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Wrestling Legends Tour 2013

Name of the event: Wrestling Legends Tour 2013
Date: 23.02.2013
Promotion: Deutsche Wrestling Allianz
Type: Event
Location: Walsrode, Niedersachsen, Deutschland
Arena: Stadthalle
32 Man Royal Rumble
Martin Nolte defeats ??? and BA X-Dream and Big JAWS and Cash Crash and Crazy Captain Chaos and Destructo and Diablo and Dr. Carsten Crank and Dr. Gangreen and Flying Dragon Jr. and GŁnther-Werner Sielmann and Jack Ferrigno and Jack Union and Jay Cruise and Johnny Evers and Klaus Stahl and Ludy Lohan and Machine and Marcel Weiss and Milan Dragotinovic and Monster Marc and Rene Raze and Reno and Rex Rage and Robby Maddox and Rob Raw and Slinky and Stefan Weiss and T-Shock and The Insane Killer and Tim Karstens
- Rob Raw eliminiert Dink (Marcel Weiss)
- Rob Raw eliminiert Cash Crash
- Martin Nolte eliminiert T-Shock
- Johnny Evers wird eliminiert
- Rene Raze wird eliminiert
- Jack Union eliminiert The Insane Killer
- Reno eliminiert Klaus Stahl
- Tim Karstens eliminiert Reno
- Tim Karstens wird eliminiert
- Martin Nolte eliminiert Destructo
- Martin Nolte eliminiert Dr. Gangreen
- Milan Dragotinovic eliminiert Jack Union
- Martin Nolte eliminiert Flying Dragon Jr.
- Diablo eliminiert Milan Dragotinovic
- Diablo & Robby Maddox eliminieren Crazy Captain Chaos
- Martin Nolte eliminiert Monster Marc
- Martin Nolte eliminiert Robby Maddox
- Martin Nolte eliminiert Ludy Lohan
- Rob Raw & Jack Ferrigno eliminieren Dr. Carsten Crank
- Martin Nolte eliminiert Jack Ferrigno
- Diablo eliminiert ???
- Martin Nolte eliminiert GŁnther-Werner Sielmann
- Martin Nolte eliminiert Slinky
- Big JAWS eliminiert Diablo
- Big JAWS eliminiert BA X-Dream
- Stefan Weiss eliminiert Rex Rage
- Machine eliminiert Stefan Weiss
- Martin Nolte eliminiert Jay Cruise
- Big JAWS eliminiert Machine
- Rob Raw, Martin Nolte & Machine eliminieren Big JAWS
- Martin Nolte eliminiert Rob Raw
Eight Man Elimination Tag Team Match
Hollywood Monster Inc. (Dr. Gangreen, GŁnther-Werner Sielmann, Monster Marc & Reno) (w/Dan Ried) defeat Team Machine (???, Machine, Rene Raze & Tim Karstens)
- Dr. Gangreen eliminiert ???
- Reno eliminiert Tim Karstens
- Machine eliminiert Reno
- Machine eliminiert GŁnther-Werner Sielmann
- Monster Marc eliminiert Machine
- Rene Raze turnt gegen sein Team
- Survivor: Dr. Gangreen & Monster Marc
Singles Match
Singles Match
Rob Raw (c) defeats Ludy Lohan
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No picture available
BA X-Dream
No picture available
Crazy Captain Chaos
No picture available
Hollywood Monster Inc.
No picture available
Jay Cruise
No picture available
Klaus Stahl
No picture available
Ludy Lohan
No picture available
Milan Dragotinovic
No picture available
No picture available
No picture available
Team Machine
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
steviecw wrote on 09.03.2014:
[7.0] "Certainly a mixed card but it holds historical value for being the event that legitimatized the Extreme Rising title as a "World Championship. " with Stevie Richards' first defense."

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Average Rating: 4.50
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Average in 2013: 2.00

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