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Unbestätigten Gerüchten zu Folge war "Du bist doof, ich hau dir auf's Maul!" die erste Wrestlingpromo der Geschichte. Okay, vielleicht nicht, aber letzten Endes haben mehr als die Hälfte aller Promos die Aufgabe, genau diese Grundaussage an den Fan zu bringen, ohne dabei dessen Intelligenz oder Rechtsbewusstsein zu beleidigen. In dieser Datenbank kannst du dich selbst davon überzeugen, wie gut das Schauspielergen in aktuellen und ehemaligen Stars ausgeprägt (gewesen) ist. Englischkenntnisse werden empfohlen, da die Promos im zumeist englischen Original belassen worden sind. Es "klingt" einfach besser!
Angezeigt werden die Einträge 801 bis 900 von insgesamt 1296 Einträgen, die den Suchparametern entsprechen.
80127.02.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"I don't need my notes for my promo on my wrist"The Rock, John Cena7.0520
80226.02.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"Spear, Spear, Spear, Spear, Spear. Spear"Chris Jericho, Edge7.0424
80326.11.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"We are The Shield"Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns7.0423
80409.01.1993World Wrestling Entertainment"And I like to just take those smiles right away"Doink The Clown7.009
80524.01.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"Your Olympic hero's undefeated streak is still intact"Kurt Angle7.005
80609.10.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"I didn't do it for me, I did it for The Rock"Rikishi, Mick Foley7.007
80729.01.2007World Wrestling Entertainment"With all due respect for John Cena, he's no Triple H"Shawn Michaels7.009
80830.03.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I went above her head all da way to the top to WWE president Jack Tunney!"Santino Marella7.007
80905.10.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"This match will mark the end of the rivalry"Randy Orton, John Cena7.006
81027.04.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"I've been making them dance around saying 'Spear! Spear! Spear!'"Edge, Christian7.0015
81122.07.2010Impact Wrestling"Impact Zone? We're going extreme!"Tommy Dreamer7.0019
81211.06.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"You speak when I tell you you can speak"Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston, Theodore Long7.007
81321.06.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"I will be making no apologies"Darren Young, David Otunga, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Michael Tarver, Skip Sheffield, Wade Barrett7.005
81405.07.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"John, the choice is yours"Wade Barrett, John Cena7.005
81510.01.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"We would be honored to be initiated into the new Nexus tonight"CM Punk, David Otunga7.008
81617.02.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm faster, I'm meaner, and I'm ready to be back"The Big Show6.9314
81719.10.1998World Wrestling Entertainment"I set that fire!"The Undertaker, Paul Bearer6.9212
81820.11.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"This will be a straight-edge intervention"CM Punk, R-Truth6.9211
81914.12.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"You and me - WrestleMania - ONE MORE TIME"Shawn Michaels6.9211
82015.09.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"You have to learn to take care of your champion"Chris Jericho, Mike Adamle6.9110
82107.04.1997World Wrestling Entertainment"We'll destroy you if you say anything about Bret"Owen Hart6.909
82205.12.2005World Wrestling Entertainment"What is it with you kids today?"Michael Hayes6.898
82310.08.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I am tired of you talking about what you're going to do"Randy Orton, John Cena, Chris Jericho, The Big Show6.898
82417.06.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"That was my masterpiece!"AJ Lee, Stephanie McMahon, Kaitlyn6.898
82503.04.1999Extreme Championship Wrestling"There's a fucking line, motherfucker, right in the middle of the ring"Shane Douglas6.887
82615.07.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"I select Daniel Bryan!"John Cena6.887
82708.03.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"Do you have the guts?"Triple H, Sheamus6.8714
82831.03.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"Lucky me"Shawn Michaels6.8317
82907.01.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"I am The Game! And you can bet your ass I'm back!"Triple H, Kurt Angle6.835
83005.07.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"It's all part of a bigger picture, a much bigger picture"Wade Barrett, Skip Sheffield, John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus6.835
