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1Ganbare Pro WrestlingSpirit Of Ganbare World Tag Team Title Tournament25.03.2023 - 05.05.2023finals participant  
2Fight Of The RingUWA World Junior Heavyweight Title Tournament22.01.2023semi finals participant  
3Pro Wrestling ZERO1Tenka-Ichi Junior Tournament 202209.09.2022 - 19.10.2022finals participant  
4DDT Pro WrestlingGanbare Climax 202124.10.2021 - 23.11.2021Winner  
5All Japan Pro WrestlingJunior Battle Of Glory 202102.06.2021 - 03.06.2021eliminated before the semi finals  
6Pro Wrestling ZERO1Tenka-Ichi Junior Tournament 201901.09.2019 - 14.09.2019semi finals participant  
7Pro Wrestling ZERO1Furinkazan Tag Tournament 201809.12.2018 - 22.12.2018semi finals participant  
8Pro Wrestling ZERO1Tenka-Ichi Junior Tournament 201817.11.2018 - 24.11.2018eliminated before the semi finals  
9Wrestling In Japan - Freelance ShowsDiffer Cup Memorial28.11.2017semi finals participant  
10Pro Wrestling ZERO1Furinkazan Tag Tournament 201703.11.2017 - 23.11.2017eliminated before the semi finals  
11Pro Wrestling ZERO1Tenka-Ichi Junior League 201704.04.2017 - 26.04.2017semi finals participant  
12Pro Wrestling ZERO1Tenka-Ichi Junior Tournament 201620.09.2016 - 29.09.2016semi finals participant  
13Fight Of The RingUWA World Junior Heavyweight Title Tournament11.05.2016semi finals participant  
14Pro Wrestling FREEDOMSLottery One Day Six Man Tag Tournament03.01.2016eliminated before the semi finals  
15Pro Wrestling ZERO1Tenka-Ichi Junior Tournament 201529.06.2015 - 16.07.2015eliminated before the semi finals  
16Fight Of The RingUWA Intercontinental Tag Team Title Tournament17.12.2014eliminated before the semi finals  
17DDT Pro WrestlingGanbare Martial Arts Open Tournament01.05.2014 - 01.05.2014Winner  
18Pro Wrestling FREEDOMSKing Of FREEDOM Tag Team Title Tournament08.01.2014 - 13.03.2014finals participant  
19DDT Pro WrestlingTop Of The Dramatic Cruiser02.06.2013Winner  
20Pro Wrestling FREEDOMSKing Of FREEDOM World Title Tournament27.02.2013 - 02.05.2013finals participant  
21Pro Wrestling ZERO1Furinkazan Tag League 201213.12.2012 - 16.12.2012semi finals participant  
22EXIT Pro Wrestling UndergroundWUW World Underground Title Tournament11.11.2012 - 01.01.2013Winner  
23Pro Wrestling ZERO1Tenka-Ichi Junior Tournament 201212.09.2012 - 17.09.2012semi finals participant  
24Michinoku Pro Wrestling5th Fukumen World League31.08.2012 - 02.09.2012eliminated before the semi finals  
25Pro Wrestling NOAHNTV G Cup Junior Heavyweight Tag League 201116.07.2011 - 30.07.2011semi finals participant  
26New Japan Pro WrestlingBest Of The Super Junior XVI30.05.2009 - 14.06.2009eliminated before the semi finals  
27Westside Xtreme Wrestling16 Carat Gold Tournament 200906.03.2009 - 08.03.2009eliminated before the semi finals8.7515
28Pro Wrestling ZERO1Tenka-Ichi Junior Tournament 200830.10.2008 - 08.11.2008Winner  
29Pro Wrestling ZERO1Passion Cup Tag Tournament 200806.09.2008finals participant  
30New Japan Pro WrestlingBest Of The Super Junior XV31.05.2008 - 15.06.2008eliminated before the semi finals  
31Dradition Pro-WrestlingDragon Cup 200703.12.2007 - 13.12.2007eliminated before the semi finals  
32Pro Wrestling ZERO1Tenka-Ichi Junior Tournament 200624.08.2006 - 26.08.2006semi finals participant  
33Pro Wrestling ZERO1Tenka-Ichi Junior Tournament 200520.05.2005 - 29.05.2005semi finals participant  
34Pro Wrestling ZERO1AWA World Heavyweight Title Contender Tournament04.12.2004 - 10.01.2005semi finals participant  
35Pro Wrestling ZERO1Tenka-Ichi Junior Tournament 200418.04.2004 - 30.04.2004Winner  
36Pro Wrestling NOAHGHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Title Tournament06.07.2003 - 16.07.2003semi finals participant  
37Pro Wrestling NOAHDiffer Cup 200308.02.2003 - 09.02.2003finals participant  
38Pro Wrestling ZERO1Tenka-Ichi Junior Tournament 200216.11.2002 - 15.12.2002eliminated before the semi finals  
39New Japan Pro WrestlingG1 Climax 200007.08.2000 - 13.08.2000eliminated before the semi finals  
40New Japan Pro WrestlingBest Of The Super Junior VII19.05.2000 - 09.06.2000Winner  
41New Japan Pro WrestlingBest Of The Super Junior VI19.05.1999 - 08.06.1999semi finals participant  
42New Japan Pro WrestlingIWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Title League31.07.1998 - 08.08.1998Winner  
43New Japan Pro WrestlingBest Of The Super Junior V16.05.1998 - 03.06.1998semi finals participant  
44New Japan Pro WrestlingBest Of The Super Junior IV16.05.1997 - 05.06.1997semi finals participant  
45New Japan Pro WrestlingBest Of The Super Junior III24.05.1996 - 12.06.1996eliminated before the semi finals  
46New Japan Pro WrestlingYoung Lion Cup 199609.03.1996 - 26.03.1996semi finals participant  
47New Japan Pro WrestlingYoung Lion Cup 199507.03.1995 - 27.03.1995semi finals participant  
48New Japan Pro WrestlingYoung Lion Cup 199405.03.1994 - 24.03.1994semi finals participant  
49New Japan Pro WrestlingYoung Lion Cup 199309.03.1993 - 23.03.1993semi finals participant