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Liste aller Promos


Unbestätigten Gerüchten zu Folge war "Du bist doof, ich hau dir auf's Maul!" die erste Wrestlingpromo der Geschichte. Okay, vielleicht nicht, aber letzten Endes haben mehr als die Hälfte aller Promos die Aufgabe, genau diese Grundaussage an den Fan zu bringen, ohne dabei dessen Intelligenz oder Rechtsbewusstsein zu beleidigen. In dieser Datenbank kannst du dich selbst davon überzeugen, wie gut das Schauspielergen in aktuellen und ehemaligen Stars ausgeprägt (gewesen) ist. Englischkenntnisse werden empfohlen, da die Promos im zumeist englischen Original belassen worden sind. Es "klingt" einfach besser!
Angezeigt werden die Einträge 1101 bis 1200 von insgesamt 1296 Einträgen, die den Suchparametern entsprechen.
110117.09.2003Impact Wrestling"I would love to kick your ass just because your name is Vincent"Roddy Piper, Vince Russo  
110208.09.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"We're not gonna let Bill Regal and his two life partners come in here and take over"Christian, Tommy Dreamer  
110321.08.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"He cares while I detest!"Kane  
110421.08.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I have to get rid of you so they stop living in your moment"CM Punk, Jeff Hardy  
110512.03.2003Impact Wrestling"I'm not here to be part of any clique. Frankly I left that at my other job"D-Lo Brown, Sonny Siaki  
110619.11.2001World Wrestling Entertainment"You're no savior, Kurt Angle. You're an asshole!"Kurt Angle, The Rock  
110722.06.1985Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling"There are so many diamonds around your rolex, we can't tell what time it is!"Ric Flair  
110826.11.2009Impact Wrestling"You didn't want me to be your worst enemy"AJ Styles, Daniels  
110911.02.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"I will get in this ring and I will live to fight another day!"Mr. Kennedy, Ric Flair  
111022.10.2009Impact Wrestling"You are paranoid"Kurt Angle, Rhino, Brother Ray  
111114.12.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"The people have spoken"Vince McMahon, Dennis Miller, Bob Barker  
111223.02.1998World Championship Wrestling"In the cage at Uncensored you'll be fighting for your life"Hollywood Hogan, Randy Savage  
111329.10.2009Impact Wrestling"They are all in on it"Rhino, Brother Ray, Brother Devon  
111411.05.1998World Championship Wrestling"It's not easy being a hero"Bret Hart  
111503.02.2006World Wrestling Entertainment"I AM the Cruiserweight-Division"Gregory Helms, Nunzio  
111628.11.2009Dragon Gate USA"Nobody pulls me by puppet strings"Jon Moxley  
111710.01.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"I enjoy destroying lives. It turns me on"Vince McMahon  
111809.11.2002Ring Of Honor"To me now this is a place of honor!"Tommy Dreamer  
111930.03.1998World Championship Wrestling"It's not nWo for life, it's gonna be fight for your life"Roddy Piper  
112013.07.1998World Championship Wrestling"So wax up your pigtail, little Bo-Peep, because I'm the big, bad creep tonight"Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall, Eric Bischoff, Disciple  
112130.11.1999World Wrestling Entertainment"Al Snow, you wanna jump The Rock from behind like a true candy ass?"The Rock  
112203.02.1989World Wrestling Entertainment"Slickster's Laws of Wrestling Dynamics"Slick, Akeem, The Big Boss Man  
112302.07.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"Tonight Luke will take care of Kane"CM Punk, Serena, Luke Gallows  
112429.07.2010Impact Wrestling"This little extreme reunion of yours was never a part of their plan"Abyss, Brother Devon, Brother Ray, Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley, Taz, Tommy Dreamer  
112519.06.1997Extreme Championship Wrestling"ECW is not a pimple on the ass of the World Wrestling Federation"Jerry Lawler  
112622.10.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm more of a chair-smashing, frog-splashing dude"Rob Van Dam  
112712.07.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"Whether I have help, whether I do it myself, I'm taking all of them out"John Cena, Wade Barrett  
112808.05.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"Can you go the distance?"Triple H  
112913.02.2010Ring Of Honor"I wanna be the ideal Tyler Black"Tyler Black  
113015.06.2008CHIKARA"That's how I knew we had a traitor in our midst"Mike Quackenbush  
