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Jimmy Jacobs


Also known as Mr. Undercard

Current gimmick: Jimmy Jacobs
Promotion: World Wrestling Entertainment
Age: 32 years
Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Gender: male
Height: 5' 7" (170 cm)
Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)
Relatives in wrestling: Bobby Bambino (Bruder)
Alter egos: Jimmy Jacobs
Mr. Undercard
Roles: Singles Wrestler (1999 - 2015)
Tag Team Wrestler
Beginning of in-ring career: 01.05.1999
End of in-ring career: 27.03.2015
In-ring experience: 15 years
Wrestling style: Techniker, High Flyer
Trainer: El Tejano & Truth Martini
Nickname(s): "Barbaric Berzerker", "Zombie Princess"
Trademark holds: End Time (Guillotine Choke), Contra Code (Sliced Bread #2), Diving Senton, Spear
Jimmy Jacobs
Jimmy Jacobs (Independent, 2002) Jimmy Jacobs (IWA MS, 2003) Jimmy Jacobs (Independent, 2004) Jimmy Jacobs (ROH, 2006) Jimmy Jacobs (ROH, 2007) Jimmy Jacobs (ROH, 2008) Jimmy Jacobs (ROH, 2009) Jimmy Jacobs (Independent, 2010) Jimmy Jacobs (DGUSA, 2011) Jimmy Jacobs (ROH, 2012) Jimmy Jacobs (Independent, 2013) Jimmy Jacobs (ROH, 2014) Jimmy Jacobs (Independent, 2015)
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The content is hidden because it is only available in German language. Please click this line if you do not care and want to view it anyway.
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
GuruCrack wrote on 09.07.2016:
[6.0] "I don't dislike him as a wrestler or anything I just really don't understand the hype if i'm being perfectly honest."
Mizzle Assault Ant wrote on 23.05.2016:
[10.0] "Amazing storyteller and very good in the ring, too. His work with Age of the Fall is a pure pleasure to watch, not to mention lesser known roles like the general of the Flood in CHIKARA. Tons of great stuff in this guy's career, one of my favorites."
kfordesque wrote on 10.04.2015:
[9.0] "An all time great performer in many ways, I have a lot of love for Jimmy Jacobs and the great character developments he has crafted over the years. From his amazing turn at the beginning of the Age of the Fall, all the way to being general of the Flood in CHIKARA, and everything in between, Jacobs is a true ace of the game when it comes to character. I find his wrestling to just be a tiny bit off at times but still I enjoy him every time I see him."
MrJamessss wrote on 05.06.2014:
[7.0] "Solid worker and charismatic as hell, but I found him more entertaining in his days with the "barbaric berzeeker" gimmick. But I didn't enjoy his work since 2007 because of his "heel brawler" style, relying in weak strikes and heel tactics in his matches. I don't say that's a bad thing, I just prefer other wrestling styles."
ADouble wrote on 27.11.2013:
[9.0] "I've always been a big fan of Jacobs. He's not only a great wrestler, well versed and capable of performing a large variety of styles, but he's shown a consistent ability to reinvent himself. From the huss to the Jimmy Loves Lacey angle to the Age of the Fall now to SCUM, he's done so many different things that you have to be impressed by his versatility."

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Valid Votes: 178
Number of comments: 58
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Average Rating: 8.41
Average in 2016: 9.00
Average in 2015: 9.38
Average in 2014: 7.86
Average in 2013: 8.57
Average in 2012: 9.50
Average in 2011: 8.20
Average in 2010: 8.70
Average in 2009: 8.20
Average in 2008: 8.18
Average in 2007: 8.16

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