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Team Pacman

Tag Team - Inactive

Promotions: TNA
Years: 2007
Team Pacman
1 Team Pacman Pacman Jones Ron Killings TNA 2007
- Das Gespann kam zustande, als TNA 2007 die suspendierte NFL-Skandalnudel Adam "Pacman" Jones verpflichtete

- Handicap des Teams: Jones durfte sich gemäß seines Vertrag mit den Tennessee Titans nicht körperlich als Wrestler betätigen, trotzdem gab man dem Team als PR-Gag zeitweise den Tag Team Titel
# Date Promotion Match Event type
1 25.09.2007 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling TNA World Tag Team Title: Team Pacman (Pacman Jones & Ron Killings) (c) defeat Triple X (Elix Skipper & Senshi) (5:15)
TNA iMPACT #172 @ Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, USA
2 24.09.2007 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling TNA World Tag Team Title: Team Pacman (Pacman Jones & Ron Killings) (c) defeat Team 3D (Brother Devon & Brother Ray) by DQ
TNA iMPACT #171 @ Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, USA
3 09.09.2007 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling TNA World Tag Team Title: Team Pacman (Pacman Jones & Ron Killings) defeat Kurt Angle & Sting (c) (5:30) - TITLE CHANGE !!!
TNA No Surrender 2007 @ Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, USA
Pay Per View
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
Moose Nugget wrote on 28.02.2016:
[0.0] "I really like Ron Killings but no way was he going to make something good out of his tag team run with Adam Jones. The whole idea that TNA would have signed a contract with Pacman Jones was stupid. The NFL made it so he couldn't make any physical contact and that was before TNA decided to put their World Tag Team Title belt on him! Team Pacman is a really sad chapter in the history of TNA."
Iam betterthan wrote on 11.01.2016:
[0.0] "Never seem to call them a Tag Team, Pacman only remains in Pro Wrestling for one month and they really done nothing during their time as Tag Team Champions, only waste of killings Talent."
DanTalksRasslin wrote on 05.04.2015:
[0.0] "What's a worse idea than putting together a team in which one participant is contractually barred from getting in the ring? Putting the belts on them. Senseless and pointless; Killings deserved better."
GuruCrack wrote on 03.04.2015:
[2.0] "Sorry really didn't see the point. Pacman (whoever he is) was never around. Waste of time and the talent of Ron Killings."
Paul Allain wrote on 08.07.2013:
[0.0] "When one of the two partners can't legally wrestle, are you still a tag team, a championship holding tag team ? The honest answer should be no..."

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