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Unbestätigten Gerüchten zu Folge war "Du bist doof, ich hau dir auf's Maul!" die erste Wrestlingpromo der Geschichte. Okay, vielleicht nicht, aber letzten Endes haben mehr als die Hälfte aller Promos die Aufgabe, genau diese Grundaussage an den Fan zu bringen, ohne dabei dessen Intelligenz oder Rechtsbewusstsein zu beleidigen. In dieser Datenbank kannst du dich selbst davon überzeugen, wie gut das Schauspielergen in aktuellen und ehemaligen Stars ausgeprägt (gewesen) ist. Englischkenntnisse werden empfohlen, da die Promos im zumeist englischen Original belassen worden sind. Es "klingt" einfach besser!
Angezeigt werden die Einträge 401 bis 500 von insgesamt 1296 Einträgen, die den Suchparametern entsprechen.
40103.03.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"Sometimes it is hell trying to get to heaven"The Undertaker8.8317
40217.04.2012Impact Wrestling"Maybe my luck has run out"James Storm8.835
40310.08.2010Dragon Gate USA"What I want is Bryan Danielson's head on a stick"Jon Moxley8.835
40414.07.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"I have never seen anything like Bray Wyatt"Chris Jericho, Bray Wyatt8.835
40514.11.2017World Wrestling Entertainment"This isn't a Rocky movie, this is an AJ Styles production!"Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles8.8317
40604.05.1998World Wrestling Entertainment"Reach into his chest and pull out his heart!"Vince McMahon, Mick Foley8.8210
40705.11.2007World Wrestling Entertainment"And... it's the bottom line, not the bottom lines"Santino Marella, Steve Austin8.8232
40822.03.2005World Wrestling Entertainment"What do I have to do to get this punk bitch swing at me?"John Cena, John Bradshaw Layfield8.8210
40906.04.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"So, whatcha gonna do when Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, WrestleMania XXX and the Superdome run wild on you, Brother?"Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, The Rock8.8233
41021.12.2007World Wrestling Entertainment"What kind of French Restaurant is this supposed to be?"Jamie Noble, Michelle McCool8.8126
41106.09.1999World Wrestling Entertainment"The big red retard can finally speak!"The Rock8.8115
41201.08.2016World Wrestling Entertainment"Jericho, listening to you speak, time passes like kidney stone"Sasha Banks, Charlotte , Chris Jericho, Enzo Amore, Mick Foley8.8131
41326.03.2001World Wrestling Entertainment"I bought my competition!"Vince McMahon8.809
41412.03.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"You may be G.I. Joe this summer, right now you're a G.I. Joke!"John Cena8.8019
41512.03.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"You're straight edge because your father is an alcoholic"Chris Jericho8.8014
41620.06.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"We say goodbye to NXT"Bray Wyatt8.809
41701.02.2016World Wrestling Entertainment"Take me to Suplex City, Baby!"Paul Heyman, Dean Ambrose8.8014
41813.10.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm gonna bounce Seth Rollins' head all over that cell like it's a basketball"Dean Ambrose, John Cena8.788
41916.01.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"It kills you that you never made it to this stage, the WWE, as a competitor"John Laurinaitis, CM Punk, Mick Foley8.7712
42023.03.2007CHIKARA"I get to yell at children, I get to punch grannies..."Chuck Taylor8.7616
42101.03.2010Wrestlicious"Wrestlicious, baby!"Toni The Top, Glory , Maui, Draculetta , Lacey von Erich, Kandi Kisses, Cobra , Viper , Anaconda, Supernova, Cousin Cassie, White Magic , Malibu McKenzie, Lil Slamm, Shauna Na, Boot Camp Bailey, Leyla Milani, JV Rich8.7624
42211.09.2006World Wrestling Entertainment"Once I beat John Cena with Tables, Ladders, and Chairs"Edge8.7515
42308.09.2011Impact Wrestling"At Victory Road I had hit rock bottom"Jeff Hardy8.757
42402.04.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"The Rock's Vision"The Rock8.7418
42505.06.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I'll be there to knock you right back down"Edge, Jeff Hardy8.7314
42612.06.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I've never done anything in my life just to be popular"CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Edge8.7325
42727.08.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"And when I come calling, the Devil still answers to me with 'Sir'"The Undertaker, Kane8.7310
42817.03.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"But when I beat Daniel Bryan, the Triple Threat Match is gonna be Batista and Randy Orton...AND ME!"Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton8.7310
42913.07.2015World Wrestling Entertainment"It is time for us to make a change in the Divas Division right now"Nikki Bella, Stephanie McMahon, Naomi8.7314
