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[7.0] "Good show but many things were screwed up. AEW did another worst comeback ever (last time was Matt Sydal). I'm talking about The Cleaner Kenny Omega who got booked into a 10 second squash match against transgender. That was atrocious. The only good things about this show were: Penta vs Fenix and Jericho-MJF song. Last match was good but with terrible finish."
[5.0] "For the most part, a decent show with the first hour being magnificent. The World Title Tournament was off to a promising start but became pretty adequate when Canbana got into the ring, and the Lucha Brothers put on a phenomenal match that was likely the most energetic one of the year. The woman division, however, isn't going anywhere and only The Young Bucks and Private Party put on a worthy main event. Wardlow/JungleBoy (7. 5) Omega/Kiss (NR) Fenix/Penta (8) Page/Cabana (4. 5) Baker/King (3) Four Way (5. 5)"
[7.0] "A parte from the good matches on the card, I found very good the Rich Swann/EY angle, and perfect the EC3 one. I want to know what will become of TNA World Heavyweight title as well as it will concerne the character of EC3. Many spoke about the confusion and senseless of that story, I'm suspending the judgment since I'm enjoying that for now, it can be a real surprising end of the year storyline."
[5.0] "Hart Foundation promo: C+ / Johnson vs. Rockabilly: F / Vader vs. Goldust: D+ / Gauntlet Match: D / Shawn's promo and interference of Hart Foundation and LoD: C- / LoD vs. Furnas & LaFon: C- / Taker's promo: C+ / Bulldog vs. Austin: C+ / The chaos at the end was the best moment of the show. But comparing with the past shows, the ending wasn't the best."
[8.0] "Great show after two episodes very important yet not so incredible. Interesting booking with tournaments and n. 1 contendership, NJPW style."
[7.0] "Promo of Pillman and Austin's interruption: B+ / Funk vs. Rockabilly: C- / Bret Hart's promo: C / LoD vs. Furnas & LaFon: C / Owen vs. Rocky: C+ / James vs. Vader: D- / Helmsley vs. Goldust: B- / Bulldog vs. Taker: C- / Jim Neidhart's return was gold."
BUIOOMEGA wrote about AEW Dark #57:
[7.0] "Contrary to most, I enjoyed a lot this episode of Dark. Every match have sense, not many random squashes... good!"
[8.0] "Sultan vs. Johnson: C- / Austin vs. Hart: C+ / Singh vs. Sincere: D- / James vs. Rockabilly: C- / Taker vs. Helmsley: B- / And the last moments of the show were gold."
[6.0] "The first match was honestly bad. Sayuri is still not much of a wrestler and lacks the qualities that make a good entertainer. Sayaka Obihiro was trying to pull off her best Mano Negra impersonation (Mano Roja? ) but honestly there wasn't much she could do. The second match... well apparently a good chunk of it was lost due to some technical glitch but from what I could see the Chie Koishikawa-Lulu Pencil combination is truly potentially deadly for the hearing. I hope to be able to edit my review once the full match becomes available. Finally the main event. It was really really good. Yuna Mizumori is a surprisingly good wrestler, and I'll never tire of saying this, but Cherry reminds me more and more of Minoru Suzuki c. 2012: she can still wrestle more than well for her age, and has an excellent technical basis, but just knows she cannot do anymore all the things she used to do, so she's reiventing herself but without destroying her character. Like Suzuki she is becoming a deadly roadblock for younger wrestlers to overcome because she will pull every trick out of the bag to win but if the need be she can still go. In the ring with somebody as good as Yuna Mizumori this resulted in a truly good, albeit a bit short, match."
Damian wrote about WWE NXT #426:
[4.0] "Once again a weak show full of short pointless matches with no build-up. Thatcher's segment/squash was enjoyable and the main event (+post match) was ok but that's basically it. I didn't like this episode at all."
[7.0] "Very enjoyable WCW PPV while nWo is still very very hot. Rey vs Dragon was a glorified squash but still the skills of those two are very skilled workers that make even that squash feel fun. Jericho vs Patrick was much better than it had any right to be. Giant vs JJ was bad as expected but the run in by Sting gave it a little edge while building up the crow Sting punisher persona. Harlem Heat vs Canadians was better than expected although it dragged after some minutes beause only Booker can actually work out of those 4. The choice to have a 20 minute segment in the middle of a PPV was bad and it should have been saved for a Nitro, but Piper is so damn charismatic I legit thought that he wants to beat up Hogan, realy intense stuff. Malenko had an underwhelming match with Psychosis for some reason I wasn't into it. The Triangle Tag match was just a bunch of huge men beating the fuck out of each other, it was entertaining. The World War 3 match was unwatchable and impossible to follow for 90% of its duration, the final sequence with Luger and the nWo was great though. High quality WCW let's enjoy it while it lasts."
Caas wrote about AEW Dark #57:
[4.0] "I tried to watch this twice and literally fell asleep both times, got through it on the third watch, and just meh. Not a bad show, and I always love Ricky Starks on commentary, but it just felt kind of pointless."
Caas wrote about AEW Dynamite #56:
[7.0] "I'd actually give this a 9, but that MJF/Jericho segment was basically every reason that I don't watch WWE all at once, featuring two guys that I really like. Rating drops to a 7 just for that. Everything else was good to great, and in the case of Sonny Kiss, questionable yet tolerable."
Rocky7 wrote about WWE NXT #426:
[6.0] "A lot of short matches this week, and happy to see Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan as Tag Team Champions, albeit as part of Pat McAfee's beef with the Undisputed ERA. Mainly wanted to comment about my anticipation for the Ember Moon/Dakota Kai feud - they somehow escaped each other during their time at SHIMMER despite being there at the same time for a couple of years, so it'll be cool to see what Athena vs. Evie would have looked like."
