Charakter gefunden hat. Sein dortiges Aus, war AEWs Gewinn. Ich gehe stark davon aus, dass er 2024 noch den World Championship gewinnt (vll im April bereits beim nächsten PPV). Er wird aber definitiv noch lange im Mainpicture bei AEW bleiben. Ganz starker Wrestler!"
n0bodyM wrote on 13.04.2024:
"One of my absolute favorite wrestlers, Swerve is a star and him being pushed to the top of AEW is no coincidence. Absolutely love how smooth he is to watch, all of his moves just transition perfectly into each other, and he is also killer in promos too. Huge talent."
TripleCrown wrote on 04.04.2024:
[8.0] "Really liked him back in his NXT days, was surprised to see him leave WWE to be honest. In hindsight, was absolutely the right move for him. One of the very, very, very few guys who went from WWE to AEW and actually was better off for it. Guy has made himself a star, only giving him an 8 now because I feel like he has room for improvement and he's 100% capable of that so I'll be back in the future to add more to this raiting. As of right now, high 8 and capable of being a 9 if he can keep on track."
eltetechori wrote on 29.03.2024:
[10.0] "Swerve has evolved to the point of being completely believable for giving us great fights and good times since he has been in AEW. I personally like him and he deserves this score for now."
watchPNWindies wrote on 21.03.2024:
[10.0] "I've followed Swerve's career ever since Lucha Underground, all the way through Defy (where "Swerve's House" started), NXT, and AEW. Here's the thing about Swerve: I won't say he's the #1 best at any one singular thing, with the exception of natural charisma. BUT he's possibly the best jack-of-all-trades in wrestling. He's the complete package. Even if he's not the #1 GOAT of technical, striking, high-flying, deathmatch, brawling, etc., he does ALL of those very well, which puts him above most great wrestlers who are a 10/10 in just one category. That's one of the biggest qualities every company needs in a top star: versatility. The man could be the ace of any company, can be slotted into any feud, he's always the coolest guy in the room, and he's going to be an absolute crossover megastar."
Larixkh wrote on 04.03.2024:
[10.0] "What to say about Swerve? Too much talent in one person, extremely good in a ring and possessing incredible charisma. He hypnotizes me as soon as he appears on screen and sublimates every thing he does. I hope his time as world champion will eventually arrive because this wrestler is gold."
skillgull wrote on 20.02.2024:
[10.0] "swerve strickland is fucking awesome what can I say. He is one of the coolest wrestlers in the world, the only other ones about as cool as him are Samoa Joe and El desperado. He is also a good storyteller, great in ring and a good promo. Edit for 2024. Jesus Christ this guy is good. Really fucking good. He is the wrestler I am most invested in this year and last year."
Kalin wrote on 12.02.2024:
"[9] Swerve has more potential than any other wrestler out right now. His character work has been next level, and he can go in the ring just as good as any other worker alive today. Far and away my favorite performer at the moment. I believe to give him a 10, we need to see him stay at this level once he's at the top and is a world champion. Once that happens, and I hope it does very soon, I will be so excited to bump him up to a 10."
ddtprofan4000 wrote on 08.02.2024:
[10.0] "Future World Champion WHOS HOUSE? SWERVES HOUSE . Hes so over with the crowd and he backs it up every night, Great in ring and a great promo who can sell a story better than anyone"
Captain Memo wrote on 05.02.2024:
[10.0] "Swerve's rise in 2023 was awesome and I think in 2024 he'll be world champ. He's always had flash in the ring but he's finally got to play a top guy on the mic recently and it's effortless for him."
King of the marks wrote on 20.01.2024:
[10.0] "Best wrestler in AEW as of right now, also my current favorite wrestler. Struggling to see how he hasn't won a singles title with the company yet. Hopefully a world or at least mid card title run is around the corner for swerve, TK cant mess this up."
devourblast wrote on 16.01.2024:
[10.0] "He has truly done so much good work in so many different places, but AEW is really his place to shine. The feud with Page is amazing. A future AEW world champion if they know what they're doing."
Zabuza wrote on 02.01.2024:
[10.0] "Easily the coolest wrestler alive right now, i can not sing his praises enough. they have to find a way to make this man the world champion of all elite wrestling as soon as humanly possible. you only have one chance to catch lightning in a bottle like this."
