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Unbestätigten Gerüchten zu Folge war "Du bist doof, ich hau dir auf's Maul!" die erste Wrestlingpromo der Geschichte. Okay, vielleicht nicht, aber letzten Endes haben mehr als die Hälfte aller Promos die Aufgabe, genau diese Grundaussage an den Fan zu bringen, ohne dabei dessen Intelligenz oder Rechtsbewusstsein zu beleidigen. In dieser Datenbank kannst du dich selbst davon überzeugen, wie gut das Schauspielergen in aktuellen und ehemaligen Stars ausgeprägt (gewesen) ist. Englischkenntnisse werden empfohlen, da die Promos im zumeist englischen Original belassen worden sind. Es "klingt" einfach besser!
Angezeigt werden die Einträge 301 bis 400 von insgesamt 1297 Einträgen, die den Suchparametern entsprechen.
30103.03.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"So what do you say, Triple H? You and me, WrestleMania XXX!"Daniel Bryan, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon9.1711
30204.06.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"There will be vengeance!"Kane9.1663
30323.07.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"That's how I felt for the past thirteen years until last Sunday night"Kane9.1618
30430.06.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"I was double-teamed and burglarized and you're in rocketing glee on my misfortune"Chris Jericho9.1519
30526.06.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I will set Mysterio free from the lies he's created"Chris Jericho9.1512
30617.06.2010Impact Wrestling"That's my line"Jay Lethal, Ric Flair, Desmond Wolfe9.1533
30706.09.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"I am the poster child"The Miz, Daniel Bryan9.1413
30831.01.2011Impact Wrestling"You amounted to nothing before Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff got here"AJ Styles, Eric Bischoff9.146
30923.07.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"At the Royal Rumble, whoever the WWE champion is, they will go one-on-one with The Great One"CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, The Rock9.146
31002.03.2020World Wrestling Entertainment"Edge is a junkie for the roar of the crowd and you did nothing, NOTHING to stop him"Beth Phoenix, Randy Orton9.1420
31122.10.2007World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm gonna open a can of dee ass-whip"Santino Marella9.1330
31231.01.1995Extreme Championship Wrestling"As of now, Cactus Jack DOESN'T CARE!"Cactus Jack9.127
31305.03.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"The Rock got shook up by a prep school thug"John Cena, The Rock9.1216
31408.07.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"This is not the beginning... it's the end."Bray Wyatt9.127
31523.03.2015World Wrestling Entertainment"I will take my rightful place among the Gods as the new face of fear"Bray Wyatt9.127
31628.08.2017World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm still here because you can't do your job"John Cena, Roman Reigns9.1231
31708.08.2005World Wrestling Entertainment"This is why Lita left you for me"Edge9.1118
31815.03.2004World Wrestling Entertainment"You can't get no Stratusfaction"Christian, Trish Stratus9.118
31926.11.2007World Wrestling Entertainment"I will never retire"Ric Flair9.1126
32023.02.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"Do you know what a hypocrite is?"Chris Jericho, Ricky Steamboat9.1118
32125.05.1998World Championship Wrestling"I don't need the Flock, all I need is you"Raven9.109
32228.04.2007Ring Of Honor"I'm taking this time, not to go bang the broad"Jimmy Jacobs9.0910
32310.04.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"You are constantly bombarded by a never ending attack of tweets and pokes"Damien Sandow9.0910
32417.11.2006World Wrestling Entertainment"Deadman, this is no longer your yard, it's mine"Mr. Kennedy9.0811
32512.06.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I have set Rey Mysterio free"Chris Jericho9.0812
32627.04.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"I am going to be World Heavyweight champion until I retire"Jack Swagger9.0823
32710.08.2020World Wrestling Entertainment"I don't respect you and I don't love you, because you are a liability to me in my career"Randy Orton, Ric Flair9.0812
32816.11.1998World Wrestling Entertainment"The Rock did what The Rock had to do"The Rock, Vince McMahon9.0714
32919.07.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"Every breath you take, every move you make; I'll be watching you"Sheamus, The Miz9.0728
33001.04.2016Ring Of Honor"Kevin Kelly, tell Nigel McGuinness that there is nobody left"Jay Lethal, Colt Cabana9.0713
