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"In anybody else's hands, this is just a microphone, in my hands, it's a pipe bomb"


"In anybody else's hands, this is just a microphone, in my hands, it's a pipe bomb"
CM Punk: "Do I have everybody's attention now? I feel a little bit of recapping is an order. If you didn't see the show last week, and I didn't watch either because I wasn't on it, I was suspended by Vincent K. McMahon. I was suspended because the week prior to that I got into a little bit of trouble for some things I said. I didn't get in trouble because I announced that on July 17th, my contract ends. I didn't just get in trouble because I said not only am I going to defeat John Cena, but that I was going to leave with the oh-so-precious WWE Title, making all future champions completely irrelevant. I didn't get in trouble because of this little nugget that when Vince McMahon dies, the company will fall into the hands of his idiotic daughter and his son in law who I believe I referred to as a doofus, I got in trouble because I said things that nobody has the balls to say. Things like this company inside and outside the ring are filled with a parade of shameless ass kissers. But never fear, tonight not only am I reinstated, not only is my championship match with Cena back on, I brought backup just in case they cut my microphone off [präsentiert ein Megaphon]. Just in case.

So a lot of you are probably wondering why I'm holding a live microphone, so I'm going to tell you right now. Vince McMahon very much wants to sign me to a very long-term, very lucrative contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. It's funny to me that Vince is bending over backward to give me everything I've ever wanted, when all I've ever wanted is this little microphone. See, this, this is power. This voice is power. In anybody else's hands, this is just a microphone, in my hands, it's a pipe bomb, as I showed you two weeks ago. So Vince McMahon finally sees me for what I am, and that is the hottest property in this industry today. He finally sees that way because I did something that he and his empty suits could not do. I made WWE socially relevant. And not you people, I mean the real world. In the real world, the WWE has always got a mention or two for two reasons, the first one being that CM Punk is speaking his mind, the second one is because somebody died. It's true, but now the WWE because of me is all over Youtube, I'm a Youtube sensation, ESPN is trying to get me to do an interview with one of their radio shows. Jimmy Kimmel's people have been ringing my phone trying to get me on the hook, they want to know what I have to say, they're begging for my story.

And I find it funny that I have one foot out the door and Vince McMahon wants to give me everything I want. If Vince McMahon was this nice five years ago, I wouldn't have five years of pent-up ammunition on him. I wouldn't have so much to say. I know Vince McMahon and I know how he does business, he's going to come here and expect me to sit down and have a man on man conversation with him about a contract. But I also know he likes to do things that have never been done before, so I say, Vince McMahon, tonight we have the first ever live contract negotiation in the ring. And who knows, maybe I'll sign, maybe I won't, maybe Vince McMahon will have to join something I like to call the CM Punk Kiss My Ass Club."

[John Cenas Musik ertönt]

John Cena: "Cut the music, you want to talk. What were you saying?"

Punk: "Hey everybody, it's John Cena! Thank you for getting me reinstated to a job I didn't even really want in the first place. Thank you for giving me everything I've ever wanted. Not only am I going to beat you, and when I beat you I'm probably going to change the way it looks because that thing has been far too ugly for far too long. You made a couple of things completely real, come Sunday. I am leaving, I will beat you for the title and I will leave. And now when I beat you you're going to get fired? Let's go to Chicago and I can beat you for the title, but if you think Vince McMahon is really going to fire you, I'd like to take you back to a few months ago when you were fired and it lasted all of about seven days. So you don't have that to worry about."

Cena: "You done?"

Punk: "Let's be honest, probably not. I've got a megaphone if you want."

Cena: "I just wanted to make sure you got it all out because you made a very truthful statement, for about five years we've been waiting to find out you actually have a set of balls, congratulations. You also have a mouth, and apparently you like to run it, but I'm here to set you straight. Because for five months all I've heard is how you're walking out of Chicago with the WWE Championship. You gotta go through me to do that. And you just act like I'm some sort of pushover, like it doesn't matter who you face because you're CM Punk and you've got a live microphone and nobody's going to stop you, well, I've got news for you, Jack, I'm no pushover. I know why you're thinking, because I was halfway out cold when you were on the stage saying you were the best wrestler in this company."

Punk: "I am the best wrestler in the world."

Cena: "Congratulations, you've got a set of balls, a big mouth and self-confidence. But you also said that I am the vision of what this company thinks the best should be. Because I prance around to all these appearances and smile for the camera, but I do that because I love it. I am the best because I have this and I earned it. You think you are the best wrestler, congratulations for thinking that, there's a lot of people who thought that. Names like Triple H, John Layfield, Batista, Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels even the late Eddie Guerrero thought 'The kid couldn't hang with me, he can't wrestle me in this ring.' Every single one was disappointed. I didn't come out here to run my mouth, I don't care if you've got a microphone or a megaphone, you're staying or you're going, Vince McMahon's going to fire me or he's full of it. I think I'm coming to Chicago at Money in the Bank to whip your ass."

Michael Cole: "Can I have your attention, please? I have received an e-mail from the anonymous RAW General Manager. Mr. McMahon is en route to negotiate with CM Punk, but in the meantime, I think if this is John Cena's last night on RAW, we should see him in action. So don't go anywhere, because you're going to be competing in a very special match, next."
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