83107.03.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"In the end, there can only be one last outlaw"The Undertaker6.8317
83212.08.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"Are you going to be the smart coward, or are you going to play the stupid hero?"Paul Heyman6.835
83330.01.2014Impact Wrestling"Dixie, your reign of terror is over"Dixie Carter, Montel Vontavious Porter6.835
83428.02.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"And if I can't end it, then I'll die trying"Triple H6.8115
83527.10.1996World Wrestling Entertainment"I think you're completely pathetic!"Steve Austin6.8014
83610.02.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"Even though I suplexed an 82-year old pregnant woman, I am still a role model for children"Kurt Angle6.809
83704.01.2010Impact Wrestling"We've got better things to do"Kristal6.809
83805.04.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"Are you gonna leave in the blaze of glory or am I gonna carry you out in a wheelchair?"Sheamus, Triple H6.809
83919.03.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"Philadelphia is the city of asskickers"The Rock6.7918
84022.01.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"I've conquered my nightmares because of my dreams"Rey Mysterio, The Undertaker6.788
84121.03.2010Impact Wrestling"We've been in TNA longer than you've even owned your Hardy Boyz starter kits"Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley6.788
84210.04.2000World Championship Wrestling"It is a whole new WCW"Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett6.757
84331.07.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I can't really respect anybody who lives that type of lifestyle"CM Punk6.757
84425.03.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"The Rock knows I am better than The Rock"John Cena, The Rock6.757
84523.11.1998World Wrestling Entertainment"I've never lied to you before, and I never will"Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels6.7310
84604.08.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"You both can go smurf yourselves"Abraham Washington, Zack Ryder, Shelton Benjamin6.7314
84711.01.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"Bret, you will never ever be seen in the WWE again"Vince McMahon6.716
84817.02.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"There will be an entire arena of people chanting one word"John Cena, Cesaro, Sheamus, Christian, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Kane6.716
84922.02.2015World Wrestling Entertainment"My legacy is putting your legacy out of business"Triple H6.709
85027.11.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"As long as I hold these titles, DX will never be the tag team champions"Chris Jericho6.675
85109.08.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"This is your chance to do right"Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, Edge6.675
85205.03.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"No one will remember second place"John Cena6.6714
85305.11.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"Those women are fantasizing about what it would be like to wake up to Randy Orton"Randy Orton6.675
85402.02.2015World Wrestling Entertainment"You have a chance to prove to yourself that you belong in the main event at WrestleMania"Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins6.678
85506.09.2014Lucha Underground"Because every woman is sexy. Every woman is a star"Sexy Star6.678
85611.12.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"You may take our lives, but you'll never take my Intercontinental Title!"Drew McIntyre, John Morrison6.6212
85708.11.1994Extreme Championship Wrestling"You wasted a lot of people's time"Tommy Dreamer6.627
85829.04.1999World Wrestling Entertainment"Shane, one day you may be a man"Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon6.609
85915.01.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"You almost broke the streak. But you failed."The Undertaker6.609
86029.04.2019World Wrestling Entertainment"Sociopath is the word of the day - Firefly Fun House #2"Bray Wyatt6.6014
86106.11.2006World Wrestling Entertainment"Cena, I'm not through with you yet"Kevin Federline6.5811
86215.12.1997World Wrestling Entertainment"It's time for this 'little nugget' to end it!"Owen Hart, Vince McMahon6.576
86330.06.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"You have any idea how important I am? I am the Marine, dammit!"The Miz, Chris Jericho6.576
86418.12.2005World Wrestling Entertainment"I am a one-man conglomerate"John Bradshaw Layfield6.568
86501.05.2005World Wrestling Entertainment"You talk like Snoop Dogg, but you look like Corey Haim"Christian6.5017
