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Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW)

Active promotion in the Americas region

Current name: Combat Zone Wrestling
Current abbreviation: CZW
Status: Active
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Active Time: 1999 - today
Names: Combat Zone Wrestling (1999 - today)
Abbreviations: CZW
Owners: DJ Hyde (2009 - today)
John Zandig (1999 - 2009)
Popular events: Tournament Of Death, Cage Of Death, Best Of The Best, Night Of Infamy, Deja Vu, High Stakes, Down With The Sickness, Dojo Wars
# Title Current champion(s) Since Rating
1 CZW Medal Of Valor Championship Frankie Pickard 10.08.2016  (19 Tage)  
2 CZW Tag Team Championship Da Hit Squad (Dan Maff & Monsta Mack) 14.05.2016  (107 Tage)  
3 CZW Wired Championship Lio Rush (2) 26.03.2016  (156 Tage) 7.88
4 CZW World Heavyweight Championship Matt Tremont 08.08.2015  (387 Tage) 7.07
5 Honorary CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship Greg Excellent 14.03.2015  (534 Tage)  
Combat Zone Wrestling wurde 1999 von John Zandig gegründet und veranstaltet hauptsächlich in Pennsylvania, nachdem es im ursprünglichen Heimatstaat Delaware Probleme mit den örtlichen Ämtern bzw. Kommissionen gab. Nachdem man anfänglich ein Hauptaugenmerk auf "Ultraviolent" Wrestling legte, ist es heute so, dass man mehr auf Spotwrestling setzt. Die meisten Veranstaltungen finden in der ehemaligen ECW Arena, jetzt Asylum Arena, in Philadelphia statt. 2005 startete man mit neuen Projekten. So wurde der Ursprung der Promotion im Projekt "Ultraviolent Underground" neu aufgegriffen und in dem Projekt "NEXT" wird den Schülern der CHIKARA/CZW Wrestling Factory die Möglichkeit gegeben, vor Publikum ihr Können zu beweisen.
Im Jahr 2009 übernahm David Markland, besser bekannt als DJ Hyde, die Promotion und mit ihm änderte sich einiges in der Combat Zone. Einige Talente kamen in die Combat Zone zurück z.B. Chris Hero oder Eddie Kingston und auch die Kooperation mit Big Japan Pro-Wrestling wurde wieder aufgenommen. So kamen im Jahr 2010 mit Abdullah Kobayashi und Yuko Miyamoto zwei Big Japan Stars zu CZW. Aber es gab nicht nur eine Kooperation mit Big Japan, sondern auch mit Westside Xtreme Wrestling aus Deutschland. So kam es dann auch, dass, nachdem die wXw in Philadelphia zu Gast war, CZW im November 2010 in Deutschland veranstaltete. Auch wagten sie sich im Mai 2010 an die Pay-Per-Streams, also die Live-Übertragungen ihrer Events im Internet, ran. Kurz danach gab es ein spezielles Jubiläum, denn mit dem Event Home Sweet Home im Juli 2010 hat CZW mehr Events in der Asylum Arena in South Philly veranstaltet als die ECW.
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
morriskombat wrote on 14.08.2016:
[10.0] "I love CZW so much. It has a distinct aura about it and blends hybrid wrestling with deathmatches and any style possible."
DanTalksRasslin wrote on 26.06.2016:
[4.0] "I don't think I'll ever get behind the kind of deathmatch wrestling CZW is most associated with - I was an ECW fan and don't mind the occasional hardcore match, and can appreciate a bloody end to an intense feud, but to me there's a line between that and gratuitous violence for its own sake - but I can appreciate that that is not the only style CZW features. They've also had some fantastic talent pass through their doors over the years, and have served as either a starting point for many future stars, or a stop along the way for talents to establish their names. Due to the style that serves as their main draw, it's not my cup of tea, but I do think CZW has its place in the wrestling world."
WilltheWrestlngfan wrote on 08.04.2016:
