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Big E


Also known as Big E. Langston

Current gimmick: Big E
Promotion: World Wrestling Entertainment (Main Roster)
Age: 29 years
Birthplace: Tampa, Florida, USA
Gender: male
Height: 5' 11" (180 cm)
Weight: 286 lbs (130 kg)
Background in sports: Ringen, Football, Kraftdreikampf
Alter egos: Big E. Langston
    a.k.a.  Big E
Roles: Singles Wrestler
WWE Development Wrestler (2010 - 2013)
Beginning of in-ring career: 17.12.2009
In-ring experience: 5 years
Wrestling style: Powerhouse
Trainer: FCW Wrestling School
Trademark holds: The Big Ending
Big E
Big E. Langston (FCW, 2010) Big E. Langston (FCW, 2011) Big E. Langston (WWE, 2012) Big E. Langston (WWE, 2013) Big E (WWE, 2014) Big E (WWE, 2015)
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Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
Preston Ward Condra wrote on 13.09.2015:
[5.0] "Started off as a bodyguard for AJ Lee during her gigantic push back in 2013 to now playing under the third wheel in the New Day stable in 2015. A very stoic wrestler that hasn't done much to impress me in the ring. Ehh."
Josh76 wrote on 03.08.2015:
[5.0] "Very explosive in the ring and does alright for a big man. Not a hall of famer but Big E has really made his mark in WWE in these past years."
leblake wrote on 06.04.2015:
[7.0] "He's very good and pretty athletic for his size. I said this when he first debuted and I'll still say it right now, I think he will be the first (full) black WWE Champion. Keep in mind he's only 28 years old and could still be around for years and go through some changes in his character and develop his skills in-ring as well. I like what he's doing right now with The New Day."
TylerMayer wrote on 14.01.2015:
[7.0] "Big E is a tough case. In the ring, I really like him. He's got size, and he can even go airborne which is quite a sight. His finisher looks painful. It's his gimmick and booking so far that has been absolutely miserable. He comes in with a decent gimmick; a big bruising bodyguard for Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee. They break up, and just becomes a beast? I mean, they never really gave him a gimmick. He won the IC title without ever cutting a promo. The crowd got bored with him. He went from IC champ, to losing it, to almost off the main roster. Then, we get a glimmer of hope. Xavier Woods, in a white suit, comes out demanding Big E and his tag partner Kofi start taking what they want. Then, they're off TV for a month. They come back as three guys who "love to have fun". The crowd cannot stand it. I like Big E, and I think he does have some hidden charisma, but for the time being, he's not going anywhere in terms of creative."
SinCaraForever wrote on 27.12.2014:
[6.0] "Big E may have huge muscles and a strong body, but he's not able to use it "properly" if you know what I mean. I think the fact that he is part of "The New Day" is encouraging him to do better than what he usually does, because I think that Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and himself make a very good team. Another rater said that you don't see much of him in the ring, and that's what I mean by he's not able to use his muscle properly."
JMTheBadOne wrote on 04.12.2014:
[6.0] "I hope the WWE does something right with this guy. After a pretty decent run as both the NXT and Intercontinental Champion, Big E's been relegated to jobbing lately, which is weak. I don't mind the whole "New Day" stable that's planned for him (provided they go somewhere with it) but I'd rather see him team with someone of Ziggler's stature instead of pairing him with two cruiserweights solely because they're also black."
Torshavn wrote on 02.11.2014:
[7.0] "This guy is crazy strong, and really really agile, which I admit is something that impressed me. However, his matches tend to be very boring - he doesn't do much besides jumping on his opponent, running clotheslines, and his finisher - and he doesn't have much charisma, but that's not his fault. His Twitter is absolutely brilliant and the guy himself has shown that he's full of personality, so the WWE must be doing something. You can't instantly lose all your wit the moment they turn on the camera. I'm giving him 7 points because he's stong, has a great personality he REALLY needs to show on TV, and his NXT work was actually pretty good, even though I wish he'd step up his main roster game."
JamieRollins wrote on 04.10.2014:
[4.0] "Big E only gets a 4 as he is very limited in the ring with no really collection of different moves, can be quite boring to watch!"
sabertoothtigerz wrote on 17.08.2014:
[6.0] "Awkward at times but this is all due to wwe's lack of direction for plenty of their talent and trust me big e could have gone way much further than his current position, he could've gone way over with the fans using his nxt gimmick 5 but no he had to debut as dolph's bodyguard which kinda worked but not the best way, over time he got on his own and never had brought anything to raw other than the hand powder, big e's mic skills always made me cringe, this guy cant come off as a heel to me he's too liked he just doesnt have the personnal bodyguard aspect in him i see him as a likeable dude but still that doesnt justify why his promos have to sound like a southern preach, ever since the russev fiasco it goes to show wwe has lost hope in big E. So much for the "nxt" title meaning anything. 6/10 his matches are at times interesting but he never fully impressed me."
PWF wrote on 13.08.2014:
[7.0] "WWE might be one of the most complete companies. Their wrestlers have been criticized by their in-ring ability and the company's booking hasn't been the best. However, the company may have the best characters with the best mic skills and charisma. For that reason, we can not expect the company to take a independent promotion-type of turn and only promote skinny high-flying wrestlers. They need good in-ring skills but also good characters for their stories. They need people like Big E Langston. He's a big guy with an original "dominant force" style of gimmick who possesses nice mic skills and charisma and is quite athletic for someone with 130kg (290lbs) (heavier than Batista and Mason Ryan, more athletic than both of them together). WWE needs big guys, small guys, luchadores, dark goth guys, normal guys, funny guys.. they need characters and Big E is a valuable option for a big guy. His experience in the main roster might not be the best but I advice you to watch some of his NXT work to see his potential."

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