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219.10.2020elcompacto10.0One of the best competitors of this age and, indeed, of all time. His connection to the fans, his near peerless storytelling abilities and ability to remain relevant and consistently excellent in everything he does (even with a series of injuries that would've taken many to the filler matches on the card) has more than earned him a spot in the conversation for all time best. Deserving of nothing less than a 10.
1608.10.2020Briefcase 199210.0Hiroshi Tanahashi in my opinion will go down in history as one of the absolute best workers of all time. His connection with his fans and peers are far above most other wrestlers. Tanahashi is single handedly the soul reason I am proud to call myself a professional wrestling fan. He has been in countless classic matches and will forever be, The Ace. Tanahashi deserves nothing less than a ten.
1703.10.2020TOUGH AND HARD10.0To say the current generation wouldn't have the platform they do without the near-peerless excellence and tireless sacrifices of Tanahashi Hiroshi is not a matter of opinion, it is an economic fact. NJPW's revival (from its late-2000s near-bankruptcy) and ascent to the second largest wrestling company in the world (and subsequent Bushiroad acquisition) was shouldered by this great man. A growing influx of current fans to NJPW seem more interested in raw work-rate and athletic diversity. It is precisely this basis that names like Okada are placed alongside Tanahashi as the "greatest". Tanahashi is so much more. Tanahashi is natural (superior) draw, he has presence, magnetic charisma, dynamism, has consistently kept himself in amazing shape (even despite his accumulation of serious injuries), radiates passion, can have great matches with virtually anyone (a distinction often too liberally thrown around), is dominant enough to be a threat but vulnerable and sympathetic enough to hold your interest and honor his opponent; he can work face or heel, has arguably the greatest psychology in wrestling history, and has a relationship with the fans rivaled only by the likes of Kobashi Kenta. His speech-closing slogan is literally "I LOVE YOU! ", and fans revere him, literally reaching out to kiss and hold him, wiping the sweat from his brow, children hug him, and he's loved by all demographics and age groups. Tanahashi is so much more than a catalog of impressive matches. Tanahashi is a ring general who doesn't need to lean on a drawn-out, formulaic approach, nor need an opponent to keep him interesting. He looks and feels like a champion, and even in his mid-40s is still voted (by fans) as the most popular wrestler in Japan. Tanahashi has said that it was the bodily sacrifices of men like the Dynamite Kid who inspired him to become a professional wrestler, and that he would gladly sacrifice his body to inspire the next generation of talent. Tanahashi is a natural leader, and has done far more than merely inspire a generation, he has transcended his own (such that Ibushi Kota literally refers to him as a god), and is the gold standard to measure others against. He is the most complete professional wrestler of all time, was the victor of the greatest bout I've ever seen (G1 28 Finals), and is the only man I would place higher than Kobashi Kenta. Tanahashi Hiroshi is the greatest professional wrestler of all time.
2028.09.2020YarinE10.0Hiroshi is truly one of the best wrestlers the world has to offer, he is a super charismatic writer and an amazing wrestler. His level of psychology among no one can do as much. He's super athletic in a ring and no one can focus as much on an organ as he focuses, he can invent 50 different moves on just one organ In conclusion, it is no wonder that he is in second place in the ranking GO ACE!
2324.09.2020BlakeFR379.0The Ace of NJPW. He is one of the wrestlers who makes me love Puroresu. However he's in singles action, or in tag team, that's always a pleasure.
2621.09.2020Okaro14310.0The Ace of New Japan, I can't deny how good this guy is. His matches with Okada was the reason I started watching wrestling again. He was the one that saved New Japan during their darkest moments. His rivalry with Okada is considered by many and myself as the greatest rivalry in pro wrestling history. One of the best wrestler not only in New Japan history but also in all of professional wrestling.
2820.09.2020Mahmoud Elsayad10.0
3112.09.2020ERock10.0One of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Endless charisma and in-ring ability. Even with his body breaking down he is capable of pulling you into his matches with emotion and drama. Truly a 1/100 Talent.
3210.09.2020hassan0110.0The ace for a reason . His contributions to wrestling are worth praise . Very hardworking and a very very charismatic wrestler . Other than that his in ring work is very enjoyable and worth a whole lot of appreciation. He has given the fans some of the greatest wrestling matches in Japanese wrestling history . Even when he retires he will be remembered as a wrestling icon .
3631.08.2020Criss Axton10.0
4629.07.2020JundThemOut10.0Tanahashi ist fantastisch. Er ist charismatisch und kann auch innerhalb des Rings zeigen was er draufhat. Er ist zudem ein grandioser Storyteller und ein natürliches Babyface. Seine Matches mit Leuten wie unter anderem Okada sind immer Highlights.
5018.07.2020Ma Stump Puller10.0Tanahashi will be likely considered after his eventual retirement to be one of the greatest wrestlers in Japan ever. The guy literally held New Japan on his back for years on end while the company went through recessions, management issues, and horrible booking. Despite all of this trouble, the guy managed to make multiple amazing matches with whoever came into the ring with him. Despite his obvious physical gifts, Tanahashi is also able to bring a masterful understanding of physical psychology, and can really act as both the beloved hero or the disrespectful antagonist. He's a great seller as well, which adds to how successful his babyface run became over the years. He can make literally anyone he's facing off against look like a million bucks. Granted, while he is starting to visibly slow down (being years beyond his prime at this point considering his many injuries, a consequence for going all out for years) he is regardless still able to employ his skills and experience in the ring to still catch that magic he had years ago. Some of his early stuff isn't the greatest quality wise due to him not being experienced enough, but the vast majority of his career is full of solid, consistently great matches with all kinds of wrestlers.