[7.0] "Overall a pretty good show but did have a few minor flaws for example the slight botched finish but overall pretty entertaining show here are my match ratings for the show AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament First Round Match Wardlow vs. Jungle Boy **1/4 AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament First Round Match Kenny Omega vs. Sonny Kiss **** AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament First Round Match Penta El Zero M vs. Rey Fenix **3/4 AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament First Round Match Colt Cabana vs. Adam Page ***1/4 Singles Match Dr. Britt Baker DMD vs. KiLynn King *1/2 AEW World Tag Team Title #1 Contendership Four Way Match The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) vs. The Butcher And The Blade (The Blade & The Butcher) vs. Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) **3/4"
[4.0] "So this was something. The first tag match was really good. Three tag teams who really knew what they were doing, and a strong proper debut for Private Party. As for Bates and Allie, they were terrible. No chemistry, very awkward. And while I thought that the Hardcore match was definitely the worst match here, I recommend that you watch it just to appreciate that some guy who isn't a wrestler got to fulfill his dream of being one for like 10 minutes. He wasn't good and Nakazawa is weird as hell, but it makes you at least kinda enjoy that match. Don't watch this pre show. Do the tag match and skip to the main portion."
[10.0] "I always kinda struggle when it comes to rating these sorts of things, because a full show is genuinely more than the sum of its parts. But I can say that I don't feel too bad about this one. The opening 6-man tag was high energy and introduced a load of fans to the OWE guys. The 4-way was a wonderful surprise with the debut of Awesome Kong, although the match was nothing more than adequate. Best Friends vs. Angelico and Evans was a different kind of high energy match, showing off some great tag team work, and the debut of the Super Smash Bros was super cool, undercut quite a bit by the fact that the crowd had no clue who they were. I get that the Elite guys assumed that their fans would be PWG Fans, but the Super Smash Bros are from like 2013 PWG. And then they only really appeared on indie shows and a couple ROH cards. The actual tag match was really good though. The Joshi 6-Woman tag was great, showcasing 5 women that the AEW Women's division can be built around, and Aja who's legend speaks for itself. I loved Sakazaki, Riho and Shida in particular and I hope they get some love. Cody vs. Dustin was shockingly not only a match of the night, but possibly one of the best matches of the year! It was dramatic and heartbreaking at the very end, and I had no idea that either of them had this in them. Bret Hart revealing the title was a cool little coup, and the MJF promo was great too. The tag match was everything I had hoped it would be: great storytelling and awesome spots. I thought it was even better than their match at BOLA a few years ago because of the story involved here. And in the main event, Jericho and Kenny put on a great match, albeit disappointing considering their previous meeting in Japan. Jericho's new finisher sucked, but the match was still really good. The crowd was on fire, Excalibur on a show of this size was super cool, and the set and ring looked cool as hell. Really great show and an amazing debut for AEW."
Okaro143 wrote about WWE NXT #426:
[7.0] "Good show. The Triple Threat opening match was good. Legado El Phantasmo delivers yet again in a 6 man tag team match. Individual progression of different angles including the build up to NXT Halloween. But the main event provided the greatest twist with a returning Pat MC Afee joining hands with the NEW AND DESERVED Tag Team Champs Danny Burch And Oney Lorcan."
[8.0] "KENNY OMEGA THE CLEANER is BACK. I loved how he showed up with a full blown entrance and just squash Sonny Kiss. To add insult to injury, he mockingly held up Sonny and hugged him after the match. A despicable mockery of sportsmanship. And I loved it. REY fenix Vs Pentagon Jr. was a really good match and I am so excited for next week between Onega and Fenix. The main event was also good so were the other matches in the tournament. Moxley and Kingston cut a great promo and we got a fun little segment by Chris Jericho and MJF. This was a really good show overall."
[6.0] "Pretty good pre-show. AEW guys know how to book a battle royal that is for sure, compared to any other company I can think of. They made it a lot of fun and filled it with some crazy spots and some fun entrants. The singles match was fine, although it was a spotfest that never quite connected with me. I think that they didn't have the chemistry that they needed. Fun stuff leading into the pay per view"
[9.0] "This show had something for everybody. Want a fun David vs Goliath match? Wardlow and Jungle Boy have it covered. Hard-hitting, emotional singles match between siblings? Fenix and Pentagon got you. Terrific tag team wrestling? Main event did it. Over the top squash loaded with character development for a big star? Kenny Omega vs Sony Kiss delivered that. Insane segment with a little bit of everything, that will be polarizing but was mostly hilarious? Jericho and MJF gave you all that and then some. Big main event storyline driven home with some epic promos? Moxley and Kingston delivered home run after home run on this show with their promos. There was so much more to the show as well. It'll take too long to cover everything. This was an 8. 5/10 show. If you want a cornucopia of everything that pro wrestling can offer in a two-hour tv show, this show was for you."
[7.0] "THe opening match was really good, I don't believe I have ever seen either of these guys before, but I will be hoping to see them again. I would like to see how w crowd reacts to Jesse James. The main event I thought was going to be disappointing, but the pope coming back and actually messing with Zicky and getting the title made it well worth it. Zicky is a bad guy of the worst today. Made me much more interested than if they had just had a 6 minute match to drop the title."
