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Extreme Rising Unfinished Business

Name of the event: Extreme Rising Unfinished Business
Date: 28.12.2013
Promotion: Extreme Rising
Type: Pay Per View
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Arena: 2300 Arena
Broadcast type: Live
Broadcast date: 28.12.2013
TV station/network:
Three Way Match
Singles Match
Singles Match
Singles Match
Singles Match
Singles Match
Sabu defeats Facade
Tag Team Match
Steel Cage Match
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
tubewaybarmy wrote on 13.04.2014:
[7.0] "Decent show but a little bit of a watered down 'Card Subject to Change' lacked excitement and high speed. The appeal of Stevie's tournament win was partly the sense of endurance, while his match with Corino was much too short (but good and definitely a highlight). Most of the matches were a little slow, usually as they partnered an athletic wrestler with an older/slower opponent (Rey vs Papadon/Hawx vs Hardy/Richards vs Corino/Homicide vs Ortiz/Lucha/Facade vs Sabu) BUT at least ER are back and hopefully there'll be more to come. I was glad they kept the belt on Stevie, I hope they do for a long time."
scarfydwayne wrote on 03.04.2014:
[7.0] "Disappointingly slow event with too much time given to guys like Gary Wolfe. The event was salvaged by highlights like a great promo from Steve Corino and a passionate and aggressive display from Stevie Richards, who is really working out as World Champion. Facade also carried Sabu to a great match. For Ricky Ortiz, it must be a rare distinction to have a dull match with Homicide... how do you even do that? ! The event was solid if a little frustrating. Extreme Rising has done and will do better again, stick with them."
elwanning wrote on 12.02.2014:
[5.0] "A few decent matches, along with a few stinkers. If you saw only the highlights of the Papadon/El Hijo de Rey Misterio match you would think it was a classic, but watching the whole thing it was wwwwaaaayyyyy too long for the two involved and ended up being a bore with some highspots. Sabu and Facade put on a decent enough match. Damian 666 and Bestia 666 vs. Super Crazy and Pesadilla was the match of the night to me. Steve Corino was absolutely brutal on the mic towards Stevie Richards. Richards and Corino was decent enough for a show like this and man was I blown away at Corino's weight gain (been awhile since I saw him). Luke Hawx and Matt Hardy's cage match wasn't anything to write home about, but was worth watching. The show ended on a high note after that match. Average 5 out of 10 from me, worth watching if you run across it, but I wouldn't seek it out."
skranser wrote on 05.01.2014:
[5.0] "Not bad for a second event. And the World Tittle match always should be the Main event, so you put over your belt and your Champion. The steel cage match was a good match but you shouldn´t put a giimick match without your belt on the line as the main event. I´ll watch the next show to see if they keep improving."
steviecw wrote on 30.12.2013:
[7.0] "Solid show from a promising company, one which I hope will do brilliantly in the future. Booking was a little odd, putting the more exciting athletes against the slower/more tedious ones causing a lot of matches to miss their full potential. Stevie Richards is an excellent choice for champion and Corino was a great choice but the match was a little short, I hope that they'll give Stevie longer title matches going forward to give the belt more prestige. Personally I think they should keep guys like Gary Wolfe, Devon Storm and potentially Balls off the bills as I think they just slow the events down with faux ECW schtick but I may be alone in this. They've put on great shows in the past and this was the best looking event in terms of production value so I'm excited to see where things will go with the upcoming TV show and future iPPVs. I'd like to see Stevie take the belt internationally more often as I feel the 'World' aspect is so important to the company's value... but again that could just be me."

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Average Rating: 6.20
Average in 2014: 6.00
Average in 2013: 7.00

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