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Date Promotion Title Rating
09.08.2014 World Wrestling Entertainment Exclusive interview with Rob Schamberger (english)
Interview, by DaNi
23.05.2014 CHIKARA Exclusive interview with Vin Gerard (english)
Interview, by ARIZA
16.04.2014 CAGEMATCH OWW and CAGEMATCH announce a strategic partnership
Sonstiges, by Matt Macks
Date Name of the event Type Location
30.01.2015 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE Live House Show Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA Card
30.01.2015 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE NXT Live House Show Daytona Beach, Florida, USA Card
30.01.2015 Ring Of Honor ROH Winter Warriors Tour Event Dearborn, Michigan, USA Card Report
29.01.2015 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE Main Event #122 TV-Show Hartford, Connecticut, USA Card
29.01.2015 IWA Mid-South IWA Mid-South Fatality Event Clarksville, Indiana, USA Card
29.01.2015 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE Thursday Night SmackDown #806 TV-Show Hartford, Connecticut, USA Card Report
28.01.2015 Ohio Valley Wrestling OVW TV #806 TV-Show Louisville, Kentucky, USA Card
27.01.2015 Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre CMLL Martes Arena Mexico Event Mexico City, Mexiko Card
27.01.2015 Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre CMLL Guadalajara Martes Event Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexiko Card
26.01.2015 Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre CMLL Lunes Arena Puebla Event Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Puebla, Mexiko Card
Date Name of the event Type Location
30.01.2015 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling IMPACT Wrestling #554 TV-Show Manchester, England, UK Card
30.01.2015 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling IMPACT Wrestling #555 TV-Show Manchester, England, UK Card
29.01.2015 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling IMPACT Wrestling #552 TV-Show Glasgow, Scotland, UK Card
29.01.2015 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling IMPACT Wrestling #553 TV-Show Glasgow, Scotland, UK Card
25.01.2015 Insane Championship Wrestling ICW Fourth Annual Square Go! Event Glasgow, Scotland, UK Card
25.01.2015 PROGRESS Wrestling PROGRESS Chapter 17: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Event Camden, Greater London, England, UK Card
25.01.2015 FutureShock Wrestling FutureShock #79 Event Stockport, Greater Manchester, England, UK Card
24.01.2015 New Generation Wrestling NGW Proving Ground 25 Event Beverley, East Yorkshire, England, UK Card
24.01.2015 Britannia Wrestling Promotions BWP Main Event - 2015 Starts Here Event Prestatyn, Denbighshire, Wales, UK Card
24.01.2015 Ironfist Wrestling Ironfist Back With A Bang 2015 Event Hereford, Herefordshire, England, UK Card
Date Name of the event Type Location
30.01.2015 WRESTLE-1 W-1 WRESTLE -1 Sunrise Tour 2015 - Tag 3 TV-Show Tokyo, Japan Card
30.01.2015 Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE Young Oh! Oh! 14 Event Tokyo, Japan Card
30.01.2015 New Japan Pro Wrestling NJPW Road To The New Beginning - Tag 1 TV-Show Tokorozawa, Saitama, Japan Card
28.01.2015 Ice Ribbon Ice Ribbon New Ice Ribbon #624 Event Saitama, Japan Card
28.01.2015 Big Japan Pro-Wrestling BJW Dainichi Nigiwa Theater ~ Yohohama Specific Adult ~ Love The Life You Live. Live The Life You Love ~ Event Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan Card
25.01.2015 Dramatic Dream Team DDT Sweet Dreams 2015 TV-Show Tokyo, Japan Card
25.01.2015 Kaientai Dojo K-DOJO Club-K Super In Blue Field TV-Show Chiba, Japan Card
25.01.2015  TAKA & Taichi Produce Challenge 2 Event Chiba, Japan Card
25.01.2015 Dragon Gate Dragon Gate Open The New Year Gate 2015 - Tag 10 Event Akashi, Hyogo, Japan Card
25.01.2015 Big Japan Pro-Wrestling BJW Death Market 25 Event Nagoya, Aichi, Japan Card
Week 04/2015
Superstar Of The Week
Roman Reigns (WWE, 2015)
The Superstar Of The Week is chosen every week by the CAGEMATCH team based on both the absolute and relative, personal accomplishments of a worker in the previous week.

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Daniel Bryan (WWE, 2015)Erick Rowan (WWE, 2014)Ryback (WWE, 2014)Dolph Ziggler (WWE, 2015)
Daniel Bryan: "Man, you guys seem excited tonight. [Jubel] And why wouldn't you be? We are days away from the Royal Rumble and we are about to begin The Road To WrestleMania. [Jubel] Now, I could come out...Read on!

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[9.0] "This was simply an instance where so many aspects came together to form an incredible match. As far as the action is concerned, this was a tremendous brawl in the sense that there wasnít any dead time and all of the big spots came off without a hitch. There were many points where I had to rewind just to take in what I just saw. The crowd was invested into the action and made all of the nearfalls work down the stretch. There are also a few intangibles that elevate this match. The Cutlers were put over tremendously and showed that they could deliver in the main event of (arguably) the biggest show of the year. Additionally, what better way to cap off an anniversary show for PWG than with a match that wasnít originally scheduled to happen? Seriously, you owe it to yourself to watch this brawl. Itís a unique display of professional wrestling and a textbook example as to why PWG is great"
[9.0] "These two have terrific chemistry and that should surprise no one. They each wrestle a similar style but put their unique twist on it. Hero controlled for longer portions of the match while Richards would find openings to hit a flurry of offense. Hero and Richards were terrific in their roles and the insane crowd heat only helped matters. Itís a shame that Richards would have to forfeit the title but I think this contest, more than his outing with Kenny Omega, will define his reign. Simply put, these two had high expectations to meet and they unquestionably delivered."
[10.0] "CMLL is the first and greatest Lucha Libre company of all time also may I the oldest wrestling company in the world today I specially love the Lucha De Apuestas 😄"
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