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"You don't wanna cry for me, you don't wanna beg for me"


Date: 30.08.2001
Promotion: World Wrestling Federation
Event: WWF SmackDown #107 (Card with guide)
Steve Austin: "What are you doing Kurt? Standing in my ring, challenging Stone Cold Steve Austin to a match? You think you're pretty tough? What? Is this what you want, Kurt? [hält WWF Gürtel hoch] Or are you looking for these? [hält Angles Goldmedaillen hoch] Huh? You remember these? You said I would never have 'em, huh? You want these? What? You wonder where I'm at, Kurt? I'm only a couple o' footsteps away. I'm at the back here in the Joe Louis Arena. And you want this belt? You want these stupid little gold medals you worked so hard for? Come on in the back. I'll hand them to ya.

[... später in der Show steht Austin auf dem Parkplatz ...]

Kurt? I'm over here, Kurt! I'm right here. What are you doing? Probably inside getting your little ankles taped up for your match, huh? I thought we were gonna talk. Where are ya? What? I'm right out here in the parking lot at the Joe Louis Arena, I wanna talk to ya face to face. Don't you wanna talk about this, Kurt? [hält WWF Gürtel hoch] I thought you wanted to talk about this.

Or did you wanna talk about these? [hält Angles Goldmedaillen hoch] Huh? What? I'm in the parking lot, Kurt. What? You know what, Kurt? You know what I think? These gold medals would make a pretty good hood ornament. [hält Angles Goldmedaillen an sein Auto] Ain't that pretty? Come out to the parking lot and lets have a little talk, Kurt. I'm starting to get a little bored with ya. What?

[... wieder später, Austin ist mittlerweile mit dem Auto weggefahren und meldet sich von den Straßen Detroits ...]

Hey Kurt, what you doing? You getting ready for your little match? What? It’s Stone Cold. I’m out in the street Kurt. I tried to talk to ya, but you don’t wanna talk to me. I got my belt here that you want so bad, I got your stupid little gold medals… what? I said I’ve got your stupid little gold medals that you worked so hard for. You see what we’ve got here Kurt is a failure to communicate. And since you don't wanna talk to me Kurt, I'm kinda feeling down in the dumps.

You know what we've got here, Kurt? Its a sewer. You know every time these people here in Detroit flush their commodes, this is where it runs to Kurt, right here in the sewer. Mmm, take a good smell... ugh! That smells like... what? If you don't wanna talk to me, if you don't wanna talk to me Kurt, I can put your little gold medals right here, right here where they belong, in the sewer, cos they mean nothing to me!

[hält die Goldmedaillen über die Kanalisation] No. Yes. No. What? What? What? I can't make up my mind Kurt... What? Do I put them in the sewer? Huh? No no no. No Kurt. I got a better idea for your stupid little gold medals.

[... am Ende der Show steht Austin auf einer Brücke ...]

Kurt! Look up here boy, haha! I know you can see me. It's good old Stone Cold. Huh? What? Do you see me, can you see Stone Cold Steve Austin? I got something of yours. Something you said I'd never never have. You said old Stone Cold Steve Austin would never have some gold medals; I got two right around my neck right now don't I, don't I Kurt? Are you proud of yourself? You just got yourself a big old win right there in the middle of my ring, are you proud? Does it make you proud that you got a three count, huh? I'm sure you're proud of yourself and your whole life, huh?

You went through high school, you had a little amateur career. You did real good, what did you do? What? You got yourself a college scholarship, huh boy? Yeah you did real good, and what did you do after that? You went to the Olympics. What? You went to the Olympics, I guess you're proud of yourself, huh? Huh? You said I'd never have any of these. [hält Angles Goldmedaillen hoch] Stone Cold Steve Austin's got two of them, and they belong to you. What? I said they belong to you, Kurt, you know that and I know that.