43002.08.2004World Wrestling Entertainment"If you want to fight, look no bloody further!"William Regal8.7217
43108.09.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"All these people actually believe in The Undertaker"CM Punk, The Undertaker8.7217
43204.07.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"If CM Punk walks out of Chicago with the championship, you're fired!"Vince McMahon, John Cena8.7224
43304.05.2006Impact Wrestling"Largest grossing champion in the history of the business"Kevin Nash, Alex Shelley8.7113
43426.05.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"The Age of Orton won't just be dead, it'll be like it never even existed"Randy Orton, Triple H8.7120
43524.09.2003Impact Wrestling"You hurt me and I didn't think I could be hurt"Raven8.716
43618.12.2001World Wrestling Entertainment"...and an ass-kicking all over New Orleans!"The Rock8.7116
43731.03.2010CHIKARA"Tonite though, it's gonna be a message thats gotta be sent to you, Claudio"Eddie Kingston8.716
43807.01.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"When you step in the ring, your arms are just too short to box with God"CM Punk, The Rock8.7162
43904.07.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"If you wanna get crazy, I'll get crazy with you but when I do you will never ever be the same again"Chris Jericho, Bray Wyatt, The Miz8.716
44015.09.2007Ring Of Honor"The Age Of The Fall has just begun"Jimmy Jacobs8.7022
44112.03.1998World Championship Wrestling"Get your mind out of the gutter, you dirty old man"Chris Jericho8.709
44202.06.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"There's always a Plan B!"Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Triple H8.7019
44313.07.2015World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm gonna bring the matches and gasoline and I'm going to burn Suplex City to the ground"Paul Heyman, Seth Rollins, Kane, Brock Lesnar8.709
44406.04.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"And may God help the McMahon family if they decide to get in my way again"Randy Orton, Vince McMahon8.6912
44514.12.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"Once upon a time there was a Little Angle... and a Little Regal"The Rock8.6818
44617.08.1998World Championship Wrestling"I don't care anymore, Eric Bischoff"Eddie Guerrero8.6714
44725.11.2006Rings Of Europe"You are a promo god!"Colt Cabana, Big Van Walter8.6723
44825.02.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"Shawn Michaels, I want to wrestle you at Wrestlemania!"Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels8.6720
44906.10.2006World Wrestling Entertainment"All the tricks and illusions and scare tactics mean absolutely squat to me"Mr. Kennedy8.678
45018.08.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"He had to do things the HBK way"Chris Jericho8.6714
45125.08.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"You really just don't even know what a straight-edge champion is"CM Punk, Jeff Hardy8.6720
45207.12.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"Never underestimate Chris Jericho"Chris Jericho8.678
45301.03.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"I've wanted to fight you for 13 years!"Vince McMahon, Bret Hart8.678
45419.07.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"I got me some help"Wade Barrett, John Cena, Michael Tarver8.678
45505.02.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"It's about the Elimination Chamber. It's about The Undertaker"Edge, Chris Jericho, CM Punk8.6516
45621.09.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"I have decided to bring journalistic integrity back to the show"Michael Cole8.6516
45720.09.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"We have come from Stone Cold stunning Mr. McMahon on RAW to Edge arguing with a computer"Edge8.6519
45824.01.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"If anybody is gonna kill my creation, I'm gonna do it!"Vince McMahon8.6410
45928.10.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"The Dirt on DX"John Morrison, The Miz8.6318
46026.07.1999World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm gonna show the world I am the game"Triple H8.627
46113.03.2003World Wrestling Entertainment"I'll whack you more times than a masturbation tournament"John Cena8.627
46222.11.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm different than you guys"Christian, Kofi Kingston, Montel Vontavious Porter, Mark Henry, R-Truth8.6220
46314.03.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"Lawler, you don't care about your family"Michael Cole, Brian Christopher, Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross8.6212
46428.03.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"I've got news, Great One, I won't be judged by you"The Rock, John Cena, The Miz8.6212