33109.07.2019World Wrestling Entertainment"Every time Shane McMahon calls himself the 'Best in the world' I wanna smash my head on this stupid table"Kevin Owens, Shane McMahon9.0713
33212.06.2005World Wrestling Entertainment"One more time for old times sakes"Paul Heyman9.0630
33301.10.2009Impact Wrestling"You're a cheap, low-rate Mick Foley wannabe"Abyss, Mick Foley9.0615
33410.09.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"For 300 days you have been WWE Champion, for 300 days that championship has been irrelevant"Bret Hart, CM Punk, John Cena9.0630
33510.11.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"Not every story has a happy ending"Chris Jericho9.0519
33617.03.1997World Wrestling Entertainment"This is bullshit! You screwed me!"Bret Hart, Steve Austin9.0519
33730.06.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"Knock, knock - Who's there? Kane - Kane who?"Jamie Noble, Katie Lea9.0422
33827.02.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm here on top swimming with sharks while you're dancing with stars"CM Punk, Chris Jericho9.0424
33931.03.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"WWE divas should be at home, looking pretty, making pasta, making babies!"Santino Marella, Maria9.0328
34021.09.1983Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling"It's only just begun"Ric Flair9.007
34119.10.2003World Wrestling Entertainment"And you don't want to mess with me, I'm like a prostitute with herpes"John Cena9.008
34231.03.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"You need to get out of my face! Seriously!"The Big Show9.0018
34323.02.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"You have no idea what it's like to be famous"Randy Orton9.0010
34409.03.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"You may be 16:0 at WrestleMania - but I am Mr. WrestleMania"Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker9.0018
34531.08.2009Impact Wrestling"How can your wife and your son respect you?"Daniels, Samoa Joe9.008
34628.09.1998World Wrestling Entertainment"There's only one place, where this championship belt is going"Vince McMahon9.006
34714.08.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I figured out all that I have to do is end Jeff Hardy"CM Punk, Jeff Hardy9.006
34808.02.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"Are you about the money or are you about the moment?"John Cena, Vince McMahon9.008
34916.02.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"My date with destiny is to go to WrestleMania and defeat The Undertaker"John Bradshaw Layfield, Shawn Michaels9.007
35001.05.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"Tonight is gonna be the longest night in your candy-ass son's life"The Rock, Vince McMahon9.005
35125.05.1998World Championship Wrestling"You octogenarian, tubby, fat, white-haired, moronic, imbecilic, pretentious goof"Chris Jericho, JJ Dillon9.005
35221.05.1998World Championship Wrestling"I am here to inform you of a humongous, diabolical conspiracy"Chris Jericho9.006
35330.06.1997World Wrestling Entertainment"Undertaker, you are a MURDERER"Paul Bearer9.009
35413.06.2004World Wrestling Entertainment"Get a look at greatness!"Randy Orton9.0011
35519.03.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"Are you willing to put it all on the line?"Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Triple H9.0016
35613.06.2005World Wrestling Entertainment"Kurt Angle is back on RAW, baby!"Kurt Angle, Triple H, Batista, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair9.0010
35703.01.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"Ladies, that's not the umbilical cord ... that's the People's Stroodle!"The Rock, Jonathan Coachman9.007
35819.08.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm sorry I didn't break your face"CM Punk, Paul Heyman9.005
35907.03.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"Let's be The Shield and take this place back!"Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins9.006
36021.04.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"They do not love you anymore, John"Bray Wyatt9.008
36122.09.1997World Wrestling Entertainment"Hell, you can kiss my ass!"Steve Austin, Vince McMahon9.005
36230.06.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"And you, Sir, you're not the Batman"Rey Mysterio, Santino Marella8.9729
36326.08.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"You are all worthless excuses for women"AJ Lee8.9653
36427.11.1991World Wrestling Entertainment"Well, I spoke to God this morning, and he said he doesn't like you"Jake Roberts8.9521
