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Davey Richards


Also known as Dave Richards, Derek Billington

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# Workers Promotions Artist Title
1 Davey Richards FIP, PWG, ROH Van Halen Runnin' With The Devil
2 Davey Richards PWG, ROH W.A.S.P. Charisma
3 Davey Richards ROH Barrie Gledden & Andrew Peacock Clutch
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
Szubak wrote on 19.07.2014:
[10.0] "One of the best technical wrestlers EVER, extremely underrated talent. I hope to see Davey go single sometime in his TNA career and become a main eventer."
daniel cassidy wrote on 28.06.2014:
[0.0] "It's one thing to look flashy and steal a show. It's another thing to constantly put yourself over, destroy a match's psychology to ensure you look tough and to no-sell for the sole purpose of looking better than your opponent. Davey is a fantastic technician, comparable to a Dynamite or Danielson, it's his ego, however, that causes him to lose respect from educated fans, promoters (guy basically gave ROH "the bird") and locker-rooms alike. I think this guy should really work on acting the part--his ego would fly in the 80s perhaps, not the modern day. I just don't see him progressing any further in the circuit with the way he carries himself around and presents in the ring."
Martin nc wrote on 16.02.2014:
[10.0] "Davey richards reminds me Chris benoit he is very tough in ring he have tones of move sets in package many many submission holds , shooting star press, aggressive kicks and deffence. Every body talks about his lacks of mic skills but his wrestling skills overcome these complaints. Now he is in TNA wait and see he became a success in TNA"
apc24 wrote on 17.12.2013:
[9.0] "Very outstanding wrestler, he has a very explosive and diverse style and very fierce in the ring and has a great match resume as well. Despite these positive traits, he's not so good on the mic."
Witchfinder wrote on 20.08.2012:
[9.0] "Davey Richards is a great wrestler. He's been fighting all over the world and he does it well."
JustinJDMarineau wrote on 06.05.2012:
[9.0] "When I started watching Ring Of Honor over a year ago, Davey Richards won me over when him and Eddie Edwards went all out in their epic world title match at Best In The World and I have a ton of respect for Davey and his talents in the ring and what he's been through in my life as well. Hell, I would rate him a 10, but I rate him a 9 which is at least a fair rating to give him only because of his mic skills. He lacks a lot in that department and it's such a shame because he's so talented in the ring that like I said, I would rate him a 10, but I'm not too sold on his mic skills unfortunately."

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