[5.0] "This show was nothing to write home about. Every match was pretty predictable. The best match was the Reno SCUM vs. Heath & Rhino, but even that was fairly predictable. Nothing awful either."
szczor wrote about WWE NXT #426:
[9.0] "Really good show. Opener was so good. Embers back! Reed besting theory over and over. Thatcher vs greene ruled. Tag match and heel turrn was good. _____ is a great heel"
szczor wrote about AEW Dark #57:
[2.0] "I love AEW, but I hate watching Dark. At least the dark order have two cool finishes between alan angels and silver, reynolds, and ten"
[10.0] "One of the best Dynamites ever. There's no other way to put it. I was a little surprised AEW started off with Wardlow-Jungle Boy as opposed to Fenix-Pentagon but once against both guys stepped up huge. Jungle Boy is such a great babyface and Wardlow, for a guy we don't see often, is just off the charts good. He's a future superstar in AEW. The Eddie Kingston-Jon Moxley segments were absolute fire; if Eddie Kingston isn't the Promo of the Year than no one is. He's been very good in the ring but his mic work has taken him from a guy selling his boots for cash a few months ago into a bonafide main eventer. Omega-Sonny Kiss was exactly what it needed to be, from Omega's entrance to Omega immediately flexing his muscles by crushing Sonny. I think a longer match between them would've been good but on this night it was the right call. Penta vs. Fenix was incredible. It got scary for a moment after Fenix landed on his head but aside from that this was exactly what I wanted and expected. Some people thought it was a Match of the Year contender and I can understand the argument. Cabana vs. Hangman exceeded expectations; I figured it would be short but they gave them time, Hangman looked great as usual and Colt really stepped up. That was probably his best AEW work yet. Team Taz promo was great as per usual. Jericho and MJF's steak dinner was better than I could've possibly imagined. I think we all figured it be entertaining, and instead we got better thank to the musical number. It's not something that can be done often but for this occasion it was a masterpiece. Britt Baker vs. KiLynn King wasn't much (and the one disappointment of this show is that AEW still is having issues finding time for the women's division), but they made the most of the time and Britt continues to look so improved from when we last saw her. Finally the main event was borderline great; I liked the story they told in the Bucks being kept out till the latter parts and guys like Marq Quen and John Silver had great performances. Alex Reynolds' injury was scary though and I think Rick Knox, who I love, could've noticed something was off sooner; thankfully it appears Reynolds will be okay. The post match with Tully and FTR was solid too to set up the first Bucks-FTR match. So yeah; masterpiece. I'd still say the Atlanta show is peak Dynamite, but this is not far behind."
[10.0] "Wardlow vs. Jungle Boy 3. 50 /// Omega vs Kiss DNR /// Fenix vs Pentagon 4. 50 /// Cabana vs. Page 3. 50 /// Baker vs. King DNR /// Fatal-4-Way 4. 00 /// Jericho and MJF segment was gold."
[10.0] "Fantastic show from top to bottom. Every match was different and I'm extremely excited to see where the story of the tournament goes. The 4 way tag match was also solid."
[10.0] "Damn this was an incredible episode of TV and likely a rank among Dynamites best, but in fairness, it's hard to remember with most of the 54 episodes being great. But this was firing on all cylinders. Really good wrestling an fantastic promos. They really mastered the pacing of this episode, which is something they've been hot or miss on with Live shows in Dailys Place. Wardlow/Jungle Boy was a fun opener ***1/2. Omega coming back in full form to kill Sonny was great. Absolutely incredible promos from both Mox and Eddie to hype their match. Penta/Fenix was one of the best TV matches of the year, incredible stuff ****1/2. Cabana/Page was another good match ***1/2. Ricky Starks also cut another fire promo. The MJF/Jericho dinner was absolutely fantastic. Expected good stuff, but not as great as it ended up being. Britt looked good in her win. And the main event was another fun tag ***1/2. Overall just a really fun and well rounded TV show"
[9.0] "GREAT episode! The only segment that wasn't at least very good was Britt vs KiLynn, and that was still a good squash. Wardlow vs Jungle Boy: ****-. Omega vs Kiss: NR. Fenix vs Penta: ****. Page vs Cabana: ***3/4-. Baker vs King: NR. 4-Way Tag Match: ***3/4+. Also, I truly think that Jericho/MJF segment was one of AEW's best so far and will likely go down as a classic segment."
[10.0] "Top to bottom this episode was fantastic! The Le Dinner Debonair between MJF & Chris Jericho was fantastic! Penta El Zero M vs Rey Fenix stole the show, Best match I've seen on FREE TV in ages!"
[8.0] "I liked the show. The best moment was the musical of Jericho and MJF. Wardlow's victory also made me enjoy the show. Kenny Omega's sharp break to the Cleaner gimmick increased the hype for the tournament. Brother vs. Brother was also a great choice, I was sure about that this match will be a solid match. Page vs. Cabana and Baker vs. King matches were the failures of this show. And at the main event, Tully Blanchard shown us that he still got something in his arsenal."
Brye wrote about AEW Dynamite #56:
[10.0] "Wow, what an episode! Fenix/Pentagon lived up to the hype, Colt/Page ended up being great, Jungle Boy/Wardlow was really fun, the main event was action packed and the MJF/Jericho segment was wrestling insanity at it's finest. Literally only the best of the best in the industry can pull off a segment like that. But it was awesome. The pacing of this show felt really strong as well."
[7.0] "OK match qualities and nice angles. The show satisfied me well. But they still wheeling out the same thing. Yet they trying to do the good thing, I can feel it."
[10.0] "Easily the best Dynamite in some time. The musical, the structure of the tournament, Fenix/Pentagon as a standalone bout, and a Horseman-related leg-breaking angle to end the night on a high note. Dynamites lately have been a mix of decent to good, but this ups the recent average."
[8.0] "Really enjoyed: -The Butcher and The Blade vs Faboo Andre and D3 -The Lucha Bros beast of a squash -Darby vs Luther"
[0.0] "The rumble match that main events the show is one of the worst things I've ever seen. Bad british comedy and BritWres' most boring characters? ! Please, no"
LucaGG18 wrote about FCW TV #1:
[6.0] "For a first TV show, the FCW does not do too badly. The opening match and the Main Event are for me the best matches of this episode. On the other hand, Dolph Ziggler has been wrestling in the WWE for more than 10 years, and he didn't change character (and he had a disgusting haircut)."
