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John Morrison


Also known as Johnny Nitro, Johnny Blaze, Johnny Spade, Johnny Superstar, Nitro, Johnny Mundo, John Hennigan, Johnny Onyx, Johnny Impact, Johnny Religion, Johnny Blackcraft

General Data
Current gimmick:
John Morrison
42 years
Active Roles:
Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler

Personal Data
Palos Verdes, California, USA
6' 1" (185 cm)
211 lbs (96 kg)
Background in sports:
Ringen, Turnen, Parkour

Career Data
Alter egos:
John Hennigan
John Morrison
    a.k.a.  Johnny Nitro
    a.k.a.  Johnny Blaze
    a.k.a.  Johnny Spade
    a.k.a.  Johnny Superstar
    a.k.a.  Nitro
    a.k.a.  Johnny Mundo
Johnny Blackcraft
Johnny Impact
Johnny Onyx
Johnny Religion
Singles Wrestler (2002 - today)
Tag Team Wrestler (2003 - 2009, 2020 - today)
WWE Development Wrestler (2003 - 2005)
Beginning of in-ring career:
In-ring experience:
19 years
Wrestling style:
Techniker, High Flyer
"America's Moist Wanted"
"The Guru Of Greatness"
"The New Face Of Extreme"
"The Shaman Of Sexy"
"The Tuesday Night Delight/The Friday Night Delight"
Signature moves:
Starship Pain/Fin del Mundo
Moonlight Drive
Standing Shooting Star Press
Flying Chuck
Nitro Blast/Superkick
Standing Spanish Fly

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