46516.04.2011CHIKARA"I'm going to win that match with an Armbar"Zack Sabre Jr.8.627
46615.07.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"I will never turn my back on you."Bray Wyatt8.627
46705.08.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"Because John Cena is a entertainer and Daniel Bryan is a wrestler"Daniel Bryan, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon8.627
46829.12.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"It was the night after christmas, and under the tree..."Goldust8.6130
46914.06.1999World Wrestling Entertainment"Take your entire 33 pound head"The Rock, The Undertaker8.6019
47020.08.2005Ohio Valley Wrestling"I called you an asshole"Johnny Jeter, Dean Hill8.6014
47129.07.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"The fact is, Shawn: Now I am the showstopper!"Triple H8.609
47207.04.1997World Wrestling Entertainment"By the time we're done we are going to look like twins"Mankind, The Undertaker8.5916
47301.02.2016World Wrestling Entertainment"You really think a little rookie redneck like AJ Styles can make it in the WWE?"The Miz8.5916
47414.09.1998World Wrestling Entertainment"Vince McMahon didn't screw Stone Cold Steve Austin, Stone Cold screwed Stone Cold!"Vince McMahon8.576
47521.07.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"And unfortunately for you Chris Jericho, I am forever"Bray Wyatt8.576
47627.10.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"It took an entire army to beat me"Chris Jericho8.568
47717.11.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"We want Shawn to stand there and see two men staring back at him"John Morrison, The Miz8.5615
47816.12.1996World Wrestling Entertainment"The problem with the World Wrestling Federation right now is there ARE NO RULES!"Bret Hart8.568
47926.03.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"I have to win this match more than anything in my entire life"The Rock, John Cena8.5617
48020.05.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"We have bestowed upon this man a new name that will forever be known as Curtis Axel"Paul Heyman, Curtis Axel, Triple H8.568
48114.07.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"You've got yourself a one-way-ticket on the pain-train to Noble's ville"Jamie Noble, Layla, Snitsky8.5510
48226.07.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"Nexus isn't the only threat to this company"John Cena, Chris Jericho8.5510
48302.03.2015World Wrestling Entertainment"I will take advantage of that opportunity and I will put an end to Sting! "Triple H, Booker T8.5510
48404.01.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"I really do believe that you screwed you"Vince McMahon, Bret Hart8.5423
48527.12.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"I want absolute silence while I'm talking!"The Miz8.5316
48631.03.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"I want my damn torch back!"Randy Orton, John Bradshaw Layfield8.5017
48728.10.1995Extreme Championship Wrestling"I could russle up five dollars and if I had a clothespin on my nose, I'd give you a try"Steve Austin8.507
48808.12.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"So I banned my dog from watching RAW"John Cena8.505
48922.01.1994World Wrestling Entertainment"I will not rest in peace"The Undertaker8.5019
49024.04.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"In your own words, John, I'm a desperate man"Edge8.509
49102.10.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"Hygienically the Great One's breath has never been fresher"The Rock8.5017
49218.01.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"You chew 'em up, they lose their flavor, you spit 'em out"Vince McMahon, The Undertaker8.507
49325.01.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"You're right, you're not a coward. You're pathetic"Vince McMahon, John Cena8.505
49410.06.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"Because just like you, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are destined for mediocrity"Triple H, Seth Rollins8.505
49523.03.2015World Wrestling Entertainment"Brock Lesnar says you can't and therefore you won't"Paul Heyman8.505
49612.02.2004World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm an addict and I'll do anything and run over anybody that it's gonna take to get that around my waist"Brock Lesnar, Eddie Guerrero8.505
49719.11.2007World Wrestling Entertainment"The sexy beast is back"Chris Jericho, Randy Orton8.4857
49820.11.2003World Wrestling Entertainment"Rest in peace, my brother"Kane8.4714
49921.02.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"Let me check my tears in the reflection of my championship gold"The Miz8.4714
50004.03.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"Lately I've been the king of disappointment"Cody Rhodes8.4714
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