Damian wrote about MLW Fusion #64:
[6.0] "Aries looks weird. The haircut, the full beard and the black pants, while being skinnier than ever make him look like a deranged hobo. The match was more competitive than I expected it to be, but it was decent so that wasn't a problem. His promo was good, Teddy vs Aries will be good. Savio Vega on TV in 2019 is an interesting idea, dunno if it has any potential to work. Fatu squashing jobbers is always fun. Main event was ok with a nice brawl after it."
[6.0] "Finally back on track. This was much better than the past two weeks. Opener was a surprisingly fun brawl with Alisha being gored as the highlight. Jimmy Jacobs being abducted was an interesting idea to setup an interview. Sami vs Eddie was a solid TV match and it should have been on PPV but I get they want to give Shamrock a PPV match in his Hall of Fame induction. EY's promo was good and main event was ok even though I expected a bit more."
[5.0] "Slight improvement over last week but still not up to the usual Impact quality. Storylines didn't really get better in this episode and they still feel mostly uninteresting and stale but at least the show top to bottom felt a bit tighter. Main event was surprisingly decent after the restart."
Damian wrote about MLW Fusion #63:
[6.0] "Ok show. Opening angle with the Dynasty & the Harts was good. Opener was... There? I don't get Jordan Oliver, I didn't enjoy this. Low Ki's rebuild as a face continues well with a squash and a decent promo. The Von Erichs debut was good but I don't think Contra Unit losing was a good idea. The chaos after the match was great and got Contra Unit some heat back."
Damian wrote about MLW Fusion #62:
[6.0] "Another Promociones Dorado's edition of MLW Fusion. This time much better than the previous one. Opener was a decent athletic flip-fest with a cold crowd but it overstayed it's welcome. It went very long for no reason and had a ton of false finishes in front of an apathetic crowd so it came off badly. Low Ki vs Martinez did a great job at rebuilding Low Ki up, this time as a babyface. Main event was a nice, fun brawl that started with Callihan spitting in Cornette's face and Jim thinking Sami was working lol."
BenDenV6 wrote about AEW Dark #57:
[5.0] "This was a good dark but I do agree the length was a bit of an issue, although it did seem to go by faster than some of the worse shorter episodes. Spears vs. Daniels was a real match that I would want to see. Starks was better on commentary than last week. Penta vs. QT was a good match and actually had an angle and a reveal that the bunny/Allie is back with Butcher & Blade and not with QT. KTB is a solid name-brand Indie talent who deserved this break. Kaz vs. Jack Evans was OK and watchable although Kaz's promo was formulaic and rambley. Dark Order 6 man worked well and they looked good - I also liked the "drinking bird" finisher. Fenix vs. Sonny Kiss was an average match considering who was involved as these styles didn't really work well together. Shawn Dean needs to pick up a win somewhere considering he's going on 6 months with the company and is now co-featuring on Dark. I'm not a fan of these Wardlow supersquashes. These aren't getting him or his knee lift over when they take out some guy you've never heard of in less than a minute - the point being we don't see if the other guy can even work the quality of the win is zilch. Still this was more entertaining than most recent Dark episodes. I'm torn between 6 and 5 here, but went 5 because I had so many complaints. Really some rarely nice spots on this Dark though."
[4.0] "Not a very good episode. The in-ring was action wasn't good and there was no stand out promo or angle. Maybe the Rohit Raju-Jordynne-Mack angle. On top of that I don't feel that Impact has enough interesting storylines going right now. EC3 vs Moose has become stale af, Dreamer vs Myers was never good story-wise, Callihan-Edwards feels like a remake no-one particularly wanted and Rich Swann-EY is carried by the starting angle. Edit: I forgot about the Heath-Rhyno story. It's actually getting good, Heath had a very good promo in this episode."
[9.0] "Very good event, fantastic co - main event and main event. An event that prove that Impact wrestling is not die. Okay, it's not the TNA of 2006, but have a good moment or show and that event is an example. Aries vs Sanada was a fantastic ME, the ladder match was an oh my God match with a former ROH talent, The Wolves. I recommend to see TNA one night X Division Xtravaganza, because is a worth watching."
saraiva98 wrote about AEW Dark #56:
[4.0] "Excessively long dark episode. Nick Comoroto has a nice look! Jungle Boy deserved to win that match but the end was a bit flaw. A boring Dark this was..."
[5.0] "This PPV started well with 2 good matches but started going foul after that. It never reached critical points but having a very long show in the no crowd era, filled with a lot of pointless matches with minimal buildup is not a recipe for success. Let's hope BFG is better."
[9.0] "This show had a sense of occasion like no other in recent memory. The card was absolutely stacked from top to bottom, and no match was bad. The best match of the night was of course Cody vs. Dustin, an amazing clash that could have easily main evented a WrestleMania if WWE had any regard for the Rhodes' family at all. The second best match was the awesome tag team contest between the Young Bucks and the Lucha Bros, a really fast-paced and frenetic match that served to continue the great feud between the two world class teams. The main event of Jericho v. Omega wasn't as good as their Wrestle Kingdom match, but was still fun nonetheless. And of course, this show also featured the debut of Jon Moxley in a instantly iconic and lighting-in-a-bottle moment that legitimised AEW as a major league company even more. An absolutely amazing show and an iconic debut for AEW."
