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David Otunga


Also known as Dawson Alexander

Current gimmick: David Otunga
Promotion: World Wrestling Entertainment (SmackDown)
Age: 36 years
Birthplace: Elgin, Illinois, USA
Gender: male
Height: 6' 1" (185 cm)
Weight: 242 lbs (110 kg)
Alter egos: David Otunga
Dawson Alexander
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Color Commentator (2016 - today)
WWE Development Wrestler
Beginning of in-ring career: 20.03.2009
In-ring experience: 7 years
Trainer: Steve Keirn
Nickname(s): "A-List"
David Otunga
Dawson Alexander (FCW, 2009) David Otunga (WWE, 2010) David Otunga (WWE, 2011) David Otunga (WWE, 2012) David Otunga (WWE, 2013)
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The content is hidden because it is only available in German language. Please click this line if you do not care and want to view it anyway.
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
Strezemann wrote on 06.08.2016:
[2.0] "Despite having a good look and initially seeming like a natural on the mic, Otunga just never evolved into the type of wrestler that anyone would look forward to seeing. His beverage gimmick is more over than him--and his beverage gimmick isn't over. I think that with a bit more fire and better heeling, Otunga might've had a shot at securing himself a solid Miz-like midcard spot, but he just didn't have the ring savvy or coordination to ever seem even halfway decent in the ring, and he always came across as a supporting actor rather than a star himself in every promo and backstage segment he was in. Maybe it'll turn out that he's found his calling as a commentator, but judging from his two SD! appearances so far, he's incredibly bad in that role as well."
ErycK24 wrote on 29.07.2016:
[3.0] "The man was a below average wrestler but he's a terrible commentator I really hope he gets replaced on SD live and is either fired or reduced to a backstage interviewing role, a jobber role, or a WWE legal role which I think he already has."
The Chosen One wrote on 27.07.2016:
[5.0] "As a wrestler, David Otunga wasnt very good. He had a very impressive physique and had the look. I feel he could have gone far in WWE if Cena didnt bury him before he barely got started. I really like him as a commentator though. He is better than JBL, Jerry Lawler, and Michael Cole at it so that defiantly gives him some points. 5/10."
Gemini247 wrote on 16.02.2016:
[2.0] "He's got charisma and he looks great but that's where it ends for Otunga. He can't wrestle and the WWE knows that. I bet he's just there because he's a well-liked guy or has political connections because his stiff and bland wrestling style never made him worthy of being a true star."
hypnotica wrote on 29.10.2015:
[0.0] "The male Rosa Mendes, pointless in every aspect of being employed. Being paid for years for doing nothing just so WWE can claim they have the husband of Jennifer Hudson on board. Boring in the ring and even duller in character. Nothing personal against him as a person but he is a waste of WWE money."
Iam betterthan wrote on 30.07.2015:
[4.0] "David Otunga debut in WWE as a member of Nexus while capturing Tag Team title and as a legal advisor, he have become very much unknown. I will give him 4 points...... 2 for his Mic Skills and 2 For his time with Nexus."
blackgoku wrote on 02.07.2015:
[2.0] "Just pathetic to watch. Absolutely no charisma or skill. Only reason he was in the company was because of his famous wife."
Preston Ward Condra wrote on 19.06.2015:
[2.0] "This guy was easily the weakest link and outcast of all of the members of Nexus. All this guy has been remembered since Nexus disbanded was Otunga's relationship status to Jennifer Hudson."
JMTheBadOne wrote on 02.12.2014:
[5.0] "It's possible that the precipice of Otunga's career has come to pass. A former tag-team champion during the Nexus era in WWE, he has been used rather sparingly since then."
Rektologist wrote on 23.08.2014:
[6.0] "Wrestling is not everything. David Otunga's prime role during his latest showing in WWE was to talk, and he did just that. His wrestling is purely inferior to others but he did improve since NXT."

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