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Taryn Terrell


Also known as Tiffany

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# Client Gimmick Promotion(s) Years
1 Brad Allen Taryn Terrell FCW 2008
2 Nic Nemeth Taryn Terrell FCW 2008
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Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
JustinJDMarineau wrote on 04.07.2013:
[7.0] "She may not be one of most favorites and never has been, but I've never had a bad thing to say about Taryn Terrell. I've always liked her even throughout her WWE career as Tiffany. Taryn definitely has a lot of potential to be a champion and to make it in TNA or any other wrestling company that showcases women's wrestling better than the WWE currently. She may not be the best female wrestler on the Knockouts roster in TNA, but I applaud her and give her a ton of credit for always trying her best and her match with Gail Kim at Slammiversary last month really showed me that she's not in wrestling to just be a TV star, she has a strong passion for wrestling, she wants to put on good matches, and she'll do whatever it takes to have good matches under her belt. Not only that but she obviously has a very marketable look and I've always felt that she is pretty good on her promo skills even in her time in WWE as the general manager of the ECW brand. Whether or not Taryn will be Knockouts champion, time will tell, but she has a lot of talent and potential to be one in the future, that's for sure, and she has already proved that WWE made a big mistake by releasing her and I like that a whole lot!"
jchiofal wrote on 09.06.2013:
[7.0] "I was honestly quite surprised at the ability Tiffany showed as a GM and as a wrestler. She was very beautiful, and she had a significant amount of talent. She moved well and was technically sound. If she wasn't released I definitely could have seen her as this generation's Trish Stratus."
Miss X-Factor wrote on 10.04.2013:
[Kommentar] "Missing trademark moves and independent circuit matchs that Terrell has won. Taryn Terrell is a great wrestler, her in-ring skills were rusty but she on her way to winning titles and beginning one of the greatest female wrestlers that ever lived"

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