[5.0] "Very average show. Quick review: 1)Tenma vs Miyamoto - it's really hard to have a great match with somebody who has not enough experience. Moka needs lots of work. Score: 4/10. 2)Three Way Match - fast action, cool moves, (lot of them were sloppy) and these godawful dropkicks. Girls don't even hit each other with these. Lots of selling with no firepower. Score: 5/10. 3)Kiryu vs Maiumi - boring match. Score 5/10. 4)Nakajima vs Raku - ridiculous beginning but after Shoko's great suicide dive it got better. Shoko was heating the action but Raku was slowing things down. Score: 5/10. 5)Tag Team Match - my favourite match of the night. Cool moves, great near falls, great coopertation, everything worked. Score: 8/10. 6)Six Man Tag - Good match but too bad girls didn't use their finest moves. I was looking for Yuka's or Mizuki's crazy finisher. Score: 7/10"
[8.0] "That was a great episode. LA Parka debuts, a great Eddie vs Benoit match and the other matches although not as good, progressed their respective storylines a great deal. The nWo angle is getting hotter than ever, with the ending segment being one of the best ever."
[5.0] "This is your standard Stardom house show that highlighted the following. First, after building up Saya Kamitani as a star (remember the match in Yokohama, the one with the Phoenix Splash? ), she's back at jobbing. It would have been absolutely fine in a singles match against Konami but in a three way? Second, I think Giulia has gone this close to ****ing herself once again while facing Gokigen Death. Very funny stuff and it's scary to think Kaori Yoneyama is still doing 80% of the work in these tag matches at her age, probably because AEW wants Riho to work very conservatively. And another upset win for Kaori. Finally I think Natsumi Maki/Natsupoi has some communication issues with the rest of the Stardom crew: there are too many small details that betray it. She'll probably need another 8-10 matches to iron out those issues and be ready for a title match. Oh, and Mina Shirakawa. She was not as awful as she was during the previous event but it's very obvious even present day Stardom, which is not c. 2015 Stardom, may be a bit too much for her to handle. She is absolutely fine facing yoga instructors and other models, but even against a rookie as Himeka is her limits immediately show. All in all just watch Giulia' ultimately losing battle not to burst laughing in Kaori Yoneyama's face and you will be fine."
[5.0] "Really good Dark show, but this was the first time Dark exceeded any 2 hour Dynamite show. The longest non-PPV show in AEW so far. I like the matches, short and sweet. But 16 matches? That's a little bit absurd."
[7.0] "This was a good event produced well by the story-driven being built on for the entire last week. There were some good wrestling (Moxley vs Suzuki, Hiromu vs Lee) and the rest was okay."
[6.0] "Especially For WCW 2000 standards this episode of nitro in my opinon although by no means was it spectacular it had its fair share of flaws especially mark Maddon on commentary and needless run ins but the story telling in the last 2 matches was superb thus the rating I give it here are my match ratings for the episode. Singles Match Lash LeRoux vs. Chris Candido *1/2 Singles Match Fit Finlay vs. La Parka ** WCW World Tag Team Title Match The Harris Brothers (Big Ron & Heavy D) (c) vs. Billy Kidman & Booker (w/Torrie Wilson) 3/4* Singles Match The Total Package (w/Elizabeth) vs. Vampiro **1/4 Singles Match Hugh Morrus vs. Norman Smiley * Singles Match Dustin Rhodes vs. Curt Hennig **3/4 Singles Match The Barbarian vs. Tank Abbott 1/2* Singles Match Sting vs. Ric Flair **1/2 Tag Team Match Hulk Hogan & Sid Vicious vs. Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner (w/Big Ron & Heavy D) ***1/4"
[7.0] "This is the first show that I think is actually decent from early NWA-TNA. And yes, it's pretty much all due to the young X Division. But even the non-X Division stuff is passable."
[6.0] "this was a mess of a WWE episode which should of been really good as it was season prem, retribution match none of the retribution members can wrestle they were all falling over like jobbers and it felt like a bad jobber squash match, 2nd match was not as good as previous encounters on Smackdown, 3rd match was awful womens tag belts match was more a work the crowd match and should of been the opeaner as it had all the aspects, Kofi's match should of been main event it was an excelent encounter both men gave it there all Otis's match was funny, mainevent was a downer was expecting it too be good but it was really bad and why give Elias a no talent who can't sing or play guitar a concert those minutes should of went too the mainevent between Keith and Braun. Jeff Hardy played better guitar then any of Eliases band members. I also skipped the last promo as was allready angry at WWE's booking ideas this week and didn't want too be more angry at them."
[4.0] "Good points: Styles/Riddle match, Kingston/Sheamus one and the Fiend/Bliss story. Bad points: Retribution! And the average matches of the rest of the card. Very bad season premiere compared to the SD one."
