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John Cena


Also known as Juan Cena, Prototype

Total number of matches: 2070
Total number of wins: 1650 (79.7%)
Total number of losses: 365 (17.6%)
Total number of draws: 55 (2.7%)
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This statistic shows the match results of this worker broken up by year.
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# Item Matches Wins % W Losses % L Draws % D
1 2015 136 125 91.9 11 8.1 0 0.0
2 2014 164 141 86.0 23 14.0 0 0.0
3 2013 142 135 95.1 6 4.2 1 0.7
4 2012 184 164 89.1 14 7.6 6 3.3
5 2011 202 165 81.7 25 12.4 12 5.9
6 2010 178 131 73.6 29 16.3 18 10.1
7 2009 166 143 86.1 18 10.8 5 3.0
8 2008 83 64 77.1 17 20.5 2 2.4
9 2007 113 96 85.0 13 11.5 4 3.5
10 2006 167 138 82.6 26 15.6 3 1.8
11 2005 144 135 93.8 7 4.9 2 1.4
12 2004 117 91 77.8 25 21.4 1 0.9
13 2003 138 54 39.1 83 60.1 1 0.7
14 2002 115 56 48.7 59 51.3 0 0.0
15 2001 18 10 55.6 8 44.4 0 0.0
16 2000 2 1 50.0 1 50.0 0 0.0
17 1999 1 1 100.0 0 0.0 0 0.0
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
PiccoloY2J wrote on 21.05.2016:
[9.0] "I'm making this short and sweet. He's John Cena. He's a draw for a reason. He's got the look, he's got the ability to talk, and over the years he's been able to hang with anyone in the ring. Since his days as the face of WWE he's grown better and better in the ring each year. He's evolved into a pretty great wrestler, with many stand out matches in his career. If 2015 is any indication, he will only become better and better."
Casswish Deathidy wrote on 17.05.2016:
[10.0] "The most important wrestler of this generation. John Cena is far better than the Internet gives him credit for, and is one of the best in the world on a microphone or in a ring. While the lawful-good babyface character gre stale for many years, I feel that since his match with Daniel Bryan in 2013, Cena has been a very different kind of worker. Whichever way you like to look at it, you can't deny that Cena will have a few pages in pro-wrestling's book of history. 10/10"
The Chosen One wrote on 16.05.2016:
[0.0] "I have respect for Cena, really I do, but he sucks at wrestling. Hes not good on the mic and his gimmick is basically superman. He can have some great matches but the other wrestlers usually carry him through the matches. Cena just cant do anything entertaining. He should just retire as everyone knows he will go in to the hall of fame alreday."
Yoyo wrote on 10.05.2016:
[9.0] "Like him or not, the guy has earned his spot. Great ring presence and charisma; he may not be one of the best wrestlers ever, but he sure can get the job done and deliver big time when the occasion arises."
multiyapples wrote on 10.05.2016:
[1.0] "John Cena is a horrible wrestler with average charisma. He is a jerk to his colleagues and is only successful because Vince McMahon likes him. He gets a 1 from me because he can take a lot of heat from the crowd and does a large amount of charity work which is what I respect immensely for. That is the only reason he isn't rated at a 0 for me"
The Phantom Pain wrote on 09.05.2016:
[6.0] "John Cena. Hard for me to explain Cena. In 2003 before drafting to Monday Night Raw in 2005, Cena has the Doctor of thuganomics gimmick. And it was interesting since he was slowly improving his ring skill. His gimmick of rapping was hilarious to me at times. Then from there, he was considered to be the top guy of the company since Stone Cold. And while people can rather like/dislike the guy from where he goes from there, you can't deny that the guy was selling his product, merchandise, etc like hot cakes. Then came Cena's major flaws. It seems that Cena had the tendency of deciding who gets over and who doesn't which is ashame that Cena, had records of people he didn't felt like putting over (Nexus for example). His promos at times could be great. Other times there cringeworthy especially, when Cena make ridiculous jokes that don't that funny and literally take the seriousness of his character in what he represents. Lastly, there are times when can he literally have great matches he's involved in if given a great opponent (Punk, Cesaro, Daniel Bryan, HBK). Overall, I wouldn't mind if Cena should he return turn heel. If that happens the crowd literally blow up in shock."
killowenskill wrote on 27.04.2016:
[8.0] "Every year I have changed opinion about John. In 2010, I hated him, he pulled out. In 2011, because of a feud with Punk, I loved it. From 2012-2014 habitual hatred stably kept. But in 2015, John struck me. He perfected his skill-ring twice, added about ten steps. All of his matches this year were watchable, and deserves the highest rating, if you look at them, it is in terms of quality, with no other components. I would love to put 10 right now, but you need to be objective. We Cena is a huge problem with selling. In this regard, it is the worst in the roster. And apparently, it is not to learn this skill. And it is, by the way, is what counts."
thechelseaburnsyost wrote on 25.04.2016:
[7.0] "Sure, I may not be his biggest fan but I do respect what he has done for WWE. Liked him in his "Thuganomics" days."
D Cass wrote on 08.04.2016:
[10.0] "One of the most consistent draws in wrestling's history, and certainly the highest drawing full-time wrestler of this generation. Cena has a slew of deserved accolades, a long list of great matches, and an all-round storied career. Though many had grown complacent with his character's bland "eat your vitamins and say your prayers" mentality, Cena has proven in recent years that there is more than just one dimension to his wrestling persona. Outside of the ring, Cena is a true humanitarian, devoting a lot of his time to charity work and the likes. A role-model both between the ropes and behind-the-scenes, John Cena is a man that many poke fun at, but many, many more have great respect for, respect that's almost commanding. One of the greatest of all-time, let the h8 flow through you m8. 10/10"
Ma Stump Puller wrote on 05.04.2016:
[8.0] "Hate him or not, John Cena can and does bring out his best in his matches. Just look at his matches with Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kurt Angle and The Rock. Take his match with Brock Lesnar in 2012- Cena spends 20 mins of that match being busted open and receiving stiff shots to the head and body! He also fought Daniel Bryan with a badly damaged tricep for 30 straight mins. While his gimmick is stale and does need work, there is no doubt that Cena is a great worker for the fans."

Current Total Rating
Valid Votes: 1515
Number of comments: 931
10.0 390x
9.0 137x
8.0 319x
7.0 147x
6.0 183x
5.0 82x
4.0 86x
3.0 28x
2.0 52x
1.0 18x
0.0 73x
Average Rating: 7.11
Average in 2016: 8.09
Average in 2015: 7.44
Average in 2014: 6.44
Average in 2013: 6.41
Average in 2012: 6.76
Average in 2011: 6.57
Average in 2010: 6.32
Average in 2009: 6.99
Average in 2008: 7.54
Average in 2007: 7.35

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