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210.07.2020El Burrito6.0
308.07.2020Khalid Ace6.0
503.06.2020DakotaK76.0Santana Garrett is a good wrestler who does a great job for what she is asked to do at NXT. She is perfect for putting the others in the spotlight.
622.04.2020RYVNAYouTube4.0Santana Garrett was horrible in TNA as Brittany and despite the fact that she has change her gimmick, I can't forget that sh**.
1309.08.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling7.0I'm very surprised that WWE never picked her up. She seems like she would be the exact sort of person they would want. Especially now that AEW is looming & WWE seems to be signing just about every established name out there. On that note, I'm surprised AEW has not officially signed her yet either. I suppose it could still be on the horizon, but with all her experience, she feels like a no brainer. But anyhow, it feels like Santana has worked for just about every women's wrestling company under the sun at this point. I think her look is great & she has a kind of Wonder Woman thing going on. All in ring work I have seen from her seems solid.
1513.08.2018bdj19779.0It's become a little bit fashionable to bash Santana Garrett lately, mainly due to the fact that she's been the ultimate jobber for the two biggest American promotions, going 0-for-18? 19? but still going back for more. I think this is unfair, since, and people we can't forget this, the outcomes are predetermined and rookies/guests almost always lose! To me, all this proves is she is a hard worker who can check her ego at the door, put on a good show ... and lose convincingly. I am a little sick of her finisher (it's never changed from day one, almost always used, and taking so long to set up, sometimes unrealistic), but Santana does have a varied moveset which she executes well, knows ring psychology, and can tell a story in there. I still like her!
1607.07.2018Miki Yes6.0
2305.06.2017cantankErouS8.0Santana is a good wrestler, a fantastic athlete and beautiful woman who has somehow managed to fall through the cracks of big stage opportunities. It's not to say that the successes she's had haven't been impressive and carrying the title of a major all women's promotion such as Shine is certainly a significant accomplishment, but given her accumulated skills and raw athleticism the potential for more is certainly there. That may speak more to the limited opportunities for women than any fault of her own but her 'breakout star' status from several years ago is still waiting to be realized. There are limitations to her performances. She's not great on the microphone (but works the crowd from in the ring well), her offense can be predictable (handspring back elbow and shining star press are staples of any Santana match) and she struggles to convincingly portray a heel persona. That said, it's hard to name a more natural babyface that crowds have an immediate affinity for currently working as frequently as she does. Her international experience in recent years has made her a stronger performer and rather than commanding a major platform she seems to be sharing her knowledge by training younger wrestlers. This is all great, but at this point in her career she feels like a superstar whose peak should be a little higher than it currently is. Her potential is still there and her ceiling is high and ultimately she's only one opportunity away from reaching that pinnacle.
2719.01.2017Sonny Black8.0
2817.12.2016LooseExplosion6.0Good look and charisma. Poor striking, foot work, and promos. Her level of ring work shows when she works in Stardom, but she isn't that bad by comparison in the States. I do think she's unfortunately pretty overrated given her popularity.
3104.11.2016Luv all wrestling8.0Santana is a great technical wrestler, and has star power written all over her. The only problem is she hasn't had many standout moments in a while, but she still has a good body of work and bright future ahead of her.
3226.10.2016Hokuto in Winter3.0Generally terrible in the ring, awkward on the mic. To quote a former commenter 'offensively overrated'. All this and with all the dates she's working she's managed to improve to this awful level - if I was rating the Santana Garrett of two years ago I'd give her a 1. Living proof that in this industry in North America being an attractive female will still get you everywhere.
3603.08.2016meatrockit838.0Santana has a pretty high ceiling, in my opinion. She's a good wrestler, athletic, has a lot of charisma, beautiful, and is not a bad promo. She is much better suited as a babyface as she is naturally very likeable. Her talent was wasted in TNA, but her experience there seems to have made her better.
4622.02.2016Rjdshawn7.0Her win-loss record during her tenure in TNA is almost criminal when you compare to other years of her wrestling career. Santana is athletic, beauiful, and we got to see a crazy-heel toward the end of her time in TNA. She was no 2006 Mickie James, but she is fun to watch whether she is heel or face.
4708.02.2016DanTalksRasslin7.0Athletic and attractive young lady with some flashy moves and a good amount of natural charisma. Still perhaps working on stringing offense together, but that will come with time. At first I thought Santana was best-suited as a smiling, fan-friendly babyface, but her work in TNA as crazy-chick Brittany - though sadly cut short - showed that she's more versatile than just that. She's recently been having a great run on the indies, collecting belts in multiple organizations simultaneously, and hopefully she'll get another shot at the big time sooner rather than later.
4803.02.2016BITW448.0Santana is a young, spunky, beautiful, and sometimes even corny young wrestler. She brings a ton of energy out with her and works very well. Her finisher is great and i think she is the most likely of the Shine girls to end up with the WWE. She has star written all over her.
5024.11.2015MovadoWahrscheinlich eine der am härtesten arbeitenden Wrestlerinnen außerhalb Japans und der WWE. Alleine die Tatsache das sie derzeit 7 Titel hält (einige davon sind sogar recht prominent) spricht für diese Tatsache. Leider habe ich bisher zu wenig Matches gesehen um eine fundierte Bewertung abgeben zu können. Das was ich bisher bei SHINE gesehen habe, lässt jedoch schon eine Tendenz zwischen 7 und 8 erkennen. Mal sehen was ich noch von ihr zu sehen bekomme...
5114.11.2015La Trina8.0Santana Garrett is very fun to watch, she's a gorgeous young woman with a lot of athleticism. She's still a work in progress, so it could only go up from here.
5606.07.2015Crippler Crossface7.0
5910.10.2014TheGrandInquisiteur6.0A fit young lady with good size and speed but is under powered. At best she is a satisfactory worker. Some days she does good, other days not so good.
6117.07.2014rustybridge7.0She was great in the indies and almost as good in TNA. Both in the ring and on the mic she gives a good performance. Good job by TNA adding her on.
6217.07.20141goldcoin7.0Pretty good in ring performer, attractive and not bad on the mic either. Nice addition to the TNA KO roster.
6320.06.2014JustinJDMarineau8.0I never got to watch Brittany on the indies when she was Santana Garrett so I can only speak on her current run in TNA. I'm glad TNA signed a well known female indie name like Brittany because not only is she one beautiful, hot as hell chick but she's a pretty good worker in the ring and she's not too bad of a talker and a character either. I'm kind of liking her program she's in with Madison Rayne right now as well. So thumbs up TNA on a good female wrestler pick-up for your roster!
6415.06.2014zackwoowoowooryder9.0Finde sie bei TNA wirklich gut, hat schon öfter ihre Chance bekommen ihr Talent zu zeigen. Und die Chancen hat sie auch gut genutzt, denke aus ihr kann noch eine ganz große werden.
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