[6.0] "Uhhhh to be 100% honest this card was good I guess Backyard Wrestling 1 was a great show and I think I held my expectations a little too high for this show but it was still decent I guess the only thing I really have to say is: El Shlako VS. Paco Loco for Backyard Wrestling 3"
[6.0] "I accidentally deleted my draft of my first review so im kinda pissed so instead of giving explanations on why I chose to give the matches a -/10 ill just enter the ratings and thats it . RSP/Lloyd 2/10, Mercer/Ryan 8/10, Cogar/Kat 5/10, Colon/Shlak 6/10, Sixway 10/10, RSP/Ryan 4/10, Colon/Cogar 6/10, Dickinson/Only 0/10, Colon/RSP 8/10"
[8.0] "This was a good event, it was one of my favorites of the year its just- 3 of the matches really took the spotlight among others. Cassidy/RSP was a decent match so id give it like a 6/10, Ironbeast/The Rascals was "meh" I just wasn't into it so id give it a 5/10, Gresham/Moriarty this match was extremely long but it was really good I'm taking off 1 point due to time but I give it an 8/10, Team Pazuzu/NextGen was like the Ironbeast/Rascalz match I just didn't get into it 5/10, Deppen vs Shelly was a decent match and it was one I could get into 6/10, Rush/ACH was a bit too long but it was enjoyable 7/10, Morton/Janela was a match that I REALLY liked it and didn't feel too long 8/10, "Clusterfuck" Battle Royale was uh I rooted for Nate Webb and he won but its just- I had really high expectations and it was kinda mid 7/10, Colon/Tremont Colon is a favorite of mine and it was just a great match all together imo 8/10,"
[5.0] "To be honest, I didn't like how they "portrayed" the LGBTQ community but I mean all and all Vox&Exo/Mack&Starr 5/10, Vox&Exo/Mack&Starr 6/10, 8Man (this would have been an 8 but it was long so) 6/10, Senegal/Kat 2/10, Gauntlet 4/10 I never heard of a lot of the workers but besides that, it was pretty meh, Stunt/Effy 5/10 the reason being that it was really "meh", Cassandro/Kiss 6/10 I'm a fan of both and it was a pretty decent match"
[8.0] "To be honest, this event was one of my favorites this year, Mox is finally able to make it to a bloodsport and these are my ratings for the matches: Grimm/Makowski 6/10, Tankman/James 4/10, Hammer/Jak 10/10, Lawlor/Homicide 8/10, Smith/Alexander 4/10, Snow/Kay 0/10, Moxley/Dickinson 10/10"
[7.0] "To be honest, the commentary was a little bit unbearable but besides that, the Sabu match was decent and the main event was good!"
[8.0] "Match #1 : **1/2, Match #2 : **7/8, Match #3 : ***1/8, Match #4 : ***, Match #5 : ***3/4, Match #6 : ***1/2 The rating might be a little biased since it is my first Stardom, but damn did I have a good time. This show was really fun and the matches were all solid. I had no expectations, and they blew me away. The crowd was excellent and the wrestlers were great. MOTN goes to AZM and Kagetsu vs Iwatani and Kid, an awesome fight. They also set up a High Speed tournament, which could only mean good things."
[7.0] "Match #1 : **3/4, Match #2 : **1/2, Match #3 : *1/2, Match #4 : **1/3, Match #5 : **3/4, Match #6 : ***1/2, Match #7 : ***1/3, Match #8 : **** The first quarter of the show was basically filler tag matches which were fine I suppose. Then, what followed was an atrocity. Why the hell is Masanobu Fuchi still wrestling? The man can't even walk, let alone do a f**king bodyslam. The rest was just bad comedy, Tajiri doesn't deserve this. The next two were fine, but the real matches were what kicked up the Rating. Sato vs Kagetora was a great stiff match and so was Susumu vs Koji. The main event was MOTN for me with a big hoss fight. And Ryouji Sai was there too. The finish was odd, I don't really know why they didn't just pin Sai but whatever. 7/10 for me."
[] "Not gonna rate this since it is only an awards show, but it was a pretty fun one at least. We got highlights from some of the MOTY awards (but not from the actual Match of the Year, Bate vs WALTER) including Gargano vs Cole, Womens Wargames, and the Tag Ladder match which are all great. But honestly, I don't know why this wasn't a show at the end of 2019. It competed with one of the best Dynamite episodes ever. It would've been nice to add an NXT episode to the mix."
[7.0] "Very solid show to end AEW's illustrious groundbreaking year. Sammy winning was a definitive boost, four-way tag team bout was fun and cool, and the Spear/Janela match was comedy gold to end their feud."
[4.0] "This was a short, snoozefest of an AEW Dark show. 30 minutes long with lack of proper segments and vignettes to think about. 6 man tag was decent, Kong/Moore was a squash."
[6.0] "Average episode, some fun segments, but ununderstanable booking A 3 minutes main event ? ! Top 3 of the Night 3. Bray Wyatt & Alexa Bliss 2. Mustafa Ali 1. Jordan Omogbehin & AJ Styles"
[9.0] "Just a little known fact here ladies and gentlemen. That ceiling in that venue was pretty low and someone still did a 450 splash and another guy did a shooting star press. ? Twas a killer show."
[10.0] "I am only rating the Kota Ibushi match since it's not eligible for the matchguide right now. This is absurdly great: four semi-naked men fighting in a dirty London street in March. Jimmy Havoc runs over his tag team partner with his car. Then Kota Ibushi gets some fireworks and shoot them around, setting himself on fire in the process. Then he moonsaults off the roof of Jimmy Havoc's car. Finally everybody gets back inside and Kota Ibushi throws himself off a scaffold for the win. This is the main event NJPW should have at Wrestle Kingdom 2021, and I am not even joking: this stuff is so over the top bizarre it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen in pro-wrestling."
[7.0] "Not a good show to close the B-Block however the MOTN were ZSJ/Tanahashi and Kenta/Naito which I liked surprisingly enough and i think it got too much heat than it deserved. Young Lions demonstrated a good showing as usual. Goto/Juice was sloppy and disappointing. Y-H/Yano was very bad nut Y-H got the win so thats good news. Sanada defeated Evil to win the B-Block in a wrestling lack luster of a main event. The action packed drama and intensity saved it from being a virtual disaster. Sanada advances to the finals so i think 7 is a fair enough score."
[6.0] "Very average show. Only 4 matches, which only last two tag teams caught my attention. Opening match was typical small vs big battle. After that Maya Yukihi beat Banny Oikawa, which was predictable, she's on much higher level. First of two tag matches was mostly carried by Suzu and Tsukasa. Main event was enjoyable, because I like Risa Sera nad Maika Ozaki a lot."