[9.0] "Although CZW aren't as great as they used to be, their shows are still enjoyable and they are a great company that displays a hybrid of styles. And has built quite a few big/popular wrestlers, Adam Cole, Jon Moxley, Lio Rush, Mike Bailey, Biff Busick, I could go on and on. Most people that hate on CZW have probably only ever seen the "best of" videos on Youtube, so what they see in those videos is what they assume every match to be like. And when people say ultra violent wrestling isn't wrestling, just because they don't enjoy it, is like saying that Lucha Libre isn't wrestling, because you don't enjoy it."
Resident wrote on 25.03.2016:
[10.0] "CZW has been my favorite promotion since the original ECW died out. I first heard about them in W. O. W. Magazine, hearing about their Pyramid of Hell event. I bought Pyramid of Hell and Cage of Death 1, then later Bloodbath 2000 and They Said It Couldn't Be Done. I enjoyed all of these events. The atmosphere of CZW is awesome. The crowd is into all their events so much. CZW has great hardcore and deathmatch wrestling, as is shown at the Tournament of Death events with stars like Matt Tremont, Masada, Nick Gage, and Danny Havoc. But they also have great high-flying and technical wrestling with stars like "Speedball" Mike Bailey, "BLK Geez" Sabian, A. R. Fox, Jonathan Gresham, and others, as is shown on events like Best of the Best. They used to feature more hardcore, but have evened out with hardcore, technical, and high-flying through the years. People think of CZW as just a hardcore fed, but they have had some of the best technical wrestlers ever on their shows. They have brought in a lot of wrestlers from other countries and introduced them to American audiences as well. To me, CZW is one of the best proving grounds for the future stars of wrestling. I have driven 10 hours to see CZW shows and never been disappointed."
jimbo2346 wrote on 24.03.2016:
[8.0] "There's really two eras of CZW. The first era was the John Zandig era, which had a lot of talented guys come through the company, and delivered on the hardcore front. The booking though, was pretty crappy, as angles had a tendency to not have a definite end, or somebody was going to get swerved (Zandig must have been a big Russo fan). Then there's the DJ Hyde era, where the company became more focused in terms of booking, and the company has come around. Better angles, more focus on the athleticism of wrestling, while still having hardcore on at least one match per show. Overall, they've become a pretty good promotion."
F99 wrote on 18.01.2016:
[3.0] "Wannabe ECW. Lots of extreme spots, that's only reason why watch Combat Zone Wrestling. They can't contribute anything else to pro-wrestling."
therealjohnnyv wrote on 15.12.2015:
[9.0] "Czw has been my favorite promotion for the last 12 years even though they are known as a death match only promotion they have some great in ring talents"
froggyfrog wrote on 10.07.2015:
[10.0] "Great company, very underrated. A wide variety of wrestlers and match types, not just the deathmatches the company was founded upon."
MideonPro wrote on 15.01.2015:
[9.0] "I give CZW 9 points. I think it´s one of the greatest wrestling promotion ever. It´s often missunderstood to be a "hardcore only" promotion. In reality you can find every style of wrestling there. But of corse, not everything and everybody there is perfect."
daniel cassidy wrote on 29.05.2014:
[10.0] "Since the end of 2011, CZW has become one of the top products in the US. Very entertaining in both pure and death match wrestling, as well as interesting characters, stories, decent production and many innovative spots."

Current Total Rating
Valid Votes: 180
Number of comments: 108
10.0 35x
9.0 14x
8.0 44x
7.0 13x
6.0 26x
5.0 9x
4.0 9x
3.0 6x
2.0 8x
1.0 2x
0.0 14x
Average Rating: 6.62
Average in 2016: 7.47
Average in 2015: 7.26
Average in 2014: 7.13
Average in 2013: 7.00
Average in 2012: 5.25
Average in 2011: 5.90
Average in 2010: 6.44
Average in 2009: 7.67
Average in 2008: 6.36
Average in 2007: 5.78

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