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"I went above her head all da way to the top to WWE president Jack Tunney!"


Date: 30.03.2009
Promotion: World Wrestling Entertainment
Event: WWE Monday Night RAW #827 (Card with guide)
Santino Marella: "Attention WWE Divas: You see, last week, I may have been denied entry into the WrestleMania Diva Battle Royal-a by Vickie Guerrero. But: It's okay. I went above her head all da way to the top to WWE president Jack Tunney! And he was very... okay, well apparently he passed away several years ago. But reagrdless, I will be heard.

I'm like a modern day Gloria Steinem or Davey Crockett: I'm an equal rights pioneer. So maybe, maybe you girls had your little in-ring competition, but I'm going to have an in-ring swimsuit exhibition. That’s right: I'm going to show that I’m more dominant than all of you - even you Beth, I'm sorry, it's true. [Beth Phoenix muss von Rosa Mendes zurückgehalten werden] No, it's true. I'm going to prove to everybody that I deserve, that I have what it takes to be Miss WrestleMania.

So, when this is all over, maybe you girls can get together, going to back in the kitchen somewhere and cook me up something tasty like a calzone or something like that. Ladies, garce yourselves - for I'm about to unleash on you something known as the mankini. Hit my music!

[Santino lüftet seinen Bademantel, unter dem er mit einem Borat-Style-Badeanzug bekleidet ist - nach etwas Posing gehen alle Diven auf ihn los]"
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# Date Title Promotion Workers Rating
1 30.11.2009 "I just realize: you think I'm after your Lucky Charms" World Wrestling Entertainment Sheamus, Santino Marella 5.50
2 17.05.2009 "So give it up for Marty Jannetty... I mean John Morrison" World Wrestling Entertainment The Miz, Santino Marella 9.14
3 03.10.2008 "Santino Marella is the champion of planet earth" World Wrestling Entertainment Santino Marella 8.33
4 30.06.2008 "And you, Sir, you're not the Batman" World Wrestling Entertainment Rey Mysterio, Santino Marella 8.72
5 19.05.2008 "When you think you know the answers, I babble incoherently like a lunatic person" World Wrestling Entertainment Santino Marella, Cousin Sal, Roddy Piper 9.33
6 31.03.2008 "WWE divas should be at home, looking pretty, making pasta, making babies!" World Wrestling Entertainment Santino Marella, Maria 8.90
7 28.01.2008 "Even JR has erected a monument in his trousers" World Wrestling Entertainment Santino Marella 6.18
8 26.11.2007 "Me want title match" World Wrestling Entertainment Chris Jericho, Santino Marella 9.34
9 05.11.2007 "And... it's the bottom line, not the bottom lines" World Wrestling Entertainment Santino Marella, Steve Austin 8.69
10 29.10.2007 "Bottom line is: If there's a livestock involved, I beat you like it" World Wrestling Entertainment Santino Marella 8.30
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Average in 2009: 7.71

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