5410.07.2020Scott Kobayashi10.0Tanahashi is just someone who if you give anything less then a 10, then you are doing the man a disservice. With all the respect in the world to people like Nakamura and Nagata, it was Tanahashi who brought New Japan Back. And in the process gave excellent match after excellent match. Easy 10.
5609.07.2020kingswitch10.0You just can't hate Hiroshi Tanahashi. The guy just has everything: charisma, look, in-ring work. The guy is amazing.
5926.06.2020jboyaquar10.0One of the best-ever Babyfaces who, over-the-years, steadily picked-up his game into one of the most persuasively emotional competitors ever. Though physically he's been on-the-decline since '14, noone captures the gleeful boyish enthusiasm for this sport like this dependable twenty-year NJPW veteran. By the start of NOAH, Misawa already looked like a miserable, though obliging, curmudgeon. Similarly, Tanahashi can't fly/move-about like his past, but as his company's top draw, he has never lost his love for the game. My first-ever live Tanahashi experience was KOPW '11 in a ballet masterclass against Naito (who has also compensated well for his physical shortcomings, ) and even high in-the-rafters at Koukigan, not an enviable location, his glow was undeniable and made me forget how far-away I was. Whereas Jericho had to become a rock star to become a true professional wrestling top-draw, Tana is a rock star as a pro-wrestler.
6612.06.2020Khalid Ace8.0
6809.06.2020Booker C10.0
6906.06.2020Cow Man10.0
7212.05.2020VillainClub10.0Der Mann der mein Interesse am Wrestling wieder geweckt hat und mich nach wie vor fasziniert. Seine Matches sind, trotz seine kaputten Körpers, immer noch sehr gut. Zudem gibt es wenige die ihm im Selling das Wasser reichen können. Einer der besten Wrestler aller Zeiten. Tanahashi hat New Japan wieder aufgebaut in dem er schlicht aus jedem das beste rausgeholt hat.
8020.04.2020Espio133210.0When I first got into New Japan Pro Wrestling in mid 2015, Hiroshi Tanahashi was the man that really captivated my interest and truly showed me just how good NJPW is, causing me to just binge-watch his matches and as a result I learned more of the roster that way. And the more I learned about him and his role in the company, the more my respect for the man grew. He is a truly loyal company man and one of the greatest wrestlers of the past decade. While right now he is definitely past his physical prime and is held together by sheer willpower, his psychology and charisma more than makes up for it.
8303.04.2020Leo Evans10.0Hat mittlerweile wirklich Legendenstatus erreicht und liefert immer immer weiter grandiose Leistungen im Ring ab. Ich krieg gute Laune, wenn er nur die Arena betritt und sobald der Gong geschlagen ist hat mich "The Ace" schon in den Bann gezogen.
8403.04.2020cosmik debris10.0
8618.03.2020Wasserkocher10.0Hiroshi Tanahashi ist jemand, der seinen Hut in den Ring werfen kann, wenn es darum geht, ob man der beste aller Zeiten ist. Über 300 Einträge im Matchguide sollten schon ungefähr einen Eindruck davon geben, über welch lange Zeit hier Qualität abgeliefert wurde. Sein Aussehen ist natürlich hilfreich, den Körper mit der Frisur kann man auf jedes Magazin packen. Er hat wahnsinniges Charisma, ist ein natürliches Babyface, dass aber auch glaubhaft den arroganten Heel geben kann. Seine Klasse zeigt sich im Ring dadurch, dass er keine besonders waghalsigen Aktionen oder besonders heftige Dinge zeigen muss. Er hat seine Aktionen und passt sich jedem Gegner hat. Man merkt immer das es ein Tanahashi Match ist, ohne das er seinem Gegner den Style aufzwingen muss. Er ist im Ring maximal intelligent und kann eine Geschichte erzählen wie kaum sonst jemand. Er ist keiner für ein 10 Minuten Spotfest, belohnt einen aber wenn man sich Zeit nimmt mit großartigen Geschichten. Seine Okada und Nakamura Matches sind mit das beste was es gibt im Wrestling. Hat NJPW fast alleine aus der Tiefe geholt und schafft es selbst im Alter mit weniger Werkzeugen noch Kunstwerke zu bauen.
8716.03.2020Oregano Jackson10.0Okada certainly couldn't have carried NJPW to such heights without the foundations established by Tanahashi. Through his charisma and athleticism, The ace helped NJPW rise to prominence by constently putting on classic bouts with literally everyone with his matches with Okada being some of the absolute best of the decade. Although injury and age have slowed him down physically, he's never been more psychologically sound and now rivals Shawn Michaels as perhaps the greatest in-ring storyteller ever.
9008.03.2020JEK 199110.0
9302.03.2020Danil Czar10.0
9716.02.2020jdawg10.0He's just a favorite. The drama to any match he's part of is automatically elevated to super importance. Great look and moves well despite being in physical decline. Great wrestler.
9806.02.2020EthanWrestling10.0I RESPECT SO MUCH HIROSHI TANAHASHI ! he saved the NJPW! He has physical problems but he always make incredible matches! an incredible storysteller! impossible to hate! one of the greatest wrestler of all time! 10/10
10023.01.2020AndoCommando10.0His decades-long body of work and influence on NJPW and modern Japanese wrestling makes a pretty compelling argument for the title of "Greatest Of All Time". Match structures that age like fine wine, an undeniable charisma in his presence and masterful understanding of psychology bleeding into every one of his matches. My pick for the Wrestler of the 2010's (Okada is a close 2nd)
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