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D-Lo Brown


Also known as AC Conner, Ace The Animal

Timeframe Title Duration Details
29.09.2007 - 26.01.2008 UXW Heavyweight Champion 119 days Matches
20.10.2007 - 27.10.2007 GHC Tag Team Champion (with Buchanan) 7 days Matches
29.05.2005 - 02.10.2005 IWW International Heavyweight Champion 126 days Matches
18.07.2004 - 12.12.2004 BCW Can-Am Heavyweight Champion (2x) 147 days Matches
14.04.2004 - 21.04.2004 NWA World Tag Team Champion (with Gran Apolo) 7 days Matches
17.04.2003 - 01.01.2004 MXPW Heavyweight Champion 259 days Matches
06.03.2003 - 14.09.2003 BCW Can-Am Heavyweight Champion 192 days Matches
16.08.2003 - 16.08.2003 SCW Florida Southern Heavyweight Champion <1 day Matches
23.05.2003 - 26.05.2003 HWA Tag Team Champion (with Matt Stryker) 3 days Matches
27.05.2001 - 23.06.2001 IWA Puerto Rico Tag Team Champion (with Glamour Boy Shane) 27 days Matches
26.09.1999 - 26.10.1999 WWF European Champion (4x) 30 days Matches
25.07.1999 - 22.08.1999 WWF European Champion (3x) 28 days Matches
27.07.1999 - 22.08.1999 WWF Intercontinental Champion 26 days Matches
29.09.1998 - 18.10.1998 WWF European Champion (2x) 19 days Matches
14.07.1998 - 15.09.1998 WWF European Champion 63 days Matches
16.03.1996 - xx.06.1996 HWA Heavyweight Champion (2x) ? Matches
12.01.1996 - 12.04.1996 GLW Heavyweight Champion 91 days Matches
05.01.1996 - 09.03.1996 HWA Heavyweight Champion 64 days Matches
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
JMTheBadOne wrote on 17.05.2015:
[6.0] "One of the few Eurocontinental Champions in WWE history, D-Lo Brown has also experienced moderate success with TNA, NOAH, and the indie federations. He wasn't flashy but was a capable mid-carder with a killer entrance in his prime."
Matt Stanson wrote on 29.01.2015:
[10.0] "D'Lo was a very good wrestler, he looked like a wrestler, and was over with the fans. If you don't like D'Lo you better recognise him kicking your sorry ass out on the street."
jasonpain wrote on 18.02.2014:
[6.0] "Had he been placed in a tag team with a solid mic man and also been given a lengthy run to build said team, I think he would have had a better career. Bland almost pudgy look, and while he could give you a decent match, he was nothing special. He should be happy the European championship existed, could never see him IC material. Prototype cocky heel, I think had he been around in the late 80's WWE, a tag team with a Butch Reed type in a competitive division would have led to a more respectable career. The whole Aces & 8's deal was not a good choice."
wweFan Finland99 wrote on 07.10.2013:
[7.0] "D-lo brown was a decent mid-carder. He had decent ring skills he had charisma and had good mic-skills."
steviecw wrote on 08.10.2012:
[8.0] "He never quite met his full potential but with successful runs in WWF, TNA and ROH, it's hard to deny that Brown was a fine Attitude Era wrestler well worth remembering. I can't help but feel that he'd great potential as a singles star, making a potentially excellent NWA/TNA World Champion. His latest WWE run was a tremendous let-down but full-time farewell in ROH made up for it. D'Lo could have done more but that needn't take away from what he did do. Along with William Regal, he made the European Championship one to remember... in spite of everything else the WWE chose to do it!"

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