DEDE wrote on 28.12.2023:
[10.0] "Swerve hat im Jahr 2023 den endgültigen Schritt zum Topstar gemacht und ist in meinen Augen aktuell einer der hottesten acts im gesamten Wrestling. Im Ring war er schon immer stark aber in den letzten 8-10 Monaten hat er sich nun zum total package entwickelt. Zu Recht extrem over und er weiß mittlerweile genau wie er diesen Buzz durch seinen Charakter transportieren muss. Ausstrahlung, Look hier stimmt mittlerweile alles und am Mic hat er nun auch den letzten Schliff bekommen. Wenn AEW es richtig anstellt hat man hier für die nächsten Jahre einen absoluten Eckpfeiler, er muss 2024 definitiv World Champion werden. Sky is the Limit, daher erhöhe ich mit großer Freude auf eine für mich völlig verdiente 10."
Marcodxx83 wrote on 25.12.2023:
"Swerve è un grandissimo atleta e rientra tra i miei preferiti wrestler in assoluto! Oltre ad avere un ottima gimmick, lo reputo un gran Heel e come lottato ha uno stile molto particolare! é tecnico, acrobatico , atletico ed in AEW sta facendo grandi cose..anche ad NXT lo seguivo molto ed addirittura lo ricordo in Lucha Underground come KILLSHOT !"
TheHardTruth wrote on 18.12.2023:
[10.0] "All I can say is that he's one of the hottest acts. His career from Lucha Underground and MLW is undeniable on how amazing, creative and willing to put his body or the line for the business. I am very excited for his 2024 and hopefully management doesn't drop the ball with him."
Grapefruit Juice wrote on 13.12.2023:
[10.0] "AEWs top guy as of writing this. Swerve has been my favorite part about AEW since breaking away from Swerve in our Glory, although Tony waited a while to book the man like the star hes shown time and time again that he is, the Hangman feud has elevated Swerve to white hot levels of stardom that can truly only grow once he gets the shot he so rightfully deserves. An incredible worker, promo, look and everything else. Swerve is THE guy in AEW."
jamzell00 wrote on 05.12.2023:
[10.0] "The man somehow took another step in his development to become the most interesting man in the 2nd biggest company in america. When I made the rating in 2018 he had just gotten to EVOLVE and instantly beat Riddle for the belt in what turned out to be a very interesting program and key part of his career. Now look at this guy lol. Always incredible in ring but the improvement in his character and mic work over the years has been a treat to witness. It would be a massive mistake for AEW to not try to push him to the moon and put the belt on him ASAP. He's on the run of his life rn"
JediSaiyanMaster1203 wrote on 27.11.2023:
[9.0] "WWE really thought of this man as "dead weight" and released him during the pandemic, now look at him. From being the only saving grace in Hit Row on NXT, to being one of the most high profile talents in AEW today, over as hell and has tons of momentum. Swerve is a very good wrestler, very charismatic, Prince Nana dancing to his entrance music is always a highlight (LOL! ), good on the mic even and fantastic as a heel. This man has all the tools to become AEW's first African American World Champion, and I hope it happens. Would be nice if the big payoff to the Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland feud was over the world title, leading to Keith being the one to dethrone him after a lengthy title run, but I highly doubt that will happen... Anyways, Swerve is the man."
BearFaceKillah wrote on 24.11.2023:
[8.0] "Good. Swerve is a great wrestler. He has a great presence. Looks cool. Needs the right opponent and storyline. Him and Adam worked great together recently. Really helped get him over for the memorex mainstream. Great to see hope he sticks about for a long time to come."
burrito wrote on 22.11.2023:
[10.0] "Vince screwed up, point blank that match at full gear shows the extremes Swerve is willing to go to - hopefully creative doesnt F this up (again)"
GoldLiger wrote on 19.11.2023:
[10.0] "One of the biggest success stories based on just having talent and keeping at it to come out of that volatile early-10s indie scene. Shane Strickland despite coming from the lesser-known Northwest US Indies made a splash in both the east coast-based CZW and Chicago-based AAW, he travelled to Europe, he worked under a mask in Lucha Underground, he scored an NXT deal, and eventually made it to AEW where he's now finally poised to be the main event guy he showed he could be all the way back in his CZW days. Despite this even under AEW contract he has still supported his local scene by working DEFY. The evolution of his in-ring and character work has evolved immensely, and he's made multiple factions that look bad on paper work as their ringleader (Hit Row & Mogul Embassy). He's athletic, he's hard-hitting, he can work on the mat, he can cut a promo, he can tell a story with just his facial expressions, and if you look at his two highest-rated matches on this site you can see that that CZW background made him one hell of a Deathmatch worker when the feud calls for it. After everything he's done he seems poised to become AEW World Champion in a matter of months, while still in his prime. I'll admit I didn't quite see him being on this level back in the early 10s, nor did I realize just how good he was for a while between then and now, but I think it's pretty clear at this point that there's nothing Swerve can't do."