113118.06.2001World Wrestling Entertainment"Diamond Dallas Page has made your wife famous"Diamond Dallas Page  
113201.09.1996World Wrestling Entertainment"In Stone Cold's book, pink stands for you know what!"Brian Pillman, Steve Austin  
113315.08.1995Extreme Championship Wrestling"Mikey Whipwreck, he's gonna be the next gangsta of wrestling"Johnny Grunge, Mikey Whipwreck, Rocco Rock  
113413.11.2008Impact Wrestling"This isn't a welcoming party, this is a going away party"Kurt Angle  
113516.10.2008Impact Wrestling"I'm on the road earning money for this company and you're sitting at home spending it"AJ Styles, Sting  
113605.11.2003Impact Wrestling"The X-Division doesn't need AJ Styles, it's the Heavyweight Division"AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett  
113705.11.2003Impact Wrestling"You will outpower me, you can outwrestle me, but one thing you can't do is outthink me"Father James Mitchell  
113802.10.2008Impact Wrestling"I'm gonna to beat your ass so bad not even Papa Vince will take you back"Jeff Jarrett  
113907.11.2004Impact Wrestling"Being crazy was the only thing that kept me from going insane"Raven  
114018.02.2004Impact Wrestling"You should never forget what brought you to the dance"Raven  
114107.12.1997World Wrestling Entertainment"You will be squealing like a baby"Ken Shamrock  
114225.11.2010Impact Wrestling"If it wasn't for me, your 15 years of fame would have been nothing more than 15 minutes"Brother Ray  
114301.07.2004World Wrestling Entertainment"Heyman, you showed me that I had a weakness"Paul Heyman, The Undertaker  
114405.01.1998World Championship Wrestling"I am the best that there is, was and ever will be, and if you got a problem with it, too bad"Bret Hart, Ric Flair  
114512.02.2011Combat Zone Wrestling"Whether you like it or not, I am your new CZW World Heavyweight Champion"Robert Anthony  
114611.11.1996World Championship Wrestling"You got seven guys? I'm number eight?"Diamond Dallas Page, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash  
114725.11.1996World Championship Wrestling"At thirty days and one minute, you're either with us or you're against us!"Eric Bischoff  
114809.10.2010Combat Zone Wrestling"This mask is a symbol of failure"Egotistico Fantastico  
114917.07.2002Impact Wrestling"I'm not an angry black man. I'm just the damn truth - and the truth will no longer be denied"K-Krush  
115030.10.2002Impact Wrestling"You need to quit being Jeff Jarrett's little studge, 'cause chico, he's playing you like one of Ricky Ricardo's bongo drums"Ron Killings, Scott Hall  
115129.10.1995World Championship Wrestling"Your moustache is crooked!"Randy Savage  
115220.08.1985World Wrestling Entertainment"Do you realize that I could have had the top managers in the country sitting in my corner?"Randy Savage  
115329.10.1985World Wrestling Entertainment"You are like a grain of sand in the Sahara Desert, yeah. And I'm the entire desert!"Randy Savage  
115407.04.1997World Championship Wrestling"I'm an anomaly"Diamond Dallas Page  
115531.03.1997World Championship Wrestling"As I'm bringing the lady you might as well bring the tramp"Diamond Dallas Page, Randy Savage  
115630.05.2011Impact Wrestling"This is the happiest day of my life"Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan  
115731.05.2011Impact Wrestling"Kurt, you're gonna know from start to end I was, I am, and I always will be the better man"Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle  
115813.06.2011Impact Wrestling"Let's finish this thing once and for all"Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett  
115907.05.2009Impact Wrestling"You know what we do to video games? We beat 'em!"Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Consequences Creed, Daniels, Jay Lethal  
116028.04.2004Impact Wrestling"If you're so loyal to the 3 Live Kru, then you oust the birdman and you replace him with the suntanned superman"AJ Styles, BG James, Konnan, Ron Killings, Vince Russo  
116114.12.1996World Championship Wrestling"The one constant that will always be in your life, is your family"Arn Anderson  
116217.12.1996World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm gonna do it! Why? BECAUSE I CAN!"Shawn Michaels  
116328.03.1999World Wrestling Entertainment"We just can't have a WrestleMania without the Heartbreak Kid"Shawn Michaels  
116402.04.2005Ring Of Honor"You're like an inmate on death row, you know when you're gonna die"CM Punk  
