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"Face it, kid, you got outsmarted!"


Date: 12.05.2009
Promotion: World Wrestling Entertainment
Event: ECW on Sci Fi #153 (Card with guide)
Feud: Captain Charisma ist zurück an Bord: Christian vs. Swagger
Christian: "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Peeps of all ages, welcome to your show, welcome to the Peep Show! Now I'm really excited tonight, 'cause not only is this the return of the Peep Show, but this is my first show as the ECW champion! Now with no further ado let's get down to business. My guest tonight is the All American American, and the former ECW champion, Jack Swagger!

[Jack Swagger kommt daraufhin zum Ring.]

Jack, welcome to the championship edition of the Peep Show!"

Jack Swagger: "This is so stupid!"

Christian: "Why you gonna be like that man? You know something? You know something? The People are gonna start to think that you are a sore loser. You know, rather than your normal self just being a loser! But you know something? I brought you out here to talk about Judgment Day—"

Jack Swagger: "No! I don't wanna talk about Judgment Day! I wanna talk about Backlash! I wanna talk about how you cheated and stole my ECW championship. In fact, just like every other A-List celebrity that comes on one of these lame talkshows, I brought a clip, let's take a look.

[Ein Clip zeigt Christians Sieg gegen Swagger bei Backlash.]

Well, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Christian: "Well, two things, really. First, you just showed the world again how I beat you for the ECW championship, which - I think all my Peeps will agree - was pretty awesome. And secondly you conveniently left out the part, where you exposed the opposite turnbuckle that you were planning on using against me. Face it, kid, you got outsmarted. Now we can stand out here, and we can go back and forth on this all day, but I'd rather sum up how I feel about it with a little video package that I happen to put together myself. So if you don't mind, take a look."

[Es wird ein zusammengeschnittener Clip eingespielt mit Szenen von Swagger, in denen er lispelt.]

Jack Swagger: "What does that prove?"

Christian: "Well, actually, Jack, it really doesn't prove anything, I really just like making you look stupid!"

Jack Swagger: "Okay, laugh it up, Chuckles! This may be your show, but this Sunday, you're in my world. I own you in this ring and I bet you won't be smiling when I take my ECW championship back from you. So think about it, where you gonna be then, huh? You'll just be that guy who had his glorious comeback and then faded off into nothing. So I hope you're enjoying your moment in the spotlight, I really do, because it's only gonna make it all the more devastating six month from now, when you're sitting at home on your couch, wishing you never came back, you'll just be a regular guy with no cameras, [schaut ins Publikum] no Peeps, and no ECW championship!"

Christian: "Well, I could always—."

Jack Swagger: [unterbricht Christian] "No, you CAN'T! Because you know, everything I just said is true. You had no witty comeback and you can't even touch me because Tiffany said 'no physicality' during your show!"

Christian: "Well, you see, that's the great part about hosting your own show. As the host, you get to say when the show is officially over!"

[Christian verpasst Jack Swagger eine mit seinem Mikrofon und dieser flüchtet aus dem Ring.]
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