[7.0] "Very good show, the first segment es really good, the fiend and alexa is excellent storyline, Aj vs Riddle is a entertaining match, Elias is a great singer, El Gran Gordo xd, Sheamus vs Kofi good match and the segment of Drew and Randy is a really really good and hype for hiac."
[7.0] "I'm loving The Pure Title Tournament so far and while the wresting wasn't as strong as last week it was still a lot of fun. The highlight has to be Delirious' promo. Both matches had wrestlers who had known each other very well and that made things interesting."
[8.0] "I don't understand the reviews, haters xd, This Raw was very good and had many high points, The Fiend and Alexa, Elias Concert, Mustafa Ali Promo, Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre Promo, AJ Styles vs Matt Riddle, Sheamus vs Kofi Kingston, the Otis segment was a lot of fun. Overall, it seemed like a very good show."
[8.0] "Good episode, banging main event and some fine short matches that served their purpose before that. The Regal promo and brawl was great as well, though they'll never capitalize on it like they could have. Some dumb storylines continue (Kane/Lita/Matt ughhh) and the diva search stinks but more good than bad."
[4.0] "This episodes was one of the worst Raw's in recent memory. Awful booking left and right. They are killing all the new upstarts: retribution, Keith Lee, Riddle, etc. The Alexa/Fiend/Firefly funhouse stuff does not connect with me, but maybe it's a draw for others? That seems like the only positive raw has going for it right now. On the plus side I LOL'd with Otis in the fat lucha costume: shades of Juan Cena!"
[0.0] "A 3-minute match as main event and keith lee losing like that ? braun strowman didn't even hit his finisher. Raw is just a joke . even these 2 million viewers that we watch raw we are heroes. Retribution lost like that even though vince was pushing them all these months , and they even lost their first official match from Mvp stable ? a stable of jobbers expect bobby lashley lol . Booking is just a mess"
[5.0] "Good things : AJ Styles with Jordan Omogbehin, Asuka who squash Lana, a solid bout between Kingston and Sheamus. Bad things : Peyton Royce with Lacey Evans, the dead of RETRIBUTION, the disappointing main event. The rest I don't care."
[4.0] "A mixed bag, with the clear highlight of the RAW survivor series match. Benoit and Cena were picked as menaces for Brock's reign, Taker was sent to recover and refresh, Goldberg won cleanly, Orton was put over huge, little creative tweaks that saved this event."
[1.0] "Nope, just nope to this show. Sure some good stuff happened but there was so much damaging booking that it undoes the few positives, which felt more like neutrals anyway. Please fix your show."
[5.0] "For the most part a mighty lot of blood was shed, and quite a bit of wrestling was on display. Unbreakable tables, gusset places, barbed wire, and light tubes littered the event and, most everyone went over the top to put on an excellent show. In the main event, the cage was made of timber and wrapped in barbed wire. 44OH! Overtook the match, making it a four on one, destroying Jacobs in the process. Crist & Page put on a good match and a returning Jimmy Jacobs was also fun. IWA-MS has thoroughly made up for not having any deathmatch tournaments in 2019. This year the outstanding performances were from the deathmatch debuting Logan James and Wellington, Moseley, and Giza. Nothing/Jacobs (5) Tag (3) Martin/McCulley (3. 5) Jacobs/James (6. 5) Wellington/Moseley (6) Cogar/Giza (7) Crist/Page (5) Jacobs/Wellington (6) Cogar/Martin (4) Cogar/Jacobs (5. 5)"
[6.0] "Conflicted about that show. It was never boring, which is not easy to do with a 3 hour show. The in ring action we got was pretty decent, even through most of the matches were too short. Ali and Miz promos were fire, and I like the goofiness around Otis. The problems are that booking decisions around Retritubution and Keith Lee were more than questionable and women's division seems to not have a direction. I don't feel it was as bad as the general consensus seems to be, my primary concern is the entertainment value of the show, WWE has proven many times they can get around previous poor booking decisions so i look at them as something which disminishes the show's quality, not something that ruins it, so I give it a 6, but I understand that most fans are more frustrated than I am."
[7.0] "Great show. Perfect combination in less than one hour of competition and creation of characters as EC3 debut."
Damian wrote about MLW Fusion #61:
[5.0] "This one wasn't good. It was kinda filler and not worth watching IMO. The only things worth watching were MJF vs DBSJr and the Sami-Mancer promo and even then the main event wasn't that good (**1/4). MJF was great with his stalling and his interfering entourage and his trash talking but DBS is extremely bland and uninteresting and a very bad babyface."
[6.0] "This was worse than last week. Many elements of the show were copy pasted, like the Patrick/lawyer/Long/Jericho promo and also the ending was exactly the same which is unacceptable. No sight of Piper either. However, the undercard was great with the MOTN: Benoit vs Hector Guerrero stealing the show as expected. DDP seeds of face turn was planted as well as Bagwell into the nWo."
[9.0] "I cannot give it maximum score because there were a few pretty average matches. However Queen's Quest vs DDM tag match was incredibly good and my favourite of all fights. I highly recommend this show."
[6.0] "Ok opener with a well executed Myron Reed heel turn. Hammerstone vs Pillman was fun and logical match, with Pillman being a very good underdog in this and Hammerstone doing well as the heel. Solid shit, ***1/4. Main event was ok but Jimmy Havoc makes no sense as a title challenger. The dude lost in the War Games and lost against Lawlor yet he gets another big match. It's honestly baffling because a) he is not that good b) he has no potential c) he is not a draw in the US."
Damian wrote about MLW Fusion #59:
[5.0] "Contra Unit saved this episode from a below 5 rating. We got 2 sub-2 minutes squashes and a meh and really predictable main event but Contra Unit and their antics really kept me interested throughout the episode."
