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CSW Tag Team Championship

Active title

Current name: CSW Tag Team Championship
Status: active
Names: CSW Tag Team Championship (since 26.02.2011)
Promotions: Chicago Style Wrestling (26.02.2011 - today)
# Champion(s) Details
8 Diego Corleone (Independent, 2007)
Diego Corleone & Erik Edwards
16.11.2013 - today (339 days)
River Grove, Illinois, USA
7 Acid Jaz (Independent, 2014)Willie Richardson (Independent, 2014)
Da Soul Touchaz (Acid Jaz & Willie Richardson) (2)
18.01.2013 - 16.11.2013 (302 days)
River Grove, Illinois, USA
6 Austin Roberts (Independent, 2011)Hunter Paine (Independent, 2011)Marco Anthony (Independent, 2011)
Night Breed (Austin Roberts, Hunter Paine & Marco Anthony)
12.10.2012 - 18.01.2013 (98 days)
Chicago, Illinois, USA
5 Acid Jaz (CHIKARA, 2011)Willie Richardson (CHIKARA, 2011)
Da Soul Touchaz (Acid Jaz & Willie Richardson)
28.09.2012 - 12.10.2012 (14 days)
Countryside, Illinois, USA
4 Hunter Paine (Independent, 2011)Marco Anthony (Independent, 2011)
Elite Paine (Hunter Paine & Marco Anthony) (2)
24.08.2012 - 28.09.2012 (35 days)
Addison, Illinois, USA
3 Steve Boz (Independent, 2012)
Grimm & Steve Boz
17.08.2012 - 24.08.2012 (7 days)
Chicago, Illinois, USA
2 Hunter Paine (Independent, 2011)Marco Anthony (Independent, 2011)
Elite Paine (Hunter Paine & Marco Anthony)
13.08.2011 - 17.08.2012 (370 days)
Lockport, Illinois, USA
1 Brian Nelson (Independent, 2012)Greg Glover (Independent, 2011)
If Looks Could Kill (Brian Nelson & Greg Glover)
26.02.2011 - 13.08.2011 (168 days)
Chicago, Illinois, USA
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