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Lance Storm


Also known as Lance T. Storm, Ultimate Firefly, Ideal Canadian

Displaying items 1 to 4 of total 4 items that match the search parameters.
# Manager Gimmick Promotion(s) Years
1 Dawn Marie Lance Storm ECW 1998-2000
2 Ivory Lance Storm WWF 2001
3 Jason Lance Storm ECW
4 Major Gunns Lance Storm WCW
No items were found that match the search parameters.
Displaying items 1 to 67 of total 67 items that match the search parameters.
# Name Promotion Worker Roles Length of career Rating
1 Adam Ryder Singles Wrestler 7 years  
2 Alex Lee Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, WWE Development Wrestler (2011 - 2012) 5 years  
3 Andrew Carter Singles Wrestler  
4 Australian Suicide Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler 7.89
5 Big Daddy Hammer Singles Wrestler 23 years  
6 Billy Suede Singles Wrestler 9 years  
7 Bradley Charles Singles Wrestler  
8 Brett Evans Singles Wrestler, Promoter  
9 Brock Barker Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, WWE Development Wrestler (2011)  
10 Bryan Bowers Singles Wrestler  
11 Carlo Cannon Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler 10 years  
12 Chris Girard World Wrestling Entertainment Singles Wrestler, WWE Development Wrestler (2015 - today) 8.76
13 Chris Masters Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, WWE Development Wrestler (2004) 4.74
14 Danny Devine Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler 12 years  
15 Derek Platinum Singles Wrestler 5 years  
16 Deryck Crosse Singles Wrestler  
17 Dick Richards Singles Wrestler  
18 Dom Travis Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
19 Dylan Knight Singles Wrestler  
20 East Coast Cowboy Singles Wrestler  
21 Emma World Wrestling Entertainment Singles Wrestler, Valet, WWE Development Wrestler (2011 - 2014) 10 years 7.26
22 Evan Sarven Singles Wrestler  
23 Fritz Fitzpatrick Singles Wrestler (2006) < 1 year  
24 Galway Grappler Singles Wrestler  
25 Gisele Shaw Singles Wrestler, Valet  
26 Jack Pollock Singles Wrestler  
27 Jack Sloan Singles Wrestler  
28 Jack Stacks Singles Wrestler  
29 Jaida Singles Wrestler  
30 Jake O'Neill Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
31 Jarrad Slate Singles Wrestler  
32 Jordie Taylor Singles Wrestler  
33 JP Simms Singles Wrestler  
34 Justin Credible Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler 23 years 5.61
35 KC Spinelli Singles Wrestler  
36 Kellyanne Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
37 Kennedy Kendrick Singles Wrestler  
38 Kevin Martel Singles Wrestler 8 years  
39 Lee Dawson Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Trainer  
40 Lee Starr Singles Wrestler  
41 Lou Roberts Singles Wrestler  
42 Marcell Gibbons Singles Wrestler  
43 Micah Taylor Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Trainer  
44 Mike Freeman Singles Wrestler 9 years  
45 Mikey Broderick Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
46 Nick Madrid Singles Wrestler 5 years  
47 Nick Price Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler 9 years  
48 Pablito Singles Wrestler  
49 Peyton Royce World Wrestling Entertainment Singles Wrestler, WWE Development Wrestler (2015 - today) 8.35
50 Rebecca Mason Singles Wrestler  
51 Rhia O'Reilly Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
52 Ryan Morgan Singles Wrestler  
53 Ryan Reyes Singles Wrestler 6 years  
54 Ryan Ruks Singles Wrestler 5 years  
55 Scott Justice Singles Wrestler, Referee (2008)  
56 Sean O'Shea Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
57 Sheik Singles Wrestler  
58 Simon Martel Singles Wrestler  
59 Sonny Elliot Singles Wrestler, WWE Development Wrestler (2012)  
60 SoSay Valet  
61 Starbuck Singles Wrestler, Ring Announcer, Play-by-Play Commentator, Trainer 22 years 6.95
62 Strife Singles Wrestler 9 years  
63 Taya Valkyrie Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler 5.83
64 Tom LaRuffa Singles Wrestler, Manager (2013 - 2016), WWE Development Wrestler (2012 - 2016) 6.84
65 Tommy Lee Curtis Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
66 Tristan Archer Singles Wrestler 6 years 6.29
67 Tyler Breeze World Wrestling Entertainment Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, WWE Development Wrestler (2010 - 2015) 7.47