blondehog78 wrote on 19.11.2023:
[10.0] "He is the new ace of AEW, and my god does he deserve it. He is the complete package as a wrestler: excellent in ring, packaged to perfection with the Mogul Embassy and Nana, and incredible on the microphone. Aura is thrown around a lot recently in the wrestling discourse, but Swerve is the epitome of a wrestler with aura, and thus anything other than a 10 would be selling him short in my eyes."
HEISZEEZ wrote on 19.11.2023:
"I've had my eyes on Strickland since right before he went to NXT. I always saw something different in him, a beast within a shell. The 2023 AEW run has exposed the star I saw in him in 2018 and far surpassed my expectations. This man is more than World Champion material and has now performed in one of the best Texas deathmatches ever along with "Hangman" Adam Page. When he becomes world champion, he's going to put the entire industry on notice if he hasn't already. Thank you, Swerve."
Spacen33dler wrote on 18.10.2023:
"I think that swerves has the opportunity to be something big at AEW. He has improved a lot a lot and has been having awesome witches. I feel with the right booking and perhaps a change of pattern on how African Americans get booked we can see another side to swerve. Def a future champ"
Okaro143 wrote on 02.10.2023:
[8.0] "Swerve has so much potential. He has all the tools that a promoter would want in a wrestler: he is a great speaker, his in ring talent is up there, he is able to elicit the reaction he wants from the fans whether be heel or face. The only thing holding him back is the way he is booked."
bizzo wrote on 01.10.2023:
"So innovative in the ring, so talented on the mic.But Swerve has also shown that he's a reliable guy who can have useful creative input but also run with what he's given without attitude problems. That's the kind of guy you can build a promotion around. If he's not a future world champion, someone has done something dreadfully wrong."
Chr1st0ph wrote on 22.08.2023:
[9.0] "Such an under rated talent. He has stellar TV matches every time he's in the ring. Can't wait for a solo PPV match on AEW turf to really show what he's about. Knows how to cultivate a crowd and make you invest in him. Really hope he gets a solo title run sooner rather than later, mainly if Darby wins the TNT title and have them (maybe) hot potato it like Darby and Joe did earlier this year."
zellfrmtyo wrote on 17.08.2023:
[8.0] "Swerve is very great.. he should definitely be champion in the near future for AEW. Can pull off a great match with anybody and has loads of charisma. One of the best heel acts on AEW TV as of now and is currently rejuvenating the Mogul Embassy stable with the addition of AR Fox."
Dkex wrote on 21.07.2023:
[8.0] "Potentieller Top Star bei AEW. Er ist ein Gesamtpaket: ne Tonne Charisma, stark am Mikro und im Ring. Bei AEW hat er schon einiges davon zeigen können, hängt aber irgendwie etwas fest."
crs285 wrote on 26.06.2023:
[9.0] "Swerve is one of the most reliable wrestlers in pro wrestling today. Whether in Lucha Underground, WWE or AEW he is always given good matches every time he is in the ring. He has a style that can wrestle with anyone. He oozes charisma and is good on the mic. His WWE release seems to be more about the rest of Hit Row than him."
HenrideSade wrote on 10.06.2023:
[8.0] "He developed a lot over Lucha Underground but still left the promotion pretty bland. You certainly can't say that anymore. His style sets him apart from a lot of his peers and he can go with just about anyone. A shame he's burdened with the Embassy Muppets at the moment."
