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Justin Credible


Also known as Justin Time, Aldo Montoya, PG-187, PJ Walker, BJ Walker, PG Walker, PJ Polaco

Birthplace: Waterbury, Connecticut, USA
Gender: male
Height: 6' 0" (183 cm)
Weight: 222 lbs (101 kg)
Alter egos: Aldo Montoya
Justin Credible
    a.k.a.  Justin Time
PJ Walker
    a.k.a.  BJ Walker
    a.k.a.  PG Walker
    a.k.a.  PJ Polaco
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Tag Team Wrestler
Beginning of in-ring career: 16.10.1992
End of in-ring career: 20.11.2015
In-ring experience: 23 years
Wrestling style: Allrounder
Trainer: Keith Hart & Lance Storm
Nickname(s): "The Portuguese Man-O-War"
Trademark holds: That's Incredible! (Spinning Tombstone Piledriver), Spinning DDT
Justin Credible
PJ Walker (WWF, 1993) Aldo Montoya (WWF, 1995) Justin Credible (ECW, 1999) Justin Credible (WWF, 2001) Justin Credible (ROH, 2003) Justin Credible (HUSTLE, 2004) Justin Credible (WWE, 2006) Justin Credible (Independent, 2007) Justin Credible (Independent, 2009) Aldo Montoya (CHIKARA, 2012) Justin Credible (Independent, 2013) Justin Credible (Independent, 2015)
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The content is hidden because it is only available in German language. Please click this line if you do not care and want to view it anyway.
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
jcb9 wrote on 16.04.2016:
[6.0] "I enjoyed his work as half of the Impact Players (albeit the lesser half by far), but his main event push in ECW's dying days had more to do with ECW's depleted roster than with Credible actually being a legit main event type talent."
DanTalksRasslin wrote on 31.12.2015:
[7.0] "Justin Credible was a solid midcard heel act, both as a single and tag wrestler, who happened to be at the right place at the right time to get a run with the ECW World Title. His in-ring work was fine and showed a good amount of charisma in portraying a nasty heel character and did well in generating heat from the crowd. Arguably his most memorable run was as half of the Impact Players tag team with Lance Storm. Also seems to have a good mind for the business, as shown in his "Pro Wrestling 101" video series, and could be a valuable backstage addition to a promotion after his in-ring career is over."
JMTheBadOne wrote on 02.08.2015:
[6.0] "Peter Polanco's career didn't start off the way he probably would've liked, but he recovered enough to make himself - or rather his namesake, Justin Credible - synonymous with ECW's glory days. After breaking into the majors of professional wrestling as an enhancement talent, Polanco was given a run in the WWE as Aldo Montoya, the Portuguese Man O' War, which didn't go over well with audiences at all and saw him remain on the low end of the card. After getting released from the WWE, Polanco went to ECW and re-branded himself as Justin Credible, a grunge-styled hardcore character who fit in more with the contemporary 90's audience than his WWE persona. From there, he managed to attain both the ECW Heavyweight Championship and ECW Tag Team Championship twice with Lance Storm. Though he factored into the WWE's Hardcore division after ECW's demise, he left the WWE not long afterwards and subsequently became a freelance wrestler (making appearances for All Japan, TNA, ROH, and a multitude of independent promotions) aside from briefly reappearing in the WWE in 2006."
Preston Ward Condra wrote on 27.07.2015:
[3.0] "Justin Credible isn't very memorable. Yeah that was a pretty bad pun but, I can barely remember anything about this guy at all. His wrestling career overall is barely worth noting, through and through."
Sea Anemone wrote on 01.04.2014:
[5.0] "Justin Credible was a great mid-card/tag team wrestler. As a main-event singles wrestler, he had no place. He was the Roderick Strong of ECW. Or maybe I'm just really stoned. Regardless, Justin Credible is totally mediocre. His overhaul of a push made the last few years of ECW quite boring."
Leone wrote on 29.07.2013:
[8.0] "There is little to no doubt that Justin Credible's best year in Pro wrestling was the year 2000, when at 1 point he was both the ECW tag team and ECW world heavyweight champion. While he also has had some terrible years, such as his 2 runs in WWE, it doesn't mean the guy is a bad wrestler. In fact, from a quality in foundation standpoint, Justin Credible is very underrated. Trained by the Hart Family, this guy is a quality worker and an excellent seller. To say the least, he knows the business well. An 8 from me, because he is an excellent worker, but 2 points off because as far as in-ring offence is concerned, he was good, but not outstanding."

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