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
Ruiner87 wrote on 29.01.2016:
[7.0] "Great worker and a really good guy, but it's undeniable he was lacking the qualities which make someone a superstar. Still, easily one of the best under/midcard workers throughout the 90's and early 00's."
Hardcore wrote on 03.09.2015:
[6.0] "really gifted technically, but lacks in charisma and in-ring presence. Was semi-succesful holding numerous titles during his time in bigger organizations"
Preston Ward Condra wrote on 19.06.2015:
[7.0] "One of the most respected men in the business but, one of the most boring to ever step foot in the ring. There was NEVER an instance where this guy could draw a response from the crowd. Lance Storm gets credit for being one of the very few wrestlers that depart after his or her time in WWE that actually still gives a damn about the product. This is proven by Lance Storm being extremely active and live streaming his thoughts on Monday Night Raw on Twitter. I wish to give him a seven and a half but, I'll make due with a seven."
JMTheBadOne wrote on 27.03.2015:
[7.0] "Lance Storm is a well-traveled technical specialist who was cast in the same mold as most others leaving the Hart Dungeon. Though he wasn't the biggest wrestler out there (or the most charismatic), he still managed to carve a successful niche for himself as a member of the WWE, WCW, and ECW (in addition to his accomplishments in Japan and his native Canada. )"
PSachkovsky wrote on 14.02.2015:
[10.0] "Incredible athlete, bar none. I still watch his matches on Youtube, with the likes of Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn. Considered to be one of the best Canadian athletes of his generation. I could only dream about him facing a prime Bret Hart."
Phenomenal91 wrote on 23.07.2014:
[9.0] ""If I could be serious for a minute... ", Lance Storm was one of the best wrestlers ever. He was proof of the worth of technical wrestling in the original ECW, the highlight of a dying WCW, and regrettably misused in the WWF/E. He may have never been a mega star like his peer Bret Hart, but he put on good matches everywhere he went, and has spent his retirement years teaching the younger generation, who could not ask for a better trainer."
TonyCeto wrote on 05.08.2013:
[10.0] "Incredible performer and great wrestling mind. The Impact Players were cool"
Paul Allain wrote on 08.07.2013:
[10.0] "With a cold demeanour and a great sense of dignity, Lance Storm has been one of the most technically expert wrestler to grace the ring. going through ECW, WCW and WWE, he made an impact wherever he went. Not the flashiest wrestler by any means, he just put on wrestling clinics and made everyone look awesome in the process. Even today, retired from active competition and focused on training new wrestlers, he still wrestles the occasional match, looking like he never missed a step and still being amazing. Lance Storm incarnates the professional in Pro Wrestling."
Lecter wrote on 05.06.2013:
[9.0] "When I started watching, I was naturally drawn to the good guy characters. Without fail, I'd root for the babyface over the heel, even if the heel was a recently-turned babyface. For a long period of time, Storm was the only villainous wrestler I liked, and it was solely down to his in-ring work. In the dying days of WCW, Storm's ability as a technician stood out clear as day, and while not a very charismatic personality, his promos were more than serviceable and actually quite effective. Always delivered good matches and played his given roles well, but was never given the ball to put on a truly classic match with anyone, unfortunately (though his ROH title match was just as excellent as the other title matches in the era of the company--super impressive for a non-active wrestler)."
Leone wrote on 03.07.2012:
[9.0] "Although he is clearly a very intelligent guy, and played a good deadpan heel, his downfall was his mic work. Other than that his wrestling was so good that he took a single-leg crab and made it an intimidating finisher - that takes skill. It's a pity that WWE didn't keep him in the Intercontinental title scene, because I feel he was good enough to have a long run with it."

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