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Joe E. Legend


Also known as Joe Legend, Joe X-Legend, Legend, XL-Legend, Joe Ace, Just Joe, Bluto Belushi, Billy Johnson, Cowboy Billy Johnson, Dragon, Master Joe Storm, Nord, Psycho Joe Sampson, Joe Megalodon

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# Manager Gimmick Promotion(s) Years
1 Liss Austria Joe E. Legend Europa 2006
No items were found that match the search parameters.
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# Name Promotion Worker Roles Length of career Rating
1 Absolute Andy Westside Xtreme Wrestling Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Trainer 8.18
2 Alex Shelley Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler 14 years 9.09
3 Alexander Bäck Singles Wrestler 4 years  
4 Alexander Wolfe World Wrestling Entertainment Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Trainer, WWE Development Wrestler (2015 - today) 7.41
5 Alpha Female Singles Wrestler, Trainer (2016 - today) 15 years 6.62
6 Asmund Singles Wrestler 6 years  
7 Black Ice Singles Wrestler  
8 Brad Martin Singles Wrestler 12 years  
9 Cash Crash Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler 6.75
10 Cyrus Singles Wrestler (2012 - today), Booker (2011 - 2012), Trainer (2014 - today), Backstage Helper (2010 - 2012) 3 years  
11 Darksoul, Michael Kaus Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler 13 years 4.37
12 El Tornado Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler 16 years  
13 Fatman Singles Wrestler, Manager 6 years  
14 Jaime D Singles Wrestler 0.76
15 Jedrus Bulecka Singles Wrestler 7 years  
16 Kamil Aleksander Singles Wrestler 6 years  
17 Keita Yano Singles Wrestler (2007 - today), Tag Team Wrestler (2007 - today) 9 years 5.50
18 Klarys Singles Wrestler 6 years  
19 Krimson Singles Wrestler  
20 Layla Rose Singles Wrestler  
21 Murat Kaan Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler 4 years 2.70
22 Nico Block Singles Wrestler 4.88
23 Phil Atlas Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler 12 years  
24 Sabor Singles Wrestler  
25 Sheik Reno Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler 9 years 2.64
26 Shelby Beach Singles Wrestler  
27 Tyson Dux Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Promoter 4.61
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
DarkMatches wrote on 19.10.2013:
[10.0] "With this being a German site, I'm going to assume that he's rated so highly due to his current work in Europe? Not that it's undeserved, it's just that I would have expected him to be rated on his work as Just Joe in the WWF. Anyway, the guy is a great talent and is just another example of how politics in wrestling can drive someone away from the major US promotions. It's good to see him getting the respect he deserves in Japan and Europe though, because the guy is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the history of the WWF."
Coon and Friends wrote on 05.07.2013:
[6.0] "I'm not a big fan of Joe Legend, mainly because I think he's boring in the ring. However Joe still is a wrestling veteran, and many believe he's a great wrestler, so he desirves a few bonus points."

Current Total Rating
Valid Votes: 142
Number of comments: 53
10.0 67x
9.0 15x
8.0 34x
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1.0 0x
0.0 0x
Average Rating: 8.74
Average in 2016: 7.80
Average in 2015: 9.25
Average in 2014: 8.00
Average in 2013: 8.57
Average in 2012: 8.75
Average in 2011: 8.50
Average in 2010: 9.30
Average in 2009: 9.62
Average in 2008: 9.21
Average in 2007: 8.11

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