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Jesus Rodriguez


Also known as Ricardo Rodriguez, Chimaera, El Local, El Local #2

Title Duration Rating
IWL Tag Team Championship 273 days  
NWPW Tag Team Championship 175 days  
Vendetta Pro Tri-Force Championship 132 days  
WWC Puerto Rican Championship 28 days  
Timeframe Title Duration Details
24.01.2015 - 21.02.2015 WWC Puerto Rican Champion (as Ricardo Rodriguez) 28 days Matches
23.05.2010 - 02.10.2010 Vendetta Pro Tri-Force Champion (as Chimaera) 132 days Matches
19.07.2009 - 18.04.2010 IWL Tag Team Champion (as Chimaera; with Eric Watts) 273 days Matches
04.10.2008 - 28.03.2009 NWPW Tag Team Champion (as Chimaera; with Jason Watts) 175 days Matches
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
JMTheBadOne wrote on 13.06.2015:
[4.0] "Rodriguez's mic skills are off the charts, and he's made notable accomplishments as a tag wrestler at lower levels. At the highest level, he went under a mask and appeared as El Local for both NXT and Saturday Morning Slam. Though his mic skills are beyond compare, he's struggled with the physical aspects of wrestling (not to mention keeping his weight in line for what would be appropriate to capitalize on his lucha style of wrestling. ) To his credit, he can claim to be a one-time mid-card champion for the WWC."
Maryan wrote on 17.03.2015:
[9.0] "Ricardo is awesome! He's good as a wrestler too.. But WWE didn't let him show that (Only in his last months with the company, tagging with Kalisto). And knows how to keep his gimmick as a ring announcer. When they put him at the spanish announce team I thought it was decent, from the 20 seconds we were hearing with the folks from that table. Hopefully maybe they will get him back someday or something. He's great! Riiiicardooooooo Roooooooooodrigueeeeezzz!"
Leone wrote on 10.04.2013:
[9.0] "It's odd in a way - this guy is a trained wrestler, and from what I can see, he can work well. But people who watch WWE know him best as Albert Del Rio's ring announcer, and on a lower scale, El Local (But the kids might not know that). Considering he works mostly in a non-wrestling capacity, his mic work and arrogant character make him great fun to watch, and I like the fact that he has managed to take something that was a bit of icing on the cake for Del Rio's character, and make it just as important for Del Rio as Del Rio's in-ring ability and own charisma. I'm hoping that he won't disappear any time soon."

Current Total Rating
Valid Votes: 87
Number of comments: 44
10.0 22x
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Average Rating: 8.31
Average in 2016: 7.75
Average in 2015: 8.38
Average in 2014: 7.55
Average in 2013: 8.33
Average in 2012: 8.50
Average in 2011: 8.60
Average in 2010: 8.17
Average in 2009: 8.00
Average in 2008: 8.75

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