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Also known as Britani Knight, Saraya

Current gimmick: Paige
Promotion: World Wrestling Entertainment (RAW)
Age: 22 years
Birthplace: Norwich, Norfolk, England, UK
Gender: female
Height: 5' 8" (173 cm)
Weight: 119 lbs (54 kg)
Relatives in wrestling: Sweet Saraya (Mutter), Ricky Knight (Vater), Zebra Kid (Bruder), Zak Zodiac (Bruder), Nikki Best (Schwester), RJ Knight (Neffe), PJ Knight (Neffe)
Alter egos: Britani Knight
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Tag Team Wrestler
WWE Development Wrestler (2012 - 2014)
Beginning of in-ring career: 2006
Wrestling style: Techniker, High Flyer
Trainer: Ricky Knight & Sweet Saraya
Nickname(s): "Norfolk Doll", "Anti-Diva"
Trademark holds: Knight Light, Samoan Drop, Paige Turn/Paige Turner, RamPaige, PTO (Paige Tap Out)
Brittani Knight (Europa, 2006) Brittani Knight (Europa, 2007) Britani Knight (Europa, 2008) Britani Knight (Europa, 2009) Britani Knight (Europa, 2010) Britani Knight (SHIMMER, 2011) Paige (FCW, 2012) Paige (WWE, 2013) Paige (WWE, 2014) Paige (WWE, 2015)
The content is hidden because it is only available in German language. Please click this line if you do not care and want to view it anyway.
The content is hidden because it is only available in German language. Please click this line if you do not care and want to view it anyway.
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
jacksonville wrote on 02.07.2015:
[2.0] "needs to go back to nxt to learn how to wrestle as good as the other divas like sasha banks, becky, bayley lynch, and charlotte. she is maybe even the worst diva to ever come out of nxt i think even all of the rookie divas like alexa bliss, carmella, and dana brookes are better wrestlers than she is."
ThePriceIsRAW wrote on 28.06.2015:
[1.0] "i don't think she's lived up quite the hype that she should be performing at at this level in her career. sure she's capable when she's working with someone that can carry her like natalya but other than that she just does not deliver at the level where she should be performing at as of right now. i find her very below average."
wwefan534 wrote on 21.06.2015:
[6.0] "One of WWE's better female wrestlers at this time (although that is not saying much). Paige is pretty good and she is young so there is time for her to improve."
landiscraps wrote on 18.06.2015:
[0.0] "I see ratings like "this diva a worthless whore" get accepted but I guess it's against the rules if it's Paige. Fine you want reasons here they are 1. She's been wrestling for 10 years and her ONLY decent match ever was against Emma. 2. Pay attention to her matches and count her moves all she does is kicks, clotheslines, and headbutts. 3. She doesn't know how to execute moves properly just look at all her headbutts, dropkicks, and back elbow strikes that never hit the right target. 4. She's terrible on the mic, speaks awkwardly, slurs her words, and drags out every syllable for 10 seconds too long. 5. All her matches are the same, she gets beat up for 10 minutes then wins with 3 moves. 6. The only reason she's being pushed is because she's Triple H's pet project. 7. Everyone says Paige was better on NXT but none of those people actually watched her on NXT because if they did they would know she didn't wrestle any different than she does now."
FateBreaker46 wrote on 16.06.2015:
[8.0] "Although she's been repetitive these last few months, she's starting to show us what we saw in NXT. Paige is a great wrestler, her mic skills are bad but she's been improving somewhat. She's worth all the hype and she's still very young."
jerustick wrote on 06.06.2015:
[2.0] "I can't believe I really bought into the hype of this chick. All I ever heard about back in the day was how Paige was going to be the savior of the divas and how she was going to revolutionize womens wrestling but all she's been since she debuted is an emo version of Kelly Kelly. If I can't think of one good match she had in 14 months that's a problem."
Super Josh wrote on 20.05.2015:
[8.0] "Paige I see as a good Diva, WAY too early to win the WWE Divas champion but the NXT Woman's champion fits her. She is too young for that champion. Although I still like her. I hear people compare to Divas like Lita, Trish Stratus, and others but I can see her compared to a small Kharma! ? ! She has the which like attitude, the success and the ability! That is why I think she could be the next Kharma."
TheGrandInquisiteur wrote on 08.05.2015:
[9.0] "Probably the best thing that could happen to Britani was to be picked up by WWE but then it's probably the worst thing that could have happened from the fan's perspective. For now instead of watching this hot young thing actually wrestle, we are going to be viewing those two and three minute flash matches that mostly follow about the same scenario with the same people week after week. She certainly knows her way around the ring and has good power for her size. Likely a testament to her mother's career in the ring and her up bring."
twabzep wrote on 07.05.2015:
[2.0] "Never understood the fascination with this one. She had one decent match with Emma over a year ago but since then and prior has been subpar at best as far as in ring competition is concerned. Most people will blame WWE but if divas like Natalya can still put on great matches with their limited amount of time then there is no excuse for Paige to be as bad as she is."
NastyYaffa wrote on 24.04.2015:
[10.0] "Easily the best all around female wrestler WWE has right now. Great in the ring, passable on the mic, popular and charismatic. Looks extremely sexy as well."

Current Total Rating
Valid Votes: 213
Number of comments: 114
10.0 82x
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8.0 41x
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Average Rating: 8.31
Average in 2015: 7.73
Average in 2014: 8.43
Average in 2013: 9.44
Average in 2012: 9.00
Average in 2011: 8.60
Average in 2010: 8.17
Average in 2008: 8.00
Average in 2007: 8.00

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