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Truth Martini


No items were found that match the search parameters.
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# Client Gimmick Promotion(s) Years
1 Caleb Konley Truth Martini Independent
2 Christin Able Truth Martini Independent, ROH 2009-
3 Eddie Venom Truth Martini Independent
4 Jay Lethal Truth Martini ROH 2014-
5 Jeff Brooks Truth Martini Independent
6 Jimmy Jacobs Truth Martini Independent
7 Josh Raymond Truth Martini Independent, ROH 2009-
8 Kongo Kong Truth Martini Independent
9 Mason Beck Truth Martini Independent
10 Matt Taven Truth Martini ROH 2013
11 Michael Elgin Truth Martini ROH 2010-2012
12 N8 Mattson Truth Martini Independent
13 Roderick Strong Truth Martini ROH 2010-2012
14 Zach Gowen Truth Martini Independent, ROH
Displaying items 1 to 39 of total 39 items that match the search parameters.
# Name Promotion Worker Roles Length of career Rating
1 Alex Shelley Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler 13 years 9.12
2 Austin Manix Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
3 Bill Martel Singles Wrestler 8 years  
4 Cameron Skyy Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
5 Christin Able Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
6 Danny Shay Singles Wrestler  
7 Dominique Fabiano Singles Wrestler 1 year  
8 Dr. Repcia Singles Wrestler  
9 Dragon Greed Singles Wrestler  
10 Eddie Venom Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
11 Gavin Quinn Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
12 Great Akuma Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
13 James Alexander Singles Wrestler  
14 Jason Harris Singles Wrestler  
15 Jeff Brooks Singles Wrestler  
16 Jimmy Jacobs World Wrestling Entertainment Singles Wrestler (1999 - 2015), Tag Team Wrestler, Writer, Trainer 15 years 8.28
17 Josh Movado Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Promoter  
18 Josh Raymond Singles Wrestler, Trainer 12 years 7.03
19 Juice Robinson New Japan Pro Wrestling Singles Wrestler, WWE Development Wrestler (2011 - 2015) 3.55
20 Juntai Miller Singles Wrestler  
21 Kris Korvis Singles Wrestler  
22 Lou Crank Singles Wrestler  
23 Malice Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
24 Mena Libra Singles Wrestler  
25 Mike Daniels Singles Wrestler  
26 Mike Marvel Singles Wrestler  
27 Orlando Christopher Singles Wrestler  
28 Owen Travers Singles Wrestler  
29 Paul Bowser Singles Wrestler  
30 Rick Baker Singles Wrestler 15 years 3.22
31 Sonne Singles Wrestler 7 years 4.17
32 Sonny Scarboni Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
33 TaDarius Thomas Singles Wrestler 5.74
34 Tommy Treznik Singles Wrestler  
35 Tyler Elkins Singles Wrestler 7 years  
36 Vinnie Scarboni Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
37 Willie Watts Singles Wrestler  
38 Wreckingball Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
39 Zach Gowen Singles Wrestler, Trainer 13 years 4.62
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
Moose Nugget wrote on 19.09.2015:
[10.0] "Truth Martini has been continually one of the most entertaining personalities in Ring of Honor over the years. He's the best manager in pro wrestling today. Wither he's serious or dishing out some hoopla it's fun to listen to him."
DanTalksRasslin wrote on 22.06.2015:
[10.0] "After a severe neck injury prematurely ended his in-ring career, Martini found a new niche as a manager, and has become one of the best around today in that role. Whether on the mic or working at ringside, he has a knack for getting under the crowd's skin and drawing heat, and is great at reinventing himself by emphasizing different aspects of his character to best compliment his charges. Over the past several years he has been an instrumental part in numerous ROH stars' paths to championship gold. One of the new greats in the managerial field."
ShawnDraven wrote on 09.01.2014:
[9.0] "If not for Paul Heyman, Truth would be the best manager in wrestling today."
jchiofal wrote on 03.05.2013:
[10.0] "Martini is the best manager today. His mic skills are spot on, perfection. His gimmick of a misogynistic man, who is "enlightened" is absolutely fantastic, and Martini is just so believable in his role."

Current Total Rating
Valid Votes: 28
Number of comments: 13
10.0 12x
9.0 7x
8.0 6x
7.0 0x
6.0 1x
5.0 2x
4.0 0x
3.0 0x
2.0 0x
1.0 0x
0.0 0x
Average Rating: 8.82
Average in 2015: 9.43
Average in 2014: 9.00
Average in 2013: 9.67
Average in 2012: 7.50
Average in 2011: 6.50
Average in 2010: 5.00

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