So since you're so proud, I wonder how proud you are. What will you do Kurt, to get these gold medals back? What will you do, to get a shot at this? [zeigt auf den WWF Titel] Huh, Kurt? You want your gold medals back? Hell, I'll give em back to ya. It's easy. All you gotta do is ask for 'em. You're not too proud to ask for these damn gold medals are ya? Huh? What? What? Go and ask for them... no no no, that'd be too easy wouldn't it. I don't want you to ask for 'em.

You're so proud of yourself, are you too proud to beg for 'em, Kurt? What? That's right you little bastard, are you too proud to beg for 'em? Get on your knees, get on your knees... what? I said get on your knees and beg for these gold medals. What? You're too proud to beg for 'em? Are you too proud to beg for these? I'm making it simple on you, Kurt. You too proud to beg for this [WWF Titel]? Huh, what? I can't hear you. Nah you ain't gotta beg, forget about it.

Why don't you cry for me, Kurt? You're the biggest damn crybaby in the World Wrestling Federation, I aint never seen nobody like ya. Cry if you do something good, cry about this, cry about that. Get on your hands and knees an cry for me, Kurt. You want these back? Go and cry. If ya cry right now for Stone Cold Steve Austin, I'll give you these damn things back... You disappoint me. Look atcha, red white and blue all over ya, Captain America, Olympic champion, and you won't do the right thing for yourself? You won't do the right thing for your country! I guess that means you're real patriotic, don't it? You make me sick, what?

You don't wanna beg for me and you don't wanna cry for 'em, it proves to me you don't want 'em. It proves to me you don't want this [WWF Titel]! Stone Cold Steve Austin proved to the world that I would do anything, anything to get this belt, and you proved to me nothing! You proved to me you're a spineless little coward, you can't even beg for me, you can't even cry for me, so you know what? Oh... I'm getting that sinking feeling.

See Kurt, you don't wanna cry for me, you don't wanna beg for me... [knüpft Medaillen an ein Gewicht] Well, if that's the case Kurt; you don't really want these medals... Hell, if you don't want 'em, I don't want 'em, I've got enough luggage in my bag, I'm carrying this belt around, this is what means everything to me, these mean nothing to me, and if you won't beg for me, if you won't cry for me, they don't mean nothing to you! [hebt Gewicht hoch]

You pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and that's the difference between you and me. I pledge allegiance to Stone Cold Steve Austin, I pledge allegiance to this, [hält WWF Titel hoch] and since you make me sick, you leave me no choice, you little mealy mouthed Olympic punk! [wirft Gewicht mit Medaillen in den Fluss] What?"
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# Date Title Promotion Workers Rating
1 23.06.1996 "And that's the bottom line, 'cause Stone Cold said so" World Wrestling Entertainment Steve Austin 9.79
2 05.11.2007 "And... it's the bottom line, not the bottom lines" World Wrestling Entertainment Santino Marella, Steve Austin 8.69
3 07.06.2001 "Because that's what kinda champion Stone Cold Steve Austin is" World Wrestling Entertainment Steve Austin 6.92
4 28.09.1998 "I ain't through with you, Vince!" World Wrestling Entertainment Vince McMahon, Steve Austin, The Undertaker 9.17
5 24.05.2001 "I am a fighting champion, a man's man, a champion of champions" World Wrestling Entertainment Steve Austin 8.25
6 14.05.2001 "I am the WWF champ and I can't be stopped" World Wrestling Entertainment Steve Austin, Triple H, The Undertaker 9.29
7 28.10.1995 "I could russle up five dollars and if I had a clothespin on my nose, I'd give you a try" Extreme Championship Wrestling Steve Austin 8.13
8 07.04.1997 "I don't give a damn about your show" World Wrestling Entertainment Steve Austin, Gorilla Monsoon 7.00
9 26.10.1998 "I guess I'm just like you after all" World Wrestling Entertainment Steve Austin, Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon  
10 12.10.1998 "I publicly, I guarantee, I will fire your ass this Sunday!" World Wrestling Entertainment Steve Austin, Vince McMahon  
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