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TYRIS Project Godella

:::: Not eligible for the matchguide: at least one worker in the match does not have a profile. ::::
TYRIS Absolute Title #1 Contendership TYRIS Rumble 3 Match
Noah Santillana defeats Chester Arbitro (Ethan Vieira) and Chester Amarillo (M.A.R.S) and Chester Azul (Chester) and Chester Negro and Albert El Pinas and Alec Baher and Astroid Zero and Blacknar and Bushido and Chester and Chester Rojo and Cian Noonan and D-Rex and Francisco and Glitter and Insane and Jack Lafita and Jacobo and Javi Hunter and Raul Cruz and Rente and Ruby Ruiz and Sangre and Theo Marttovi and Tyler Jackson and Xavi El Muro and Yawara and Zarcos

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