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Michael Tarver


Also known as Mike Tarver, Mr. Tarver, Tyson Tarver, Tyrone Jones, Tyrone Evans, Monster Tarver

Current gimmick: Michael Tarver
Promotion: Freelancer
Age: 39 years
Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Gender: male
Height: 6' 2" (188 cm)
Weight: 255 lbs (116 kg)
Alter egos: Michael Tarver
    a.k.a.  Mike Tarver
    a.k.a.  Mr. Tarver
    a.k.a.  Tyson Tarver
Monster Tarver
Tyrone Jones
    a.k.a.  Tyrone Evans
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Tag Team Wrestler
WWE Development Wrestler (2008 - 2011)
Beginning of in-ring career: 19.02.2005
In-ring experience: 11 years
Wrestling style: Brawler
Trainer: Josh Emanuel
Nickname(s): "Mr. 1.9", "The New Danger", "The Panther", "The Upgrade"
Trademark holds: The Kill Shot
Michael Tarver
Tyrone Evans (Independent, 2007) Tyrone Jones (FCW, 2008) Michael Tarver (FCW, 2009) Michael Tarver (WWE, 2010) Monster Tarver (Independent, 2015)
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Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
JMTheBadOne wrote on 20.12.2014:
[5.0] "Michael Tarver serves the distinction of being the only wrestler from first season of NXT who isn't still with the company (or went on to have some form of push or title run. ) He has since went back to the NWA, where he was rewarded for his efforts by making a few appearances for NJPW."
yanus wrote on 02.01.2014:
[3.0] "Good look and decent mic-skills, but thats it. Seemed pretty average in the ring during his time in nxt."
JustinJDMarineau wrote on 26.07.2013:
[10.0] "Michael Tarver is an awesome underrated talent who without a doubt never got a fair enough and good enough shot to stand out on his own in WWE. Sure he was on top of the world once in WWE when he was a part of an awesome heel faction known as The Nexus, but before that on NXT season 1 and after the original Nexus stable disbanded, WWE didn't give him much of a chance and that's such a shame because not only is Michael Tarver a badass in the ring, but he was an unbelievably amazing talker on the mic! His "angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other" persona in FCW was phenomenal and that combined with him being the son of a preacher and a prize fighter, all of that closely resembled who Michael Tarver is! Plus he wore a T mask which made him look like a scary, intimidating dude as well! Had WWE ran with every part of that persona for Tarver back in 2010, it would've been money! But apparently WWE "couldn't make money" with him and that has left both me and Michael Tarver himself confused with WWE's logic behind that unfortunately."

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Average in 2012: 3.50
Average in 2011: 4.00
Average in 2010: 4.02

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