116507.05.2005Ring Of Honor"I will fight like an injured animal"CM Punk  
116622.03.2004World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm the lottery pick they both wanna get their hands on"Eric Bischoff, John Cena, Paul Heyman  
116708.12.2011Impact Wrestling"I don't need you to think about me when you go to bed at night"James Storm, Kurt Angle  
116805.11.2011Ring Of Honor"I know something about losing a brother"Charlie Haas  
116904.10.2007Impact Wrestling"For all his wanted genius, he wasn't intelligent enough to not stay past the expiration date"Raven  
117018.10.2011Impact Wrestling"I was the first one you screwed by no showing one of our events"Jeff Hardy, Jeff Jarrett  
117127.11.2002Impact Wrestling"My name is Vince Russo and I am the antichrist of professional wrestling"Vince Russo  
117203.09.1999Extreme Championship Wrestling"And if god was a heel, he'd be the Dudley Boyz"Buh Buh Ray Dudley  
117318.12.2011Florida Championship Wrestling"If it don't make dollars then it don't make sense"Abraham Washington  
117429.01.2012Florida Championship Wrestling"I'm gonna teach you about how to treat a lady"Bo Rotundo, Leo Kruger  
117504.03.2012Ring Of Honor"Your cheers to him are only going to take this company down"Steve Corino, Kevin Steen  
117615.03.2012Florida Championship Wrestling"Kassius bashes and leaves his opponents with gashes"Kassius Ohno  
1177.11.1993Extreme Championship Wrestling"Now Joey Styles, you are about the same size as Paul E. Dangerously."Terry Funk  
117831.05.2012Impact Wrestling"You didn't cut the promo of your life"Joey Ryan, Al Snow, Taz, Bruce Prichard  
117902.03.1984Universal Wrestling Federation"Coach, I'm not gonna wrestle you"Bill Watts, Magnum TA, Mr. Wrestling II  
118015.04.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"I always wanna do better, I always wanna be bigger, I always want more"CM Punk  
118125.03.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"I am the 1 in 20-1"CM Punk  
118205.04.2012Florida Championship Wrestling"I am brainwashing you all right now"Bray Wyatt  
118324.05.2012Florida Championship Wrestling"I am an angel in the dirt"Bray Wyatt  
118407.06.2012Florida Championship Wrestling"I will not save your world. I wanna watch it burn"Bray Wyatt  
118513.05.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"Brock Lesnar is going to teach you the true meaning of the word hate"Paul Heyman, Triple H  
118619.03.2013Impact Wrestling"I saw Bob Holly in the back. He looked great for 75 years old, but he didn't even want a piece of us."Bully Ray, Devon, Brother Runt  
118716.07.1994World Wrestling Entertainment"The Million Dollar Man's Lex Luger"Shawn Michaels, Tatanka, Jerry Lawler, Ted DiBiase  
118819.08.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"This is a time for forgiveness, and CM Punk, I forgive you"Paul Heyman  
118906.08.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"Wanna hear a secret, Kane? I am already dead."Bray Wyatt  
119004.04.1993World Wrestling Entertainment"Crush may be seeing Double Vision"Doink  
119102.09.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"Kane made his bed and now he is burning in it"Bray Wyatt  
119206.04.2013European Wrestling Promotion"In Hannover machen wir das anders"Maxi Schneider  
119309.04.2004CHIKARA"Ultramantis is dead. Today, UltraMantis Black is born."Ultramantis  
119430.09.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"I have never, ever needed anybody else's motivation to reach my full potential"Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton  
119519.08.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"The coal that has now become a diamond"Triple H, Randy Orton, Vince McMahon  
119623.06.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"I've got more ammunition in my cannon than you ever realize"Booker T, Goldust, The Rock  
119709.07.2001World Wrestling Entertainment"This invasion just got taken to the extreme!"Paul Heyman  
119830.09.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"This story ends when I finally get my hands on Paul Heyman"CM Punk, Brad Maddox  
119923.09.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"Thank you for taking matters into your own hands"Triple H, Stephanie McMahon  
120019.06.2002Impact Wrestling"To be the NWA Heavyweight Champion is the ultimate goal"Jeff Jarrett, Ken Shamrock, Scott Hall, Ricky Steamboat, Jackie Fargo  
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