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Also known as Pac, PAC, Jungle Pac, Adrian Neville

Current gimmick: Neville
Promotion: World Wrestling Entertainment (RAW)
Age: 30 years
Birthplace: Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK
Gender: male
Height: 5' 8" (172 cm)
Weight: 172 lbs (78 kg)
Background in sports: Fussball, Eishockey
Alter egos: Adrian Neville
    a.k.a.  Neville
    a.k.a.  PAC
    a.k.a.  Jungle Pac
Roles: Singles Wrestler
WWE Development Wrestler (2012 - 2015)
Beginning of in-ring career: 2004
Wrestling style: Techniker, High Flyer
Nickname(s): "The Man That Gravity Forgot", "The New Sensation", "Beautiful Shooting Star", "Super Superman"
Trademark holds: Red Arrow (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press), British Airways, Shooting Star Press, Tiger Suplex, Phoenix Splash
Pac (Europa, 2006) Pac (Europa, 2007) PAC (PWG, 2007) Pac (Europa, 2009) PAC (Dragon Gate, 2010) PAC (DGUSA, 2011) Adrian Neville (WWE, 2012) Adrian Neville (WWE, 2013) Adrian Neville (WWE, 2014) Neville (WWE, 2015) Neville (WWE, 2016)
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Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
Frank Shooter wrote on 19.08.2016:
[9.0] "He is simply awesome. One of the best High Flyers of all time who has become a good technical wrestler in his WWE run. His reign as NXT Champion is enough to make him a solid Main Eventer in the next 2 years. But for now he should be ruling the Cruiserweight Division and the Mid-Card"
UKIndyFan wrote on 17.08.2016:
[9.0] "Totally underutilised talent if you ask me, yeah he focuses the majority of his move set on flippy stuff but I can see him fitting right in with the top end of this cruiserweight division which is coming to Monday Night RAW."
TheRainmaker87 wrote on 17.08.2016:
[2.0] "Oh wow! Another spotfest high flyer with zero psychology in his matches and zero charisma. I'm not impressed by a few flips. Ospreay, Ricochet, Sydal and Kota Ibushi can do what this guy does twice better, so what's the hype behind him? He sucks. Also, don't put a microphone in his hands, big mistake."
TBThardyfan000 wrote on 16.08.2016:
[10.0] "Neville is one of the great high flyers in Professional Wrestling he can put on an entertaining match with anyone not just that but he's also great on the Mic and with the Cruiser Weight Division returning to WWE Neville can be a huge threat in the Cruiser Weight Division and could win some Cruiser Weight Gold *Spoiler Alert*"
The Chosen One wrote on 23.07.2016:
[9.0] "Neville is one hell of a wrestler. His high- flying skills are phenomenal and he is very good on the mic. He has had some classic matches like him Vs Sami Zayn at NXT Takeover: R Evolution. Hopefully the brand split will once again make him relevant. Overall a very good talent that deserves a strong push."
AMHTP wrote on 21.06.2016:
[8.0] "Neville is one of the world's best high-fliers, but that's not even the best thing he brings to the table. He's actually an amazing mat wrestler; one of the best technicians in the company right now. He makes everyone he faces look good, and can fit into any role on the card almost perfectly. WWE has a top-tier babyface in him if they're ever willing to pull the trigger, and at the very least, he's a solid midcard hand who can be used in diverse positions for many years. His matches against Seth Rollins and John Cena were excellent; upon his return I hope he gets those kinds of opportunities again."
SychoSteve wrote on 17.06.2016:
[8.0] "He is one of those stars who make your jaws drop because of his acrobatic abilities, speed and dives and reminds of Rey Mysterio. He has had some exciting matches last year and can make it big if he can polish of his skills with the mic so that he can get more focus as at the end of the day WWE is showbiz."
ErycK24 wrote on 07.06.2016:
[8.0] "Neville is the best high flyer in WWE right now. He can put on great matches at the drop of a dime. His only problem is his mic skills. He should work on developing his mic skills."
Carrot Junkie wrote on 06.06.2016:
[9.0] "Neville is WWE's secret weapon. He's talented at just about every aspect of in-ring wrestling and has shown that he can be used effectively anywhere on the card. Curtain-jerker? He can do that. Tag team guy? He can do that. Midcard cooldown match? He can do that. A long workrate-focused match aimed at a smarky crowd? He can do that. A match focused on storytelling and meant to get a certain angle over? He can do that. Work a main eventer and bump like a madman for him? He can do that. Make a celebrity look good while tagging with him? He can do that. Is he a star? That's debatable. Despite being incredibly well-conditioned and having the ability to get crowds behind him, his height as well as his mediocre promos may hold him back from the main event. But is he a tremendous wrestler and an invaluable asset to the WWE? Absolutely. That and he's incredibly fun to watch, of course."
Laurelles wrote on 01.05.2016:
[10.0] "Words cannot really do justice to how good a wrestler Neville is - of course he's most known for his incredible agility (in other words, flippy shit), but he's an incredible mat wrestler too who almost always brings top notch psychology to his matches. Considering he's working for WWE, that's pretty amazing. He also has more charisma than people give him credit for, especially once he's actually in the ring. It feels odd calling someone as generally acclaimed as Neville underrated, but I feel like he doesn't get the credit he deserves in the slightest for putting on some of the best matches in recent WWE history."

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