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Jake Roberts


Current gimmick: Jake Roberts
Promotion: Freelancer
Age: 58 years
Real name: James Aurelian Smith Jr.
Birthday: 30.05.1955
Birthplace: Gainesville, Texas, USA
Sex: male
Height: 6' 5" (195 cm)
Weight: 260 lbs (118 kg)
Relatives in wrestling: Grizzly Smith (Vater), Rockin' Robin (Halbschwester), Sam Houston (Halbbruder), Cheryl Roberts (Ex-Frau)
Alter egos: Jake Roberts
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Tag Team Wrestler
Road Agent
Interviewer (1986 - 1987)
Beginning of in-ring career: 13.05.1975
In-ring experience: 38 years
Wrestling style: Allrounder
Nickname(s): "The Snake"
Trademark holds: DDT, Short-Arm Clothesline, Sleeper Hold, Gutbuster, Knee Lift
Jake Roberts
Jake Roberts (Independent, 1979) Jake Roberts (Japan, 1980) Jake Roberts (Independent, 1981) Jake Roberts (Independent, 1983) Jake Roberts (NWA, 1984) Jake Roberts (WWF, 1987) Jake Roberts (WWF, 1988) Jake Roberts (WWF, 1990) Jake Roberts (WWF, 1991) Jake Roberts (WWF, 1996) Jake Roberts (Independent, 2001) Jake Roberts (Independent, 2007) Jake Roberts (Independent, 2008)
- bestritt 1979 für die Stampede Promotion das vermutlich erste Ladder Match der Geschichte gegen Big Daddy Ritter/ Junkyard Dog
- Erfinder des DDT, was laut eigener Aussage für "Demonic Death Trap" steht
- galt als einer der charismatischsten Wrestler seiner Zeit und Experte in Sachen Ringpsychologie
- hatte seit Mitte der Achtziger viele Jahre schwere Alkohol- und Drogen Probleme
- ehemaliger WWF-Booker (steckte hinter dem "Pillman-Austin-Schusswaffen-Angle")
- eröffnete am 31. Oktober 2003 eine Wrestlingschule im englischen Portsmouth
- war ein integraler Bestandteil der Wrestling-Dokumentation "Beyond The Mat" (2000)
- zog 2013 bei Diamond Dallas Page ein und überwand mit dessen Hilfe sein Alkohol-Problem
# Date Promotion Title Type Forum
1 20.01.2013, 22:43 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE: Mögliche Namen für das Royal Rumble Match und die Hall Of Fame Gerüchte Discussion
2 29.01.2011, 15:35 Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Jake Roberts gibt sein Abschiedsmatch bei WrestleReunion Neuigkeiten Discussion
3 29.02.2008, 22:01 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE: Jake Roberts in die Hall Of Fame? Gerüchte
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
Yoyo wrote on 08.01.2014:
[9.0] "Great presence, character and psychology, an awesome finisher and unique promos; a motivated Snake was quite the show stealer. I'm only giving him a 9 because he didn't take full advantage of all his potential. Glad to see him back and in great shape on this year's first RAW."
wweFan Finland99 wrote on 05.08.2013:
[9.0] "good wrestling ability, great gimmick, one of the best on the mic, but personal demons really slowed him down, didnt need a title around his waist great feuds especially against rick rude"
Lecter wrote on 06.06.2013:
[8.0] "His demons did a good job of tainting his career, and his in-ring work was never stellar, but there's no denying that Roberts is one of the most well spoken wrestlers in history, with a chilling delivery to go with it."
Leone wrote on 16.05.2013:
[9.0] "Jake The Snake Roberts was a very good wrestler, but he wasn't especially skilled in any particular style of wrestling, just a very good in ring storyteller who didn't need to show off his athleticism to get over, and made the DDT a very threatening move. Jake's greatest strength came from his incredible character and charisma. "The Snake" was without a doubt 1 of the darkest characters in the 1980s, along with Kevin Sullivan. During a time when heels were either foreigners or "better than everybody else", Jake's character was a poetic darkness - the type of presence that was seen in Raven in the 1990s and Dean Ambrose today, which remains influential."

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Average in 2011: 7.83
Average in 2010: 7.31
Average in 2009: 7.75
Average in 2008: 7.63
Average in 2007: 7.48

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