Leth99 wrote on 17.05.2023:
[10.0] "How was this guy not a world champion in both WWE and AEW? He has everything it takes to be entertaining in the ring. His last stable is kind of useless and nothing worth watching, but his in-ring work is still there at least"
homunculus wrote on 15.05.2023:
[9.0] "Swerve is a main event talent. That's all I have to say. He can be a piece of garbage heel and he can be a face that the masses root for. His current booking frustrates me because he is clearly able to be a main event talent. A few years from now, Swerve Strickland will be on the same level as MJF, Darby, Punk, etc."
envi wrote on 14.04.2023:
[8.0] "Swerve getting released from the WWE was the best thing possible for his career. Since joining AEW, he's elevated his character work exponentially and his in-ring work improves every time I see him in action. His promo work is excellent and he most definitely has the makings of a main event caliber heel. I'm giving him a "low" score because he still has a lot to do but I see him as a future AEW world champion if they keep booking him this strong."
GriffinX wrote on 29.03.2023:
[10.0] "He can do it all have just about any type of match. Excellent in promos and he's got just the look of a superstar. Hell he manged to get people to think the rest of hit row was good he's so damn good"
Daigotsu wrote on 16.01.2023:
[8.0] "Swerve is quite good. He has a unique, interesting offense that, to be fair, sometimes is a little too cute for its own good. He has obvious charisma as well. He does need the opportunity to take the next step into the main event, but I think it'll happen for him later if not sooner."
nicoh30 wrote on 28.12.2022:
[9.0] "[10.0] if he kills everyone in his faction next dynamite. Vicious offense, great limb worker, star feel, entertaining at every point. Was really looking forward to the heel run after the SIOG split but this faction stinks. Great promos when given something to work with. Future world champ with more inspired booking."
Jaedynr5 wrote on 05.12.2022:
[8.0] "Swerve is everything you can look for in a wrestler, phenomenal in the ring, charismatic to the absolute moon, great promo guy, able to play many roles, underdog face? you got it, douchebag rapper heel? there you go, army veteran face? indeed he can, insane, untrustworthy "face" that's going to turn heel any second now? he's doing that great right now, so many great matches, if you like wrestling, you should see what Swerve is doing, he will make you a fan"
MidKnightDreary wrote on 27.10.2022:
"Dripping with talent and charisma, Swerve Strickland has travelled across the world. Could put on a good match or feud with anyone, but takes special circumstances to put on a truly special match or feud."
texasyosh wrote on 13.08.2022:
[8.0] "Swerve is a great junior heavyweight that can fill out a roster really well and can make himself a highlight on any show. He's a pretty okay talker and has confidence, but I feel he's missing that one great promo from truly becoming great. EDIT: he's here"
JonahBlack wrote on 15.07.2022:
[8.0] "Swerve's in ring talent plus his charisma is one good feud from being top tier. If they finally let Lee vs Swerve develop, that might be enough."
PhenomenalGun wrote on 13.06.2022:
[8.0] "Swerve is one of my favorite talents on AEW, but I just can't put my finger on what exactly he's missing to get him to the main event level. Maybe he could flesh out his character a bit more and expand on that, or show a heel version if himself like we saw in NXT, because as a face his cockiness kind of falls flat. We saw in the Casino Battle Royale the amount of boos he was able to get when he turned on Lee and Darby, I think a heel Swerve could be entertaining."
Stolas wrote on 29.03.2022:
"My first introduction to Strickland as a wrestler has been against Ricky Starks, and holy shit, that dude has amazing move flow, and so much innovation. Honestly, that match elevated both Starks and Strickland in my mind. Strickland oozes charisma, and I am looking forward to see what he can do going forward, especially if he gets some heel angles."
Rob82092 wrote on 31.01.2022:
"This guy's potential is unlimited. Deserves a chance to forge himself a top spot in one of the biggest promotions in the world."
Enchantium wrote on 21.07.2021:
[7.0] "Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott, currently the North American Champion and apart of Hit Row as of writing this rating, plays a good job as a heel much better than his face, he has solid microphone skills and his wrestling is very all rounder but tints of high-flying capabilities. Personally, I can only see him being a mid carder at maximum for the limited gimmick that he can produce. Other than that he is a solid wrestler with an alright NXT background, nothing outstanding but also nothing basic."
Kung wrote on 09.07.2021:
[9.0] "This dude has got the word star written all over him. Not only is he perhaps the single most charismatic guy on the NXT roster, but he's also one of the most spectacular athletes down on the yellow brand."