36503.08.2015World Wrestling Entertainment"Walk Owens Walk"The Miz, Kevin Owens, Cesaro8.9518
36613.01.2020World Wrestling Entertainment"I know you will go flyin' over that top rope,… Paul Heyman!"Paul Heyman, R-Truth8.9521
36716.04.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm not a Superstar. I'm an ass kicker. I am Brock Lesnar"Brock Lesnar8.9417
36804.01.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"If you wanna bury the hatchet, let's bury it right now"Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels8.9344
36921.09.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"There's a new beast of the apocalypse, and you're lookin' at him, big brother"Kane8.9314
37018.07.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"Vince, you are relieved of your duties"Vince McMahon, John Cena, Triple H8.9326
37121.04.2007Memphis Wrestling"Be ready for the fight of your life, brother!"Hulk Hogan8.9212
37209.10.2003World Wrestling Entertainment"I didn't come out here to rap, I came out here to fight!"John Cena, Kurt Angle8.9020
37301.06.1993World Championship Wrestling"A Flare for the Old"Flyin' Brian, Stunning Steve8.909
37410.04.2008Impact Wrestling"I'd rather be overpaid than underpaid"Kevin Nash, Sting8.909
37529.10.2007World Wrestling Entertainment"Bottom line is: If there's a livestock involved, I beat you like it"Santino Marella8.898
37607.02.2008Impact Wrestling"You know that you wanna thank me for what I did"Robert Roode8.898
37713.05.2019World Wrestling Entertainment"You want to see my secret? - Firefly Fun House #4"Bray Wyatt8.8917
37803.12.1991World Wrestling Entertainment"Now you look into my eyes Randy Savage"Jake Roberts8.8815
37928.02.2004Westside Xtreme Wrestling"And they put me on that plane, because I'm a legend"CM Punk8.8825
38020.07.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm CM Punk, World Heavyweight Champion"CM Punk8.8825
38123.11.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm sick of your stupid catchphrases!"Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Triple H8.8816
38228.02.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"Enjoy your fruity pebbles, you yabba-dabba bitch!"The Rock8.8816
38320.02.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"And then he left... again"John Cena8.8824
38429.04.2019World Wrestling Entertainment"It is high time that Sami Zayn takes the power back"Sami Zayn8.887
38524.05.2001World Wrestling Entertainment"I am a fighting champion, a man's man, a champion of champions"Steve Austin8.866
38617.07.2003World Wrestling Entertainment"You ain't a dead man, you just a dead issue"John Cena8.8613
38713.01.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"They call you what?"The Rock8.8620
38803.02.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"You guys are simply average"Cactus Jack, Triple H8.866
38918.09.2008Impact Wrestling"It ain't about disrespect, it's about guys like you"Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, Mick Foley8.866
39011.11.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm tired of being sorry"Jeff Hardy, The Undertaker8.8643
39110.07.1997Extreme Championship Wrestling"Payback is a lot like me sometimes - a total bitch"Beulah McGillicutty8.866
39226.06.2011Ring Of Honor"Grandma, Grandpa, I did it!"Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards8.8613
39304.07.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"That briefcase is a curse 'cause it's every excuse I need to ruin your life"Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose8.866
39404.09.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"Genital warts rule"Edge, Christian, Mick Foley8.8512
39507.03.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"You want me to sign this contract, give me a Hell Yeah!"Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Steve Austin8.8526
39615.08.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"OMG Kevin Nash WTF thought he was dead LOL"CM Punk, Kevin Nash8.8532
39707.05.2016EVOLVE Wrestling"This is a microphone, this is how you create box office!"Ethan Carter III, Johnny Gargano, Ethan Page8.8512
39801.04.1990World Wrestling Entertainment"This time, you will be the one that grovels for the money"Jake Roberts8.8418
39921.01.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"Clap your filthy hands together for the man who has beaten 'em all"Chris Jericho, Triple H, Kurt Angle8.835
40003.03.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"Sometimes it is hell trying to get to heaven"The Undertaker8.8317
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