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Date Promotion Title Rating
02.04.2016 WRESTLE-1 Japan: WRESTLE-1 offers International Wrestling Camp
Sonstiges, by STRIGGA
25.01.2016 World Wrestling Entertainment Statistikzentrale #52: WWE Royal Rumble Match 2016 - The Authority Strikes Back!
Sonstiges from the series Statistikzentrale, by Titan
24.01.2016 CAGEMATCH Year End Awards 2015 - Vote Now!
Sonstiges from the series Year End Awards, by Team CAGEMATCH
Date Name of the event Type Location
24.08.2016 Santino Bros. Wrestling SBW Go-Go Lucha Event Santa Ana, California, USA Card
24.08.2016 Ohio Valley Wrestling OVW TV #888 TV-Show Louisville, Kentucky, USA Card
24.08.2016 Real Canadian Wrestling RCW Aggression Tour 2016 - Tag 4 Event Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada Card
23.08.2016 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE Main Event #203 TV-Show Uncasville, Connecticut, USA Card
23.08.2016 Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre CMLL Martes Arena Mexico TV-Show Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexiko Card
23.08.2016 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE SmackDown Live #888 TV-Show Uncasville, Connecticut, USA Card Report
22.08.2016 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE Superstars #385 TV-Show New York City, New York, USA Card
22.08.2016 Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre CMLL Lunes Arena Puebla TV-Show Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Puebla, Mexiko Card
22.08.2016 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE Monday Night RAW #1213 TV-Show New York, New York, USA Card Report
21.08.2016 Fenix Rebelion Lucha Libre FNX Batalla Real Ultimo Rebelde Event Quilpue, Valparaiso, Chile Card
Date Name of the event Type Location
21.08.2016 International Pro Wrestling United Kingdom IPW:UK Biggest Show Ever Event Brixton, Greater London, England, UK Card
21.08.2016 ATTACK! Pro Wrestling ATTACK! (Thank God It's Not) WinterSlam Event Cardiff, Wales, UK Card
21.08.2016 House Of Pain: Evolution HOPE Freakshow III: The Flight Of Apollo Event Walkabout, Derby, England, UK Card
20.08.2016 South East Wrestling SEW Event Hawkinge, Kent, England, UK Card
20.08.2016 German Hurricane Wrestling GHW New Breed 7 Event Eddersheim, Hessen, Deutschland Card
20.08.2016 Norwegian Wrestling FederationUnion Of European Wrestling Alliances NWF Damer & Deng Event Oslo, Norwegen Card
20.08.2016 Scottish Wrestling Alliance: Source SWA:Scource Bridgeton Event Bridgeton, Glasgow, Scotland, UK Card
20.08.2016 Reckless Intent Wrestling Reckless Intent Broxburn Gala Event Broxburn, England, UK Card
19.08.2016 Grand Pro Wrestling GPW Event Wigan, Greater Manchester, England, UK Card
19.08.2016 Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum GPWA A Night At The Asylum 5 Event Glasgow, Scotland, UK Card
Date Name of the event Type Location
25.08.2016 Pro Wrestling NOAH NOAH Summer Navigation 2016 - Tag 3 TV-Show Tokyo, Japan Card
24.08.2016 Big Japan Pro-Wrestling BJW Summer Ueno Pro-Wrestling Festival - Part 10 Event Tokyo, Japan Card
24.08.2016 Big Japan Pro-Wrestling BJW Summer Ueno Pro-Wrestling Festival - Part 11 Event Tokyo, Japan Card
24.08.2016 Pro Wrestling NOAH NOAH Summer Navigation 2016 - Tag 2 Event Shin-Yuri Twentyone Hall Card
24.08.2016 Ice Ribbon Ice Ribbon New Ice Ribbon #749 ~ Azure Revolution Day Event Tokyo, Japan Card
23.08.2016 Big Japan Pro-Wrestling BJW Ueno Convention Special Edition - Part 8 Event Tokyo, Japan Card
23.08.2016 Big Japan Pro-Wrestling BJW Ueno Convention Special Edition - Part 9 Event Tokyo, Japan Card
23.08.2016 Ice Ribbon Ice Ribbon New Ice Ribbon #748 ~ Miyako Matsumoto & Tsukasa Fujimoto 8th Anniversary Show TV-Show Tokyo, Japan Card
22.08.2016 Japanese Women Pro-Wrestling Project JWP Fly High In The 25th Anniversary In Itabashi Event Tokyo, Japan Card
21.08.2016 World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana Diana Event Tokyo, Japan Card
Week 32/2016
Superstar Of The Week
Kenny Omega (NJPW, 2016)
The Superstar Of The Week is chosen every week by the CAGEMATCH team based on both the absolute and relative, personal accomplishments of a worker in the previous week.

Do you know this promo?
Sasha Banks (WWE, 2016)Charlotte (WWE, 2016)Chris Jericho (WWE, 2016)Enzo Amore (WWE, 2016)
Sasha Banks: "You guys thank you! It's about time RAW popped off with a statement. A Bank Statement from your new WWE Women's Champion: The Boss! Last year during SummerSlam weekend at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn the WWE Universe went home talking about Bayley and...Read on!

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[9.0] "The best promotion in the world from the 70s through to the 90s, but it is undeniable that it fell off afterwards. Despite have some rough years recently and some terrible champions (Akebono standing forefront), AJPW has steadily been recovering recently and hopefully it continues this way for the foreseeable future. Still, 9 points for most of the stuff before the noughties."
[9.0] "LA Park and Rush had acrazy intense that was something special, that will probably be the most known Lucha Libre Elite"
HeadCheese wrote about Lashley:
[9.0] "Bobby Lashley is really good, on promos, and big giving the big match feel. My only problem with him is he I think he needs the right dance partner to do something great. He is has had rised to a high level in his current TNA run."
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