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Roman Reigns


Also known as Roman Leakee, Leakee, Joe Anoai

Total number of matches: 706
Total number of wins: 459 (65.0%)
Total number of losses: 227 (32.2%)
Total number of draws: 20 (2.8%)
Choice of statistic:
Event type:
This statistic shows the match results of this worker broken up by year.
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# Item Matches Wins % W Losses % L Draws % D
1 2016 53 47 88.7 3 5.7 3 5.7
2 2015 213 187 87.8 19 8.9 7 3.3
3 2014 150 118 78.7 28 18.7 4 2.7
4 2013 204 49 24.0 150 73.5 5 2.5
5 2012 37 30 81.1 7 18.9 0 0.0
6 2011 35 25 71.4 9 25.7 1 2.9
7 2010 14 3 21.4 11 78.6 0 0.0
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
JordanACE wrote on 05.05.2016:
[7.0] "For me, the most improved guy since each Shield member went in his own separate way (Not saying that he is better than Rollins & Ambrose, cause he's not). his matches against guys like Cesaro, Bryan, Lesnar, Wyatt and Styles were great. Plus, when Vince doesn't write his stuff (i. e. "Sufferin' Succotash"), the guy could cut a pretty decent promo and show his character which by the way, should be a badass heel if WWE didn't get it til now..."
From the indies wrote on 05.05.2016:
[0.0] "Lol, he acts like he's such a badass with his facial expressions and his smite comments ''You're looking like the ASS of the WWE'' ''I'm not a good guy, I'm not a bad guy, I'm THE guy'' 4 weeks in a row? I'm gonna beat a dead horse here and say that AJ Styles 100% carried their match at Payback, and if he loses ''clean'' again at Payback, I will be done with the WWE."
SujetoDePrueba wrote on 04.05.2016:
[10.0] "If the most hated superstar definitely turns heel then will be so much fun in the future (i love to hate him). He is such a good heel!"
asdaduck wrote on 02.05.2016:
[1.0] "Of all the amazing talent at wwe's disposal they choose this uncharismatic failure as their top guy it's not cena 2. 0 because at least cena got cheered and is good on the mic and can adapt with the times this is ultimate warrior 2. 0"
TrevPuroFan wrote on 01.05.2016:
[1.0] "While alot of people say that he has improved, I still don't see the big buzz about this guy. His matches are dull as fuck. His mic skills are bland. He's only world champ because of the look. I'll still give him a point for trying."
MuffinCake wrote on 25.04.2016:
[1.0] "Roman reigns is terrible in the ring and also terrible on the mic and boring in both, he is taking the spot of more deserving wrestlers in the main event and is already a multiple time WWE champion. He is also very overrated."
Lika0n wrote on 16.04.2016:
[1.0] "No charsima, not really good on the ring and no great moves. He has been pushed by WWE only thanks to his family roots. WWE try to create a "new Cena" with Reigns but it fails. In two words : clearly overrated !"
Mean Smark Callous wrote on 13.04.2016:
[5.0] "has a great look, and a competent in ring performer, but the man has ZERO charisma, and for the love of god, STOP GIVING HIM A MIC! he really needs a manager, I think he would go over better as a quiet powerhouse whose manager does the talking. should be turned heel as much as the fans hate him."
Firippu wrote on 12.04.2016:
[2.0] "Only reason he is being pushed down our throats is because of his muscles. He's like Goldberg minus the badass monster gimmick. He hasn't improved one bit since becoming a singles wrestler in 2014. He was much better as the cleanup guy of the Shield, because it is clear he cannot handle a 20 minute match."
Yoyo wrote on 11.04.2016:
[7.0] "I feel people give Reigns way too much shit. The problem is they pushed him into the main event scene too soon and have been shoving him down or throats for a long time now, but still he's a decent performer who keeps improving, as he needs to."

Current Total Rating
Valid Votes: 505
Number of comments: 284
10.0 33x
9.0 41x
8.0 87x
7.0 92x
6.0 53x
5.0 101x
4.0 21x
3.0 17x
2.0 12x
1.0 16x
0.0 32x
Average Rating: 6.01
Average in 2016: 5.14
Average in 2015: 5.88
Average in 2014: 6.92
Average in 2013: 8.25
Average in 2012: 7.67
Average in 2011: 4.00

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