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Ultimate Warrior


Also known as Warrior, Dingo Warrior, Dingo, Blade Runner Rock, Jim Hellwig, Jim Justice

Birthplace: Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA
Obit: 08.04.2014 (at the age of 54)
Cause of death: Herzinfarkt
Gender: male
Height: 6' 3" (191 cm)
Weight: 275 lbs (125 kg)
Background in sports: Bodybuilding
Alter egos: Blade Runner Rock
Jim Hellwig
    a.k.a.  Jim Justice
Ultimate Warrior
    a.k.a.  Warrior
    a.k.a.  Dingo Warrior
    a.k.a.  Dingo
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Tag Team Wrestler
Beginning of in-ring career: 1985
End of in-ring career: 1999
Wrestling style: Powerhouse
Trainer: Red Bastien
Trademark holds: Ultimate Splash, Flying Shoulderblock, Gorilla Press Slam, Atomic Drop
Ultimate Warrior
Blade Runner Rock (Independent, 1986) Dingo Warrior (WCWA, 1987) The Ultimate Warrior (WWF, 1988) The Ultimate Warrior (WWF, 1989) The Ultimate Warrior (WWF, 1990) The Ultimate Warrior (WWF, 1991) The Ultimate Warrior (WWF, 1992) The Ultimate Warrior (WWF, 1996) The Warrior (WCW, 1998) The Ultimate Warrior (NWE, 2008) Ultimate Warrior (WWE, 2014)
- gelernter Chiropraktiker
- geboren als James Brian Hellwig, ließ sich seinen Namen aber 1993 in "Warrior" ändern, damit die WWF ihm die Nutzung des Namens nicht verbieten konnte
- eröffnete Mitte der Neunziger ein Fitness-Studio namens Warrior's Gym in Scottsdale, Arizona
- schrieb im Jahr 1996 die Geschichten für eine Comic-Reihe über sich selbst, die Zeichnungen steuerte ein Profi-Zeichner bei
- hielt bis zuletzt bezahlte Vorträge, in denen er gegen die Dinge wetterte, die nicht seinem Weltbild entsprachen
- wurde 2014 in die WWE Hall Of Fame aufgenommen, bevor er nur drei Tage später verstarb
# Date Promotion Title Type Forum
1 15.04.2014, 11:25 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE: Todesursache des Ultimate Warriors bekannt Neuigkeiten Discussion
2 10.04.2014, 09:53 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE: Neues zum Tod des Ultimate Warrior Neuigkeiten Discussion
3 09.04.2014, 07:07 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE: Ultimate Warrior verstorben Neuigkeiten Discussion
4 06.04.2014, 20:17 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE: Vickie Guerrero wohl kurz vor dem Abgang, Ultimate Warrior unterschreibt neuen Vertrag Neuigkeiten Discussion
5 11.03.2014, 09:11 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE: Laudatorin für Ultimate Warrior bekannt Neuigkeiten Discussion
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
SuperVader wrote on 03.09.2014:
[Kommentar] "Was a big fan of the Ultimate Warrior when I was a child. He had a great look and a awesome gimmick. Just one problem. He could not wrestle. He promos was funny to listen too and do not make any sense"
ClePeteBrowns wrote on 02.08.2014:
[8.0] "Very underrated wrestler. He had some great matches with Rude and Macho Man. The Self-Destruction dvd really gave him a bad name. Watch some classic Warrior matches and I bet you give him a higher rating."
wwefan534 wrote on 05.05.2014:
[10.0] "Big fan of wwf/wwe in the mid 80's and early 90's and Ultimate Warrior was one of the best from that era and in my opinion one of the best of all time. I still think his match at WM 6 with Hulk Hogan was one of the best."
kelsey wrote on 24.04.2014:
[6.0] "Strong talker, very charismatic, poor worker, bad wrestler, very athletic for a man his size, strong gimmick, good in either role and also he was a player in WWE history."

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Average in 2011: 4.72
Average in 2010: 5.08
Average in 2009: 4.90
Average in 2008: 5.09
Average in 2007: 4.42

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