[7.0] "I dont see why people have issues with the nWo being the focus of the show, the angle was still in progress. Nitro had decent matches and adressed loose ends that the storylines left. Nick Patrick is so good at this point, Jericho gets some promo time. I hated that lawyer though I think he no sold the promo. Benoit and Guerrero had an amazing match in which both are going in severly hurt and spend the whole 9 minutes selling the fuck out of that, I mean I legit still believe that Eddie had a broken rib. MOTN: Rey Mysterio (us usual) vs Jimmy Graffiti"
[9.0] "I enjoyed this episode of Dynamite every bit of it. This was an improvement from last week's Dynamite in Cleveland, and it gave me something to remember. Moxley vs Ortiz did not disappoint, and the post match segment is where it gets engaging to watch as an AEW viewer. Moxley putting a literal meaning to the term "eye for an eye" by stabbing Santana proves me that this was a sweet revenge, not only that but it gives Santana his chance to potentially impress as a singles wrestler coming the week after and advancing the Moxley/Jericho feud to new heights. SCU/Best Friends bout was not bad, the Dark Order segment was fitting in order to elevate their feud with SCU. Baker/Yuka was short, but it was surprising to see Yuka upset Britt Baker. I like the post match tooth extraction, as it was interesting to see Britt Baker embrace her new heel dentist role. 8 man tag was relied on storytelling, elevating characters and adding more drama between Page & the Young Bucks plus intensifying the feud between Pac and Omega as well. I don't like how Riho was being portrayed as a weak champion, but her match with Nyla will seem to be a compelling one. Kip vs Joey was alright. We saw Santana cut a killer promo on Moxley, saying that he will unleash a side that Moxley has never seen. Cody receiving 10 lashes from MJF was one of the best segments in AEW's short history, as the stipulation laid out was perfect and it gave an old-school nostalgic feel. Cody got over as a passionate babyface that is looking to finally lay his hands on MJF once the right time comes around. Cody survived all 10 vicious lashes MJF dished out, and MJF added insult to injury by acting pissed and hitting Cody with a low blow. This is storytelling in its magic that created emotion and I find this segment executed very perfectly. Only a 9 because there were some flaws, but overall an all around great show that relied on building up rivalries."
[8.0] "Good event with absolutely epic main event. 1) High Speed Three Way was great however Riko had no chances in this match because Makoto and ASUKA worked together against her. Score: 8/10, 2)Tag Team was fine and it had a few cool moments. Score: 7/10, 3)Aja vs Honori - what and atrocious beginning of the match. Honori for the first 5 minutes shoulder tackled Aja who was just standing in the middle of the ring. Hopefully, this match laster got better and I score it as 6/10, 4)Main event was one of the most vicious and brutal joshi matches I've seen in a while. Recommend highly. Score 11/10. Truly EPIC."
[1.0] "Seriously this show was pure trash. Asuka vs Lana lmao what was that? Why Lana have a titular match? Otis is funny cause' he is fat? Lol. Strowman vs Lee sucked (Strowman is trash). RETRIBUTION is a joke, with Ali as the leader I can't take them seriously. Mandy, Dana, Peyton and Lacey reminds me the Divas era. Honestly i can't rescue anything from this show, one of the worst of the year."
[3.0] "I WANT Raw to be good. I love Ali, Wyatt, Woods/Kofi, Morrison, Asuka, Liv, Hurt Business, Lee, etc. But these shows are bordering on unwatchable. They've made Keith Lee matches as skippable as possible ever since they brought him up. They don't build to anything. Retribution vs Hurt Business is something that should have a slow-build until a PPV match. And tonight they just opened the show with the match and Hurt Business won like it wasn't even a big deal. What exactly was the point of the majority of this show? I'm being very generous by giving it a 3 but AJ Styles and his new manager was interesting and at the very least, The Hurt Business are still great. But these shows are a mess with zero build-up. Why is Keith Lee just randomly thrown into matches with other main eventers every week with no reasoning? At the very least, they didn't do another DQ finish tonight but having him lose like that may have even been worse. It makes me curious if the problem lies with Raw being 3 hours and then booking at least half the show as filler every week. While I haven't always been big on Smackdown's storylines lately, at the very least, they exist and most of the show matters. Raw has been brutal and it is not the talent's fault at all."
Makai Club wrote about CWA:
[9.0] ""My Eye" . Bloody hell, this was a very gross match by the end. Lawler bloodies Funk's eye up badly and Funk's panicked squealing made the finish very uncomfortable and disturbing to watch. Funk desperately calling for the Doctor and Lance Russell (aw) was horrifying but the perfect finish to an incredible match. I never realised just how big the Mid-South Coliseum was until the lights go on and you see a sea of seats. And they made great use of the space, brawling in the crowd seats, using the empty chairs to their advantage. I loved the contrasted tempo of emotions from the two. Funk starts off the match with Lance Russel blowing his lid, itching to face Lawler who came out calm and focused. And the match was the same. The brawling was erratic and aggressive but Lawler was able to calm the storm and use that to win the match. Funk's trash talking was awesome (yet another good use of the empty arena setting). ****1/2"
saraiva98 wrote about AEW Dark #55:
[5.0] "Another meh dark. These one was unspectacular and with some boring matches. Silver vs QT Marshall was not bad and was nice to see Anthony Bowens there too. Pillman and Garrison getting a win was nice."
[7.0] "Decent show, the highlight was by far the main event between Jay White and Tomohiro Ishii. Shingo Takagi and Minoru Suzuki also had a good match, and Okada/Ospreay was a big talking point."
Damian wrote about MLW Fusion #58:
[5.0] "Slight improvement over previous week. In this episode nothing really stood out neither in a good nor in a bad way. I guess it was nice to see Minoru Tanaka though."
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