Sagasta wrote on 30.06.2021:
[8.0] "An ultra talented wrestler with a more than admirable charisma and in-ring ability, he has proven that he can do a good job with wrestlers of all kinds and their quality already in WWE or in the independents especially in his fight against Dante Fox in Lucha Underground."
pierreMinne wrote on 28.01.2021:
[7.0] "I really believe that guy is very good and I think he has big things to show us. I didn't saw him in Lucha Underground so it's obviously playing with my rating but I can say he is a really solid worker and he can deliver very interesting contests."
BlakeFR37 wrote on 26.09.2020:
[10.0] "He's so great. Love on Shane Strickland. His persona in WWE is good for the moment. But give the CW Title to him please !"
StardomJMD wrote on 02.08.2020:
[9.0] "I was a big fan of Killshot back in Lucha Underground, but I loved him more as Shane Strickland, especially everything that happened from 2017 to the day he signed to WWE, he was huge in the Indies & a very good wrestler, he has great charisma too, and from the impressions of his use in NXT, he could be big in WWE."
MasonIsAClown wrote on 27.06.2020:
[8.0] "Swerve could use a little work on the psychology portion of wrestling but it seems like that is coming around in him now and I think working in NXT more will help further. He? s got an amazing skill set and has had some of the most fun matches on the Indy scene that I have watched. The guy has major star written on him and I think he will at the very least have a very extended mid card run in the E and continue to deliver us classics."
CodySquared wrote on 20.08.2019:
[8.0] "Basically the guy who rated him a 5 is an idiot. Trashing someone? s score because you? re trying to look smart when you obviously don? t know a thing about wrestling is bizarre at best. He is smaller than most but makes up for it in athleticism. Rating someone low because they? re not the size you think they should be and ignoring their skill is just something else."
BigLoco95 wrote on 19.04.2019:
[8.0] "What a wrestler, talent and one of the best underrated high flyers in the world. I have only watch his match in CZW and he sell like a boss! He is strong for his size, he is very acrobatic and have great physique!"
Klabauter wrote on 11.11.2018:
[9.0] "Seine Darstellung des Killshot/Jermaine Strickland bei Lucha Underground war einfach perfekt! Ein besonderes Highlight war natürlich bei Ultima Lucha III das "Hell of War"-Match gegen Dante Fox, aber auch darüber hinaus war er eine der tragenden Säulen der 3. und 4. Staffel von Lucha Underground, wenn man auf Match-Qualität wert legt. In den Indies bleibt dann ein guter Wrestler, aber so richtig will er abseits von Lucha Underground bei mir nicht zünden, daher "nur" 9 Punkte."
meatrockit83 wrote on 28.08.2018:
[8.0] "Shane Strickland has all the makings of a superstar. He carries himself as such and is very good in the ring. Since 2017, he has made a name for himself and is one of the top talents on the independent scene. It'll be sooner not later that he'll be on a much bigger stage."
Malay Boy wrote on 11.06.2018:
[10.0] "2018 is the year that Shane Strickland become the top guy in the independent wrestling scene. With guy like Ricochet, Keith Lee is sign with WWE, Shane step up his game and turn himself as the must seen performer in indie. He is charismatic, athletic and confident with his skill."
Wrestling Forever wrote on 07.11.2017:
[9.0] "Als ich für Shane diese ganzen Lobkommentare laß dachte ich nur hier wird übertrieben auch wenn ich wusste das er gut ist. Aber ich irrte mich. Shane bzw. Killshot ist mehr als nur gut, er ist sehr gut, wahnsinns beweglich und zeigt flüssige und saubere Moves. Dazu ein sehr charismatischer Wrestler. Will ich ihn bei PWG sehen? Hell Yes vielleicht kommt er ja bei diesjährigen Bola. Auch einer für ROH. Aber auf jeden Fall einer für die Indies. Edit: 26. 10. 2016 Ok, BOLA wurde nichts dafür wXw war auch was schönes und auch sonst sieht man ihn bei vielen Ligen. Edit: 22. 02. 2017 Schön, jetzt kommt auch er zu PWG und dann gegen einen der auch absoluter PWG Neuling ist Dezmond Xavier, große Vorfreude auf das Singles Match bei PWG Nice Boys (Don't Play Rock N' Roll). Edit 20. 09. 2017 Sehr interessant er verbrachte ein Teil seiner Kindheit in Frankfurt da sein Vater dort als Militär war. Sicher bei der Rhein-Main Air Base. Ob Shane auch etwas Deutsch sprich weiß ich aber nicht. Edit 7. 11. 2017 Muss auch posten er hat sich von einen eher langweiligen 08/15 Indy Wrestler zu einen tollen Charaker entwickelt. Auch ein Grund seine Haarpracht und dann dieses Swerve Einstellung und seine Outfits, toll."
