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Charlie Haas


Also known as RC Haas

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# Workers Promotions Artist Title
1 Charlie Haas WWE, Mexiko Eric & The Hostiles Pay The Price
2 Charlie Haas Independent AC/DC TNT
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
JEK 1991 wrote on 08.05.2016:
[7.0] "He was great in the ring. Had all the skills, thanks form his days as a collegiate wrestler. WWE presented him more as a tag team wrestler than a singles. I think WWE should have pushed Haas more as a singles. He started out great with Shelton Benjamin as the World's Greatest Tag Team and after that not much expect for winning the titles with Rico. When WWE placed him as a singles wrestler they made him look terrible and made him more of a jobber. A couples of times he re-teamed with Benjamin but no successful. The gimmicks he had impersonating other superstars was ridiculous. Too bad his brother Russ died so young. If this didn't happened then they would have been a great tag team in WWE. WWE stole his talent and took advantage of him. Would have been US or Intercontinental champion."
Preston Ward Condra wrote on 24.06.2015:
[7.0] "A good worker that never got the chance to shine in the WWE (minus his tag team bouts with Shelton Benjamin) WWE tried inverting his character in 2008 with Haas wearing a mask under the ring that would gave him "powers" but, that was really all the effort WWE cared about investing into this guy. While not charismatic, he had his moments. I'll remember him for being the first character I selected for Season Mode in SVR 2005 so there's that going for him. Good times."
Sick Sinn Sam wrote on 27.02.2015:
[10.0] "Very, very underrated. Haas can wrestle in every style, he's a Brawler, an incredible mat wrestler, a powerhouse wrestler, he's great at submissions, he's innovative and can also be an HIGHFLYER! He has got charisma and he can be good at the mic. WWE wasted such a great wrestler, and unfortunately he's now semi-retired. He deserved better than what he got."
JMTheBadOne wrote on 12.12.2014:
[6.0] "Charlie Haas is, perhaps, one of the most unrecognized tag specialists in wrestling history; having formed successful alliances with both Shelton Benjamin and his late brother Russ. Though his level of singles success pales in comparison to his former partner, he's still done well just the same on the indie scene as a singles competitor."
jchiofal wrote on 13.04.2013:
[10.0] "Underrated is the perfect word to describe Charlie Haas. He is a fantastic technical wrestler, who is extremely agile, and can wrestle almost any style (including Lucha). Haas is also very charismatic, and carries Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team in terms of mic ability and cutting promos."
Leone wrote on 22.08.2012:
[8.0] "Highly underrated wrestler, even during his run in the WWE early on (while with Kurt Angle). He's incredibly skillful and a great technical wrestler who can work both single and tag team matches very well. Ring Of Honor is booking him properly, and he is able to show his full potential now."
jjchiofalo wrote on 20.11.2011:
[10.0] "There is only one word I can think of when I think of Charlie Haas, and that word is underrated. Haas had a great amateur wrestling career before he entered the WWE, and after failing to find success with tag teams, his character was given up on. Haas could do great suplexes. He had picture perfect dropkicks. He had mic skills, submissions, mat skills. He had EVERYTHING a great wrestler needed, however he was pushed all the way to jobber status. That was a huge mistake by the WWE. Haas could have been huge at one time. Currently (in my opinion) Ring of Honor is doing his ability justice. His mic skills and wrestling ability is far better than his partner Shelton Benjmain."

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