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Have fun in the cage, inmate!
Date Promotion Title Rating
09.08.2014 World Wrestling Entertainment Exclusive interview with Rob Schamberger (english)
Interview, by DaNi
23.05.2014 CHIKARA Exclusive interview with Vin Gerard (english)
Interview, by ARIZA
16.04.2014 CAGEMATCH OWW and CAGEMATCH announce a strategic partnership
Sonstiges, by Matt Macks
Date Name of the event Type Location
14.09.2014 EVOLVE Wrestling EVOLVE 35 Event New York City, New York, USA Card
14.09.2014 Apex Pro Wrestling APW Variant Event Ventura, California, USA Card
13.09.2014 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE Live House Show Jackson, Mississippi, USA Card
13.09.2014 EVOLVE Wrestling EVOLVE 34 Pay Per View New York City, New York, USA Card
13.09.2014 Proving Ground Pro PGP Living The Dream Event Lincoln, Illinois, USA Card
13.09.2014 Innovacion de Lucha Libre Mexicana ILLM 1. Aniversario Event Ecatepec de Morelos, Estado de Mexico, Mexiko Card
13.09.2014 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE NXT Live House Show Starke, Florida, USA Card
13.09.2014 Premiere Wrestling Xperience PWX Us Versus The World Event Thomasville, North Carolina, USA Card
13.09.2014 Carolina Wrestling Federation Mid-Atlantic CWF Mid-Atlantic Fan's Choice Event Gibsonville, North Carolina, USA Card
13.09.2014 Underground Empire Wrestling UEW Fatal Frontlines Event Sun Valley, California, USA Card
Date Name of the event Type Location
14.09.2014 Pro Wrestling Showdown PWS Showdown 17 ~ Invasion Day 2 Event Lommel, Belgien Card
14.09.2014 House Of Pain: Evolution HOP:E FUTR 1 Event Derby, Derbyshire, England, UK Card
13.09.2014 Athletik Club Wrestling ACW Doomsday XI Event Weinheim, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland Card
13.09.2014 Pro Wrestling Elite  PWE Fallen Angel Event Ayr, South Ayrshire, Scotland, UK Card
13.09.2014 Pro Wrestling Showdown PWS Showdown 16 ~ Invasion Day 1 Event Lommel, Belgien Card
13.09.2014 German Wrestling Federation GWF Next Step & Stars Event Dresden, Sachsen, Deutschland Card
12.09.2014 House Of Pain: Evolution HOP:E Evolution 13: Living Like This Is A Full Time Business Event Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England, UK Card
12.09.2014 Danish Pro WrestlingUnion Of European Wrestling Alliances DPW King Of The North Event Vejen, Dänemark Card
07.09.2014 PROGRESS Wrestling ENDVR:6 Event Balham, Greater London, England, UK Card
07.09.2014 Scottish Wrestling Alliance: Source SWA:Source Showcase 4 Event Glasgow, Scotland, UK Card
Date Name of the event Type Location
15.09.2014 New Japan Pro Wrestling NJPW Road to Destruction 2014 - Tag 8 TV-Show Tokyo, Japan Card
15.09.2014 Ice Ribbon Ice Ribbon New Aisuhiro #589 - Yokohama Autumn Ribbon Event Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan Card
15.09.2014 Japanese Women Pro-Wrestling Project JWP We Are JWP Event Tokyo, Japan Card
15.09.2014 All Japan Pro Wrestling AJPW Royal Road Tournament 2014 ~ Open Championship - Tag 1 TV-Show Tokyo, Japan Card
15.09.2014 Kaientai Dojo K-DOJO Chiba Discovery Event Chiba, Japan Card
15.09.2014 Dragon Gate Dragon Gate Summer Adventure Tag League 2014 - Tag 9 Event Sendai, Miyagi, Japan Card
15.09.2014 Big Japan Pro-Wrestling BJW Event Fukuoka, Japan Card
15.09.2014 Pro Wrestling NOAH NOAH Shiny Navigation 2014 - Tag 6 Event Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan Card
14.09.2014 Kaientai Dojo K-DOJO Sea King Tournament - Part 1 Event Chiba, Japan Card
14.09.2014 Kaientai Dojo K-DOJO Sea King Tournament - Part 2 Event Chiba, Japan Card
Week 36/2014
Superstar Of The Week
Jay Briscoe (Independent, 2013)
The Superstar Of The Week is chosen every week by the CAGEMATCH team based on both the absolute and relative, personal accomplishments of a worker in the previous week.

Do you know this promo?
Paul Heyman (WWE, 2014)
Paul Heyman: "Uhm—ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman and I'm the one behind the one who conquered the one who thought he was the one to beat the one in 21:1. Last night at Summerslam my client didn't just beat, didn't just victimized, my client conquered...Read on!

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Last 3 comments
[10.0] "An absolute technical war between the two best wresters on the independent circuit at the time. This is a match between Germany's most hated foreigner at the time (Danielson) vs. Germany's most loved foreigner at the time (Hero). The heat for this match is unreal. You could literally feel the hatred the crowd had for Danielson and how loved Hero by them was at the same time. They seemed to want Danielson's blood (actually, they even went so far as to wanting Hero to break his arm and even his death according to their chants) and they wanted Hero to give it to them. While that didn't happen (Hero was the one to get a little bloodied), those two did deliver a wild rollercoaster of a technical masterpiece that turned into a stiff war by the end. Danielson can play a dick extremely well and he was at perfection here. Hero was the clear cut favorite with nearly every member of the audience on his side. I cannot stress enough how well these two played each of their roles and how hot the crowd really was for this match. There was an unbelievable aura around this match and these two crafted something truly special with it. They had the crowd completely in their hands from start to finish. I don't want to ruin a lot of the match for anyone who hasn't seen it, but lets just say this is an absolute classic with a brilliant finish. One of the best openers ever in my honest opinion. I cannot express how great this match and especially the storytelling in it is. Take notes, this is how you tell a story using just your in ring work. ****3/4"
[7.0] "Kick-ass little match. It threatened to run off the rails near the end with everyone just hitting moves in succession, but Aries and Claudio kept it in line with their cocky personae"
[8.0] "The best match on HDNet thus far by a sizeable distance. This was the first time I’ve felt that any Ring Of Honor fans who don’t have access to the TV show have actually missed on something special, since this was a real gem. Once again this was all about Tyler trying to prove he belonged on Bryan Danielson’s level and, just like all their great matches in 2008, they struck gold with that formula. It ticked all the right boxes to establish both of them as real players on HDNet, with Danielson presented as this iconic ROH figure who is literally so good it’s an honour just to wrestle him…and therefore by doing so well against him, duly elevating Tyler too. There were even subtle nods to their classics last year with lots of neat little familiarity counters – and for long term viewers of ROH, it adds credence to the ‘next World Champ’ tag Tyler has been given as he now progresses from LOSING to American Dragon to getting a time limit draw. I knocked points off for bringing Black’s ankle injury into things so well, then no-selling it in the last minute for Tyler to try the Phoenix Splash then having Danielson go for the Triangle Choke rather than another leg submission, but that’s a minor quibble. The first set of tapings ended with a real bang thanks to these two guys"
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