TooSweetPhil wrote on 24.06.2017:
[7.0] "Strickland ist wirklich der King of Swerve. Im Ring ist er zwar hauptsächlich ein Spotmonkey, kann aber wirklich durch sehr elegante Manöver und Aktionen punkten. Dazu wirklich sympathisch. Auch bei LU als Killshot mehr als ordentlich und vertritt eine Bad-Ass Seite. Runde das Ganze dann auf solide 7 Punkte auf."
NikoWrestling7 wrote on 04.06.2017:
[8.0] "Shane Strickland is the next CZW World Champion ladies and gentlemen... King Swerve deserves it more than anybody I can think of.... You wanna talk about a guy killing it in every single match he's been having? A guy who oozes charisma and any crowd can get behind? A guy who is versatile and can work any style of match out in front of him? Shane Strickland is that.... CZW is about to hit it's destination... Swerve City.."
Hypocrisy wrote on 06.05.2017:
[7.0] "Shane Strickland gefällt mir in den US Indies doch deutlich besser als Killshot bei Lucha Underground. Vielleicht ändert sich das im Laufe der zweiten Staffel von LU ja noch."
TheCleaner wrote on 18.04.2017:
[9.0] "Amazing highflyer. This man is an incredible wrestler and he has a potential. As Killshot in LU, he has put more eyes on him now and his popularity is growing. In-Ring he has a star quality and hits his moves with grear intensity. I love his moves and the i love his facial expressions each time he hits his move"
Viper99 wrote on 04.04.2017:
[9.0] "Unglaublich unterbewerteter Wrestler. Er ist, gerade bei Progress Shows, immer ein Wrestler den ich beim Card lesen null wahrnehme, aber dann hat er meistens das beste Match der Show. Unglaublich guter Flippy Wrestler welcher aber genauso gut Technische oder Hard Hitting Matches bestreiten kann."
DerMilano wrote on 14.10.2016:
[10.0] "Beim Carat schon gut, hat er mich bei der Tag League umgehauen. Fantastische Leistungen und auf dem besten Wege ein ganz Großer zu werden."
Luv all wrestling wrote on 23.09.2016:
[8.0] "Killshot aka Shane Strickland has used LU to put more eyes on him at the indie level, and many wrestling fans have token note of the fact that Shane/Killshot is talented in every sense of the word, and is poised to take his star to a whole new level if LU are willing to push him during season 3. All in all Shane/Shot is an amazing wrestler who is gaining more and more attention every day."
deanwantsboobies wrote on 02.03.2016:
[9.0] "Was ich bei Lucha Underground sah gefiel mir sehr. Außerdem ist mir auch sein Selling gut aufgefallen"
craigoh wrote on 17.02.2016:
[8.0] "Lucha Underground has allowed Shane to finally show nationally what he can do, been following his work since his early CZW appearances and is a really good high flyer, not bad in his ground based skills and can cut a good promo too, can see a bright future for him now that he is getting TV exposure from Lucha Underground and regularly showing why he is such an impressive talent."
RicoFox wrote on 14.12.2014:
[8.0] "Riesen-Talent der US Indy Szene. Charismatisch ohne Ende. Tolles High-Flying und selbst in Harcore Matches kann er glänzen. Man kann nur hoffen er macht was aus seinem Potenzial."
Matt4Wrestling wrote on 18.10.2014:
[8.0] "Ein sehr gradliniger Worker, der nur leider mit sich selbst noch nicht weiss wo er hin soll! High-Flyer, absolut nur die Boden-Technik ist noch nicht ganz ausgereift! Charisma ist genug vorhanden, wäre aber trotzdem noch steigerungsfähig, ansonsten Top!"
Ultraviolent Lariat wrote on 26.03.2014:
[8.0] "AMAZING wrestler, he has a lot great moves and a lot of great match in the independient scene."
cookie monster wrote on 14.04.2013:
[7.0] "Einer der besten Newcomer 2012. Bin gespannt wie es bei ihn weiter geht, weil Potenzial ist auf jeden fall da."