86607.08.2007World Wrestling Entertainment"They don't serve diet soda in the palace of wisdom"John Morrison6.5015
86711.12.2007World Wrestling Entertainment"I wanna talk to all of you about gold"Shelton Benjamin6.509
86823.02.1990World Wrestling Entertainment"The brain waves in my mind are of an unknown frequency"The Ultimate Warrior6.5011
86911.12.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"You might as well be stuffing your children's stockings with magic mushrooms"CM Punk6.509
87013.06.2011Impact Wrestling"The very first Asshole Championship Reception"Mr. Anderson, Gunner6.507
87114.11.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"Trending right now: Boots to Asses"The Rock, John Cena, The Miz, R-Truth6.507
87209.03.2015World Wrestling Entertainment"I won't just beat you down, Seth. I plan on making you my bitch!"Kane, The Big Show, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton6.505
87306.09.2014Lucha Underground"So...if your man is as good as you say he is - have him make an exemple of Johnny"Dario Cueto, Konnan6.505
87409.06.2016World Wrestling Entertainment"What is next for Finn Balor?"Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura6.4521
87517.12.1995World Wrestling Entertainment"They're gonna tear down the Hollywood sign and put up Double J"Jeff Jarrett6.436
87625.09.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I think a lot of you have forgotten my accomplishments"CM Punk, Theodore Long6.436
87702.08.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"I need to listen to one person and one person only, and that's me"Edge, R-Truth6.436
87810.01.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"I don't need your approval, I don't need initiations, I am the leader of the new Nexus"CM Punk, John Cena6.4313
87916.11.2007World Wrestling Entertainment"I guess we can call it the Deadman's playground"The Undertaker6.4211
88028.01.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"Even JR has erected a monument in his trousers"Santino Marella6.3320
88115.04.2004World Wrestling Entertainment"Sin eats away at the soul of society"Mordecai6.338
88228.07.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"The second time feels just a little bit sweeter"Christian, Tommy Dreamer, Zack Ryder6.335
88315.03.2010Ring Of Honor"My name is Shawn Daivari"Jim Cornette, Shawn Daivari6.335
88417.11.1997World Championship Wrestling"The rights and the wrongs in the world of professional wrestling"Rick Rude, Scott Hall, Larry Zbyszko, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan6.335
88516.08.1999World Wrestling Entertainment"RAW is SNORE is now dead and buried and long live RAW is JERICHO!"The Undertaker, Chris Jericho6.335
88615.10.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"Your hopes - just like my brother - are going to be buried alive"Kane6.335
88723.02.2012Florida Championship Wrestling"It takes a man with real power to knock another man out"Kassius Ohno6.335
88824.11.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"This proves that the Champ is Here"Chris Jericho, John Cena6.3221
88929.08.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"You know what the problem with this company is?"Kenny Dykstra6.2515
89016.10.2008Impact Wrestling"I'm not an idiot - You know that I'm a genius"Kevin Nash6.257
89126.05.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"We...are the Hart Dynasty!"Natalya6.2511
89212.11.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"Who cares about the number of minutes that somebody was clinically dead?"Jerry Lawler, CM Punk, Mick Foley6.2523
89305.01.2015World Wrestling Entertainment"This is a new era for the Authority"John Cena, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, Seth Rollins6.257
89406.01.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"I am so incredibly proud of you"Triple H, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley6.228
89522.07.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm gonna kick that door open"Matt Hardy6.2113
89623.08.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"Tonight, the All American American goes back to school"Jack Swagger, Montel Vontavious Porter6.2014
89714.06.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"They either deserve to be fired or to have their brains beaten in"Randy Orton6.175
89813.03.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"Sometimes accidents turn into tragedies"Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy6.1420
89930.05.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"Ever since I was a kid, I had two dreams"Kharma , Brie Bella, Nikki Bella6.1314
90024.09.2007World Wrestling Entertainment"I will be the last man standing"Randy Orton6.127
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